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Don’t Buy Pinterest Followers. Do This Instead.

Don't buy Fake Pinterest Followers
Don’t buy Fake Pinterest Followers

Pinterest is one of most important social media properties in the world right now. For an artist, a blogger mom or any big businesses, its a great way to grow your business and get new customers. Because of this characteristic, people try everything and anything to get more followers – they pin a lot, read a lot about Pinterest tips and on failing to gain some sizable number of followers organically, they buy new followers, which is a HUGE MISTAKE.

Buying Pinterest followers increases your follower count but dilutes the value of each follower you have. It brings down the quality of your community. Hence, you end up losing the money you put in getting the followers and also, the perception of real followers keeps getting less favorable with time on seeing less engagement/followers per pins.

What does “less engagement/follower per pin” mean? Let’s understand this with an example: Let’s assume you had 100 followers before buying the fake followers. For every pin, you used to get on an average 3-4 repins. So the ratio becomes, 3/100 or 0.03. So. your engagement score was 0.03.

Now, you bought 1000 new followers from any fake followers supplier for $100. Your pins are still getting, 3-4 repins/likes/comments. But now your, engagement score is 90% less (3/1100). This will hinder in the calculation of your Social ROI. This is because you are doing well from the follower count perspective, but practically the number of users engaged with your pins is still the same. Hence the $100 can be termed as a loss item in your Profit & Loss calculations.

Your motive should be to gain more and more REAL PINTEREST USERS who like what you pin about. There are 2 ways of doing it :

1. Slog, Slog, Slog i.e. Keep pinning good stuff in wait of getting new followers to get 1-10 new followers per day.

2. Use tools like Viralwoot – Thousands of Pinterest users will see your Pinterest follow button on Viralwoot and follow you within a month.

You can create a Viralwoot account now (its free), add your Pinterest account, choose your interests and Voila! You’re all set to grow your Pinterest community automatically without compromising on the quality of your followers.

I really hope that this post will help you understand the drawback of buying fake Pinterest followers and save you some money. If you’re just starting out, take a look at our guide on how Pinterest works.

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How Social Media Strategy Benefits From Pinterest

Benefits of incorporating pinterest to your social media strategy
Benefits of incorporating pinterest to your social media strategy

Pinterest is no longer viewed as a niche player in social media marketing. The image sharing site has experienced exponential growth and an increased user base as well, thereby cementing its position as a social media behemoth in the online arena.

Adding Pinterest to your social media strategy will not only drive additional traffic to your site, but also will improve brand image and reputation. Using creative Pinterest campaigns, you can build a solid online presence and win the hearts of your target customers. The fact that Pinterest users purchase items in greater quantity and spend more money than any other social network makes it a must-have tool to include in your arsenal of social media marketing.

We have listed 3 major benefits of incorporating Pinterest to your social media marketing strategy.

1. Improve Social Signals – More Organic views

Google and various other search engines factor social signals into their rankings. Pinterest pins provide a great opportunity for online businesses to boost and improve social signals. Improved social signals have a positive impact on the website’s ranking. When online users share your pins, the social signals go up. Search engines including Google recognize improved social signals as increased popularity of the website linked to the Pinterest page. This results in improving the ranking of the website.

Apart from the social signals, Pinterest also provides an opportunity for businesses to create a presence on different major platforms without having to invest time or money. Pinterest’s image oriented presentation provides a window to let cross platform networking do the heavy lifting. If your content appeals to certain swathes of public, then you’d find that your content finds its own way to more people and more views (and hopefully more sales)

2. Generate Additional Backlinks

Backlinks are gold mines for websites. The amount and quality of backlinks have a major impact on search engine rankings. A large number of backlinks included in a high authority website greatly improve the ranking of the website. Incorporating Pinterest in your social media strategy will not only help promote products and services but will also generate additional backlinks for the site.

Search engines index content posted on the Pinterest page. Every link contained in the pins is recognized by the search engines as valid backlinks of the site. Moreover, every repin of the content containing the link counts as additional links leading to improved search engine rankings.

3. Build Online Connection

Pinterest greatly helps in building online connections. Since millions of online users use Pinterest, adding this social media network to your online marketing strategy can greatly boost your online connections. When you build your boards correctly, you will be able to create a structure that results in increased user engagement. Increased user engagement will, in turn, lead to greater effectiveness of your online social media campaigns bringing greater ROI and profits.

