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24 Pinterest Marketing Blogs You Should Follow

Pinterest Marketing blogs you should follow

Lately, I’ve become a sponge for Pinterest marketing ideas. I’ve scoured the web for the best blogs and read more posts than I care to remember. There’s a lot to learn and a great deal of information out there.

But don’t get overwhelmed by all the noise, because I’ve narrowed down the list to these 24 top Pinterest marketing blogs. Some of the blogs on this curated list are focused solely on using Pinterest for business while others cover a wider range of topics.

Each blog has their own unique personality, so you are sure to find something you like. Some of these have incredible images and are truly a source of inspiration.

1. The Official Pinterest Blog

Pinterest Blog

This blog from Pinterest is oriented towards consumers and features news, tips, profiles and favorite pins. It’s a great place to keep updated on what’s going on with the company and gain insight into what is trending on this social media platform.

Typically three to four posts get published monthly. But one word of caution, the tips category is a little outdated, with the last post written in 2014. However The Pinterest 100: Fresh ideas for 2016 is a great post for anyone interested in what’s trending this year.

2. Pinterest For Business Blog

Pinterest Business

The other official blog of Pinterest is focused strictly on business. It covers everything that their consumer blog doesn’t, including getting started, tools and success stories.

Posts get published on a regular basis, usually two to three each month. They are quick and well-written reads but don’t expect anything in depth. For that, you may want to refer to one of their guides.

If you’re interested in the latest trends on Pinterest, you don’t want to miss What Pinners want in 2016.

3. Kim Vij  

Kim Vij

Co-host of #pinchat on Twitter, Pinterest consultant Kim Vij has her own blog which she updates on a periodic basis. As you can imagine, the content is solely focused on using Pinterest to promote your business.

Every Wednesday at 9:00 pm Kim and co-host Kelly Lieberman chat with one guest about Pinterest marketing. It undoubtedly provides for some interesting material on her blog.

Perhaps the most unique way I’ve seen of using Pinterest is as a promotional tool for videos and broadcasts. You can read more about it on Kim’s blog here.

4. Manly Pinterest Tips

Manly Pinterest Tips

If you thought Pinterest was just for women, you’re about 80% right. For the other 20%, there’s Jeff Sieh’s Manly Pinterest Tips. Forget the wedding dresses, the hair braids and chocolate mint croissants. Jeff’s blog focuses on helping you get your content to the right audience on Pinterest.

Usually, he posts just one or two pieces of content a month that compliment his very successful podcast, 55 episodes and running. What’s nice is that he posts podcast notes with timestamps showing how the podcast is structured. Plus, you can zero in on particular segments of the show saving you time. I wish all podcasts were like this!

5. HelloSociety Blog

Hello Society

HelloSociety is a network of very talented social media content creators, including chefs, DIY connoisseur’s, photographers, stylists, and more. Every week they publish a post usually related to Pinterest, whether it’s a tip, some news, an event or an example.

The Top 5 Pinterest Pins Of The Week gives real insight into what it visually takes to make a good pin. Perhaps that’s the greatest benefit you can derive from following this blog. They know how to create good content. So watch and learn.

6. Born To Be Social

Born To Be Social

Mary Lumley runs what may well be the world’s only bilingual English-French blog about Pinterest. Each month she posts one article packed with actionable tips and advice on how to make this social media platform work for your business.

February’s post, 9 Tips & Tricks that Pinterest Pros Will Love! has some excellent tips. As a big fan of Feedly, I was happy to discover that Pinterest boards have their own RSS feeds, making it much easier to follow my favorites.

7. Simple Pin Media

Simple Pin Media

Each and every week Kate Ahl publishes a post on getting the most out of Pinterest. Whether you’re just starting out and have followers in the single digits, or you’re a pro with an audience of thousands, you’ll always find something useful to read.

I particularly enjoy reading her Q & A Friday’s. This is where Kate answers one question from her readers in detail, based on her real-world experience. If you’re tired of reading all the theory and want some practical advice, read this blog.

8. White Glove Social Media

whiet glove social media

There is no shortage of Pinterest tips on Anna C. Bennett’s site, of that you can be sure. Her posts are always full of detail, visually appealing and easy to read.

She can take a complex topic like search engine optimization and break down into simple terms the average reader can understand. Because let’s face it, you’re on Pinterest to get more customers, not discuss the nuances of SEO.

9. Pinterest Pro Solutions

Pinterest pro

About every week, Anna Vanlandingham publishes a post of tips oriented mostly towards business just starting to get involved in Pinterest. Topics covered include how to start using this social media platform, how to set up an account, in addition to current Pinterest news.

10. PinTalk

Pin Talk

Michell Held’s blog, PinTalk covers a broad range of Pinterest related topics for both beginners and more experienced users. Here posts are short and focused so you can spend more time pinning and less time reading about the subject.

11. Made From Pinterest

made from pinterest

Join three sisters as they, and their team of contributors, make and create all kinds of stuff they find on Pinterest. Their blog focuses on crafts, cleaning and home organization, DIY, and recipes.

