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How to 10x Your Pinterest Marketing Efforts Using Viralwoot

How to 10x Your Pinterest Marketing Efforts Using Viralwoot

Viralwoot boosts your Pinterest marketing efforts by promoting your profile, boards, and Pins to its 70,000+ users. Promotions are created and incentivized using a credit system. Viralwoot users receive credits for participating in promotions. Basically, the more credits you have, the more promotions you can execute and the bigger they can be.

Accelerating Pinterest Promotions With Viralwoot

You have a few choices if you want to get most out of your promotions and get more followers and repins quicker. You can subscribe to any of our monthly plans to unlock the option of offering more credits per follow and/or repin. Promotions that offer higher credits for these type of actions get more engagement than similar promotions offering few credits. If you’re not sure how much to offer, take a look at other promotions to get a better idea.

Offering additional credits is just a first step. You need to have enough credits in your account to ensure your promotion runs its course, because once your credit balance reaches zero, your promotions get suspended.

The best way to be sure your promotion runs for the time you have planned is to buy promotion credits in bulk. You can buy anywhere from 450 to 10,000 credits in bulk to use whenever you want; there is no expiry date. The advantage of purchasing credits is that you can execute your Pinterest marketing campaign immediately, without waiting to earn credits.

Earning Promotion Credits Is Easier Than Ever

You can earn credits you can use to promote your Pinterest profile boards and Pins by following other boards, pinners, and Pins. You can either do it automatically or manually. Let’s start by hand first.

Click on Earn Credits and then Discover Boards and you’ll see a list of boards suggested by Viralwoot. Each entry shows the number of Pins and followers, plus the number of credits they offer if you follow them. Click on the image to go to their Pinterest board or click on the Follow button to follow this Pinterest account and claim your reward. Click on one of the other categories to see other boards in that particular group.

Earn Promotion Credits

You can also earn promotional credits by following pinners. Click on Earn Credits and then Discover Pinners to see this list. Each entry has an image, their Pinterest name, their top 3 boards, and the number of credits you can earn for following. Click on the picture to go to that pinner’s Pinterest profile. Hit the Follow button to receive the designated number of credits. Click on one of the category buttons anywhere on the page to filter the list by that category. Note that Viralwoot analyzes the boards of each pinner to determine its category and popularity. Viralwoot displays the top boards of each pinner, up to a maximum of three.

Follow Pinners

The third way to earn promotional credits is by liking pins or repinning. Click on Earn Credits and then Discover Pins to see this list. You can filter this list to show only a particular category by selecting it from the drop-down menu above the list. Each item in the list has an image on which you can click to see it on the original site. There’s also a description, and the board to which you want to repin (select from the drop-down menu to change it), and Repin and Like buttons that show the number of promotional credits earned for performing the action.

Discover Pins

You can earn a significant number of promotional credits through manually discovering boards, pinners and Pins. All it takes is a little bit effort and consistent application on your part. However, there is a better way.

How to Earn Promotional Credits Automatically

You can configure Viralwoot to automatically discover new boards, Pins, and pinners every day. Earn promotional credits (up to 150 daily) that you can use to promote your own Pinterest profile, boards, and Pins. Viralwoot finds new content based on your settings, and auto follows and repins for you automatically at the right time. This enables you to automate your content curation efforts and earn promotional credits at the same time.

Click on Earn Credits in the side panel and then Automate Earn Credits. The Automate Boards Discovery tab is open, so we’ll configure that first. Select what categories the boards should belong to and the maximum number of boards you want to follow daily. Set the switch to ON and the green light means you’re good to go!

Auto Earn Promotion Credits

Click on the Automate Pinners Discovery tab and follow the same setup procedure as Automate Boards Discovery. Once you’ve finished, let’s move on to the Automate Pins Discovery.

Clicking on the Automate Pins Discovery tab, you’ll notice the information on this screen is slightly different from the previous two screens. You can only select one of your boards where you want Viralwoot to place the repins. Also, you can only choose one category in which Viralwoot will search for quality content to repin. Lastly, you need to specify the number of repins you want to execute each day.

Auto Pins Discovery

Buying vs. Earning Promotional Credits

Viralwoot gives you two choices when it comes to acquiring promotional credits. You can buy them, and you can earn them. You might mull over the feasibility of the credit earning process ie, which way is the better one?

