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How to Get Started with Viralwoot Affiliate Marketing?

You have an online business ready to launch. You are brainstorming different ideas that can increase your traffic organically.

What would you do?

Before the invention of the Internet, there was one concept that was ideal for any brand to increase their reach, and hikes their revenue; a professional relationship.

As a smart marketer, creating strategic partnerships with the correct influencers will bring you the revenue you need for your business.

In last 10 years, affiliate marketing has taken a precedence as many brands base their whole marketing strategy on benefiting from their partner’s network.

How to Get Started With Viralwoot Affiliate marketing

For any startup, affiliate marketing is a tool that presents an opportunity for businesses to profit while minimizing risk. An affiliate marketing program also opens a businesses to further avenues like Co-branding.

You just have to pay your affiliates when a customer is actually converted. Remember, affiliate marketing does not apply if it’s only about driving traffic to your brand.

Affiliate marketing is specifically directed towards converting a customer using one of the affiliates you are working with. Marketers often think of Affiliate marketing as a magical concept and expect the revenue grow on its own. It is totally different actually.

You need to work hard for identifying & acquiring ideal affiliates that can promote your business and stay in the program for an adequate time frame. In the same context, Viralwoot’s Affiliate Program is ‘the-best-thing” that has happened to the social media marketers in recent times.

What is Viralwoot?

Viralwoot is a complete management & marketing suite, that automates your leading social media platforms in accordance to business requirements.

For a business owner, Viralwoot presents an opportunity to create a large following. After all, Viralwoot has a dedicated user base of over 70000 avid social media users. This marketing tool makes sure to manage all the marketing related activities of your business accounts on Pinterest and Instagram.

Using this tool, you can automate and manage your Pinterest and Instagram account quite effectively.

With a number of features such as scheduling, content management, analytics, Influencer manager and Affiliate marketing, Viralwoot is been able to cover more than 50 countries across the globe.

Apart from this, there is also a partner program of Viralwoot. In this program, you can earn money by automating other’s Pinterest marketing using Viralwoot.

Viralwoot has been able to capture reputed names such as Buzzfeed, Alibaba, Shopify, Trivago, WebMD, Wikipedia, Huffington Post and similar brands.

About Viralwoot Affiliate Program

Viralwoot is a one-stop solution for promoting your business on leading social media platforms, in order to generate maximum profit.

The Affiliate program or the partner program of Viralwoot is a golden chance provided to the businesses. Marketers can ensure to increase their reach by identifying apt affiliates who can convert the users into customers.

Suppose you are an affiliate, and you have joined the partner program of Viralwoot. Now you can refer your network about Viralwoot and if anyone from your network makes a purchase or subscribe to the website, you will earn 25% commission.

Isn’t that great?

From a business point of view, it is amazing that so many affiliates are working as a partner of Viralwoot and helping them grow their presence.

From Affiliates point of view, it is an equal opportunity as you are able to promote Viralwoot in close proximity with your connection & networks.

Also, you are earning a hefty commission of 25% every time you are responsible for a conversion. All you have to do is just make other’s Pinterest activity a better one and you are good to go!

I am going to guide you on how to boost your business using the Viralwoot Affiliate marketing.

How to Use Viralwoot Affiliate Marketing

Bloggers, individuals, influencers and allied who are being constantly identified as an affiliate are constantly looking for earning big bucks.

Businesses are nowadays looking for such affiliates that can provide them ‘real’ conversions all along. If you are an affiliate who is planning to take their first step in this field, you have come to correct place.

You will be requiring some of the stuff/services using which you can use to earn money:

  1. Little HTML and CSS knowledge: In order to design and customize your webpage, you need to learn HTML and CSS languages.
  2. A Blog/Website: Create a blog or website to get started with the Viralwoot Affiliate Marketing.
  3. Attractive English Writing Skills
  4. A Short Report/eBook
  5. An Email Autoresponder: It automatically sends a message to users subscribing to your websites.
  6. Targeted Traffic

Catchy Content Does the Trick

The biggest challenge for the Affiliates in the business is to prove their worth as a ‘middleman’.

Content marketing though is one benefit that affiliates leverages over the established brands. This is because as an affiliate you can act much quickly with content marketing.

Some of the brands take months to approve the affiliate’s content strategy by holding pointless meetings. So, as an affiliate, it is essential that you may develop such content that is of a high standard and is way above brand’s expectation.