But the main question is how does Pinterest make money for your online business? Pinterest does this by helping you gain additional followers and by extending the reach of your Pinterest posts. ViralWoot is a Pinterest tool that can help you achieve this goal.

By using this tool, not only do you gain additional followers but you can even schedule pins in advance, create pin alerts, manage different Pinterest accounts, promote pins and find out the performance of individual posts and Pinterest boards. Register for a free trial today if you want to find out how this Pinterest tool can help you create a strong presence on Pinterest and gain maximum traffic towards your site.


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How to Pin on Pinterest?

Branding on Pinterest always goes in hand-in-hand with the way you pin. You could create a niche board or just pin randomly on your Pinterest profile. Nevertheless, there are several direct implications to any pinning method that you employ.

pin on pinterest

Well, this is the basic steps to guide you on how to pin something by yourself on Pinterest, how to pin from a website and how to pin someone else’s pin.

1.   Pin Yourself

Log in to your Pinterest account and hit the ‘+’ icon on the left side of the page indicating add your pins.

upload a pin

Clicking on it will give you options such as upload a pin and pin from a website. To add images from your computer just click on upload a pin.

upload the pin prompt

You will be directed to choose the file from your computer to upload. As soon as you select the image, a thumbnail format of the same will reappear.

upload pin tab

Just select the board you want to choose the image or create a different board by clicking on ‘Create a board’. Add a description below the image thumbnail and click on save it. Your image will be pinned in few clicks!!!

2.   Pin from a website

I will prefer to my readers to install & use ‘Pin it’ or ‘Save it’ button on your bookmarks bar. After adding the save button, open the image on the website you want to pin.


Just click on the ‘Pin it’ button on your bookmark page and all the available images will appear on your screen. From those, select the one you want to post. This will redirect you to the ‘pin boards’ drop down menu in a new window. Choose the relevant board, fill in the description and click on pin it button.

Also, Pinterest will link back the image to the original website automatically.

Although this is a bit direct way, Pinterest also provides you another way to Pin from another website.

Alternate Way

  • Open the image on website you want to pin
  • Copy the URL
  • Open Pinterest Page
  • Log in
  • Click on ‘+’ button and then click on ‘Pin from a website’
  • Paste the URL

pin from a website

After this a fresh new window will open, displaying a number of options for the link. Choose your image, select the board and click on save it. Your pin is posted right away!!

3.   How to Repin

This is the simplest one.

Just log in to your Pinterest Account and stay on the home page. Go through all the pictures available on the home page and select the one you wish to repin.


Click on the save button on the left top corner and add the description.

You will also get an option to choose from your own boards.

Select the most relevant board for it.

You can simply add or edit the description as per your liking.

After this, just click on save and you are good to go!!!

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Why Pinterest for Indian Brands?

In an earlier time, people could not even think of an e-commerce as a platform for buying products and services. Whereas today, we’ve come to a whole new arrangement, where shoppers are just choosing what to buy on their mobile sitting in their living room.

This immense shift in shopping style has occurred almost everywhere on the globe. Even in India, 292 million people use smartphones and even more use E-commerce services on their laptop or desktop.

Pinterest for Indian Brands

As you may know, Pinterest is a visual platform, where images are pinned on boards and can be liked & repinned. Users extract images from different sources and pin it on Pinterest. Followers see this pin and can like or repin the post depending on their preference.

So essentially Pinterest acts as a catalog of images, in which each user has their own personal collection. This collection is intimate and can give a pretty great perspective into the lives and likes of the user.

A fun fact about Pinterest is that “number of people who see your pins is larger than number of people who follows you”. That’s Pinterest for you. Still need more reason? Ok, here they are.

As per a study, 88% of the users who pin a product on Pinterest, make a definite purchase. That’s a pretty solid percentage when you compare it to other social media networks where even ads are unable to pull these kind of numbers.

For example: 80% of the Pins on Pinterest receive a repin compared to 1.4 % retweets on Twitter. This gives us a basic view of Pinterest’s efficacy when it comes to business oriented aspects.

And if we look at the Pinterest ads; my God! Aren’t they beautiful?

Pinterest ads

You cannot ignore the fact that how exquisitely South African Airlines have given a beautiful impression along with the promotion of their airlines.

