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The Perfect Image Size Guide for Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr

Having trouble keeping up with the latest in image size requirements for your favorite social media platform? We feel your pain! Everybody wants to make a good first impression and in visual marketing that means making sure your photos look their best.

This infographic for visual marketers has all the image sizes for three popular social media platforms; Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr. Now you won’t be at a loss when it comes to knowing the correct image size.

Use this infographic to ascertain the basics of image dimensions on different social networks. Keep it handy in case you ever have to work at a moment’s notice.

You’ve worked hard making sure you have the best visuals. Now use this guide to ensure they look good on your favorite platform.

The Perfect Image Size Guide For Pinterest Tumblr and Instagram
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The Ultimate Guide to Using Viralwoot

The Ultimate Guide to Using Viralwoot

Viralwoot was created to help you build a profitable Pinterest presence quickly and efficiently. The aim of this guide is to get you up and running in no time so you can start seeing some real results. Here are links to a selection of posts that will help you do just that.

How to Install and Use the Chrome Extension for Viralwoot

Viralwoot’s Chrome Extension is like the Pinterest Save button on steroids. Pin from anywhere on the web and schedule it at the same time, making it better for both you and your audience. You become efficient by getting more done in one sitting, your Pins get maximum exposure by being published when your audience is online, and they’re not overwhelmed by a sudden influx of Pins. Plus, if there are multiple images on a page, Viralwoot’s Chrome Extension presents them in an image gallery where you can promptly choose which to Pin.

How to Schedule Pins on Pinterest With Viralwoot

Learn to quickly schedule Pins, set a custom schedule for a Pin and submit one Pin to multiple boards with ease.

How to Find the Best Times to Pin With Viralwoot

Discover how Viralwoot Smart Engine takes the guess work out of determining the best times to post. Learn how to set up Auto Scheduling and how to use Viralwoot analytics to refine your choices.

How to Quickly Find Top Pins to Repin on Pinterest Using Viralwoot

Repinning top-quality and highly relevant content is a great way to build an audience. It makes you look smart and people appreciate the effort. Truth is, Viralwoot makes it simple to accomplish what use to be a tedious task. Read this post to learn how.

How to Rapidly Locate Pinworthy Images Using Viralwoot

Repinning is a great audience-building tactic but shouldn’t be your only one. Here’s how to quickly locate quality images outside the Pinterest sphere, so you can bring something new to the conversation. And it doesn’t even have to be your own content!

How to Get More Pinterest Followers, Likes and Repins Using Viralwoot

A major benefit of the Viralwoot platform is the ability to create promotions to attract more followers and increased engagement in the form of likes and repins. Learn how to set these promotions up real fast.

How to Manage Pinterest Campaigns With Viralwoot

This is where you learn how to keep track of what’s getting published, where and when. Whether you prefer a list view or calendar, the choice is yours. Here’s how to do it.

How to 10x Your Pinterest Marketing Efforts Using Viralwoot

Viralwoot promotions work on the credit system. The more credits you have the more you can promote your Pinterest presence. Here’s where you’ll learn how to earn credits, and even better, how you can rake in these credits automatically!

How to Improve Your Pinterest Marketing Using Viralwoot

This post delves deeper into the Pinterest Analytics section on Viralwoot. It’s all about Pinterest by numbers. Account metrics, Pinfluence score, spam tests and more. What does all this data mean? Find out here.

How to Increase Pinterest Engagement Using Viralwoot

Here’s how to use Viralwoot’s Website Insights to discover how pinners interact with your website. What are they pinning, what are the top Pins and who is doing all this pinning? Discover who your influencers are and what type of content they like, so you can create more just like it!

How to Bring New Life to Old Pins With Viralwoot

Discover how drip pinning solves the issue of not having enough content for Pinterest or time to find good things to Pin. Set this up once and your Pinterest stream will continue to look fresh and interesting day in and day out.

How to Implement Pinterest SEO Using Viralwoot

Learn how to use Viralwoot to bulk edit Pins and boards. You’ll save so much time at the moment you really need it.

How to Create and Manage Pinterest Influencer Campaigns Using Viralwoot

Connecting with the right influencers is a great way to build your Pinterest presence. Find out how Viralwoot makes it easy to set up a successful campaign and connect with those that can help.

