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34 Pinterest Posts You Should Read

Pinterest Post you should read

I’ve been reading a lot about Pinterest marketing lately. It all started with my background research for a recent post about Pinterest blogs you should follow.

Did you know that if you run a Google search for the term “Pinterest marketing” it takes less than half a second to return a list of 489,000 results? Crazy! I know.

It would take a lifetime or more just to wade through all that information. Despite your interest in using Pinterest as a marketing vehicle, I know you have better things to do. That’s why I came up with this curated list of 34 Pinterest marketing posts that I think you will find interesting.

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There’s nothing magical about the number 34. I just figure it’s way better than the number of results Google returns. Do the math, if you want.

I’ve sorted these posts into four categories; background, how to, strategy and tactics, and case studies. All the articles are appropriate for a general audience, no matter what level of experience you have with using Pinterest.

Background on Pinterest

If you’re new to Pinterest or are just getting started marketing on the platform, this curated selection of eight posts provides background on how the company got to where it is today and a glimpse of where it may be headed. Without a doubt, Pinterest is a strong, vibrant and stable community that shows no sign of slowing down.

Pinterest Hits 100 million Users, Proving the Addiction is Real 100 million captive users can’t be wrong can they? Never mind that, here’s proof that there’s ample opportunity for everyone in marketing their business via Pinterest.

Gary Vaynerchuk on Pinterest VaynerMedia CEO Gary Vaynerchuk explains how Pinterest may soon become one of the top ten digital companies based on revenue.

“I’m On Pinterest,” Admits Man Get insight into how men, or at least this one man in particular, use Pinterest on a regular basis. Although men are in the minority on Pinterest, they are still an active market in terms of sheer numbers.

Top 10 Reasons Your Brand Needs To Be On Pinterest Read this for some solid data and background on how Pinterest rose to popularity and what makes it so appealing.

Why We’re All Suddenly Obsessed With Pinterest What’s not to like about something that’s fun and addictive, visually appealing and easy to use? These are the main factors accounting for Pinterest’s rise in popularity.

Google Turns Image Search Into Pinterest With New “Collections” Feature You really must be on to something when Google tries to copy you. Don’t fret; the jury is still out on whether their latest feature will offer any serious competition.

Pinterest Says More Guys Are Joining the Site Than Ever. Here’s What They’re Doing. Get a look at how real men are using Pinterest. Or not. It all depends on your target market.

How to Use Pinterest to Generate Revenue [Infographic] Have to explain Pinterest to your boss? Have them look at this and save yourself a thousand words.

How To Market Using Pinterest

The following eight posts focus mainly on the technical aspects of using Pinterest on a daily basis as part of your marketing plan. Using Pinterest itself is easy, that’s in part what makes it so accessible. But it’s worth taking the time to get to know how Pinterest really works, so you can get the most value from time spent on the platform.

Making Click Worth Pins Have you ever wondered what it takes to make people click on a pin? This 11-minute video from Pinterest goes into detail on what you must do to make your pin click-worthy. Watch the video and make sure you cover all four points the next time you pin.

How to Pin a Marketing Video on Pinterest If a picture is worth a thousand words, what’s the value of a video? Pinning a video from sites like YouTube or Vimeo is easy. Shiv Singh and Stephanie Diamond from Social Media Marketing For Dummies, 2nd Edition will show you how in just six steps.

How To Add A Pinterest Button To Your Site and Get Massive Amounts of Traffic Who doesn’t want some extra traffic? Let social media expert Kim Garst show you how to add a Pinterest button to your blog in just two easy steps.

How to Use Pinterest to Promote Videos and Podcasts #pinchat co-host Kim Vij and Jeff Sieh, creator of The Manly Pinterest Tips, chat about how useful this social media platform is in promoting videos and podcasts.

How To Fix Broken Links and Dead Pages For Pinterest Did you know that Pinterest has a reporting tool for users to give feedback? One of its purposes is to register complaints regarding low-quality pins and websites. Pinterest is very focused on providing an outstanding user experience, and there can be grave consequences if you’re not taking proper care of your broken links.

How to Set Up Pinterest Conversion Tracking Pinterest has their own conversion tracking mechanism allows you to observe user behavior on websites. Collecting website user engagement stats allows marketers to show Pinterest users customized ads that match their interest. Here’s how to get started.

3 Steps to Building Your Email List with Pinterest Learn how to drive thousands of visitors to your site and gain hundreds of email subscribers just from Pinterest. You can do it in only three steps.