Brand Building

Google has been working a lot to make sure it discriminate small brands from big ones, good ones from poor ones and performers from non-performers.

Many affiliates take this as a matter of concern as never before they were even considered as a brand, but now they are.

Looking at the leading websites in the travel, insurance, personal-finance, homeware, and property, it is a well-known fact that many names in the list are affiliate sites.

Hence, since affiliates are also considered as strong brands, hence there are many reasons for affiliates to build up their reputation in the market.

Some of the successful affiliates are Moneysupermarket, Agoda, Houzz, Which,, and

Build a base of Recurring Affiliate Revenue

It is a proven fact that there is simply no guarantee with the Affiliate program that it will work in coming 1 month or so. There can be multiple reasons for the same.

To be prepared for the possibility of swiftly changing trends of market, there are two effective ways you can use as an affiliate:

  • Diversification
  • By developing your recurring revenue

Affiliates always rely on one-time payment more than any other payment method. This move is generally considered as a smart move due to inflation.

But what majority of affiliates ignore is that these one-time payments do not provide them protection against the drastic changes in their strategy.

This is the reason; I always suggest affiliates to segment a portion of their affiliate revenue in recurring revenue.

This approach is highly dependent on how niche is your segment and what kinds of products are available for you to promote.

If there are alternatives to choose from, it is highly recommendable to create a base of recurring affiliate revenue.  This will ensure that whatever happens, you are going to earn a certain amount from your Affiliate marketing strategy for the future.

Multiple Sources for Pulling Traffic

Affiliates often do the same mistake again of relying on a single source for their traffic. This is a Blunder!

As a professional, who is ready to understand the market in an effective manner, you should always have more than one source on which you can rely for pulling traffic.

It can be any source such as social media, websites, blogs or similar platforms. Just make sure to keep the number more than one.

For an ideal marketing strategy, you audience should be completely yours only and not a rented one.

Mobile is here!

Mobile devices accounted for 46% of all affiliate clicks and 26% of all affiliate sales when it comes to the FYI ’14.

If you are an affiliate and are not familiar with mobile devices, you are actually using a lot of revenue.

For starters, I will suggest my affiliates to make a mobile-friendly website. A mobile friendly site helps you gain traction in search results. This can also make your site preferable to mobile users. So, make sure to be prepared for the mobile device or you will be left behind.

Trends are an Advantage

Since a long time Affiliates are taking full benefits of the trends that are going on. Still, every now and then trends go out of the order.

This gives away to the designing of new, and some amazing multi-million dollar niches each year that commences by.

So, how can you find out the happening trends in the year 2016?

For the beginners, let me tell you basic criteria using which you can simply find out what is what.

There is a seasonal trend and a breakout trend. By the name itself you can tell that seasonal trends are recurring, and quite predictable. As an affiliate you can manage the trends that occur in a specific time frame.

Using Google Trend, you can always identify which trend is going to commence and which have already gone.

On the other hand, breakout trends are harder to find out.

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How to use Visual Marketing to grow your Business?

Marketing remains a diverse field consisting and connected to different business activities such as sales, advertising, promotion, and distribution. And while you juggle with conventional forms of marketing, you must look forward to and implement modern marketing methodologies.

One of those methodology is Visual Marketing. Visual marketing is the channeling of images, videos, gif’s and infographics to market a product. It’s that simple! So why have we created an entire post dedicated to this field? 

It’s because most visual marketing still clings to the old-school methods of implementation and measurement. As a whole new field, visual marketing has its own quirks and tricks. Getting better at it requires a know how of its basics and its ramifications in the marketing arena. (and you need to get better at it, seriously!)

In this post, we will talk about Visual marketing basics and ideas to leverage it for your business.

Visual Marketing for your Business

Visual Marketing – Infancy

The introduction of internet revolutionized the prevailing marketing schemas and provided a whole new array of opportunities. Marketing was no longer limited to Television, Billboards and Radio. This also brought a change in visual perception and customer demands.

And now Social media sites have emerged as a pillar on which online market rests and progresses into the the recesses of customer requirements. People just love to be on social networking sites. In this era of multi-tasking, where everyone handles more than activity at once, brands keep a close watch on the users on these high potential platforms.

With the emergence of image-based social platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram, people love visual marketing platforms. Ability to choose by seeing in the virtual universe of internet, in an astonishing platform of images is a gift every shopper dreams of.

