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Shared Inbox Review: Why we love using Helpwise everyday?

Helpwise Shared Inbox Review (Using it for last 3 months)

HelpwiseWe started using shared inbox software Helpwise as one of their early users in 2019. It played an important role in helping us provide great customer support, improve our sales and hiring processes. In this post, we are going to share:

  1. Problems that we were facing before using a shared inbox
  2. why we selected Helpwise
  3. how Helpwise helped us.

As one of the leading social media scheduling and analytics platforms in the market, we work with hundreds of thousands of businesses and marketers around the world. It is really easy to provide personalized support to customers in the early days when each team member is responsible for a dozen to a few hundred customers. Your reply to every email in a quick time and know your customers by name. Because of this excellent customer support, your existing customer starts talking great about you, and your business picks up.

But this all works well till you are small and working with small & medium scale businesses only. As your business starts growing, communication problems start knocking your door. And because of this, you start losing a lot of business, customer service levels take a nosedive, and most importantly, you start leaving a lot of money on the table.

Problems we were facing before using a Shared Inbox

With a growing customer base, our customer query email load started to rise rapidly. And, this directly impacted our customer support quality and response rate. As we crossed 10000 users, 25000 users and 100000 users mark, the time it took to respond to queries went through the roof. As a result, both our subscriber churn rate and revenue churn rate started to grow at an alarming rate.

To solve the problem, we grew our customer support team rapidly but that solved the problem partially. Rather, it gave birth to a bunch of new problems – lack of transparency, inability to track the performance of our support agents and we started missing out on replying to some of the emails.

We tried some customer support ticking solutions like Zendesk, Freshdesk, etc. But our email chaos was not limited to customer support only rather we started to face similar issues with our sales emails, partnership emails and hiring emails. Also, the ticketing system looks very impersonal, unlike the kind of personal touch we like to provide to our customer communications.

Team members were sharing passwords for these shared email accounts like help@, sales@, partnerships@, jobs@, etc email addresses. When any team member left Viralwoot, we had to change the password of these email accounts.

How we used Helpwise Shared Inbox?

So, it was all a painful mess. And, upon searching online, we found that the best solution for our email management related issues will be a shared inbox software. While doing our research, we found some great applications. For ease of use, quality of support and affordable pricing, we picked Helpwise.

  1. Shared Inbox as Customer Support Helpdesk

    We first signed up for a free shared inbox plan (refer Helpwise Pricing) of Helpwise for our support inbox. We connected our help@viralwoot email address and added 5 of our team members from the support team to have access to that inbox. Whenever a new support email came, it was assigned to one of the available team members. Team members were able to collaborate via the in-built chat feature to send correct replies – every time! Switching our support emails to a shared inbox stopped us from sending any duplicate and contradictory replies to customer queries.If an agent is writing a reply to a customer query, other agents can see that activity in real-time. Analytics dashboard gave us all the actionable insights on the performance of our agents, kind of emails we are getting and our KPIs around customer support like response time, the average number of replies required to close a query and so on.
  2. Shared Inbox for our leads and sales queriesHubspot Shared Inbox
    After hearing good things about Helpwise from our customer support team, we upgraded our Helpwise account to the Standard Plan. It comes with the option to add unlimited users for a fixed monthly price (THANK YOU, Helpwise Team!). And, added a new mailbox to handle all our emails from new leads, opportunities and ongoing sales conversations. This helped us improve our sales velocity by sending our replies faster, preparing & editing contracts without going through multiple forwards & CCs among team members.We use Hubspot as our main CRM. Helpwise Hubspot Integration helped us sync our data within Helpwise. So, our sales agents were able to access information about the person they were communicating with via email. And, update deal stages in Hubspot from Helpwise itself. That saved our sales agents a lot of time and effort. Helpwise also gave our sales team an option to connect with the cloud phone system. With this, they can now log every call & SMS against the concerned profile within Helpwise.
  3. Shared Inbox For Job Application TrackingAs we have been growing fast, we were using an application management system for handling all our incoming job applications. We shifted our Hiring function to Helpwise.  Why we did so? Both HR folks and Hiring Managers can be a part of a single mailbox. By doing so, our team members saved themselves from all the email forwarding they had to do to get feedback on candidates.Now, each email thread works like a job application and the relevant hiring manager can chat with HR/Recruiter within the email thread, tag email thread as Good Fit, No Fit, Offer Made, Offer Accepted, Test Sent, Test Submitted and so on. Hence, Helpwise not only served our purpose but also saved us from using another separate software (& paying extra per month for that software)
  4. Automating Processes Around Email 

    Zapier integration helped us implement automation across our support, sales and hiring emails. If you have resources, you can also use their APIs and Webhooks to further automate your workflows.

