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What is Pinterest? (And How to Use It Effectively)

What is Pinterest

In the world of social network, if you are not getting noticed, you really need to tighten your seat belt and get ready to take off for an apt marketing flight. You might take social media platform as a casual fleet, where enjoying the journey of networking is of prime importance. Well, think again!

People are more concentrated on the social media mediums and thus, businesses are targeting these platforms with utmost priority. So, if you are a business entity and want to spread your customer reach, you might want to give social networking a second thought.

With lot of players coming in the market, one social networking site which has impressed me most in terms of business conversion or ROI (return on investment) is Pinterest. What is Pinterest all about? Who uses it? Why do the brands need this platform? How to use Pinterest? I will answer all these questions, keeping in mind the different type of people that come to the platform with varied preferences.

What is Pinterest?

Basically, it’s a platform where you can manage and share the images that get you inspired. As soon as you share the picture, the image is then referred as ‘Pins’. Pinterest has a themed board, where you can share these images. These ‘Boards’ can be for anything as per your preference, be it gadgets, golf or geology. Sky is the limit!

With 100 million users every month, it is becoming one of the most visited social media sites. Stats says that two third of the content saved on Pinterest is actually generated from business. This clearly tells you that Pinterest is not just a site to share content and build relation; it is a stage, where brands showcase their products/service, in order to have a vast consumer reach and to increase brand visibility.

You might be thinking that Pinterest is nothing but ‘another brick in the wall’; it is clearly not. If you want your business to grow and reach heights, keep up with me, while I talk about this sturdy and exquisite marketing platform.

For what purpose can you use Pinterest?

It is completely all right if you are pinning cool images all day on Pinterest. However, if we are talking about the purpose for which Pinterest can be used, there are many. Young to-be-brides, who want their weddings to be perfect, do not have to stick to thick wedding planners brochures. Instead, they can have a Pinterest account and can choose from bridal dress to jewelry to decoration. You can also create one board for each of your office cabins and then pin the decorating ideas for the same. Artists can handle the images that inspire them. Additionally, these boards can be managed by more than one person; hence marketing team members can collaborate & work on same boards.

Firms with apparels and fashion accessories as their brands need to get on to Pinterest at once! Why? Well, as per stats 85% of the users on this platform are female. So, if you are a marketing manager of a firm, whose product/service is targeted to women, you know exactly where to tap them!

How to use Pinterest?

First, sign up for an account. If you are looking to conduct business, make sure to create a business account. The advantage to having this type of account is the number of analytical attributes, which can help your business to thrive.

For a business account, you need to jot down following details:

  1. Email Address
  2. Password
  3. Name of Business
  4. Type of Business (drop down list)
  5. Your website link (optional)

While logging in to your account, you will be directed the home feed. This home feed exhibits you all the recent pins from other accounts on Pinterest that you follow. Also, the company has ensured its users seamless browsing, so endless scrolling option is there. You can keep on looking till something hit your eyes and strike your heart!

Pinterest profile

For each visit on every page, at the top, you can see a search bar. Looking at extreme left, you can find the company logo (home page) with analytics and ads icon. A drop down menu (showing available links of all the categories you can browse) can be seen on right side.

A ‘+’ button and a chat bubble button can be seen next to the search drop down menu.

Pinterest button

Mentioned below are the functions of buttons displayed:

  • + Button: This button enables you to add new pins or to make a new ad.
  • Chat Menu: This drop-down menu opens up with three options; News, You and Messages
    • News: Exhibits site updates and trending pins
    • You: Gives you notifications when other account users try to interact with your pins
    • Message: Shows you message from other users

Clicking on the profile option will open up a drop-down menu with different alternatives such as going to your profile, seeing your boards, pins and accessing your bills, ad support & settings.

You must be thinking about ‘Pins’ and ‘Boards’ now since so much have been said about them!

‘Pins’ are nothing but content that has been shared by you. Boards are somewhat like visual bookmarks that enable you to manage the content shared by you.

Creating a board: Once you decide to create your own board, just go the profile option and you can see the red button stating ‘create board’. Clicking on it will open an information box.