User loves what they see and that is why Pinterest can be seen as a galleria of several gorgeous images pinned on variegated boards.

Well, let’s see some listed reasons, why Indian brands should use Pinterest as their marketing platform.

Demographics and Stats

Out of 1.23 billion people, only 243 million uses the internet. It’s good because 243 million still uses the internet and we have 81% of prospects left.

As per predictions, total users may increment up to 500 million. What does it mean for marketers like you?

A totally new customer pool of 250 million users is under process. There will be millions of users to reach with such a simple and elegant platform, where you can simply promote your products by pinning images.

Talking about mobile integration with social media platforms, around 92+ million active users are there on mobile. Much to your amaze, this is only 41% of total mobile internet users, which means a huge chunk is still left to tap (which is already predicted to come to play in next 2 years).

Alongside, Digital media market in India is also increasing at a swift rate. With already 8.9 million active users in India, Pinterest is swiftly penetrating the Indian markets with ease.

As per the research, around 58% of the digital marketers are still focusing on customer acquisition, which means there is huge untapped customer-pool. It also, means 42% of total digital marketers have controlled the market.



Many marketers are predicting that Pinterest’s buying user number will see an increase of 24% till 2019; i.e. reaching 60 million. In the month of November 2014, it was studied that this impeccable platform has doubled up the number of men signing up as compared to 2013.

Since times have changed now; Marketers are now assessing social media by not seeing the number of followers but by actual sales conversion done there.

You may say that Facebook has 66% bigger customer base than Pinterest. But have you accounted that people come on Facebook with a purpose to interact, do networking and see the news. Facebook too has not set its focus from being a social networking site to a marketing-focused platform.

This has opened a gate for Pinterest in India since India ranks 2nd in Facebook users across the Globe, U.S. being the first.

A Toddler now Maturing

Pinterest was started by Ben Silbermann, Paul Sciarra, and Evan Sharp as a closed beta in the year 2010. In the preceding years, Pinterest has matured a lot in terms of user engagement, UI and design parameters.

Many brands still talk of Pinterest as a ‘Toddler’ in the context of advertising but no one debates about its immense potential. The introduction of promotional pins has been an open declaration from Pinterest of their arrival in the field of advertisement.

Pinterest has always been a bit different and quite visionary when it comes to social networking mediums. Comparing to the existing social media platforms, one could say that Pinterest is ‘the best’ platform available for users to product sales. The same goes for the sellers; as a marketer you get ample space and audience to communicate the intended message effectively.

Compared to Indian user number of 2.1 million in 2014, now Pinterest has been able to tap 8 million users in 2016. That is just not a sign of toddler anymore. Showing an increase of around 400% is just another example of saying that Pinterest is going to be “The next big thing” on Internet very soon.

What Does Pinterest Offer?

A lot has been already said for the Indian market and users. We’ll discuss more about Pinterest and its offerings.

This image-based social platform is becoming more than what it was aimed to be. Owing to its elegant UI, large user base, and shopping-oriented design, Pinterest is becoming a major tool for shoppers of today.

Let us go through some of the basic terms related to Pinterest:

  1. Pins: It is simply the pins posted by you
  2. Boards: Collection of pins categorized as per your preference
  3. Followers: People following your profile, pins or boards
  4. Repin: If someone likes your pin, he/she can repin it.

Some more terms are there; go here for further clarity.

Since social media is considered as the best form to perform research on products/services, so how should you use it?

Just put an image of the product as a pin and ask the customers for their feedback.

Mentioned below are few offerings by Pinterest that can surely help you are a marketer to promote your brand and increase the sales:


A board is a collection of images or pins on your profile. Once you log in to your Pinterest account, just create a board by clicking on your account name on the top left side of the page.

Pinterest boards

The main advantage of having boards is that if your business is targeting a specific group of audience, you do not have to promote your product like a blind marketer. Instead, you can select what sort of boards covers your audience, make that category and cover a larger client pool.

Brands having niche marketing goals should take Pinterest as their mentor because a board simply solves all the bottlenecks that were previously available in all other social media platforms.

For example, if you are selling luxurious watches, just make a board naming it relevantly and selecting groups such as luxury, fashion, men’s watch, and watches. You will cover a larger segment of users who are following these categories and will be interested in purchasing the product.

