How to Increase Pinterest Engagement Using Viralwoot

How to Increase Pinterest Engagement Using Viralwoot

Website Insights is part of the Pinterest Analytics package provided by Viralwoot. It helps you to understand better which content your audience is engaging with, how they’re doing this, and who they are. It helps answer the burning question “What do people like most, of all the content I create?”

Click on Analytics in the sidebar and then Website Insights. You will notice three tabs in the main area (Recent Pins, Top Pins, and Top Pinners) contain all the information we need to discover the content people are pinning from our website.

Viralwoot Websight Insights

Recent Pins

Let’s view the Recent Pins tab first since it’s already open. Right now there’s nothing there. Click the pulsating + button on the lower right-hand side to get Viralwoot to fetch the most recent Pins. Now you can see which pieces of content on your site are gaining the most traction with your audience. The most recently pinned items are displayed first and are not tabulated so you see each and every Pin. Look here to find out what content is currently resonating best with your audience.

Recent Pins

In this particular example, you’ll notice that one Pin keeps appearing repeatedly. You can safely assume that the audience enjoys this type of content. Perhaps you can create more posts in a similar vein. Chances are we’ll see similar levels of engagement.

Top Pins

Now let’s check out the Top Pins tab to see historically, what content our audience has enjoyed most. This is a good place to go to figure out what’s your “Evergreen” content so you can create more along those lines. Just like the other tab,  you will need to click the pulsating + button on the lower right-hand side to get Viralwoot to fetch the data.

Top Pins

Each image that’s been pinned from the site is listed only once. Each entry includes the image, the last pinner along with a link to the Pin, and the number of times that it has been pinned. Entries are listed from most pinned to least pinned so you can quickly see what is popular. Again, this is the right place to discover the content with which your audience likes to engage.

Top Pinners

Now that we know which content is trending let’s find out who has made us so popular! For that, we’ll look under the Top Pinners tab.

Top Pinners

This list of pinners is sorted from most to least active, with each entry showing how times that user has Pinned something from your site. The people in this list are prime candidates for outreach efforts because you know they already enjoy your content. Click on the Follow button to view their profile in Pinterest. From there you can decide to follow them or engage with them in some other manner.

Website Insights shows you the content on your site with which people like to engage. Use this information to create more content along similar lines so you can receive the same amount of engagement, if not more. Use the Top Pinners data to determine your most ardent fans so you can reach out and build even stronger relationships.


How to Implement Pinterest SEO Using Viralwoot

How to Implement Pinterest SEO Using Viralwoot

Recently we discussed how Viralwoot’s Content Manager can help bring new life to old Pins, exposing a whole new audience to some great older content. At the same time, we saw how new Pinterest users with little content could also benefit from Viralwoot’s Drip Pinning capabilities. In this post, you’ll learn how Content Manager can be used to create boards, edit them, and edit pins. Plus, we’ll discuss how to manage a large number of boards using Viralwoot. This is particularly helpful if you need to make large-scale SEO changes.

Create Board

You can create your Pinterest boards right from within Viralwoot by clicking on Content Manager from the left sidebar and then clicking on Create Board. All the information that’s necessary for creating a board can be filled in on this one screen. Technically, Pinterest only requires a name for your board. However, it’s a good idea fill in a detailed description concerning the board, using keywords in a natural way where possible. Make sure you select a category that best describes the board as it is an important SEO factor in search results.

Viralwoot Create Board

Manage Boards

In addition to creating Pinterest boards, Viralwoot also lets you manage them from within the platform. Click on Content Manager in the left sidebar, then click on Manage Boards. All the boards associated with the Pinterest account are presented in a list. Each entry consists of board name, category, privacy, description, and number of Pins. You can sort this list, either ascending or descending, using any of these criteria by pressing the arrow icon beside the column name.

You can search any information in this table by typing into the search bar above the list. Viralwoot automatically searches as you type, making it very convenient, especially for accounts with scores of boards.

Viralwoot Manage Boards

Click on the appropriate Edit button to change the board name, description, category and privacy level.

Viralwoot Edit Board

Manage Pins

Here is where you can search and edit one or more Pins’ description, URL and board. It’s very convenient for editing single Pins, but you’ll appreciate it even more when you need to make large-scale changes.

Click on Content Manager, then Manage Pins and you’ll see a page full of Pins that you can edit. Each Pin entry shows the image and Pin description. Clicking on the image opens a new browser tab and brings you to the original image source.

Clicking on the image opens a new browser tab and brings you to the original image source.

Click the Select checkbox beside the image to edit one or more images.

Click the  Select all button near the top selects all images on the page.