How Do I Invite Someone to Viralwoot?

No need to manage your Pinterest account alone. Here’s how you can invite a team member to help you out.

How to Manage Team Members

Here’s how to keep track of who has access to which Pinterest accounts through Viralwoot and how to revoke access should it ever be necessary.

If there’s anything you feel is missing from this Viralwoot guide let us know. We appreciate the feedback.

Remember, there’s additional information in the Viralwoot Help Center. Also, we recently got reviewed on FitSmallBusiness where we have bagged positive outlook for our tool. Check out our review today and leave us a review. Your reviews will help us in bringing something new to the table!


How to Rapidly Locate Pinworthy Images Using Viralwoot 

How to Rapidly Locate Pinworthy Images Using Viralwoot 

Pinning can be fun and highly addictive. For a profitable Pinterest presence you need to be organized and productive. That’s where Viralwoot’s efficient workflow helps, eliminating the extra steps and time usually required in visiting each site to Pin. Here’s how to do it.

Click on Pin Scheduler in the left sidebar, then click Schedule Pins below it, and then click on the Search Images tab in the main screen area.

Viralwoot search images

Type in a keyword, hit enter and feast your eyes on the results! Viralwoot collects and displays all the pins related to the search term for you t choose from.

Viralwoot image search results

Click on the schedule checkbox for each image you wish to Pin or click on Select all if you want to use all the photos. Clicking on an image will open a new browser tab and load the page on which the image is present. When you’re ready, press Schedule Images.

Viralwoot Complete Pin Schedule Details

There are some details that you have to enter for each Pin. Viralwoot pulls in text associated with the image for the Description, but you will most likely want to edit this. It also grabs the Link of the original image. You can edit that too if you want. The last piece of information you need to add is the Board to which you want to post the Pin. You can choose one of your existing boards from the drop down menu.

Pro Tip: You can quickly set all listed Pins to the same board by selecting the board for the first entry and then clicking on Set these boards for all.

Auto Schedule is selected by default and in most cases that will be perfect. However, you can always set a custom time if you wish. Read “How to Schedule Pins on Pinterest With Viralwoot” for more information.

PInterest News

How the Pinterest Shopping Cart Implementation Affects Marketers

Pinterest Shopping Cart Feature

If you thought Pinterest was just another social media site, think again. In June, the company released information on “new ways to shop with Pinterest,” cementing its position as a viable purchasing platform. Granted, it’s been about year since they introduced a way to buy stuff found on Pinterest right from a user’s phone. However, this new release raises the bar for convenience.

How Pinterest’s Shopping Bag Works

First, a quick look at some terminology. Pinterest doesn’t call their new thing a shopping cart, but rather a shopping bag. It’s not just a question of semantics, or the company trying to position themselves in the marketplace.

The name change makes a lot of sense. In the physical world, a shopping cart denotes something that’s big, bulky and restricted to use at one store. A shopping bag, on the other hand, is lightweight and can be carried by consumers on shopping trips to multiple boutiques.

That’s how Pinterest’s shopping bag functions in the online world. Now users can put any buyable Pin that catches their fancy into their shopping bag, regardless of the merchant. These Pins stay there until the shopper is ready to check out.

On Pinterest, buyers only have to enter their check out information once. This data can then be used by any merchant with which a consumer wishes to conduct business. I should point out that this sounds a lot more like Amazon than Facebook or Twitter.

Here’s another soon-to-be-released shopping bag related feature. Consumers will be able to search for similar items in a post. If you see a hat that you like on a Pin, you can search for comparable items on Pinterest. In the future you can also expect to see items related to the ones you’re considering purchasing. That’s along the lines of Amazon’s “customers who bought this item also bought” feature.

What Pinterest’s Shopping Bag Means to Marketers

While there has been lots of coverage regarding this recent release from Pinterest, there’s been little, if any, analysis of its potential impact on marketers. So here’s a few things to consider.

Anything that increases convenience typically leads to greater rates of adoption. So it would not be surprising to see a substantial growth in Pinterest users over the coming year.

