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How to Increase Your Web Traffic Through Pinterest

Increase your web traffic through Pinterest
Increase your web traffic through Pinterest

Pinterest is a social media behemoth that drives more online traffic than Reddit, Google+, YouTube, and LinkedIn. This statistic was evident in 2012 when there were around 11.2 million Pinterest users. These days it boasts of over 100 million active users with several brands, small businesses and Pinterest enthusiasts in its user base.

Thus the potential of Pinterest in driving web traffic is quite apparent, especially for small scale businesses and Pinterest sellers.

Do you want to tap into the power of the visual discovery tool to increase your web traffic? Do you want to know how to use Pinterest to promote your business? Do you want to make your website more visible online and target the right customers at the right time using Pinterest?

If you too are like most business owners who want to make their online business a success, you must have answered “Yes” to all the questions above. But the question is how do you do it? That is the essence of the pitch we are making with this post.

We have compiled 3 actionable methods that you can implement to drive maximum online traffic from Pinterest.

1. Create a Board for Your Blog Posts

Consider creating a niche Pinterest board for your blog posts. This will extend the reach of your blogs to millions of Pinterest users. You must make the title of the Pinterest board the same as the blog page title. For example, if you have a clothing store, and you write blogs about designer clothes, you should name the Pinterest blog board similar to the website blog name such as “Best Style Clothing” or “Fashion World”.

Also, remember that when pinning your blog posts, you must:

  • Write a brief summary of the article – This would entail the necessary details related to the product/service;
  • Add a great image that represents your blog post – A graphic imagery will help pull people towards the post, considerably better than some bland letters;
  • Add a link directly to the blog article – Well you’d need to direct the blog to your site for a quick sign up or a trial.

You can reuse your blog post images as the pin. As long as the image conveys the idea of the post, you can use it as a pin image. An image that does not match the blog post can appear to be meaningless.

2. Add Your Website URL to your Pinterest Profile

Another way to drive traffic to your site using Pinterest is to add the website URL to your Pinterest profile. It will probably be the first thing that people will notice when they visit your Pinterest site. The link you include in the brand profile page will divert traffic to your site as people click on the link to learn more information about your products or services.

3. Add a Call to Action in Your Pins

Finally, you can add a call to action in your pin descriptions to drive maximum online traffic. A call to action in the image description like “Check out this page now”, or “Visit the site to find out more” would help generate traffic for your site as online users will be compelled to click on the link.

Adding a CTA exacts an action out of the customer. Even a simple CTA can make a customer feel more involved in the product pitch.

Pinterest, without any doubt, is a perfect online marketing platform for online businesses. With more businesses getting on the platform, it is incredibly important for you to . The more followers you have on Pinterest, the greater will be the reach and effectiveness of your online posts. You must know how to get more Pinterest followers to capitalize the most from the social media channel.

ViralWoot is a great online resource that you can use to increase the number of Pinterest followers on your account. Viralwoot enables you to promote, schedule, analyze and manage your Pinterest activities within a few minutes.

You can register for a free trial today to witness the utility of Viralwoot and see your website traffic grow in a short period of time.

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How Social Media Strategy Benefits From Pinterest

Benefits of incorporating pinterest to your social media strategy
Benefits of incorporating pinterest to your social media strategy

Pinterest is no longer viewed as a niche player in social media marketing. The image sharing site has experienced exponential growth and an increased user base as well, thereby cementing its position as a social media behemoth in the online arena.

Adding Pinterest to your social media strategy will not only drive additional traffic to your site, but also will improve brand image and reputation. Using creative Pinterest campaigns, you can build a solid online presence and win the hearts of your target customers. The fact that Pinterest users purchase items in greater quantity and spend more money than any other social network makes it a must-have tool to include in your arsenal of social media marketing.

We have listed 3 major benefits of incorporating Pinterest to your social media marketing strategy.

