How to Bring New Life to Old Pins With Viralwoot

How to Bring New Life to Old Pins With Viralwoot

The benefits of drip pinning are two-fold. First, it exposes your pins to new followers who, until now, may not have seen them. New members of your audience aren’t going to necessarily check out every Pin that you have done in the past. Second, Pinterest users don’t necessarily log into their account every day. Older followers who may not have seen your content have another opportunity when you repin. The result is increased website traffic and greater engagement.

So essentially you have the opportunity to create a market for your older pins without having to generate new content/pins every other week. The basic idea behind this is simple: Your audience might not have seen your older content. Also, your new audience might like your old content but they have no way to check them out because your pins are so far behind in your feed.

Let’s see how this process works.

Click on Content Manager in the left sidebar and then click Drip Pinning. You’ll see a list of boards for your account similar to that shown below.

Viralwoot Drip Pins

If you have a lot of boards, you can page through them or set the display to show 10, 25, 50 or 100 entries per page. You can also search for a particular by typing its name in the search field. Plus you can sort the display either by board name or Action. For example, you may want to see all boards with Drip Pins listed first.

In this example, there are two boards with active campaigns. We can edit or stop their execution directly from this screen if we wish. Right now we’re going to create a new drip, so we’ll click on the Create Drip button for the board that we want to create a campaign. We can choose to build drips for old Pins or new ones. Let’s do Drip Old Pins first.

Drip Old Pins

First, we select the number of old Pins that we want to pin on a daily basis. Next, we can add some hashtags that may help our Pins become more discoverable. Viralwoot looks at your board and suggests some appropriate hashtags, based on your board’s content, but you can always add you own, or none at all if you wish. Finally, click on the checkbox if you want Viralwoot to delete the old Pin after it has been republished. Select this option if you’re concerned about having the same Pin appear too many times on your board.

Drip Old Pins

Drip New Pins

Drip New Pins is a feature specially create for users who don’t have many Pins or are starting up with Pinterest and don’t have much content either. The reality is that not all companies are great at generating content for Pinterest on a regular basis. With Drip New Pins, you can keep your board looking fresh. Just select the category and number of daily pins, and our system finds and pins active Pins that are getting good engagement on the Viralwoot platform.

Drip New Pins

Note that you can only have one Drip type with each board. You can only have Drip Old Pins or Drip New Pins, but you can’t do both on the same board. So now you’ve created a constant drip of your older pins coupled with your new content. This way you can utilize your old pins and channel them to your new audience.


How to Find the Best Times to Pin With Viralwoot

Best times to pin

To be effective on Pinterest, you need to post your Pins at times when they are most likely to be noticed by your audience. However, to be efficient on Pinterest you can’t always be concerned about the proper timing for each and every Pin. Otherwise, the process takes far too long.

Fortunately, Viralwoot makes it easy to figure out the best times to post. Plus, it takes care of all the details so you can concentrate on finding and creating the best content to Pin. It accomplishes this through Auto Scheduling and the Viralwoot Smart Engine.

How Viralwoot Smart Engine Saves You Time

Viralwoot Smart Engine works behind the scenes every day, analyzing data to ensure your pins get sent out at the optimal time. Viralwoot Smart Engine even works with brand new Pinterest accounts and those with little activity. We analyzed over 17 million pins in total for the 35 major categories on Pinterest to come up with a good starting point for posting times. As you pin more, Viralwoot Smart Engine will adjust those time slots based on new data from your pinning activities.

How to Setup Autoscheduling

Click on Pin Scheduler in the sidebar and then click on Autoscheduling from the menu below it.

Viralwoot AutoSchedule Settings

You’re going to need to make two decisions; the days on which you want to Pin, and the number of posts per day. If your Viralwoot plan provides access to the Pinterest Analytics app, you can use the Best Pinning Time to figure out which days to Pin. Alternatively, you can choose days that you know from prior experience work well for your situation.

As we’ll see in a minute, the best days for pinning to this account are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, so we’ll select those. Let’s go with four posts a day because it seems like a good balance. We’ll let Viralwoot Smart Engine figure out the best time slots in which to post.

Viralwoot AutoS chedule Settings

If you prefer to have more control, you can customize the posting time slots. Viralwoot will offer you some suggestions, but you can edit these using data from the Pinterest Analytics App, or however you wish.

Viralwoot Auto Schedule Settings

Discover The Best Pinning Times With Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest Analytics helps you understand the best days and times to Pin to your account, based on data Viralwoot analyzes on a daily basis. That comes in handy for setting up Auto Scheduling and for cases where you want to set a custom time for a post.

For example, if you have a Pin that you want to schedule for a specific day, knowing the best time to pin helps maximize its exposure. Perhaps there’s a Pin that you want to schedule for a particular week.

Viralwoot analyses your Pinterest account to determine both the best day(s) to Pin and the best time(s) to Pin. You can find this by clicking on Analytics in the sidebar, then clicking on Pinterest Analytics that appears below it, then clicking Best Pinning Time tab in the main screen area.

Pinterest Analytics Viralwoot

This data can be used to set up Autoscheduling where you set the days and the times to post. You can also use the best time to pin data for setting custom time slots within Auto Scheduling.



10 Best Tools To Boost Your Social Media

10 best tools to boost your social media
10 best tools to boost your social media

Managing different social media accounts is not easy because it consumes a lot of time and takes a lot of effort. The only way you can manage several accounts for your brand is only if you use the right tools. Here are the top ten best tools to help you out with your Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest accounts.


