How to Schedule Pins on Pinterest With Viralwoot 

How to schedule Pin with Viralwoot

So you’ve found some amazing stuff to Pin on Pinterest. You’re pinning like crazy while anxiously waiting for your audience to grow. Yet nothing happens. Even worse is that people are starting to unfollow you, you’re getting blocked, and being flagged as a spammer!

Well, what happened?

Perhaps your enthusiasm got the better of you. You probably didn’t realize the effects of pinning a dozen or so images all at once. Sure it saves you time, but it’s not a pleasant experience for your followers. Why? Because they’re on the receiving end getting swamped by your pins all at once. Even if they like most of them, it’s still not enjoyable having your feed dominated in this manner.

But don’t worry, there’s a solution to your predicament. Viralwoot’s Pin Scheduler saves you time by letting you Pin multiple images and then spreading them out over time when your followers are most likely to see them. It’s a better deal for everyone!

Finding Images to Use In Viralwoot Pin Scheduler

To get started, we’re going to need an image to Pin. If you’re using the Viralwoot Chrome Extension, then you can grab images as you travel the web. Instructions for downloading the extension can be found here.

Alternatively, you can get your content by uploading an image from your computer, scheduling a repin, using images from an RSS feed, or finding an image on Google. For our purpose, we’ll upload a picture by clicking on Pin Scheduler in the left sidebar, clicking on Schedule Pins and then Click to upload images.

Schedule Pins in Viralwoot

Viralwoot can connect you to over 20 different services like Google Drive and Dropbox from which you can select your images. Naturally you’ll need to have an account to connect with the chosen service.


Once you’ve selected an image, the final step is to fill in the rest of the details including the description, URL to link to, and the board to which the Pin gets attached.

Complete Pin Schedule Details

Pro Tip: If you want to submit the same image to multiple boards you can create a duplicate entry during this step and fill in the rest of the information including a different board. Also, if you want the same description for all Pins, click Set this text for all in the Description area. Likewise, if you want the same URL link, you can Set this link for all in the Link area.

Setting the Time

By default, Pins are sent to a queue where they get released at predefined times according to your Auto Schedule settings. You can set your Pin to go out at a particular time and date by choosing Custom Schedule as your Schedule Type, clicking on the Date & Time tab, then clicking on the blank field below.

Viralwoot Custom Schedule

Select a date from the calendar, use the sliders to adjust the hour and minute. Press Done when you’re finished setting the time to transfer that time into the empty field situated above the calendar.

Viralwoot Custom Schedule

Once you’ve finished filling in the details, click Submit to schedule pins and everything is good to go!


ViralWoot 2.0 is Here!

You asked. We listened!

ViralWoot 2.0

We’re extremely excited to release this new version of ViralWoot. Our team has been working hard to implement a host of new and sought-after features in this new release. We’ve also put together a ViralWoot Pinterest Scheduler for Chrome plus an iOS app which will be available any day now.

You’ll notice immediately how the look and feel have dramatically changed, offering a far better user experience. Let’s take a look inside.

Viralwoot Schedule Pins

You can have multiple Pinterest accounts associated with your ViralWoot account and manage everything from the Admin Dashboard. You can also work with team members to manage your account.

The Pin Scheduler allows you to upload images from a variety of sources, find quality pins including your own to repin, connect an RSS feed and search for Images on Google.

AutoSchedule uses the ViralWoot Smart Engine to determine the optimum posting schedule based on your audience. Highly flexible, you can always set individual pins to go out at specific times.

ViralWoot Pinterest Scheduler for Chrome is a browser extension that lets you schedule Pins from anywhere on the web including Pinterest. You can even schedule Pins in bulk for ultimate efficiency.

Promote Your Pinterest Profile and Pins

Promote is the place to create promotions for your Pinterest profile, boards, and Pins. Just enter the link of the item you wish to promote to get started. You can earn credits by following boards, profiles and repinning Pins. You spend credits on executing your own promotions. You can always buy credits if you don’t want to wait until you earn enough to start a promotion.