“If you are not using a shared inbox for your team emails, you are missing out on important productivity hack. Setting up a shared inbox for every team is the lowest hanging fruit when it comes to team productivity. Grab it & set it up without any second thought!” – Alex Cruz, CEO, Viralwoot

About Helpwise

HelpWise provides a central inbox that all authorized team members can access. Helpwise keeps your team on the same page to avoid duplicates and other endless circuits that clutter everyone’s mailboxes.

With HelpWise, everyone on the team can see the incoming email thread. Helpwise allows you to assign an email for a response or follow-up to a member of the team. Another very useful function is that team members can chat directly with each other in the discussion thread. Ideal for chatting quickly on the response to a request for example.

Helpwise offers both free and paid plans as per your requirements and team size.

Interested in generating similar results for your business? If your business is also growing and email chaos is becoming problematic, you must get your support, sales, hiring, operations, finance, and legal teams Helpwise shared inbox.

Schedule a free demo with Helpwise Team or Setup Your Team Mailbox For Free


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Dynamic Number Insertion For Tracking Phone Calls

Call Tracking and Call Analytics for Marketers

Over 1,25,000+ marketers use Viralwoot every month. So, we are starting this new series where we will be sharing some useful marketing tools with our users. And, we are excited to begin this series by featuring an interesting phone call tracking tool called CallRoot.

CallRoot is an inbound call tracking and analytics platform for marketing teams and agencies to track & record incoming phone calls, dynamically insert phone numbers & map referrer source with every incoming call.

As a marketer, you can track all the calls that your marketing campaigns are generating for your business or your client by using CallRoot platform. CallRoot provides you dynamic number insertion javascript that you can put on your website. This dynamic number insertion javascript will start swapping the phone number present on your website with tracking phone numbers. Now, if a visitor comes to your website by searching a keyword on Google or clicking an ad on Google Search or Facebook and makes a call – CallRoot will track this.

And, all these tracking is immediately available in CallRoot dashboard. Hence, you can easily track which keywords or campaigns are generating the maximum phone calls. Moreover, CallRoot also integrates with Google Adwords, Google Analytics, HubSpot, Pipedrive, Intercom, Facebook Ads, Salesforce and other popular tools that marketing or sales teams use.

Now, let’s deep dive into dynamic number insertion and learn how exactly this helps.

How Dynamic Number Insertion helps?

CallRoot helps you quickly setup call tracking into your website. When a visitor arrives at your website via pay per click, referral or any other marketing campaign that you have set up, a unique number is displayed every time a visitor arrives at your website.

So, let’s say I am surfing on a website and there I happen to see your website as a referral link. When I click on it, I am instantly taken to your website. I head towards the contact us section to make a call to one of your spokesperson and the number which I am dialing is actually the result of DNI. Dynamic Number Insertion swaps the destination number with the tracking number. So, you might have a handful of tracking number which is swapped to one destination number. For the tracking purpose, the number with which the destination number is swapped is taken and that is pretty much all about the DNI in nutshell for you.

You can choose the swap number from the pool of different numbers we provide here in CallRoot. For every trigger source, i.e the marketing initiatives via PPC, direct, organic, source or keyword tracking, you can have a swap number. With this thing so handy you can very well evaluate your marketing strategies for your brand.

You can even create a swap number for your offline banners and ads on newspaper, magazines, journals, hoardings, and billboards because it is as important as all other ad campaigns you are running online. For instance, you may have spent thousands of dollars on a billboard at a very prime location downtown but if no one is picking up the phone as a result of seeing that ad on which you have spent your marketing dollars on, then perhaps you have made a mistake.

There is no question that Dynamic Number Insertion will help you streamline your efforts by giving you a bigger picture of the sales you are getting per marketing campaign you are putting out, if implemented correctly, it is bound to give your business a good boost and a promising turnover as well. With DNI, you can demographic wise take a sneak peek into the world regions that are driving you the most sales and then you can pitch your sales accordingly.