1. Improve Social Signals – More Organic views

Google and various other search engines factor social signals into their rankings. Pinterest pins provide a great opportunity for online businesses to boost and improve social signals. Improved social signals have a positive impact on the website’s ranking. When online users share your pins, the social signals go up. Search engines including Google recognize improved social signals as increased popularity of the website linked to the Pinterest page. This results in improving the ranking of the website.

Apart from the social signals, Pinterest also provides an opportunity for businesses to create a presence on different major platforms without having to invest time or money. Pinterest’s image oriented presentation provides a window to let cross platform networking do the heavy lifting. If your content appeals to certain swathes of public, then you’d find that your content finds its own way to more people and more views (and hopefully more sales)

2. Generate Additional Backlinks

Backlinks are gold mines for websites. The amount and quality of backlinks have a major impact on search engine rankings. A large number of backlinks included in a high authority website greatly improve the ranking of the website. Incorporating Pinterest in your social media strategy will not only help promote products and services but will also generate additional backlinks for the site.

Search engines index content posted on the Pinterest page. Every link contained in the pins is recognized by the search engines as valid backlinks of the site. Moreover, every repin of the content containing the link counts as additional links leading to improved search engine rankings.

3. Build Online Connection

Pinterest greatly helps in building online connections. Since millions of online users use Pinterest, adding this social media network to your online marketing strategy can greatly boost your online connections. When you build your boards correctly, you will be able to create a structure that results in increased user engagement. Increased user engagement will, in turn, lead to greater effectiveness of your online social media campaigns bringing greater ROI and profits.

But the main question is how does Pinterest make money for your online business? Pinterest does this by helping you gain additional followers and by extending the reach of your Pinterest posts. ViralWoot is a Pinterest tool that can help you achieve this goal.

By using this tool, not only do you gain additional followers but you can even schedule pins in advance, create pin alerts, manage different Pinterest accounts, promote pins and find out the performance of individual posts and Pinterest boards. Register for a free trial today if you want to find out how this Pinterest tool can help you create a strong presence on Pinterest and gain maximum traffic towards your site.


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How the Pinterest Shopping Cart Implementation Affects Marketers

Pinterest Shopping Cart Feature

If you thought Pinterest was just another social media site, think again. In June, the company released information on “new ways to shop with Pinterest,” cementing its position as a viable purchasing platform. Granted, it’s been about year since they introduced a way to buy stuff found on Pinterest right from a user’s phone. However, this new release raises the bar for convenience.

How Pinterest’s Shopping Bag Works

First, a quick look at some terminology. Pinterest doesn’t call their new thing a shopping cart, but rather a shopping bag. It’s not just a question of semantics, or the company trying to position themselves in the marketplace.

The name change makes a lot of sense. In the physical world, a shopping cart denotes something that’s big, bulky and restricted to use at one store. A shopping bag, on the other hand, is lightweight and can be carried by consumers on shopping trips to multiple boutiques.

That’s how Pinterest’s shopping bag functions in the online world. Now users can put any buyable Pin that catches their fancy into their shopping bag, regardless of the merchant. These Pins stay there until the shopper is ready to check out.

On Pinterest, buyers only have to enter their check out information once. This data can then be used by any merchant with which a consumer wishes to conduct business. I should point out that this sounds a lot more like Amazon than Facebook or Twitter.

Here’s another soon-to-be-released shopping bag related feature. Consumers will be able to search for similar items in a post. If you see a hat that you like on a Pin, you can search for comparable items on Pinterest. In the future you can also expect to see items related to the ones you’re considering purchasing. That’s along the lines of Amazon’s “customers who bought this item also bought” feature.

What Pinterest’s Shopping Bag Means to Marketers

While there has been lots of coverage regarding this recent release from Pinterest, there’s been little, if any, analysis of its potential impact on marketers. So here’s a few things to consider.

Anything that increases convenience typically leads to greater rates of adoption. So it would not be surprising to see a substantial growth in Pinterest users over the coming year.

More people buying more stuff on Pinterest translates into potentially greater rewards for marketers who spend the time and energy to master this platform. Companies can gain a competitive advantage by being “first to market” and having a greater standing of how to make the most of Pinterest.