Typically marketing is a strategy to engage customers with brands. On the other hand, visual marketing is a term to encourage promotional displays in order to ensure customer engagement and an increase in sales.

Why Visual Marketing?

The key to marketing is creativity. As a brand owner, your efforts should be directed towards innovation and experiment. Customers can get bored due to the traditional way of promotion, which often stands to be the plain old text.

Entertaining the target audience with appealing images can increase your brand reach and can aid you in building a vast customer pool. For the people doubting the potential of this fabulous platform, visuals (images) are processed 60k times faster than an ordinary text message inside human brain!

In addition to this, most of the information transmitted from the brain is through visual perception. Seeing other stats such as what is preferred more by the customers; visuals or content, marketing professionals can simply make out the importance of visual marketing platform in virtual space of the internet.

Visual marketing can be seen as a unique way to communicate with your target audience. Gone are the days of overused text content ways to perceive the consumers. With the age of technology rising to its peak, visual marketing is slowly sweeping the textual market share to its own plate.

There is always a bottleneck in the process of engaging customers; that is the misinterpretation of intended message communicated. Essentially it boils down to the idea that you convey to your customers. This will shape their perception and their notions about your brand.

But seeing the humans love for image and how our brain reacts to visuals as compared to content, many social media sites have started investing in image-based marketing. It’s high time for all you marketers struggling to make their name in Online marketing industry; get on the horse and start riding now!

How to use Visual marketing?

It might happen to you that you might be able to understand the real value of visual marketing, yet you do not know how to utilize its potential. I will take you step by step via each social media platform and tell how to utilize their space and caliber appropriately.


Facebook presents a great opportunity for marketers to showcase their product line. With over a Billion users, Facebook offers you the chance to explore all sorts of audiences and assess the different responses that you get.

Always remember that if you want to upload a video, Facebook accepts the entire available formats but recommends MP4. Similarly, if you want the videos to be presentable to FB audience, then make sure to keep the resolution under 1080 pixels.

Uploading GIFs and Memes are also an attractive way to pull up  a large chunk of customers.

Facebook can take large video files up to 1.75 GB and if you consider quality as the main parameter to draw out customers, it is advisable to upload high definition videos. Creating engaging videos and incorporating call to action can increase your brand’s visibility and hike the reach of your business.

starbucks india Facebook

Starbucks, a strong player in the coffee world has been creating an impression in the minds of customers by creating eye catchy images such as above. On the occasion of Father’s Day, Starbucks adopted visual marketing as its tool on Facebook to reach out the maximum users’ altogether.

Similarly, with around 90 million likes on Facebook, Coca-Cola is been doing all the right moves with visual marketing.

Coca Cola Facebook

See how intelligently Coca-Cola did not talk about its brand or product; rather it just gave a perfect romantic situation with the brand embedded in it. That is called wise visual marketing strategy.

Apart from this, few other tips to implement visual marketing on Facebook are listed below:

  • Quotes: Quotes plays a vital role while drawing the attention of users. Because of their versatility, quotes are considered to reach all sorts of demographics. Like if you are sharing some inspirational quotes, it can reach millions of audience crossing the barrier of race, religion, caste, region, gender, and language.
  • Special Occasions: Like the example I gave in Starbucks pic, utilizing the potential of several occasions should be the strategy of smart marketers. There are several occasions coming and going. Brands should keep a close watch on what sort of occasion is approaching and how can you cater to the users on a festive day.
  • Cartoons: Brands thinking that cartoons only cover the young audience i.e. kids are totally wrong. Cartoons are likable by so many users despite their age, color, gender, and religion. As most of the users log in to Facebook after a long & tiring day at work, so seeing a glimpse of cartoons may prove as an optimistic move.

Cartoon Visual Marketing Facebook

  • Mascots: Just like the cartoons, Mascots are another important source of visual promotion available on Facebook. Owing to its special flair and its own personality, Mascot is a popular way by which customer engagement is done with ease.
  • Humor: Making people laugh is considered as the hardest task in the world. So, making your Facebook visuals more humorous gains you a competitive edge over others. Customers love the posts that make them laugh or smile, so it is an impeccable way to attract more attention to your brand accordingly.
  • Mini-Infographics: These are the visuals that inform or teach something to its readers. It can vary from simple facts to step-by-step images of teaching users how to make tea. Brands mainly utilize this kind of visual to flaunt their expertise in their respective industries.


For twitter, you can create loads of visual content and keep on tweeting it on a regular basis. Additionally, you can also hire a designer and increase your budget by incorporating other creative employees in the workforce.