Analytics Viralwoot

Analytics provides useful insight into your Pinterest performance. Influence Score is a number between 1 and 100 that indicates your influence on Pinterest. The higher, the number the greater your potential influence. ViralWoot also provides straightforward feedback on what you can do to improve your score. Basic Stats monitors over a dozen vital Pinterest statistics so you can observe the effectiveness of your efforts. Boards Data tracks basic board information like followers, pins, repins and likes in a spreadsheet-like format so you can quickly keep tabs on which boards are performing. Spam & SEO Check notes your Pinterest activity and provides guidance on improving SEO and avoiding getting flagged as potential spam. Best Pinning Time suggests the best days and times to reach your audience on Pinterest and determines the optimal colors to use.

Website Insights provides answers to questions such as “What content on my site is getting the most pins?”, “Who is pinning the most content on my website?” and “What recent content is attracting more pins?”

Create Influencer Campaign

Quickly set up Pinterest influencer campaigns through ViralWoot’s Influencer Manager. Here’s where you create contests and giveaways that attract the right kind of influencer who will help spread your brand all over Pinterest. Maintaining influencer tasks and payments is much simpler through one platform.

Viralwoot Content Manager

Content Manager is the place to implement Pinterest SEO changes in bulk. Quickly make changes to multiple Pins from this dashboard. It’s also the place where you can set up Drip Pinning to give old Pins a new lease on life. With this tactic, you can republish older pins in an effort gain added exposure and can also delete the existing Pin automatically, if you so choose.

Try out the new ViralWoot today and let us know what you think!

PInterest News

Pinterest Marketing This Month – May

Pinterest May

Pinterest may not be the media darling it once was, just a couple of years ago. But there is still lots happening with this company. Here are some of the top stories we’ve been following lately.

Our Fastest, Cleanest App Yet | Oh, How Pinteresting!

Pinterest gave their mobile app a substantial rebuild this month, giving it an updated look and blazing fast speed. Now the app can be read in 31 languages, which is critical, given the substantial growth of Pinterest in non-English speaking countries.

Marketing Developer Partners Programme Expands to the UK | Pinterest for Business

Last month Pinterest not only opened up Promoted Pins in the UK, they extended the Marketing Developer Partners program (MDP) to the UK as well. According to the company, MDPs are a “select group of technology partners… that become an integral part of the marketing ecosystem.”

The CEO of $11 Billion Pinterest Reveals His Thoughts on Going Public, Crazy Private Markets, and Advice for Founders Who Don’t Want to Fail | Business Insider UK

With revenue increase of 500% over last year, rumours are bound to circulate. Despite high interest in an IPO, Pinterest cofounder Ben Silbermann insists the company is focused on improving the user experience for those outside the US and building a sustainable revenue model.

Pinterest Founder Dismisses Speculation Firm Will Go Public | DailyMail

According to Pinterest chief reactive officer Evan Sharp, the company has no plans at this time of going public. Apparently, the company sees greater benefit in remaining private with more control, flexibility, and the ability to focus on the longer term.

Pinterest Acquires ‘Curator,’ Snags New Design Lead | Forbes

Pinterest announced the acquisition of ‘Curator’, the design app, and simultaneous hiring of its founder as lead product designer. This is Pinterest 10th acquisition and second international deal. Nordh will work on broadening the company’s appeal to an increasingly international audience.

Pinterest Crosses Key Milestone In Quest To Be a Truly Global Business | Fortune

It’s official. Pinterest is no longer an American phenomenon. More than half of its 100 million monthly active users are from outside the country. Since the beginning of 2016, two-thirds all new users have been from overseas. During this time period, users in Germany have nearly tripled while places like France, Brazil and Japan have experienced a two-fold increase.

Pinterest Wins Fans In Academia, Helping Users Analyze Tough Novels | Forbes

Forget the DIY crafts and wedding part favours. Pinterest is becoming popular with academia, where the site is being used to analyze novels and other literary works. Pins that represent specific passages or chapters in a book are collected on a dedicated board. These Pins help students draw connections between different pieces of information and gain a better understanding of the topic.