Pinterest isn’t a social media platform. It’s a shopping platform with built-in social network features. Look at it another way, Pinterest is one big shopping party where anyone can tell everyone the things in which they’re interested, what they’re thinking of buying, and what they’ve bought.

Inbound marketers have characteristically used social media as a promotional avenue for content designed to match specific points on the buyer’s journey. However, it can be challenging to show how social media activities contribute to an organization’s bottom line.

With Pinterest, things are different. Here on the platform, people exhibit more “commercial intent” than those on your average social media space. It’s a lot easier to justify spending time in a place where people are more likely to make a purchase. The ease with which consumers can buy items increases the likelihood that they will do so.

Whereas the lifespan of social media content is usually measured in minutes, if not seconds, Pinterest Pins usually have an infinite lifespan. So unlike social media, your investment in Pinterest advertising and marketing isn’t fleeting.

Keep This In Mind About Pinterest’s Shopping Bag

Pinterest isn’t making it easier for consumers to buy your stuff. It’s making it easier for the public to buy things, period. That means the playing field is essentially level for all marketers. Well, sort of.  As mentioned earlier, your competitive advantage comes from an intimate understanding of how Pinterest operates and how consumers use the platform.

If you’re competition still views Pinterest as a social media platform, that’s good news for you. Since you already know it’s a shopping platform with social media features, you can focus on marketing and selling to active buyers while your rivals are busy analyzing their vanity metrics.

Pinterest’s shopping bag makes it easy to collect things from the competition. Although shoppers can’t really conduct product comparisons, you’ll still be vying for their attention up until the moment they check out. Like Yogi Berra said, “It ain’t over, till it’s over.” 

Ultimately, you don’t control your patron’s shopping experience on Pinterest; only Pinterest does. Your job is to figure out how to tie your efforts in with their goals.

The whole shopping bag concept helps buyers discover products they wouldn’t have otherwise uncovered. But that’s only if you’re one of the 20,000 or so brands with which they have partnered.  Currently, Pinterest is working with “a few major brands and 5 commerce platforms;” namely BigCommerce, Demandware, IBM Commerce, Magento and Shopify. 

If you’re on a different platform or using one that’s customized, you’ll need to sign up on the waiting list. Unfortunately, there’s no word on how long the wait will be for future integration opportunities. However, we do have a short guide on How to Promote Your Etsy Shop,” which readers on that platform should find valuable.

Ultimately, if there’s one place where marketing and sales can work together, it’s on Pinterest. Although shoppers don’t come to Pinterest specifically to make purchases, many consumers make decisions based on their interaction with the platform while an increasing number are actually buying right from within Pinterest.

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A Complete Guide Book for Pinterest Analytics

Launched in 2010, with over 100 million active users and $11 billion reported value, Pinterest is thrusting its way to being one of the top social networking platforms. Big brands, small businesses, bloggers, individuals and allied kinds are using Pinterest as their major stage for customer engagement and promotion purpose.

Guide Book for Pinterest Analytics

You might be promoting on Pinterest but do you want an easy way to track the pins, boards, repins and likes? Are you covering your target customer base or you are just focusing on one-of-a-kind audience? Is your way of marketing requires some improvisation so that your brand visibility would increase? You might have noticed the necessity of assessing the qualitative & quantitative value for your Pinterest performance.

For all these sorts of performance related issues, Pinterest Analytics provides some effective solutions. This tool enables to reach varied data that shows the overview of your Pinterest account. You can know why your profile is low on visibility or on interaction. You can also find the ways to interact with customers in a much more effective manner by learning their behaviors. What kind of users are repining your stuff and how many just like it? How many users of the same interest (as your brand offerings) are active on Pinterest? These are some of the questions a smart marketing manager always keeps in head.