Search and Edit Pins

After selecting the Pins, click the Edit Pins button to edit the information.

In the list of Pins, that appears you can modify the information for each Pin individually. In cases where Pins share common data, you can save a tremendous amount of time by editing the first Pin and clicking the “Set this…  for all”. You can also apply the same URL link and Board name to the entire list.

Complete Pin Edit details

Click the Edit Pins button to save your changes.


How to Create and Manage Pinterest Influencer Campaigns Using Viralwoot

How to Create and Manage Pinterest Influencer Campaigns Using Viralwoot - Influencer marketing

Get the right type of engagement from the right people using Viralwoot’s Influence Manager. Just enter in a few details about your campaign and the type of influencer you’re looking to connect with and away you go. Viralwoot will scour its user base for appropriate matches and let those influencers know about your campaign at which point they can decide to participate. Here’s how to set up an influencer campaign in Viralwoot.

Click on Influencer Manager in the left sidebar and then click on Create Campaign. Here’s where you will fill in the details about your campaign.

First, you’ll need a campaign. Keep in mind this will be visible to influencers, so use something concise, enticing and descriptive. Then, you’ll need a description of the campaign, which again will be visible to influencers, so make sure it’s informative.

Next, you can specify whether or not influencers need to create a dedicated board for the campaign. That’s a strategic choice on your part, but keep in mind that the more onerous the requirements, the less participation you will receive. If you choose to require a dedicated board, then you need to provide the name of that board in the following field.

You’ll also need to upload one or more images for influencers to pin. Uploading the images creates an image gallery from which influencers can choose to pin. Finally, you need to enter the URL to which each influencer pin will link; usually a product or landing page.

Create Influencer Campaign on Viralwoot

After filling in the basic campaign information, click on the Campaign Details tab. First, set the number of influencers you want to participate in this campaign. Then set the number of Pins that each influencer must perform. Next, set your campaign start and end dates. You can target influencers by interest and board categories by selecting one or more categories from the drop down menu. Based

You can target influencers by interest and board categories by selecting one or more categories from the drop down menu. Based on your selection, Viralwoot will calculate the total number of followers and boards, plus calculate the estimated price of your campaign.

Last, you can decide whether or not to target influencers by follower count. By default, this is set to “any number of followers” but by pressing the appropriate radio button you can require influencers to have a specific minimum amount of followers in order to participate. You’ll notice that the estimated price of a campaign rises with the increase in minimum follower requirements.

Viralwoot Influencer Campaign Details

Next click on the Confirm and Pay tab where you will have the opportunity to confirm the details before filling out the payment form.


How to Manage Pinterest Campaigns With Viralwoot

How to Manage Pinterest Campaigns With Viralwoot

So you’ve got your Pinterest promotion plans in place, and you’re ready to roll. You’ve got your scheduling set, and both Pins and repins are all part of your master marketing plan.

But how do you keep track of it all? How can you know when the Pin is published? Knowing the answers to these questions is of particular importance if you’re a social media manager with multiple clients, each with their own unique schedule.

Fortunately, Viralwoot can help take the headache out of managing your Pins. Let’s take a look.

Your Scheduled Pins

First, click on Pin Scheduler in the sidebar. Then click on Manage Pins and then the Scheduled Pins tab.

Manage Scheduled Pins with Viralwoot

What you’ll see is a table listing all the scheduled Pins. You can sort the columns of data covering the image, description, board, and status by clicking on the arrows in the header of that column.  You can delete a Pin directly from this screen or edit the scheduled date and time, Pin URL, board, and description.

Above the table, you’ll see the time zone. You can also modify the time zone if you require.

Failed Pins are kept in their own table separate from the other Pins. They contain the same information as scheduled Pins. Pins in this section were not published due to some characteristic reason.

Published Pins have their own section and contain the same data. The status of each item links to the actual URL of the Pin that can be seen on Pinterest.

Manage Published Pins with Viralwoot

You can search Pins in any of these tables using the search field on the right side, just above the table. It updates the search automatically as you type characters in the field.

Using The Calendar View

Viralwoot also offers the option to monitor your schedule using the calendar view. Using either the weekly or monthly view, you can tell at a glance where you have Pins scheduled. Clicking on an item in the calendar

Click on an entry in the timetable to open up a window with information about the editable Pin. Published pins have a link to the URL directed to its location on Pinterest.

Pin Scheduler Calendar

The weekly schedule provides a slightly different view which may be more appropriate, depending on your situation. This view lets you see the particular time of day for each custom scheduled pin.

Click on any item to bring up information concerning that Pin.

Pin Scheduler Weekly

Auto schedule Pins are placed in the all-day time slot, whereas the custom scheduled Pins are in their respective periods.