Why Pinterest Forces You off Its Mobile Site and Into Its App | VentureBeat

Ever wonder why Pinterest forces you off its mobile site and onto its app? If you’ve ever had this happen, you’ll now how incredibly frustrating this can be. Casey Winters, the guy at Pinterest who makes this happen says “you get more engaged users and more revenue over time.” Can’t argue with the logic, especially since they’ve tested it, nevertheless, it’s still annoying.

5 Things Marketers Want to See in Pinterest’s Data-Heavy Advertising Business | AdWeek

There’s a finite amount of money available for advertising. For Pinterest to shift money allocated to big players like Google and Facebook, the company needs to work even more closely with brands. Currently brands are looking for comparable stats, more sophisticated Pins, finding a balance between commerce and content, beefing up ads and moving beyond fashion. Pinterest may be in this for the long haul, but they sure have their work cut out for them.

Pinterest Rolls out Its Version of Trending Topics, Called Featured Collections | VentureBeat

Featured Collections are available to users in Brazil, France, Germany, Japan and the U.K., and are available on both Android and the Web. These are hand-curated pins, users, boards and searches that emphasize local and trending ideas. According to Pinterest, easily tests show that Featured Collections help users find and follow relevant boards, increasing their level of engagement.

Success Stories

Turning Your Passion for Pinterest Into Profit – Pinterest Influencer Interview With Jill Harness

Passion Pinterest Profit

Pinterest is a powerful marketing tool for those fortunate enough to have a substantial audience. But how do you grow a following that numbers in the tens of thousands? More importantly, how do you do this when you have a business to run and time is limited?

To learn more about what it takes to be successful on Pinterest, ViralWoot reached out to one of our users, Jill Harness. Jill has helped brands develop five-figure audiences on Pinterest. She is also a writer for Rue the Day, Neatorama and Oddee. In addition, she operates social media accounts for Neatorama, The NeatoShop and Today I Found Out, as well as the Pinterest accounts for Nerd Approved Media, which includes Nerd Approved, Fashionably Geek and That’s Nerdalicious. Here’s what she had to say.

Give us some background on your business. What do you do? How did you get started?

I started blogging years ago and have been writing for Neatorama for about six years now. A few years ago, I got obsessed with Pinterest and when I realized that I was not only enjoying it but also seeming to attract a lot of followers, I asked the owner of Neatorama if he might give me a shot at building up his follower base on the site. I did so well with his Pinterest that eventually I ended up taking over as the social media manager on all of the site’s channels.

Eventually, I reached out to a few people who run sites that have a relationship with Neatorama and offered to assist them with their Pinterest or Facebook efforts and that brings us up to date.

How are you building your following on Pinterest?

I do a few things to attract viewers on Pinterest, but the most important thing is to remember the old adage that “content is king.” All of the sites that I work with are content-based, so I add photos from our blogs every day using ViralWoot. It’s a great tool for helping me schedule out all those images throughout the day rather than just adding a block of them once a day.

Aside from that, I really try to have well-curated boards. If I notice a lot of posts aren’t fitting into other categories, I’ll go out of my way to create a new board that can incorporate them all. At the same time, I think it’s important to not have too many boards as I think that could intimidate potential followers. Every few months I’ll actually look at our boards with the lowest follower counts and see if they might be better off being combined with one of our better performing boards.

I also really make an effort to follow people that bring us a lot of repins or clicks according to the Pinterest analytics so they know we appreciate them and will hopefully pin more of our content.

How do you engage with your Pinterest audience?

I go through our feeds at least once a day and pin photos that come from other sites that relate well with our content. I also try to follow boards of our most active fans, respond to comments and join related group boards.

What’s your most favorite tactic?

My preferred Pinterest marketing strategy is reviewing our analytics. It’s always interesting to see what pins are performing well and what kinds of people are sharing our content the most.

How much time do you spend on Pinterest marketing? How do you make that time productive?