Agora Pulse

The dashboard on Agora Pulse helps in seeing all the activity on the board and allows you to begin campaigns and schedule posts from the dashboard. The campaign can be promoted through a post on your page, which is a great feature. Users can shift from a free trial to paying $29 per month.

 EdgeRank Checker

This is a social media research site and gives a thorough analysis of your Facebook page with graphs and charts. For their paid customers EdgeRank Checker has advanced features like key metrics and page recommendations.


ShortStack is a tool which lets you work on different types of campaigns. It offers templates which you can use and even has the option of starting the campaign from scratch with the help of an intuitive visual editor.



The tool is used for analytics and optimization and has options like best time to tweet and follow/unfollow tools.


Tweetchat is for chat management. You can use a specific hashtag, reply the way you want to and get hastagged tweets.

Digg Deeper

It makes use of algorithms to show the top articles and links that other followers have shared.



Pikochart helps you in building info graphics that have embedded charts and photos. There are pre-existing templates that you can choose from or you can start from scratch and use the wide variety of available objects, icons and shapes.


Use buffer to locate images from websites and  add it to your Pinterest schedule with their browser extension. You can also view all the stats from your pins such as likes, repins and comments that will help you in saving time and effort. They offer a free trial which can be upgraded $10 per month.


Loop88 helps in connecting different Pinterest followers (who have several followers and an engaged audience) with brands and advertisers who want to promote their products on the platform. This results in more exposure and repins since a large number of people get your message.

Digg Digg WordPress plugin

If you are looking forward to pinning pages that are on your site such as blog posts and visuals then go for Digg Digg WordPress plugin

Learn More

We hope that the list of tools help you in managing your social media accounts. If you look forward to buying a good Pinterest marketing tool that can help you in managing different accounts, scheduling pins and getting more followers then visit ViralWoot. Register for their free trial right away!


How to Schedule Your Pinterest Pins for Free With ViralWoot

Keeping in mind the approaching holidays, we’ve come up with a snappy little tool for you to schedule your Pinterest posts with. Now, you can schedule pins from any website using our Bookmarklet. This bookmarklet is installed exactly like the Pinterest bookmarklet and it works the same way. Just drag the button to your browser’s bookmarks bar and you are all set to schedule pins from any page you visit on the internet. Please find below a demo of it :

  1. Login to your Viralwoot account (Not registered? Get a free account!) and go to the Schedule Pins page to grab your Viralwoot bookmarklet.
  2. Once you have installed the Viralwoot bookmarklet, you will see “Schedule Pins” icon in your bookmarks bar.
  3. Go to any website that you want to schedule pins from. And, click on Schedule Pins bookmark present in your bookmarks bar. You will see a grid of images on that page. You can then tick the checkboxes for all those images that you want to schedule to pin. We selected 3 images to schedule for pinning.
  4. Click on the big orange “Schedule Now” button after you have selected the images to pin. This will open a page that will ask you to add some details to these images including when you want Viralwoot to pin those images on to your account. With Viralwoot, you can also promote pins by just choosing Yes in the Promote Pin drop-down.

Once, you have filled in all the details and selected to promote or not to promote pins, submit the details. Thats it! your images will get pinned at times you selected and will also be promoted automatically to get repins & likes (if you opted for it), free of cost.

If you’re new to the platform, take a look at our guide on everything you wanted to know about Pinterest.

Hope to see you soon on Viralwoot. As I mentioned, you may use your free account on Viralwoot forever or you can just buy some credits and put your account on autopilot.


5 Essential Social Media Productivity Tools

essential tools for social media productivity
Essential Tools For Social Media Productivity

Monitor Analytics in One Dashboard

To make sure your social marketing efforts are paying off, you need to measure their impact. These tasks are much easier to do using a tool like Cyfe, which is one of the best social media dashboards for managing a campaign. Cyfe gives you details about the likes, views and clicks received by your Facebook content and provides in-depth Twitter and LinkedIn analytics. It also helps you to evaluate the routine of your social campaign.

Identify Influencers

Social networks have a great influence when it comes to a consumer’s decisions. Constant and evocative engagement can drive traffic to your site and increase sales.

There are two great tools that can help you with that: Brandwatch and BuzzSumo.

Brandwatch uses social media monitoring to track influencers who are creating and participating in conversations in your field.

BuzzSumo permits you to search for the most popular content by topic, discover content ideas and search for key niche influencers. It can help you search for influencers based on their topical expertise, number of followers, location, follower interaction and authority.

Upload a Video to Multiple Sites at Once

Videos are an important lead generation opportunity. To take advantage, you need to create videos and upload them not only to YouTube but also to other video sites. Handling all of these video tasks may need a lot of time and effort.

TubeMogul can help you upload your video to dozens of video sites at once, by simplifying and optimizing the process. It also gives you an overview of analytics for each site, enabling you to track the performance of your video across each platform. You know which sites are attracting the most viewers and whether your video has helped bring in your target audience.

Automate Scheduling

The time spent in scheduling and sending content to numerous social profiles can be cumbersome. You would never want to end up in a situation where you forget to send a post or simply don’t have enough time.

Buffer is a social media tool that streamlines scheduling and posting. All you need to do is create a content lineup and use Buffer to choose which social profile you want that content to be sent to and when.