Let’s go through a detailed process of understanding this tool and how will it help the marketers:


Pinterest Analytics is a one-stop-solution for businesses, who are promoting their products/services on Pinterest. Brands like to measure the performance of their Pinterest profiles because it aids in identifying what sort of content resonates preferably in accordance with targeted audience. How many followers certainly gives you a bit idea about your Pinterest account, but is it enough?

Pinterest Analytics ensures to cover all the possible parameters on which you can run a performance assessment of the activities on Pinterest.

In order to attain access to your Pinterest Account’s analytics, just verify your website. After verification, go to ‘Analytics’ drop-down tab on the top left side of the page.

analytics overview

You can get an insight of your Pinterest account by clicking on ‘Overview’ button.

analytics dashboard

This beautiful screenshot which shows the overview of your Pinterest board also provides the information on your profile, your audience, and activity from your account. Additionally, overview also provides you the list of top pin impressions from last 30 days.

analytics overview

Next to the title of charts in overview page, clicking on more will direct you to a different page having more stats.

analytics chart

Your Pinterest Profile

This ‘Your Pinterest Profile’ section is segmented into few parts subsequently; Impressions, Repins, Clicks, and All-time.


It shows the views of your pins on Pinterest. You might notice that time frame is overtime in a column above. You can customize the days of this time-frame by yourself or can automatically choose the given 7, 14 or 30 days options. Along with this, you can also check specific device whose data you want to look at by clicking on the select box in the header of all three sections.

analytics graph

Charts showed on the first page of ‘Overview’ exhibits daily impressions with respect to daily viewers and the relative trend.  In case, your profile loses its impression for a couple of weeks, Pinterest provides an option to increase impression and reach more audience. In my opinion, this option is a big win for marketers are frustrated by the limitations of social media marketing.

Pinterest Analytics showcases top pin impressions and best performing boards, to tell you which win perform best in last 30 days. It also allows you to see the number of impressions, clicks, likes & repins and type of pin (if applicable) Per Pin.

Repins and Clicks

The basic layout of this page is quite similar to the previous one. This page provides you the number of daily repinners and daily repins. You should make a note to install cool pictures and write a relevant description. Also, adding ‘Rich Pins’ to these images will enable you to save them for later.

This section also incorporates a list of most repinned pins from last 30 days. Same listed overview is provided for boards.

analytics table

In addition to this, ‘Click’ section gives away how many users visited your website from Pinterest. Daily visitors & clicks are shown by the chart. Further information tells you the boards with most clicked links along with most clicked pins. The Repin & Click section renders almost similar information per data type.

analytics graph comparison

All Time

This section provides relevant information about 3 kinds:

  1. Most Repinned: Pins that got most repins
  2. Best in search: Pin that ranks top. Parameters for ranking are quality, descriptions, and usage
  3. Power Pins: Pins that generate the highest user engagement

analytics tables

You have to understand that using All Time section you can easily identify the best of pins & boards. In short, marketers can find out what pins & boards are trending amongst your targeted audience; hence, they know what to pin.

People you Reach

Clicking on ‘People you Reach’ tab will provide you an insight into your targeted audience. This section is segmented into two parts:


In this part, one graph exhibiting number of monthly viewers with respect to the number of engagements has been provided. Make sure to understand that trends are the trump cards here. To be ahead of the line in future, you should know what is at top presently.

analytics chart & graphs

Along with this information, you can also find the stats about the country, metro, and language. To get more insight, you can also see the gender of your targeted audience.


One of the most important and astonishing attributes of Pinterest is that it is constantly utilized for ‘emotional’ things such as pets, recipes, and home decorations. This fits your direct connection with your pins. Saying this, I would like to tell my readers in advance that they might find the ‘Interest’ section a bit foggy. So you might find your audience having a high-interest score in Art, Home Décor, Recipes or Furniture and you are selling an SEO related products. The key here is to not get confused and to optimize the Pinterest boards effectively.

analytics interest

Below you can find the pinner boards with many of your pins and brands your audience communicates with. Knowing the businesses that your targeted audience is getting engaged with is pretty interesting as you can now set your marketing goals.

analytics interest table

Activity from your account

Different subsections for impressions, repins, click all-time, original pins and pin it button has been given under this segment. This section generates data for things that are lead to Pinterest from your website.

analytics graph

You can notice a table below the chart; it shows the top pin impressions from last 30 days.

analytics clicks

Additionally, the second table tells you that Anime board by Tushar is a large source of pins on that image also. It leads to 14 repins and number of pins are 186.