Or you can be wise and do the visual marketing on twitter in a much effective manner.

Adding Call to Action

For engaging customers on twitter and increasing your brand reach, one of the most creative platforms is twitter. Understanding what makes the user take action may increase the chance of bringing both the audience and brand on the same platform.

Be it clicking, retweet, signing up or commenting, as a marketer you should not leave any action to chance. Unlike the traditional marketing, you have to make sure that your twitter followers know exactly how they are supposed to go hand-in-hand with your business.

You can ask your customers to download your product’s new version or ask them to retweet and incorporate a call to action in the subsequent message.


As a brand owner, you may never want your user to call you a spammer website. So, provide your audience something of substantial value and then back through with relevant content on the other side of the link.

Tell your brand Story

Share your story with the customers and make it kind of unique to draw maximum attention. As I said earlier that anything which inspires people seeks no barrier and gets through all demographics. So, tell your target audience about how you started this company and what inspired you.

In addition, you can flaunt your competitive advantage by incorporating it in tweet graphics. Make sure to express your business personality via a lot of informative, entertaining and relevant tweets.

Oreo tweet

See this image above, showing the strength of twitter and its customer base. During the Super Bowl 2013, Oreo managed to infuse fun swiftly and effectively at the power outage, which stopped the game for 35 minutes. This shows how you can relate your brand by any latest happenings and make a story.

Add videos in Tweets

Because visual marketing is growing at an outstanding rate, so users love to see videos in the tweets. As a business owner, you must put your efforts to capture a huge customer pool by incorporating creative videos in your tweets. Informative and educational videos that make customers learn about something is becoming very popular on twitter.

The marketing manager should make use of eye-catching thumbnails and should keep it topical.

Your Business Your Brand

Seeing the facts that users love the visuals, it is the responsibility of each brand to market their message in much imagery based way. Brands utilize this extremely versatile stage to ensure they are promoting their brand in a streamlined manner.

Some businesses make sure to include the creativity in one graphic message only. Pulling your target audience towards your brand is directly proportional to the innovation you are putting in your efforts.

Moz Blog twitter

You can have a look at the above graphic message and can make out what I am trying to say. Moz blog ensures to use text overlays on the graphic yet informative image used to pull more writers to their websites.


If we are talking about visual marketing and not referring one of the few most alluring websites that have been able to increase their user base to a climbing 200% in just 5 years, it will be a big loss to you as a marketer.

We are talking about Pinterest, a visual platform, which comprises of millions of stupendous images. This interest based websites, where people post images that inspire them and also they can repin these posts if they like.

Pinterest is like a virtual podium where you can see billions of images posted by millions of users. These images are are part of a collection of millions of users around the world. Imagine the potential prospects are available on Pinterest today.

Listed below are the few steps that are necessary for a brand to increase their visual marketing effectiveness.

Make Visually Attractive Images

For any brand, which is trying to make a long lasting impression on their target audience, innovation is the key recipe. To ensure customers like what you are pinning, tell your graphic designers to include appealing images in order to increase their customer reach.

Wall Street Pinterest

The ideal example for this is given by Wall Street Journal, which has ensured to keep the quotes of great personalities and named the board as quote wall.

Make customized Images

Making images tall make Pinterest love your pin. Adding simple but clear text overlays on the pins also provide you a fair chance to pull more audience to your website.

Pinterest creative pins

If you want to see an ideal example of how an image on Pinterest should ideally look like; give a glance at the image above and you can note that the image is tall, the message is clear, text overlaying is creative and brand is connecting with the people. The brand Pixel8Ltd has also ensured to utilize the colors and settings that are conveying their own brand.

Images that too tall are not advisable to pin. Marketers and professionals should keep a tight balance between making the pins too long or relatively much shorter.

Some brands make a collage out of a pin, which is often creative. Adding more than 5 separate images in a pin is not advisable as it often causes confusion among the users.

Make use of Rich Pins

It is very important for brands to know about the promoted pins introduced by Pinterest this year only. The 6 rich pins (movie, article, product, place, recipe and app) available for marketers direct the users to their specific domain related sites.

If you are using movie pin, it should lead you to a movie review, trailer or other similar pages. In case you are using a product pin, it should lead you to a place where you can check the stock of product, see the price and can make the purchase decision accordingly.

Brands should have a clear mind set up while using these pins for the promotional purpose.