Other than a short guide on how to start a blog, there aren’t any tips on using Pinterest for marketing. These women are not social media consultants, nor do they offer services or courses.

However, I’ve included it here as a good example of a way in which you can monetize your interest in Pinterest. Their site is a Pinterest related blog that appears to generate revenue primarily via advertising. You can get some fantastic ideas by following their blog.

12. The Pinning Mama

pinning mama

Don’t let your predilection to pinning go to waste! Here’s another example of how you can turn your passion into profit. Kimber Matherne has been featured in a number of high-profile publications and her site gets nearly 1 million visits a month! Another good example of what you can do with your hobby.

Other Blogs

Websites in this category are not exclusively focused on Pinterest. However when they do write about this social media platform, rest assured that it’s worth reading. Because all these blogs have a marketing focus, you’ll find benefit in the other content they produce as well.

13. Crafter Coach

crafter coach

Kat Jarman is the Crafter Coach. Occasionally she publishes articles focused on Pinterest, but she’s always focused on helping people grow their craft business.

This blog is especially useful if you’re looking for tips on how to promote your Etsy shop. I think you’ll enjoy her Q and A podcast which you can also read on her blog if you prefer.

14. Social Media Examiner

social media examiner

This is one of the premiere social media blogs that regularly features Pinterest. Although it doesn’t seem to get as much coverage as other social media platforms, the content is always high in quality.

It’s a great place to keep updated on the world of social media, with numerous high profile guest bloggers contributing on a regular basis.

15. Social Times

social times

Social Times is part of Adweek’s blog network and posts news about all the major social media platforms as it happens. In the case of Pinterest, there’s usually a post every week or two about some newsworthy event.

Due to the nature of the site, posts revolve around news events with very few “how to” type articles. However they have talented journalists on staff, so this is a good blog to follow if you want to keep current with what’s happening on Pinterest or any other social media platform for that matter.

16. Strong Social

strong social

Strong Social’s blog is full of curated content focused on social media in general. They source their material from high-quality publications such as Entrepreneur, Inc, and Mashable.

You’ll find the material to be of high caliber, well written and easy to read. Although there are not a lot of posts on Pinterest specifically, there are many valuable articles on social media.

17. Peg Fitzpatrick

peg fitzpatrick

Peg is the co-author of “The Art of Social Media: Power Tips for Power Users”. Her blog was chosen as a Top 10 Social Media Blog by Social Media Examiner. Inside her site, you’ll find a lot of practical and useful advice about social media in general, with the occasional post oriented towards Pinterest.

18. Rebekah Radice

Rebekah Radice

Another Top 10 Social Blog, according to Social Media Examiner, Rebekah is committed to helping business owner and entrepreneurs make profound shifts in their approach to digital marketing and social media. Every week she publishes a post filled with tips to help you improve your social media results.

Although the topic of Pinterest comes up only occasionally throughout the year, there is much to be gained from reading her blog.

19. Neil Patel

Neil Patel

Neil publishes an in-depth post once every couple of days. He covers virtually every aspect of online marketing, leaving no stone unturned. Usually, there’s a post at least once a month that relates to Pinterest. However, you’ll benefit from reading any of his material.

Posts are typically quite comprehensive and detailed, usually 2,000 words or more. So you’ll find it easy to spend a lot of time reading on his site. The articles make good use of images to help reinforce important points and make comprehension that much easier.

20. Buffer Social


Buffer’s blog is well-known in social media circles for providing useful and actionable information. Many of the posts reveal first-hand knowledge that the Buffer team has acquired from their own experience. The 4 Biggest Pinterest Marketing Mistakes We Made (And How You Can Learn From Them) is typical of what you can expect to find on the blog.

Posts have a friendly and conversational style to them, which makes for entertaining reading. But don’t be fooled, the information is reliable and often backed up by real-world data.

21. Constant Contact

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is an email marketing software company that has a wonderful blog about, you guessed it, email marketing. However, they also cover other online marketing topics such as social media and Pinterest. Hence their inclusion in this list.

There’s a lot of content on this blog. In fact, when I did a search for posts tagged with Pinterest, it returned a list of 287 items. That’s a lot of reading! Especially since these posts are quite long and full of detail.

22. Vertical Response

Vertical Response

Vertical Response is another email marketing software vendor with a comprehensive blog covering all aspects of online marketing. It’s a little lighter on Pinterest Coverage than other blogs, but there’s still a wealth of content to be found on this site.

23. Curalate


Curalate’s blog has everything you want to know about visual marketing. Their content is naturally visually appealing, focused and quickly consumed, just like this one on the many lives of a single image.

Although there are few posts focused solely on Pinterest, these articles will help you incorporate this platform into your social media strategy.

24. Anna Zubarev


There isn’t a month that goes by without Anna posting at least one article on marketing with Pinterest. No matter what your level of experience, you’ll find something worthwhile in this blog. Read and learn how to scale your social media traffic using our favorite social media platform.

Did I miss your favorite blog? Which one’s do you enjoy reading? There are so many! Let me know in the comments below.