I probably spend a few hours every night sharing pins from all of the sites I work with. ViralWoot makes scheduling those posts easy to the point where I watch television while I do it, which is nice because the work is not particularly involved and it makes it even more enjoyable.

How do you use ViralWoot for marketing on Pinterest?

I like getting new followers through ViralWoot, but I find the scheduling feature to be the most beneficial. It’s just nice to not have to post all of my pins at once so hopefully they’re seen by as many people as possible throughout the day.

What role does Pinterest play in customer research?

Since most of the companies I work with post blogs, we don’t really need to research customers all that much, but it is useful to see what resonates well with people. For example, if everyone is obsessed with Deadpool emojis, we might post more emojis or more Deadpool stuff than we otherwise would.

Deadpool Emoji

What words of wisdom do you have for someone just getting started marketing their business on Pinterest?

I would recommend spending a lot of time on Pinterest in the beginning so you understand how it works. I see a lot of companies and websites with two or three boards and that’s not the point of the site and it’s not going to get you a lot of followers. Then, once you really understand what you’re doing, set up an account with ViralWoot so you can schedule out posts according to when your target audience is actually using the site.

PInterest News

Pinterest Marketing This Month – April

Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest has been making lots of news over the past month, rolling out its ad manager to all U.S. businesses, releasing data on the success of its Cinematic Pins and reportedly testing out video ads. Here’s a look at some of the headlines from the past month.

9 Eye-Opening Digital Marketing Stats From the Past Week | AdWeek

According to a Pinterest study on Cinematic versus Static Pins, “Cinematic Pins increased purchase intent by 37 percent and boosted brand awareness by nearly 31 percent.” This was six points higher than Static Pins, for purchase intent, and 10 points higher when it came to brand awareness.

Data Shows Pinterest Cinematic Pins’ Brand-Boosting Effect | Media Post

A Reeses campaign using Cinematic Pins experienced a lift, similar to that of L’Oreal. Consumers who saw the video-based pins were 25% more likely to buy than those who did not.

Why Pinterest Is the Visual Search Engine for Discovery, E-Commerce, and Inspiration | Social Media Week

Pinterest is being touted as a visual search engine that delivers a vastly different experience. As such, brands need a unique approach to succeed on the platform.

2016 Social Media Inflation Index | Marketing Land

A TrackMaven study concludes that Pinterest exhibits seasonal growth during the peak summer months of July and August and during the December holidays. Brands on Pinterest average around 2% monthly follower growth.

Pinterest’s New Ad-Targeting Tools Attract, Retail Brands | Luxury Daily

Pinterest is a new tactic for marketers to target future-planning consumers. Pinterest users are known to save pins to boards as part of a larger plan. Forget quick returns and focus on creating native content that will be acted upon at some time in the future.

Pinterest Starts Testing Video Ads | Digiday

Pinterest is reported to be trying out video ads with a small set of users in an evaluation trial. This feature could fit in nicely with their Cinematic Pins.

Do-It-Yourself Promoted Pins Now Open to All SMBs | Pinterest Business

Pinterest Ads Manager is now available to all small and medium-sized businesses in the U.S. This tool includes a bulk editor for multiple campaign management, advanced measuring tools, expanded targeting options, and enhanced conversion tracking.

Pinterest’s Buyable Pins Perform |

Pinterest aims to make the shopping experience immensely enjoyable. Buyable pins, which debuted on Pinterest mobile app, are coming soon to their mobile and desktop websites.

How Pinterest Knows Who’s Down to Shop and Who Isn’t | AdAge

In this interview, Pinterest’s head of commerce talk about Buy It buttons and the notion that “Pinterest is this boundless catalog of ideas.”

Email Powers Pinterest’s New Ad-Targeting Service | MediaPost

Email marketers take note. Pinterest’s self-serve advertising platform offers CRM matching to companies with a minimum of 100 email addresses. While currently restricted to members of Pinterest’s Developer Partners program, it pairs emails with matching Pinterest user accounts.

Every day I find something interesting to read about Pinterest. Did I miss any important news this month? Let me know in the comments below.