Based on the concept of visual perception, Instagram has created an interactive visual platform for users to post and share images.

The elegance with which Instagram has been engaging customers is completely outstanding. You do not need to set up a visual marketing campaign necessarily to reach success in this industry. Jotted down are few points that give you an idea of what to do on Instagram to make a difference and bring more customers to your brand.

Quality is evergreen, Quantity is overrated

Marketers often come up with great taglines. Merely using a collection of images of different landscapes does not start a visual marketing campaign.

Thinking like a consumer can provide you different set of ideas and thoughts that could add innovation to the visual campaigns by which you want to create a brand presence on Instagram.

Andrew Knapp

Andrew Knapp, an interface designer, and photographer has created an innovative and addictive way to interact more people on Instagram. Instead of putting images that can draw users, he has started #findmomo campaign. Users have to find his dog momo in every image.

Know your viewers

Simply putting an image for marketing purposes is not always enough for the effective marketing. Professionals focusing on customer interaction should post an image which can make users think for a second because of its depth and conceptuality.

If you can make your audience pause and look at the image you posted, you can ensure a purchase or even a mild interest in your brand. Triggering an emotional bridge with the target audience should be your major objective.

Also, posting the perfect image is not enough; you should try to see if the image matches up with your message.

Getting likes is not enough

A common misconception in the market is a mass-liked image is always relevant to all contexts. It’s a misconception because ‘likes‘ are not necessarily the correct metric to get any feedback for an image. In fact you should look at any discussion or comments for your image. The consequential ‘Shares‘ can also give you a better feedback.

You might be a great artist, who wants to bring out his inner Picasso and make a difference; but guess what Instagram is not an art training school. You have to care about your target audience the same way you do about your creativity. A customer comes first always when it comes to Business!

Visual marketing is the future of digital marketing for sure. Marketers can deny it now, but in the very near future, visuals will dominate over another forms of marketing.

Marketing managers can take some wise decisions now to promote their product line in a much comparative and difference-making manner.

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Five Best Etsy Seller Tools to make your Business Flourish in 2017



As one of the world’s largest marketplaces of handmade items, Etsy is a great place to buy and sell high-quality, hand-crafted products. There are 24 million buyers on Etsy, so you got to have some tools at your disposal to tap the market and expand your business. Using the following six tools will help you greatly in this quest.

1. Mad Mimi


The Mad Mimi Etsy integration allows you to sync your Etsy shop listings with your Mad Mimi composer, so you can easily add products to your email newsletters.

Mad Mimi is an easy to use platform to create, send, share and track email newsletters online. It makes e-mail marketing really simple and user friendly.

Etsy is integrated in such a way, that you can venture your stores into new routes likes email marketing and various social channels. After you have synced your Etsy store with Mad Mimi, you can send your email newsletters to your customers and subscribers. You also get to share it on Facebook and Twitter or pin it to Pinterest.

Also, the drag and drop feature saves a great deal of time. You just need to drag any product into an image/text, or image-only module to display it in your newsletter, and you are good to go.

2. ReferralCandy


This is a total game changer. There’s no end to the success stories associated with ReferralCandy. The process to get started is pretty simple as well.

Your customers get a personal referral link, and they get to share it with their friends. Also, your progress gets tracked every second. So, whenever a friend of your costumer buy through his referral link, your costumer gets some amount of money. And that’s how it the snowball grows and gets bigger and bigger.

It’s a win-win scenario. You shouldn’t delay further, just get on the ReferralCandy bandwagon.

3. ViralWoot


Viralwoot, as the name suggests has gone viral with the Pinterest community. And is popular among many Etsy sellers. Viralwoot is basically a wholesome Pinterest package which includes scheduling, promotion, managing, and analytics.

Through the scheduler, you can automate your Pinterest presence by scheduling pins in bulk and save time. You can also promote your pins. Just paste your pin’s link in and Viralwoot gets to work. This way you get to increase your reach in a more organic way.

Viralwoot also offers you analytic tools. By this you can track your presence and progress. You can get to know your top performers and take your next step accordingly. They provide you valuable guidance on how you can improve your numbers. You can also register for a free trial of ViralWoot and see it weave magic in boosting your online presence.

So Viralwoot should be your go-to tool for Pinterest. It’s totally worth the hype.

4. Shopseen


Have you got your products listed on other web stores as well and are having a hard time managing them? Don’t worry, I have got you covered. Shopseen provides one central spot to add and update your product listings. It also offers social media updates, shipping and email marketing.