More people buying more stuff on Pinterest translates into potentially greater rewards for marketers who spend the time and energy to master this platform. Companies can gain a competitive advantage by being “first to market” and having a greater standing of how to make the most of Pinterest.

Pinterest isn’t a social media platform. It’s a shopping platform with built-in social network features. Look at it another way, Pinterest is one big shopping party where anyone can tell everyone the things in which they’re interested, what they’re thinking of buying, and what they’ve bought.

Inbound marketers have characteristically used social media as a promotional avenue for content designed to match specific points on the buyer’s journey. However, it can be challenging to show how social media activities contribute to an organization’s bottom line.

With Pinterest, things are different. Here on the platform, people exhibit more “commercial intent” than those on your average social media space. It’s a lot easier to justify spending time in a place where people are more likely to make a purchase. The ease with which consumers can buy items increases the likelihood that they will do so.

Whereas the lifespan of social media content is usually measured in minutes, if not seconds, Pinterest Pins usually have an infinite lifespan. So unlike social media, your investment in Pinterest advertising and marketing isn’t fleeting.

Keep This In Mind About Pinterest’s Shopping Bag

Pinterest isn’t making it easier for consumers to buy your stuff. It’s making it easier for the public to buy things, period. That means the playing field is essentially level for all marketers. Well, sort of.  As mentioned earlier, your competitive advantage comes from an intimate understanding of how Pinterest operates and how consumers use the platform.

If you’re competition still views Pinterest as a social media platform, that’s good news for you. Since you already know it’s a shopping platform with social media features, you can focus on marketing and selling to active buyers while your rivals are busy analyzing their vanity metrics.

Pinterest’s shopping bag makes it easy to collect things from the competition. Although shoppers can’t really conduct product comparisons, you’ll still be vying for their attention up until the moment they check out. Like Yogi Berra said, “It ain’t over, till it’s over.” 

Ultimately, you don’t control your patron’s shopping experience on Pinterest; only Pinterest does. Your job is to figure out how to tie your efforts in with their goals.

The whole shopping bag concept helps buyers discover products they wouldn’t have otherwise uncovered. But that’s only if you’re one of the 20,000 or so brands with which they have partnered.  Currently, Pinterest is working with “a few major brands and 5 commerce platforms;” namely BigCommerce, Demandware, IBM Commerce, Magento and Shopify. 

If you’re on a different platform or using one that’s customized, you’ll need to sign up on the waiting list. Unfortunately, there’s no word on how long the wait will be for future integration opportunities. However, we do have a short guide on How to Promote Your Etsy Shop,” which readers on that platform should find valuable.

Ultimately, if there’s one place where marketing and sales can work together, it’s on Pinterest. Although shoppers don’t come to Pinterest specifically to make purchases, many consumers make decisions based on their interaction with the platform while an increasing number are actually buying right from within Pinterest.


How to Install and Use the Chrome Extension for Viralwoot

Viralwoot Chrome Extension Pinterest scheduler

The Viralwoot Chrome Extension can be used to Pin from anywhere on the web. It’s fast, simple to use and is great when you want to Pin multiple images on the same page. Obviously, you need to use Chrome Browser for this extension to work. If you use a different browser, we have a “thingy” that you can drag to your bookmarks bar. It as the same functionality as the Chrome Extension, but works with other browsers. Once installed, you can quickly Pin from anywhere on the Internet

Step One – Go to Schedule Pins

Click on Pin Scheduler in the left pane, then click on Schedule Pins, and finally click on Pinning Tools tab on the far right-hand side of the screen.


Step Two – Download the Extension from The Chrome Store

Click on the Download Chrome Extension button to download the extension and start scheduling.


Once you’ve successfully installed the extension, you’ll see the Viralwoot logo icon in the top right-hand corner of your browser.


Using the Chrome Extension for Viralwoot

Whenever you pass over a Pinnable image on a web page, the Viralwoot schedule button appears on top of that picture, just like this.


Click the button to schedule your image and a window appears where you can fill in the details. Then click to submit.


How To Quickly Select Multiple Images On The Same Page

There’s a quicker way to Pin more than one image on the same page. Click the Viralwoot logo icon in the top right-hand corner of your browser.


All the images on that page appear in a window. You can quickly select the images you want to Pin or select all of them at once, and then schedule them.