So, Pinterest filters out a large group of people and lets you target users relevant to your brand or product.

Action Oriented

Do not get misinterpreted by the fact that Pinterest is a place, where users just give an impressive look to the images and move on. No. As said earlier, most of the shoppers get influenced by Pinterest to make a purchase. Also, most of the pins on

Pinterest pins are themselves action oriented.

Recipe pins aid users in figuring out what to cook, home décor pins helps people decorate their place as per their preference and fashion pins enable the user to decide what to buy.

Serving as a mechanism of discovery, Pinterest has users who tend to spend more money. Pinterest users are 10% more likely to make a purchase on e-commerce platforms than users who are referred from other social media platforms.

Another important feature of Pinterest is that users can save the pins they like for later; thus serving as a bookmark for products. For a bride, who is planning her marriage Pinterest can serve as a digital wedding planner, where she can save whatever she likes and can review the options later to make a purchase.

Advertising Platform

Pinterest has been taking a special interest in the promotion of brands. The introduction of promoted pins or Rich Pins has been a major step in advertising by Pinterest. Rich Pins are total of 6 kinds:

  • Recipe
  • Product
  • App
  • Movie
  • Article
  • Place

Each meant for the different purpose, these paid/promoted pins are utilized for getting a better & effective user engagement.  For example, app pins include an install button, which enables users to download the app without even leaving Pinterest.

For people who love traveling, Place pins tell them everything about a place such as providing a map and giving address & phone number.

Indian brands who wants their products to be showcased on Pinterest can use product pins, which makes it quite convenient for the buyers to reach and purchase your product.


It is quite hard to engage customers with your brand on social media platforms, especially when there are so many. Pinterest includes Campaigns, where you as a marketer can start a contest or campaign to bring more and more users at a single platform to discuss.

Pinterest indian brands campaigns

You can see here, two different kinds of campaigns are available; Engagement campaign and Traffic campaign.  Either you can choose to engage customers by boosting the interaction with your pins or you can direct a motivated audience towards your content.

Brands that are finding it difficult to start a conversation or do not know how to tap the client pool, can utilize this feature and benefit themselves by engaging with users at a macro-level.

Pinterest Analytics

It is every marketer’s dream to track even the minutest activity of their strategy to assess its performance accordingly. Pinterest has made this dream come true for marketing professionals. Although, many social media platforms have their own analytical tools, but none has such a huge shopping enthusiast users on their platform.

So a combination of millions of users (80% of them) who just want to shop and a tool, which can help brands to monitor their activities in order to promote the product in accordance with the consumer behavior, can be a deadly one.

Pinterest analytics

Not only analytics tells the performance of your Pinterest profile, but it also gives insights on small issues such as what kind of pins are performing best & worst, when are your target audience online most, what does your target audience like most (which boards and pins), and so on.

However, there are some third party tools also available for managing the business account of Pinterest to fill some uncovered issues. Viralwoot is an M&M (management & marketing) suite of Pinterest. Using a simple UI that users can handle, monitor and track, Viralwoot is able to tap around 70000 users and associate itself with 4000 brands across the globe. Some of the brands that are using Viralwoot are listed as following:

  • Industry:       Company
  • News:             Buzzfeed
  • Knowledge:   Wikipedia
  • Travel:            Trivago and Cleartrip
  • Clothing:        Wrangler and Lifestyle
  • Retail:             Infibeam
  • Jewelry:          Nakshatra
  • Movies:           Bookmyshow

This M&M suite Viralwoot has following main attributes:

  • Pinterest Scheduler
  • Promotion on Pinterest
  • Pinterest Analytics
  • Content Manager
  • Influencer Manager

Top 10 Indian Brands on Pinterest

I will now list the top 10 Indian brands that are using Pinterest as a platform to market and promote their products:

1.    WedMeGood

WedMeGood is a new wedding planner destination for all the to-be brides & to-be grooms. Incepted in 2014, this firm has been using Pinterest solely for the purpose of marketing their services and reaching a larger audience.

Wedmegood Pinterest Dashboard

This is one of the few companies in India, which is wise enough to utilize the potential of Pinterest in order to reach their sales target. With 35k followers, WedMeGood is quite popular on Pinterest and hence it remains active by continuous engagement with the customers.