Shopseen makes it easy to list everywhere from one simple interface. And if you already have a store, Shopseen downloads all your products when you first connect so they are ready to go.

One of the best things about Shopseen is after your products are listed, it pushes them to all your social channels seamlessly. All the product details, image, and the link to buy are sent in one click. So, whenever a buyer clicks, he gets directed to the page to buy straightaway.

5. MartNinja


MartNinja helps sellers promote their products to the buyers of fellow sellers on social media. It is a network of sellers helping to promote your products to their buyers on social media. It’s basically word of mouth marketing simplified.

It’s easy to get started with. You just need to connect your Etsy store with MartNinja, and all your imports will be automatically imported. Then, you select the products which you want to promote, along with the target category and number of shares on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Go ahead with the payment see the magic.

Soon, other sellers in the network will see your promoted products and, they will start publicizing them to their network of buyers on social media, and get paid for that. You can do the same, and get paid for sharing other seller’s products with your network of buyers. So cool, right?

The aforementioned tools are some of the most effective ways Etsy Sellers can use to create a strong online presence, boost sales, and elevate their business to new heights.

If have any advice or tips to expand your Etsy business, you are most welcome to share your ideas by commenting in the box below.





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Amazing Social Media Facts and Stats 2016

The business world has expanded its reach beyond conventional methods. Marketers are now trying to go further and further to acquire a maximum number of customers for their brand.

On this road to capture new prospects and achieving profit maximization, there is a highly potential platform, which is known for its high rate of customer engagement and client interaction.

social media stats

This dais is termed as social media platforms. Be it Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or any similar sites, businesses are leaving no such stages to showcase their product line and ultimately generate more revenue.

Owing to the immense fill of prospects on social media sites, brands have ensured to create an impression in an effective manner.

But, what is it exactly that makes a brand go for the social media sites more than ever? Why does social media marketing become a term & a trend in online business industry? And why do you need to opt for social media marketing for your business?

All these questions will be answered in a much quantifiable way. I am going to provide you with in-depth stats on the social media sites that will give you more than enough reason to choose these platforms before anything else.

Stats and Numbers

Below mentioned are the numbers that affect most to the business. It depicts how many potential prospects are available for you that you can still convert it your consumer.

Sm stats

As you can see, that there are approximately 2.3 billion users overall. That means Social media platforms are having a potential user base of 2.3 billion that can be converted successfully in your customer.

Also, note that majority of retail brands across the globe are still using the social media channel for marketing their products.

Did you know that Facebook and WHATSAPP together maintain around 60 billion messages each day?

This shows the true power of social media. Infusion of millions of members on these platforms in almost such a short span of time itself exhibits why your business require social media marketing now.

User StatsHere, we are depicting how many users exist on these social media platforms. Facebook as expected, leads the way by capturing around 1.71 billion users across the globe.

That’s like capturing 23.4% of existing population on Earth!

Snapchat is just behind with 1.12 billion of users on its base.

These numbers simply show that why so many big brands are opting for social media channels nowadays.

Let’s take a look at some other stats too.

Social network and advertising

Many of you might not even know but around 96% of the users actually hold a discussion regarding brands on the web.

It is due to these aspects only that around 40% companies in 2016 are planning to increase their social media budget out of total advertising amount.

One more interesting facts about social media is that different platforms and varied purposes. Like Facebook is known for its social networking and news feed. It is less of professional and more of personal ‘touch’ social media site.

Twitter, on the other hand, is purely focused on the business promotion part. Users come on twitter to get the trending news regarding any industry.

Hence, businesses also utilize these platforms quite wisely. Out of the big cats in Fortune 500 list, only 20 companies exist on Facebook platform, while 83% of total are highly active on Twitter.

I will now guide my users one by one through the stats of some major social networking sites.

Facebook Stats

Facebook is ‘the thing’ of all existing social media networks. Its simplicity to use, its ability to look cool and a number of efforts Facebook is putting to create a hassle-free and uninterrupted place, where users can meet their friends, place this astonishing platform at the top place.

FB Stats

Facebook is the ‘only’ social media site, which is recording one new profile every 6 seconds. With around 60% of logins contributed by publishers and brands, Facebook has made an amazingly strong place for itself in the market.

If you still doubt the potential of these stupendous stages, let me tell you that across the globe, there are around 2 million businesses that are paying for Facebook advertising.