Original Pins

It exhibits the original pins that are generated from your website.

analytics original pins

Clicking on these boards will render your additional information such as what was pinned and who pinned.

Pin It/Save Button

Last but not the least, ‘Pin-it’ button page can be seen. It simply tells about the usage of ‘Pin-it’ button on the source website. The Graph shows how many time the pin-it button is showed on your website and number of clicks it took.

Additionally, the graph also shows after how many clicks a pin was made.

The second graph shows the activity of Pin-it button on Pinterest. This chart also shows the number of impressions that were made by pins generated from your websites. Some additional information such as how many repins those repins got or the number of times these repin made clicks redirected to your website.

Please make note that the above told graphs are only for last 7 days (unlike rest) and it only shows data when you are using official save button.

Stating all these important factors, I can simply suggest all my marketing friendly professionals to utilize this amazing tool right now! Not only it will help your marketing goal, but also will lower your cost, save your time and thus increase the revenue. The key is to optimize all alternatives in a manner that you may maximize the profitability of both; Analytics and Pinterest itself.

In technical language, marketers can monitor their ROI and apt resources for their marketing campaign. Since Pinterest is still in its growing age, hence you can easily be profited from one of the most active pinners in your field and be ahead of the competition. Period!

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How Pinterest Can Help You Make More Money

How can Pinterest help you make more money

Here are some of the ways in which you can earn money through Pinterest:

Build an Audience and Sell to Them

You need to gain Pinterest followers in order to build an audience. The first thing you need to know is ‘what’ you are passionate about.  For example, are you a woman who loves makeup? If you do, then you can choose a target audience that consists of women who also love makeup. Create a Pinterest board to cater to this audience.  After you create the board, you will have to create a mailing list. Once you have a few hundred followers, marketers will contact you with offers to promote their products.

Choose A Company and Ask For Sponsorship

After you have built an audience you need to select companies that have products that will attract your followers. For makeup, you can contact companies that sell cosmetics. Share your Pinterest stats with them and see if they offer a sponsorship.

Promote Affiliate Products

Several companies want affiliates that promote their goods on a promotional basis. Use your boards to promote their products using the affiliate links. Just make sure that you don’t spam because Pinterest takes action against spammers.

Use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategies

You need to use SEO strategies so that people can find your boards easily with the help of major search engines like Google. Write a good description in your ‘About’ section and use keywords and hashtags that you think the searchers will use. You can use the same strategies on your pins too as you can add a 100 word description to them.

Create Contests

If you want to increase the number of followers, then you can create contests because eventually it will help you in making money. By creating contests, you are encouraging people to think and talk about your products.

Re-pin Others’ Pins

Since Pinterest is a social network, you can make your presence known by getting people to repin your pins. You should pin the pins of your target audience as this will help in grabbing their attention and they might even start following you back.

Teach Pinterest Strategies to Others

People have developed tools to help users learn about the platform. If you think you understand the platform well then you can use your skills to teach other people about it and earn money.

Social Media Integration

You can easily link Pinterest with other social media networks like Facebook and Twitter to reach out to more people so that they can view your products.

Want To Explore Pinterest More?

In order to make money from Pinterest you need to learn about it by knowing who your target audience is and the kind of tools that you will use to attract them. These points will surely help you in making money via Pinterest. However, if you are looking for a good marketing tool then you should consider ViralWoot, which is a pin scheduler tool that gives you the facility of gaining Pinterest followers, promoting Pinterest pins, managing multiple accounts, scheduling pins and creating pin alerts. Register for its free trial version right away!