How to Improve Your Pinterest Marketing Using Viralwoot

How to Improve Your Pinterest Marketing Using Viralwoot
You can’t improve what you don’t measure. No truer words have been spoken, especially when the context related to marketing. Fortunately, Viralwoot enables users to monitor a number of important metrics concerning their Pinterest account. Let’s have a look and see what we can discover.

Basic Stats

Click on Analytics in the sidebar and then click Pinterest Analytics. The Basic Stats tab is already open so we’ll take a look at that first. There are three areas on this tab; Basic Account Metrics, Important Account Metrics, and Pinfluence Score.

Basic Account Metrics looks at fundamental Pinterest data like the number of boards, pins, likes, group boards to which you belong, followers, and following. Many of these data points are cumulative so you will expect to see them increase over time. For example, Pins is simply the total number of Pins that you have created over the lifetime of your account. As your account matures and you Pin more often, this figure will increase.

Important Account Metrics is where you want to keep an eye on your performance for things such as Pins per day, total repins, total likes, total comments, average repins, average likes, and follow ratio. These numbers will change as a result of your (in)activity on Pinterest.

Viralwoot Analytics


For some metrics, like Pins per day, there’s no hard and fast rule. Different industries have different norms and different requirements. However, some consistency is important. When looking at your follow ratio (followers/following), bigger is generally better as that means you are following fewer people than are following you. Some consider this to be a sign of authority.

When looking at your follow ratio (followers/following), bigger is better as that means you are following fewer people than are following you. Some consider this to be a sign of authority. Don’t worry if the number doesn’t seem to budge. It can take a while to increase your authority and see this figure rise. Instead, watch out for a sharp drop in this number. This change typically happens when you follow too many people at once, and they don’t follow you back. The risk here is that you could get you flagged as a possible spammer.

Things such as repins and likes give you an idea of what level of engagement you’re getting on Pinterest. The total numbers for these activities will rise over time as your account matures. What you really want to work on improving are your average repins and average likes. The only way to boost those numbers is through continually posting high-quality content that encourages engagement.

Last but not least is your Pinfluence score; a number from 0 – 100 measuring your influence on Pinterest. The higher the number, the better. Depending on your number, you’ll get some personalized information on how to improve your score.My Pinfluence Score

Boards Data

This tab presents all your boards in table format showing the board name, the category, the number of followers, Pins, repins, and likes. You can sort this list by any column, either ascending or descending. This comes in handy if you have many boards which you need to track.

While Basic Stats gives you an idea of how your Pinterest account is performing in general terms, Boards Data lets you drill down and see what accounts for your success. When you know what’s working, it’s always easier to double down and do more.

Viralwoot Analytics Boards Data

In this particular case, we can see that the most successful board is Cool QR Codes, with the most followers, likes and second most number of repins. If we were looking to grow this account, focusing on this particular board would be a good bet, all things considered.

Spam & SEO Check

Results from four different tests can be found on this tab. First is the Pinning Mode Spam Test, which looks at how man Pins you’ve created (using the image uploader or pin button) versus how many you’ve repinned. Too many repins (resulting in a low score) may flag you as a spammer. Pins created using Viralwoot scheduler can help you improve your score.

Pinning Mode Spam Test

Next is the Boards Spam Test, which compares the number of personal boards to the number of groups to which you belong. Joining a few select group boards is a great tactic to expand your reach on Pinterest, but like anything else, it’s best done in moderation. Too many group boards and Pinterest will flag you as a spammer. If you’ve joined some group boards lately, it’s a good idea to take a quick look at the results of this test to see the impact (if any) of your actions.

Boards Spam Test

Third is the Boards SEO Test, which checks analyzes all of your boards to see if you have assigned them categories. Boards that are properly categorized tend to do better in searches, so always assign a category to every board you create. Avoid using the “Other” category as it’s not very descriptive of the Pins. The user would not understand the context of the “Other” category and give up on their search. This leaves your content in the lurch with no option.

Boards SEO 1 Test

The last test on this page is Pinning Activity. Viralwoot analyzes your pinning activity and makes recommendations if your actions fall below a minimum threshold. Your pinning activity in a large part drives the results of your Pinterest marketing efforts. If you don’t Pin enough, you won’t get the results you expect.

Pinning Activity Test

Best Pinning Time

The information in this tab is helpful for identifying three things; Best Day to Pin, Best Time to Pin, and Best Performing Colors. The best days and times to Pin are useful when you’re setting up auto scheduling and want to utilize specific times. The Best Performing Colors provide valuable insight when creating new images for Pins; take advantage of this information when deciding on color schemes.

Best Pinning Time