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How to setup Dynamic Number Insertion with CallRoot?

You can setup Dynamic Number Insertion when you make a new campaign in CallRoot. To get started with DNI, go through the following steps:-

When you are creating a new campaign in CallRoot, you will come across Campaign track settings. You can tweak things here and there and head start your journey by creating a new campaign. Starting with- you can circle any one of the five options we provide in CallRoot. Let’s pick these options one by one and check what purpose do they serve and how you can get them going for your specified marketing campaign for your brand/company.

  • All Visitors (Recommended)– This option will encompass all the visitors that land up to your site via any source, be it paid ads, referrals, online/offline banners, organic search or direct. Here, you can feed in the destination number, the number that will ring whenever a prospect calls you but the number that is shown on your website will be the swapped out number. If the number of inbound calls you’re receiving is high you can create a pool of these swapped numbers for your ad campaigns.



  • Paid Search Traffic– Choose this option when you want to analyze the traffic you are getting for your Pay-Per-Click Ads. To get started with it, you need to type in the Destination number which is your actual office number from where you will be taking up all the calls. This number is never shown on the website as it is replaced by a swap number. You can type in the number with which you want to swap your destination number as well under the field provided.


(If your inbound call volume is too high, you can create a pool of swap number according to your choice and demand.)

  • Web Referrals– It is the traffic that comes to your website via direct links on other websites rather than via searches. To analyze the traffic via Web Referrals, you just need to fill in the box, the name of the website on which your website’s link is. Other things remain the same as in Paid Search Traffic with typing in the Destination Number, Number to Swap out with and creating a pool of numbers with designated area code.



  • Online Banner Ad– A banner Ad or web banner Ad, is an advertisement displayed on the webpage. The prime focus of an online banner ad is to promote the brand and to bring the potential customer from host website to the advertiser’s website. Online Banner Ads are a great way to generate a lead, increase brand awareness and to retarget your audience, you can get the ball rolling with these ad banners.  To start with the online banner campaign in CallRoot, type in the destination number and choose the tracking number from the list of eight. You can hit “Find Number” tab to shuffle through the different sets of number and then pick the number of your choice.



  • Offline Banner Ad– The advertisement your company does on radio, television, magazines, catalogs, brochures, billboards, direct mail, encompasses offline advertisement medium. To get started with keeping a track on your offline advertisement campaigns follow the same steps as that for Online Banner Ad. Just type in the destination number and pick any number from the set of eight numbers available for tracking purpose.



Well, that’s pretty much about dynamic number insertion. But, story doesn’t end here. There are numerous other things that you can do on CallRoot to further improve the performance of your marketing campaigns. Citing my personal favorite: Retargeted Callers on Facebook using Facebook Ads Integration.

You can easily convert the incoming calls into a custom audience in your facebook account and retarget them with better targeted ads. And, just like dynamic number insertion, it is dead simple to start retargeting callers on Facebook.

Re-target Your Callers via Facebook Ads

With Facebook advertising integration, you can convert your inbound callers into your Facebook Ad Audience. And, you can run ads on Facebook specifically targeting this custom audience. Custom Audience Targeted ads result in higher CTR, lower CPC hence better ROIs 👍🏼

To give you an example, if someone calls you to enquire about the properties you selling, within 30-45 minutes of the call, you will be able to target your caller with a targeted ad on Facebook. This will result in higher brand recall & increase the chances of conversion.

To get started, you must have-
  • CallRoot account ( Not registered yet? Sign up for CallRoot).
  • Facebook account with ads enabled.

Follow the following integration steps:

Step1- Login to your CallRoot account as an Administrator.

Step2- Click on the Integrations tab on the sidebar.
Facebook Call Tracking

Step3- Look for the Facebook Integration from the list of Integrations.

callroot integrations

Step4- Click on the “Connect” button.

Step5- Click on “Continue as” in the pop-up window to grant access to your basic profile information.

Step6- Click on “OK” in the pop-up window to allow us to manage your ads (more specifically your audience).

Step7- Now Select the Ad you want us to manage from the dropdown list.