Buying credits provides the ultimate in flexibility. You buy the credits you need and set your promotional plan in action. Simple and straightforward. This also enables a more direct co-relation between your activities and your expenditure in the form of credits.

Earning credits is ideal for the budget conscious. You discover great pinners, boards, pins and great content to curate. Plus you get rewarded with credits you can use for your own promotions. All you need to do is invest a little time on a regular basis to carry out these actions.

There! Using a simple credit system, you’d be able to curate and manage your Pinterest activities and marketing efforts. Get started with Viralwoot and improve your Pinterest marketing performance.


How to Quickly Find Top Pins to Repin on Pinterest Using Viralwoot

Finding top Pins on Pinterest

Repining relevant and engaging content helps establish your reputation as a useful resource in your niche. Plus, you build awareness with every repin notifying the person from which you repinned. This can bring about additional exposure should that person return the favor.

For this to be effective, you must repin only top-quality material while remaining focused and on-topic. To be productive, you’ll need to accomplish this in as little time as possible. Fortunately, Viralwoot enables you to achieve both these objectives.

So let’s get started.

Click on Pin Scheduler in the left sidebar, click Schedule Pins from the menu below and then click on the Schedule Repin tab in the main screen area.

Repin Top Pinterest Pins

For this example, we’ll enter Pinterest tips as our keyword; Viralwoot will search Pinterest for the top Pins on this topic and return a list.

Repins Search Result

Each Pin in the list has an image, description, pinner’s name, where it was pinned, the number of repins, and the number of likes. Knowing the metrics for things such as the number of repins and number of likes helps in determining which Pins may be best for your repinning strategy.

Clicking on the image brings opens a new browser tab and brings you to the source of that picture. Clicking on “here” opens a new browser tab and shows you the Pin as it appears on Pinterest. Clicking on the pinner’s name opens up a new browser tab with the pinner’s Pinterest profile.

You can select individual Pins to repin by clicking the Schedule check box on each Pin, or you can select all Pins. You’ll notice that as you select pins, the number updates on the Schedule Images button. When you’ve finished selecting, press that button.

Select Repins To Schedule

The last step is to fill in the details and submit the Pin. You can see that the description field is already filled in. Many people don’t change this when repinning, but your repin may stand out if you provide some additional commentary and context. Adding your voice to the conversation gets you more attention than just repinning like everyone else. The Link field is also pre-populated with the URL from the original Pin, but can be edited if you wish. There’s only one piece of information that’s missing; a board for each Pin. You can select that from the drop-down menu.

Complete Pin Schedule Details

Pro Tip: If you have multiple Pins that you want to post to the same board you can save time by clicking Set these boards for all. Auto Schedule is set by default, but you can select custom times if you wish. Read How to Schedule Pins on Pinterest With Viralwoot for more information.

When you’re ready, press Submit to schedule pins and you’re done!


How to Schedule Pins on Pinterest With Viralwoot 

How to schedule Pin with Viralwoot

So you’ve found some amazing stuff to Pin on Pinterest. You’re pinning like crazy while anxiously waiting for your audience to grow. Yet nothing happens. Even worse is that people are starting to unfollow you, you’re getting blocked, and being flagged as a spammer!

Well, what happened?

Perhaps your enthusiasm got the better of you. You probably didn’t realize the effects of pinning a dozen or so images all at once. Sure it saves you time, but it’s not a pleasant experience for your followers. Why? Because they’re on the receiving end getting swamped by your pins all at once. Even if they like most of them, it’s still not enjoyable having your feed dominated in this manner.

But don’t worry, there’s a solution to your predicament. Viralwoot’s Pin Scheduler saves you time by letting you Pin multiple images and then spreading them out over time when your followers are most likely to see them. It’s a better deal for everyone!

Finding Images to Use In Viralwoot Pin Scheduler

To get started, we’re going to need an image to Pin. If you’re using the Viralwoot Chrome Extension, then you can grab images as you travel the web. Instructions for downloading the extension can be found here.

Alternatively, you can get your content by uploading an image from your computer, scheduling a repin, using images from an RSS feed, or finding an image on Google. For our purpose, we’ll upload a picture by clicking on Pin Scheduler in the left sidebar, clicking on Schedule Pins and then Click to upload images.