2.    Myntra

Launched in 2007, Myntra is an e-commerce platform for branded apparels. Ranked as top four startups for India, Myntra is aggressively using Pinterest for increasing their visibility.

Myntra Pinterest

With 3000 followers, Myntra is surely using Pinterest as a booster to increment its sale and build a bigger customer base.


Incepted in the year 2012,, one of the leading e-commerce sites in India, has been able to mark its presence on Pinterest. Seeing the Pinterest account, you can simply figure out that it has been effectively using this exquisite image-based platform to ensure a proper customer engagement.

jabong Pinterest

Jabong has been using promoted or Rich pins continuously to showcase its product for the target audience.

4.    Times of India

Pinterest has been a wonderful place to start a discussion; i.e. interacting with customers on a large scale. Times of India, country’s leading print media player has been taking full advantage of Pinterest. With around 10k followers, TOI has been gaining a competitive edge as it started before everyone else.

TOI Pinterest Page

5.    ScoopWhoop

ScoopWhoop is a new-bee internet media and news company launched in the year 2013. Started as a viral content generating and sharing website, the company is now providing news on the portal and also acts as a medium for discussing & sharing social concern issues. Pinterest has been an active stage for ScoopWhoop altogether with approximately 1.4 thousand pins and 2.5 thousand followers.


6.    PepperFry

One of India’s most eminent names in online Furniture and Home & Living destination, PepperFry is making the difference at Pinterest. With around 6ooo pins, PepperFry is drawing the attention of customers quite smartly.

pepperfry Pinterest

7.    FabFurnish

Started in 2012, FabFurnish is making its name in the online furniture, furnishing, décor, and kitchenware. If you see its Pinterest page, you will know how FabFurnish is highly involved with the customers by pinning different pins.

Fabfurnish Pinterest

8.    Swayam India

Swayam India is an online store for home furnishing products, which is covering around 70 cities in India at 400 plus counters. This E-store has been promoting its product line effectively on Pinterest. Different boards of varied categories show the diverse products Swayam India can offer.

SwayamIndia Pinterest

9.    Utsav Fashion

Shipping to over 200+ countries, Utsav Fashion is a leading online name in Indian Ethnic Fashion. Utsav Fashion’s exclusive designs and appealing color combinations have been exquisitely exhibited on Pinterest, so much so that it has more than 30 thousand followers.

utsavfashion Pinterest


10.    Fabindia

Being an Indian chain store, which is involved in the retail of fabrics, garments, ethnic and furnishing products, Fabindia is truly a treat to watch on Pinterest. With its followers reaching two thousand, Fabindia is surely cashing the sales opportunity at the Pinterest platform.

Fabindia Pinterest


A lot has been discussed about why Pinterest is important for Indian brands for various marketing purposes. The Indian market is still nascent in social media and marketers should leverage this opportunity to scale their businesses. Then only you can be termed as a smart marketing professional. So, Pinterest gives you an opportunity to engage large customer pools. You can sit back and use the traditional mediums or let Pinterest reel in the sales. Choose wisely!


Schedule Instagram and Pinterest Posts with Viralwoot iOS App

In recent times, two monsters have emerged from the depths of the vast ocean of Social Media, and they are taking the world by storm. Instagram and Pinterest have totally flipped the landscape of Social Media engagement, connecting with users via the organs they use the most, their eyes and ears.

how to get started with Viralwoot iOS app

Users, these days, display an increasing inclination towards the more interactive Image and video based platforms from the more text-centric platforms.

It’s high time to shift to these modern platforms if you haven’t already, to save yourself from becoming a thing of the past.

To help you on your way, and to simplify your life, Viralwoot has launched the iOS app for all those users who perform and work on-the-go. This app offers features that can potentially save hours of your precious time and does so effectively and unobtrusively.

Schedule Instagram & Pinterest posts, grow community and more.

So let’s get started with exploring the great features the app has to offer. Here are the main actions that can be performed as soon as you start using the app.

