About Viralwoot

Viralwoot is the best Pinterest promotion, management and analytics tool, used and loved by 65,000 individuals and businesses.

How it works? How I get free followers?

As long as you have seeds (Viralwoot credit points), we show your profile to tens of thousands of other Pinterest users on Viralwoot and if any Pinterest user finds you interesting, she follows you and earns seeds that you are paying for each new follow, say 2 seeds. So, when you get 10 new followers, we will stop showing you to other Pinterest followers as you will be left with zero seeds. You can earn seeds, simply by following other Pinterest users on Viralwoot. Hence, you keep getting free Pinterest followers. Its very easy and quick.

In short, You get free seeds when you join Viralwoot or when you follow other users. Businesses may buy seeds (only 100 users allowed to buy seeds per day). You can set a price for a follow, say you want to give away 4 seeds for each follow. So, if you have 1000 seeds, you will get 250 Pinterest followers.

Here is a video made by one of our happy users :

Main Features

  1. Get Pinterest followers for free
  2. Get Repins for your Pinterest pins for free
  3. Get Likes for your Pinterest pins for free
  4. Automate/Schedule pins and bulk pinning for free

For Press/Media

You can directly contact us at alex@viralwoot.com.

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