Schedule Pins in Viralwoot

Viralwoot can connect you to over 20 different services like Google Drive and Dropbox from which you can select your images. Naturally you’ll need to have an account to connect with the chosen service.


Once you’ve selected an image, the final step is to fill in the rest of the details including the description, URL to link to, and the board to which the Pin gets attached.

Complete Pin Schedule Details

Pro Tip: If you want to submit the same image to multiple boards you can create a duplicate entry during this step and fill in the rest of the information including a different board. Also, if you want the same description for all Pins, click Set this text for all in the Description area. Likewise, if you want the same URL link, you can Set this link for all in the Link area.

Setting the Time

By default, Pins are sent to a queue where they get released at predefined times according to your Auto Schedule settings. You can set your Pin to go out at a particular time and date by choosing Custom Schedule as your Schedule Type, clicking on the Date & Time tab, then clicking on the blank field below.

Viralwoot Custom Schedule

Select a date from the calendar, use the sliders to adjust the hour and minute. Press Done when you’re finished setting the time to transfer that time into the empty field situated above the calendar.

Viralwoot Custom Schedule

Once you’ve finished filling in the details, click Submit to schedule pins and everything is good to go!


ViralWoot 2.0 is Here!

You asked. We listened!

ViralWoot 2.0

We’re extremely excited to release this new version of ViralWoot. Our team has been working hard to implement a host of new and sought-after features in this new release. We’ve also put together a ViralWoot Pinterest Scheduler for Chrome plus an iOS app which will be available any day now.

You’ll notice immediately how the look and feel have dramatically changed, offering a far better user experience. Let’s take a look inside.

Viralwoot Schedule Pins

You can have multiple Pinterest accounts associated with your ViralWoot account and manage everything from the Admin Dashboard. You can also work with team members to manage your account.

The Pin Scheduler allows you to upload images from a variety of sources, find quality pins including your own to repin, connect an RSS feed and search for Images on Google.

AutoSchedule uses the ViralWoot Smart Engine to determine the optimum posting schedule based on your audience. Highly flexible, you can always set individual pins to go out at specific times.

ViralWoot Pinterest Scheduler for Chrome is a browser extension that lets you schedule Pins from anywhere on the web including Pinterest. You can even schedule Pins in bulk for ultimate efficiency.

Promote Your Pinterest Profile and Pins

Promote is the place to create promotions for your Pinterest profile, boards, and Pins. Just enter the link of the item you wish to promote to get started. You can earn credits by following boards, profiles and repinning Pins. You spend credits on executing your own promotions. You can always buy credits if you don’t want to wait until you earn enough to start a promotion.

Analytics Viralwoot

Analytics provides useful insight into your Pinterest performance. Influence Score is a number between 1 and 100 that indicates your influence on Pinterest. The higher, the number the greater your potential influence. ViralWoot also provides straightforward feedback on what you can do to improve your score. Basic Stats monitors over a dozen vital Pinterest statistics so you can observe the effectiveness of your efforts. Boards Data tracks basic board information like followers, pins, repins and likes in a spreadsheet-like format so you can quickly keep tabs on which boards are performing. Spam & SEO Check notes your Pinterest activity and provides guidance on improving SEO and avoiding getting flagged as potential spam. Best Pinning Time suggests the best days and times to reach your audience on Pinterest and determines the optimal colors to use.

Website Insights provides answers to questions such as “What content on my site is getting the most pins?”, “Who is pinning the most content on my website?” and “What recent content is attracting more pins?”

Create Influencer Campaign

Quickly set up Pinterest influencer campaigns through ViralWoot’s Influencer Manager. Here’s where you create contests and giveaways that attract the right kind of influencer who will help spread your brand all over Pinterest. Maintaining influencer tasks and payments is much simpler through one platform.

Viralwoot Content Manager

Content Manager is the place to implement Pinterest SEO changes in bulk. Quickly make changes to multiple Pins from this dashboard. It’s also the place where you can set up Drip Pinning to give old Pins a new lease on life. With this tactic, you can republish older pins in an effort gain added exposure and can also delete the existing Pin automatically, if you so choose.

Try out the new ViralWoot today and let us know what you think!