For businesses doubting on the prospect base Facebook possesses, each day this dais records around 500k new users on its base. That means 500k more users each day to target for you!

Twitter Stats

With a humongous customer base of 320 million users, Twitter is businesses first choice, when it comes to creating a buzz.

Twitter, unlike Facebook, is not generally utilized for chatting with friends, meet new people or any similar social activities.

It rather works as a search engine with relevant hashtags. People tweet about anything that is currently in the news, fashion and trending.

Twitter’s search engine makes the tweet reach a wide base of the audience with the help of hashtags. So, brands who wants to create a buzz but does not have followers on its base, opt for Twitter instantly.

twiiter sm

One of the interesting facts about Twitter is that there are around 1.3 billion accounts created but only 320 million are active on it.

That shows that how many users who have created an account on Twitter for other purpose left this platform when they came to know about its usability.

For the business part, approximately 68% of companies in the United States opt for Twitter for marketing their brand.

Twitter is still able to notch up around 500 million users each month, which shows how attractive and interactive this particular social media platform is.

Instagram Stats

Instagram is yet another social media site with totally different purpose and layout. This platform is specifically focused towards the visual marketing concept.

Encouraging users to post images on this alluring stage, Instagram has emerged as a booster for different brands on the web for specific promotional purposes.

Instagram stats

Adding to business’s amaze, Instagram accounts for over 80 million images that are uploaded each day.

To see the reach of Instagram, approximately 40 billion images are shared on Instagram every day.

Businesses that are targeting young audience should consider the fact that 90% of Instagram users comprises of people under the age of 35.

Instagram also increases its reach using relevant hashtags. The time when Instagram decided to introduce the videos, 5 million videos were shared in first 24 hours.

Brands such as National Geographic, Nike and Victoria’s Secret are dominating the platform with a maximum number of followers respectively.

Pinterest Stats

Pinterest has emerged as one of the influential platforms when it comes to users’ decision to buy online.

Users post images on this interest-based platform. These images are termed as pins.

Pins can be incorporated with the backlinks of your website, in order to direct users towards your brand accordingly.

Pinterest stats

With around 176 million Pinterest accounts and approximately 100 million MAU (monthly active users), Pinterest is ‘the next big thing’ of visual marketing.

If you consider knowing how to use Pinterest for your business, read my other blogs.

According to a study, most of the users (80%) come on Pinterest with a purchase in mind. Mainly because of the appealing interface and easy user-ability makes Pinterest as the main source of reference site for shoppers.

Businesses utilize this amazing platform by posting creative images, by creating campaigns and by engaging more customers.

LinkedIn Stats

As told earlier, different social networking stats have variegated purposes. So, LinkedIn comes in when your business wants a totally professional audience of any industry and genre.

LinkedIn, a professional networking account, which is known for making a network of like-minded and same job profile personnel has been able to create an outstanding impact on business.

Linkedin stats

With MAU touching a 100 million mark, LinkedIn is been able to inspire 3 million companies across the globe to create a professional account on it.

Covering about all sorts of profiles, companies, and industries across the globe, LinkedIn is one place where all the CEO’s have 930 connections on an average.

 YouTube Stats

You must have wondered why I have not mentioned one of the most impressive social media sites; YouTube.

Many social media experts debate about the credibility of YouTube being called as a social media site, but IMHO I will surely count it as one.

youtube stats

With more businesses using YouTube for the promotional purposes and with approximately 1 billion views from mobile devices each day, you won’t find any excuse to not take this stage seriously.

Even in the United States, 9% of small businesses rely on YouTube marketing more. Not only this, if you think users are not spending enough time to watch a video, consider this; 3.25 billion hours of videos are watched each month on YouTube.

That is a big-big number and you as a marketer should certainly consider opting for a medium which is inspiring more users to spend more time on video than usual.

Content Stats

If we are talking about any form of online marketing and not mentioning the importance of content, then we are not doing justice with you.

Considered as the King in the online business industry, Content is one of the easiest yet the trickiest ways that can help you increase you brand’s visibility across the different platforms accordingly.

Content Stats

Top three content marketing stats that are accounted are blogging, social media and then case studies respectively.

Ending Statement

When it comes to business, numbers are the only performance assessment parameter eventually.

That is why I have presented the stats of most talked about social media sites here. Hopefully, you as a brand owner will surely understand the purpose and potential of this platform and create an amazing business world for yourself.

