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5 Pinterest Marketing Tools for Business Owners


Pinterest is a great marketing tool that allows small and large business owners to extend their reach in the online community. This visual discovery tool can help business sales go right through the roof. You can use this online social media network to create a profitable fan base for your business.

Ever since it was launched in 2010, Pinterest has gained a lot of interest in the online community due to its easily graspable user interface and “cork board” features. The site has won numerous accolades since then including an award by the Times Magazine for the best website in 2011. The meteoric rise in popularity of this social media site has spawned many third party apps that help businesses capitalize on the opportunity and increase their brand awareness and sales.

Here we will look at five Pinterest marketing tools that can be employed to boost the online visibility and presence of any business.

1. Pinstamatic – Create Images Online

Create Online Images

Pinstamatic is a great Pinterest tool that allows you to make sure that the visual content you are sharing on Pinterest is effective enough to be re-pinned and liked. The tool provides Eight unique templates that you can use to turn your ordinary pin boards into catchy ones. You can access the template by clicking on the icons. Once you have selected the right image, you must click on Pin after which you will be redirected to your Pinterest account to share it on your Pinterest board.

2. Shopinterest- Build Your Online Store

Build Online Store

Shopinterest is a great Pinterest tool that allows you to build a custom store. Using this tool, you can easily and quickly create a beautiful e-commerce store and display your products for sale to the public. You can connect the store to your Pinterest account, payment gateway, and add your boards to the live store.

3. Pin Search

Pin Search

Pin Search is another great Pinterest tool that you can use to enhance your Pinterest experience. It is a Google Chrome extension that you can use to perform an image search on any picture pinned on Pinterest. With this tool, you can get additional information about pinned images such as who created the image, the website where the image originally exists and many other things.

4. PicMonkey – Create Images out of Anything

 Create Images of Anything

PicMonkey is a free tool that you can use to turn just about anything into images. You can use the online image tool to turn your customer reviews, testimonials, case studies, and other texts into an image. Although the tool was not made specifically for Pinterest, you can make use of the user friendly, feature rich tool to create beautiful images that you can pin on your board. The basic version of the tool is free but you can upgrade it to a Premium paid version with additional features.

5. ViralWoot – Gain Hundreds of Followers And Repins Quickly

 Gain Hundreds of Followers And Repins Quickly

ViralWoot is a Pinterest promotion, scheduler, and alert tool that you can use to get Hundreds of followers and repins in no time. More than 65,000 business owners and individuals use this tool to build their online presence. Some of the value added features of ViralWoot include promoting Pinterest pins, growing your fan base, scheduling pins for future dates, creating pin alerts, and managing and growing multiple Pinterest accounts. The developers have also launched the Pinterest Analytics feature that allows you to monitor your Pinterest account, virality (Pinfluence score), and online reach. You can also register for a free trial of ViralWoot and see it work wonders in boosting your online presence and traffic.

The above were just some of the most effective Pinterest marketing tools that business owners can use to create a strong online presence, boost sales, and take their business to the new heights of success.

Do you have any advice or tips to grow your online presence on Pinterest? You are welcome to share your views by commenting in the box below.