  • Set up multiple accounts
  • Pin scheduling for Pinterest- manually and automatically
  • Post scheduling for Instagram
  • Grow community feature for Pinterest
  • Analytics for each account

As you know, Instagram does not allow any third party app to post images directly. Since we believe that some help is better than no help, we thought we could assist in reminding you to post by sending you a notification at the right time. To do this smoothly, a few requirements are necessary

  • The Instagram app should be installed on your device and your account should be set up
  • Notifications for the Viralwoot app should be allowed

Set Up Multiple Accounts

The first step you should take on the app should be to create a Viralwoot account. This can be done through the app itself by clicking the sign-up button at the bottom of the sign in page.

sign up

Just enter your name, email address, and a secure password and you’re ready to start scheduling. If you already have a Viralwoot account, you can directly sign in by entering your email address and password. Your Pinterest account will be connected automatically.

sign in

If you have just signed up, you will need to connect your Pinterest account to start scheduling your Pins.

pinterest account

Just enter the required details and click on ‘Connect’. You can only connect one Pinterest account to each Viralwoot account.

But don’t worry, we’ve thought of all the things you might want. To connect and control Two Pinterest accounts, you will first have to create another Viralwoot account (which is absolutely free and then connect your second Pinterest account to that Viralwoot account.

The advantages of adding multiple accounts are endless. Pinning is now so simple, that even a toddler could do it. The hours of time you save can be used to get to work on that project in your garage gathering dust, or to just enjoy a nice picnic in the park- your call!

select account

Here are 6 accounts connected with one app. Each account has its own Pinterest Profile and pins can be managed directly from the app.

Due to the restrictions of Instagram, you can only manage one Instagram account at a time. To change the Instagram account, you will have to change your account on your Instagram app.

Pinterest Pin Scheduling

The Pin scheduling feature is a really important feature for several users. Posting Pins at multiple times requires you to visit Pinterest again and again which can flummox any person. The Viralwoot scheduler lets you schedule images at whatever time you wish.

With Viralwoot you are allowed to schedule around 200 free pins as soon as you sign up. You can purchase more as a part of any plan in Viralwoot. Just click or upload photos from your phone and select the ones you wish to schedule. Once you’ve selected an image, click on ‘Schedule’ to head to the details page.

enter details

This page will ask you to enter the description and link for the image. You can also select the accounts you wish to post on i.e Pinterest and Instagram. Once you have added the image, you will have to select the boards that you wish to post on. You can select either 1 board or multiple boards.

select boards

Keep in mind, that when you select more than one board you will be asked to specify the interval between each post on each different board.

Your next step will be to select the option for scheduling- manually or automatically.

select method

Manual Scheduling

In the manual scheduling option, you will have to specify a date and time for the post and the interval between the posts on different boards.

enter schedule

You can select a date by clicking on the calendar. The time can be specified using the rollover below the calendar. Make sure that the time you select is the most optimum time.

For example, if my target audience is in the United States, I know that the most active time for Pinterest users is between 8AM-1PM and 6PM-8PM. Using this information, if I reside in London, I can schedule my pins to be posted at 12PM(GMT). By doing so, my activity will increase for sure and so will my engagement.

Days also matter because it is seen that certain days attract certain interests. Monday shows a greater activity on Pins related to fitness, Tuesday favors technology, and Wednesday favors quotes. Use this information as well, when scheduling Pins.

A pin scheduler has many advantages, which is why it is our most popular feature.

Automatic Scheduling

The auto scheduling feature simplifies your life even more (if possible). It helps you take full advantage of your ability to post pins at any time. The Viralwoot Smart engine calculates and sets the most optimum pinning time for you, based on the views and activity you get. You can even tell the engine to post only on certain days. All these options can be modified on the auto schedule settings page in a jiffy.

pinning schedule

Take the guesswork out of scheduling, know exactly when you should pin your content. Pinning regularly also helps in improving your SEO and profile presence, which means your posts will appear at the top of the feed for more users.

Pin Overview

A pin scheduled on the Viralwoot app can be in 4 phases.

  • Scheduled
  • Failed
  • Posted
  • Missed

SCHEDULED PINS– The Pins in this tab refer to those that have been scheduled to be posted. The Pins below this tab will disappear after their posting time and date have passed. The icons on the right show which sites the image is scheduled on.

scheduled pin

FAILED PINS– The Pins that are in this phase couldn’t be posted due to some reason. A few reasons being

  • Authorization failed– This occurs when you change the password of your Pinterest account without updating your account on Viralwoot.
  • Sorry cannot fetch this image– Internal Pinterest error
  • Invalid Image

POSTED PINS– This tab includes those photos that are posted successfully on your Pinterest or Instagram account

posted pins

MISSED PINS– This section shows you the Instagram posts that you had scheduled but which you could not post. It is exclusively for your Instagram posts. The posts can be rescheduled just by clicking them.

missed pins

Instagram Post Scheduling

As we mentioned earlier, Instagram denies access to posting images directly via any app. We have tried to make your Instagram posting as convenient as we could. To post Instagram photos via the Viralwoot app, you should first have your Instagram account set up on your device and should have notifications for Viralwoot enabled.