Step8-That’s all. Now, all your leads will be converted into your custom audience in your Facebook Ad.

See, how easy it was. Well, there are many more similar integrations in CallRoot that will make your a super marketer. And, help you beat your competition without putting in much efforts or budget.

Some of the noteworthy integrations that you much check are:

  1. Call Tracking For Google Analytics
  2. Call Tracking for Google Adwords
  3. Call Tracking for HubSpot
  4. Call Tracking for Intercom
  5. Call Tracking for Pipedrive
  6. Call Tracking for Salesforce

If you are interested, you can schedule a free personalized demo call with CallRoot folks – Schedule CallRoot Demo.

Etsy Marketing

Etsy Growth Bot by Viralwoot – Best Free Etsy Marketing Tool

Automate Etsy Marketing – Grow Etsy Sales while you are sleeping

Today, we are excited to launch an Etsy marketing automation tool for one of our favorite communities i.e. Etsy Sellers. Out of 125K users on Viralwoot, close to 3% users are running a shop on Etsy.

So, we worked with over 500 Etsy sellers to understand the challenges they face in growing their Etsy sales. A majority of Etsy sellers rely on manual work (be it creating ads, posting on social networks, finding useful tags etc) instead of using tools/softwares or services  because of two main reasons:

  1. These automation tools or services are expensive
  2. They are not much techsavy so using any new tool or software takes time & efforts to learn

But, they must realize that to beat their competition & increase their share in $3 billion annual sales on Etsy, they will have to use technology to get more done in less time. Speed & efficient resource utilization are two most important factors that separate successful Etsy seller from just another average Etsy seller. Hence, we strongly believe that each & every Etsy seller should have access to a powerful, easy to use yet economical (if not free) Etsy marketing tool to not only boost his/her sales or brand but also, grow Etsy buyer base as a whole.

Why should I automate Etsy marketing?

We are good at social media marketing and analytics, so started researching about how Etsy sellers are currently handling social media marketing. About 89% Etsy sellers are currently managing their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest pages themselves or they hire an intern/freelancer to do the same. Only 11% Etsy sellers use one or more softwares to accelerate their sales growth or optimize their listings.

Hence, we built Growth Bot For Etsy Sellers to help Etsy sellers with automating social media posting for his/her products on 4 social media networks – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

How Etsy Growth Bot works?

Once you create your free account, we fetch your Etsy products. Then, you connect your social media networks where you want to promote your products (Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram).

Now, you can set the rules for bot like how many posts per day for different social networks, which Pinterest board to post on and so on. And, that’s it. The growth bot will start working for you day & night.

increase etsy sales

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Use this social media calendar to schedule posts easily

We are excited to announce the launch of our new feature: Social Media Calendar. Through this post, we will explain how this works and how this will help you save efforts & time that goes into scheduling your social media posts on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Why should I schedule social media posts?

To perform best on social media, you have to be posting content when your potential customers are active on these social media networks. And, they are not active during the office hours but during traveling or leisure time. So, it is very important for you to keep posting quality content every day & around the clock.

70% of 1,25,000 users on Viralwoot use Viralwoot scheduler every month – religiously. So, we decided to help our users to further cut their efforts & time spent on scheduling these posts by building a useful new feature called Social Media Calendar. You can use this social media scheduler to:

  1. Schedule Pinterest Posts
  2. Schedule Instagram Posts
  3. Schedule Facebook Posts
  4. Schedule Twitter Posts
  5. Search quality content to schedule

What is Social Media Calendar? 

Schedule Social Media Posts
Schedule Social Media Posts using interactive Social media calendar

This calendar let’s you easily track scheduled posts for every day. This allows you to easily figure out the voids in your social media posts pipeline & fill them up accordingly.

How will this help me in scheduling my social media posts?

Viralwoot social media calendar provides you three key features that will make your social media post scheduling easier than ever before:

  1. Easily track pipeline of your schedule posts on daily & monthly basis
  2. Generate content suggestions using inbuilt content search engine
  3. Drag & drop content to schedule posts immediately

Why should I schedule social media posts?

To perform best on social media, you have to be posting content when your potential customers are active on these social media networks. And, they are not active during the office hours but during traveling or leisure time. So, it is very important for you to keep posting quality content every day & around the clock.

Is this the only way to schedule posts with Viralwoot?

