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Can Your Small Business Benefit From Pinterest?

Can Your Small Business Benefits From Pinterest

Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter do not have efficient content management systems. Most often the user’s news feed becomes so cluttered with posts and tweets that it forces them to ‘Unlike’ or ‘Unfollow’. This is not the case with Pinterest. Users have greater control over their home feeds as they can opt to follow only certain sections of boards instead of the entire profile of the brand. While this feature is great for users, it is also great for small businesses as they will create and retain large numbers of followers of the company.

The average lifespan of Pinterest posts is more than a week in contrast to just 80 minutes for Facebook posts and 5-25 minutes for Twitter tweets. Pinterest advertising is the perfect tool for businesses to create a strong online presence. You can use the tool to showcase your products in the best light to online customers. It will greatly help in improving marketing ROI and boosting online sales.

Moreover, the online tool allows you to create more back-links for your website. Links are an important signal used by search engines to determine the popularity of the website.

How Can Small Business Owners Build their Online Presence Using Pinterest?

Pinterest isn’t just an image sharing site. Small businesses can take advantage of the platform to market their goods and services to over 100 million online visitors. Here’s how.

1. Know Your Target Audience

The first thing that business owners must do to build an online presence on Pinterest is to know the target audience. You must know which images resonate with your audience the most. Pinterest’s analytics tool allows you to know which pins and images are trending at the moment. By seeing the pins that are generating the most interest, you will have an idea of what content to post that will be popular among your fans.

2. Post Pins for the Online Audience

Next, you should post pins that resonate with your online audience. Know that Pinterest is a discovery tool that people use to find and generate ideas. Most visitors visit the site to look for answers. That’s why you must present your products in a way that solves the problems of online users.

You must showcase the products in a way that demonstrates your expertise and passion in a particular area. When your content spreads virally, it will build your reputation as an expert in the field. People will more readily accept the product if you are able to build your credibility among the online audience through engaging and informative Pinterest posts.

3. Focus on Keywords

When posting Pinterest posts, you must pay special attention to keywords. The keywords included in the posts must be relevant and related to your product or services. The keywords that you use for your website should also be used for Pinterest posts. Google indexes every Pinterest post. So, you will improve your site’s search engine rankings when you include keywords in the captions and descriptions of the images that you post on your Pinterest board.

As a final note, you must consider using third party Pinterest tools to promote your pins and gain additional followers. One such tool is ViralWoot that allows you to increase Pinterest followers. You can register for a free trial to get an overview of the tool. Once you are satisfied with its results, you can continue using it for a small fee.

So, now that you know how Pinterest can help boost the online presence of your small business, are you ready to take your business to the next level using Pinterest? Let us know by commenting in the box below.