Once these requirements are fulfilled, you just have to follow the same steps followed in Pin scheduling, till the part when you have to select boards. Once you have chosen your image, make sure the Instagram toggle is ‘ON’.

insta details

After clicking ‘Next’, you will be directed to the ‘Pinterest boards’ screen (if you are also scheduling on Pinterest) or to the ‘Manual Scheduling’ screen.

Select the time and date and you are done. Now, when the time comes, you will receive a notification from Viralwoot telling you that your scheduled Pin is ready!

Once you click the notification, you will be directed to the Instagram app which will open with your image with the description and link. How cool is that!

Just add the filter you wish and click post! Easy-peasy, lemon squeezy!

Getting followers on Instagram requires you to be active, post interesting photos and use proper descriptions with hashtags and links.

Grow Your Community

As soon as you create an account on Viralwoot, you instantly become part of a community of more than 70000 other users. All these users communicate, help and support the symbiotic growth of each other. Viralwoot’s app also lets you follow Boards and Profiles instantly through the Viralwoot app. You can discover new Pinners and new followers just by scrolling through.

You might be asking why would other users follow my boards and profile?

There are two reasons for this. The first reason is that your board or profile is so fantastic and attractive that the user just can’t help but follow it! The second reason (which is more likely to happen) is because you provide the user with an incentive.

Each Viralwoot user possesses promotional credits. Any user can offer these credits to other users in return for a like, repin or follow. Once you earn these credits, you can offer more to other users for liking and repinning your Pins and for following your profile and boards on the Viralwoot website.

Think of promotional credits like an online currency which are offered to other users to get more likes, follows and repins.

You can discover new pinners on the ‘Follow Pinners’ page under the grow community section

follow pinners

You can even browse through boards of other Viralwoot users and earn credits by following them.

follow boards

A healthy community like Viralwoot will get you organic likes, repins and followers in an instant. Just make your boards interesting and your pictures attractive.

NOTE: You can only earn credits on the iOS app, to set your pins and boards for promotion, use the Viralwoot website. You can even change the number of credits you offer for a like, follow or repin on the website.

Viralwoot Analytics

Ever wanted to know where you exactly stand in the Pinterest world? We now provide you the tool meant exactly for that. It provides you with a quantitative measure of your activity, engagement, reach and influence to help you get more traffic and to spot your downfalls.

All these scores work using complex algorithms which take into account many factors such as the follower count, following count, comments, group boards and many more such metrics.

There are 2 sections of metrics for your account.

Basic Metrics

These metrics provide you with the basic details of your profile. The number of Pins, boards, group boards, followers, and likes. Use these to determine what aspects of your account you need to work on. The Pinfluence score is an average value that tells you how many people you influence currently. Try to keep it as high as possible. All these metrics are provided free of cost.

basic metrics

Important Metrics

These statistics serve as your report card for your progress on Pinterest. Additional scores like the reach, engagement, and activity score provide an exact depiction of your growth. If your scores are above 80, it means you are doing a great job! But remember, as soon as you stop your hard work, these scores will fall alerting you that you need to pull your socks up again. These metrics are a part of the plans in Viralwoot and can help you gauge and assess your performance on the different platforms.

important metrics


Viralwoot offers its users 3 plans (starting from as low as $11.99) that are extremely affordable and versatile. We can also customize packages based on your requirements, just inform us here. Each of these plans has combined the best features of Viralwoot to use. You can also purchase credits at a reasonable rate to promote your Pins, profile, and boards.


If you were looking for a way to optimize your Pinterest and Instagram life, look no further than the Viralwoot app. You can download the Viralwoot app from the Apple app store  The powerful feature offered will solve all your problems and will help you grow exponentially.

Make sure you remain active and post regularly. I wish you the best on your quest for Pinterest success. Enjoy the app and make full use of its features. Remember, on some trips, the journey is more important than the destination!

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