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Amazing Pinterest Statistics, Facts, and Figures – Why Pinterest?

Any business that have started around two decades back may find it extremely exciting to see how many social media platforms have came to play.

These social media platforms have been regularly pulling a huge number of users to their base.

Why Pinterest

Platforms such as Facebook are basically meant for making friends and reading the news. Twitter is known for its information sharing capabilities. Instagram and Pinterest are image-based platforms, where users just love to post different pictures accordingly.

Since last 3 years, visual marketing has marked its presence alongside the businesses across the globe. Stages such as Instagram and Pinterest are the main reasons why visual marketing has gained so much popularity.

As per stats, around 84% of the communication by 2018 will be done by visual mediums. It is also estimated that 79% of all internet traffic will be video.

For business minded people, if any user sees a product video, he/she is 85% more likely to purchase the product.  Bloggers who are thinking “how come visual marketing will benefit them?” listen to this; articles that incorporate images or videos get 94% more views than those without it.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is an interest-based platform, where you can post images that inspire you most. This platform is extremely alluring in looks and provides users with an ease to showcase their interest.

The images that are posted on Pinterest are termed as Pins. These pins can be collectively gathered in different boards. A board is a collection of relevant pins to a specific topic on which they are created.

Pinterest Dashboard

See, how beautiful is the dashboard of Pinterest. All pictures are arranged in such an admiring way that user is compelled to like them.

Also, you can repost the pin on Pinterest, if you think the image is good.

Why Pinterest?

As a brand owner, you might be thinking why I am talking so much about this particular social media platform.

Let’s just say Pinterest is just another social media website, which is only there to make friends and socialize. But numbers never lie and that is what we are going to show to all you business & marketing enthusiasts.

Pinterest growth

Source: JeffBullas

Approximately 17% of people on Facebook come online with a mindset of purchasing a product. On Pinterest, 80% of them come to decide what to purchase.

Not good enough? Ok, take this, with around more than 100 million active users each month; Pinterest is the only site with its international user base doubled in just 1 year of time. That means people outside US have started using Pinterest to the core.

Pinterest growth comparison

Source: smartinsights

Pinterest Stats and Figures

I am going to share some of the mind-boggling facts about Pinterest that will surely prove the importance of this exquisite dais for businesses.

  1. Pinterest has over 75 billion Pins and 1.5 billion boards

Pinterest Nordstrom

  1. 80% of all Pinners access Pinterest via a mobile device

Mobile users Pinterest comparison

Source: Statista

  1. About 70% of Pinners are saving or clicking on Pins (not just visiting)
  2. 3/4 of the content people Pin comes from businesses

Pinterest for business

Source: Brandongaille

  1. The average amount per order that derives from Pinterest traffic is between $140 and $180
  2. Pinterest Drives More Traffic to Publishers Than Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit Combined

Pinterest over others

Source: Businessinsider

  1. A Pinner who close-ups on a pin is 1.6x more likely to sign up or convert.
  2. A Pinner who saves is 3.9x more likely to sign up and 1.6x more likely to convert.
  3. A Pinner who clicks thru is 4.5x more likely to sign up and 7x more likely to convert.
  4. Over 50% of women in the US are on Pinterest.


Source: Bingdigital

  1. 90% of users on Pinterest want to purchase.

Pinterest stats

Source: Slideshare


The business world has seen many ups and downs in recent years, but the emergence of Pinterest has truly been a boon. Although, yet not enough businesses are looking up to Pinterest and hence its true potential is yet to be discovered fully.

Marketers often talk about other social media platforms and yet here I am able to give you all the numbers supporting my case for Pinterest. Hopefully, as a wise marketing professional you will be ready to boost your online presence by choosing this amazing stage.

I have seen a lot of business tools and concepts booming and dooming, but seeing how Pinterest is slowing covering the online business industry, I am not mistaken if it will dominate the social media.

Not only brands are looking up to Pinterest for showcasing their product line, but also the consumers love this platform, owing to its appalling interface and simple to post features.

If I would have been in promoting my business online and on social media would have been my preference, then I would have utilized the maximum of this stupendous platform.

Not only good planning but good choices also make a business to prosper. Now, the ball is in your court, it’s your decision completely that what you choose.

And remember, Choose carefully! Because it’s your time and investment on the stake and you surely do not want to gamble with that.

I hope this article helped some of you to make the right decision.

This is shashvat vats, signing off …until next time.

Good luck!