Not at all. There are 3 more ways to schedule posts with Viralwoot:

  1. Use our dedicated scheduler sections to schedule posts by uploading images, fetching content from RSS feed, searching trending content
  2. Using our AI-powered Bots to automate content posting for you
  3. Using our Chrome Extension to schedule posts from anywhere on the web

So, if you are serious about your business’s presence on social media, stop wasting time in posting content manually and start schedule content with Viralwoot 👍

Start using Viralwoot for free today

Pinterest Marketing

Using Influencer Marketing to Establish Brand Identity & Promote Engagement

Influencer marketing framework

Influencer marketing is the practice of using individuals with the power to impact purchase decisions to promote your brand. It is a key component in most marketing campaigns online because of its proven success. Research from Twitter found that 49 percent of consumers look to social media influencers before making purchases. Forty percent of Twitter users said they made a purchase solely because of an influencer’s tweet. These results are hard to ignore and that is why many businesses have begun reaching out to industry leaders to build their brand’s reputation.

1) Choose the Right Influencers  

The first step in successfully using influencers to market your brand is to identify your target market. You want to understand their interests and needs before you choose influential people in the industry to help you spread the word about your product. Figure out which channels will guide you to your target market. This can be done through Google Analytics. It will show you the geographic location, age, and interests of those who visit your site most often. In addition, you can identify which sites drive the most traffic to your page. This will allow you to zero in on the most effective platforms for engagement. Once you have identified the channels your audience trusts the most, you can develop appealing content.

 2) Develop Your Own Pages to Attract Attention

In order for influencers to agree to contribute content to your sites, it is important that they view you as a credible and authentic source. Make your profile pictures on social media sites unique and memorable. Design your sites with consistency in mind. Create and publish content that reinforces the strengths of your brand. You want your content to be of value to influencers. If your work is well researched and informative, industry leaders are more likely to repost your work on their own pages which gives you more exposure.

3) Repost Influencer Content

The goal of influencer marketing is to reach a larger audience. One way to do this is to repost the content of influencers and then share your own insight. If you acknowledge their pieces, they may return the favor by sharing some of your posts. You can also recruit influencers to help promote your brand. For example, showcase an influencer using your product in a short video. Have the individual speak about your brand. This will gain you more viewers and increase engagement as the video is shared. You want to be able to gain access to whole new audience to increase visibility.

While you will build and increase your visibility, influencer marketing will also have a positive impact on your SEO ranking. The more you are mentioned on social media, the higher up you will appear in Google searches. This will also hold true for the influencer you promote on your own page. Just make sure to secure a memorable domain name so users can easily remember and revisit your site.

4) Develop Long Term Relationships

While it’s easy to focus only on how the influencer will help your brand, you want to think about what you can contribute in return. To create a meaningful and lasting relationship with influencers, you have to offer value. For example, you can offer a content swap, free products, or the promise of a positive review. Just remember that a mutually beneficial relationship will last longer than one that is one sided. Influencers can offer a fresh approach to your brand adding to its value. Consumers want to hear an outside perspective that is trustworthy to equip them with information they need before making purchasing decisions.

5) Opt for Consistency

When you are looking to reach out to influencers, visit their pages to get a sense of their writing style and tone. You want to find someone whose identity is consistent with your brand message. It is easier to share and exchange content that has a cohesive look. Social media influencers have already built a strong persona and won’t post content that detracts from their message. By finding someone with similar taste when it comes to design, you will better be able to seamlessly contribute to one another’s pages.

6) Measure Results

Request analytics and detailed reports on the success of posts. Tracking influencer marketing campaigns can be tricky because you do not have easy access to your influencer’s analytics reports. You can use 3rd party tools to monitor brand mentions or campaign hashtags. Gauging results will allow you to see if you need to target other influencers or whether the relationship is proving mutually beneficial. It will also permit you to see which sites are gaining the most traffic so you can narrow your focus and develop sites that are lagging behind.

As social media becomes the channel by which businesses can reach consumers, promotional tactics have changed course. Potential customers no longer make buying decisions based on advertisements alone. Instead, they depend on a two way conversation with those who have actually experienced the brand. Consumers expect to be entertained and informed. Brands need to incorporate influencer marketing into their strategy in order to project authority and gain trust.