Pinning Strategy Checklist To Get The Most Repins Use this handy checklist to optimize each and every pin, ensuring you get the best results possible.

Pinterest Strategy and Tactics

There is no shortage of articles on the web discussing the minutiae of Pinterest strategy and tactics. If you spent your time reading them all, you’d never have a chance to pin. More importantly, you wouldn’t be driving traffic back to your site. In the interest of balance, I’ve selected a dozen posts that I think will benefit you most.

Using Pinterest To Learn About Your Customers & Community Watch this BLAB video where Jeff Sieh and Danielle Miller discuss using Pinterest as a means of gaining strategic insight into the needs, wants and desires of your online audience.

How to Get Traction on Pinterest In this Q&A Friday post Kate Ahl talks about strategies she uses to grow accounts starting from zero. Her advice, “Slow and steady will yield good results.” Don’t expect any big wins early on, be consistent and stick with your strategy for at least three months before making any decisions.

Learn to Leverage Pinterest Analytics to Target Your Customers Here’s a brief overview of three ways Pinterest analytics can help determine if your boards and pins attract your buyer persona.

How to Use Pinterest Analytics to Improve Your Marketing This post by JD Prater on Social Media Examiner reveals five different ways Pinterest analytics can improve your marketing. Also available as a podcast if you prefer.

Amy Lynn Andrews’ Top Pinterest Tips This post offers a wealth of advice for those starting to use Pinterest. There are too many tips to count in this article; I lost track at around 45!

6 Strategies for Pinterest Buyable Pins Pinterest is no longer a place for just making shopping lists; it’s a place to buy stuff too. If your business is ready for buyable pins, here are six strategies for implementing them as part of your e-commerce strategy.

How to Use Pinterest for Creative Entrepreneurs Trouble getting traffic to your creative-based website? Learn how creative entrepreneurs use Pinterest to get more customers and grow their business on social media.

26 Tips to Instantly Improve Your Pinterest Marketing Strategy If you’ve ever wondered what an effective Pinterest strategy looks like, you’ll enjoy this post. The 26 tips provide a wealth of material such as exactly what you should include in your marketing plan on Pinterest.

An Incredible Guide on Generating Sales Using Pinterest Ads This in-depth guide to using Pinterest covers everything you need to get started marketing your business on this social media platform. The beautiful use of images helps explain everything. It almost feels like you’re peering over the author’s shoulders while he works.

Pinterest for Non-Retail Businesses If you think Pinterest is all wedding dresses and party favors, guess again. Here’s a look at how other types of companies can benefit from a presence on Pinterest.

The Science Behind Posting on Pinterest Consistent sharing is crucial to building a following on Pinterest and spreading those pins throughout the day is a good tactic. However certain times are better than others to be pinning. Read and discover why.

56 Ways to Market Your Business on Pinterest No matter what level of experience you have using Pinterest, you will find something useful in this big list of tips.

Pinterest Marketing Case Studies

Case studies are always interesting because they can provide insight into the challenges companies face and solutions they create when faced with real-world marketing issues. Here’s a list of six case studies that bring classroom theory to life.

Inbound Marketing: Pinterest-based strategy leads to 77% new site traffic A detailed look at the challenges Murals Wallpaper faced in driving traffic via Pinterest, and how they overcame them.

We Tried All the Best Pinterest Marketing Tips. Here’s What Worked. Kevan Lee at Buffer wrote this insightful post in which he shares the results of his experiments with Pinterest. This detailed post provides information on eight key tactics that he found to be most effective.

Pinterest Ads Story This case study shows details on the marketing funnel used to generate thousands of dollars in sales, including the promoted pin, the article it linked to, and the e-commerce site where the sales were made.

Businesses Embracing Social Media with Beautiful Content Hello Society, purveyors of premium visual content, provide some excellent examples of brands that are crushing it on Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr.

Pinterest Case Studies – How the Pros Drive and Convert Traffic Born To Be Social published this summary of how nine vastly different brands successfully use Pinterest to drive traffic and convert visitors into paying customers.

3 Pinterest marketing case studies An overview of how Nordstrom, Sephora, and Petplan are using Pinterest to drive website traffic and get more customers.

Remember that reading alone won’t make you a better Pinterest marketer. Learn, apply, measure and evaluate your results. Then do it all over again.

What’s your favorite post? Was there something we missed? Let us know in the comments.