Pinterest board

You should put all the information as per your business requirements. I can expect my readers to easily understand the above-shown information box. You can see a ‘collaborators’ option at the bottom of

You can see a ‘collaborators’ option at the bottom of box. This gives you access to invite other people to share the management of board so that more than one person can control the board’s activity and can also contribute to the same.

Pinterest Collaboration

As soon as you are done filling the information, click on create and your board is ready. You can now start sharing pins!!

Adding Pins:

There are multiple ways to add pins listed below:

  • To add content to your own board, just go your board and click on add pins. This will give you a drop down menu asking the source of image (web or computer). In case you need to upload an image from web, just enter the link in the space given. Choose the image from the source link and click on ‘pin it’. Add the description for your pin, choose a board and pin is added to your board. This kind of pin is linked back to the websites it came from. If you choose to upload an image from computer, Pinterest will ask you to upload it. Rest of the process is same.
  • You can also pin from your mobile app (by going to the profile button and clicking on ‘+’ button). Rest process will be same. Only one option of ‘upload from computer’ will be replaced from ‘upload from phone’.
  • Also, you can ‘repin’ the content of other users. It is an apt way for you to be more active on Pinterest in case you don’t have your own content to share.

Rich Pins:

These kinds of pins enable you to use Pinterest in a much more efficient & effective manner. Listed below are the 6 kinds of rich pins available till now:

  • Place Pins
  • Article Pins
  • Recipe Pins
  • Product Pins
  • Movie Pins
  • App Pins

You should always keep the mentioned below steps while using ‘rich pins’:

  • Adding adequate metadata to your website
  • Validating the pins and applying them to get them on Pinterest.

Engaging with customers on Pinterest:

There are number of ways through which your consumers on Pinterest:

  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Sending Pins
  • Tagging
  • Sending Messages

Since, Pinterest is an image-based website, so people tend to rate brands here depending upon the kind of visual reputation one possesses.

Apart from this, you can always expertise your SEO skills by using # on Pinterest. Typing relevant keywords in search bar and using trending hash-tags can surely raise the level of visibility for your brand.

You can always customize your own Pinterest profile by filling various options given below:

Pinterest edit profile

Naming your pin boards with clever keywords can surely bring you and your brand on top. Always remember to write keywords that are easily searchable and are catchy enough. Entering the description of each board can also provide clarity to customers about what your board is and how it aligns with your brand.

To check the trending topics on Pinterest, you can click on the search bar and select ‘popular’ from the drop down menu.

Pinterest trending topic

For advertising purpose, Pinterest has recently launched promoted pins (only available in U.S.).

Pinterest Analytics is given by name ‘analytics’ on the top of page. Clicking on it will give you a drop down menu with 3 options: Overview, Profile, and Audience.

  • Overview: Directs you to the dashboard exhibiting several boxes giving stats for your profile
  • Profile: Gives your profile’s performance and allied stats
  • Audience: Provides you with the data on people who are targeted by you

Hopefully, this post answers everything you want to know about Pinterest. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

PInterest News

Pinterest Marketing This Month – May

Pinterest May

Pinterest may not be the media darling it once was, just a couple of years ago. But there is still lots happening with this company. Here are some of the top stories we’ve been following lately.

Our Fastest, Cleanest App Yet | Oh, How Pinteresting!

Pinterest gave their mobile app a substantial rebuild this month, giving it an updated look and blazing fast speed. Now the app can be read in 31 languages, which is critical, given the substantial growth of Pinterest in non-English speaking countries.

Marketing Developer Partners Programme Expands to the UK | Pinterest for Business

Last month Pinterest not only opened up Promoted Pins in the UK, they extended the Marketing Developer Partners program (MDP) to the UK as well. According to the company, MDPs are a “select group of technology partners… that become an integral part of the marketing ecosystem.”

The CEO of $11 Billion Pinterest Reveals His Thoughts on Going Public, Crazy Private Markets, and Advice for Founders Who Don’t Want to Fail | Business Insider UK

With revenue increase of 500% over last year, rumours are bound to circulate. Despite high interest in an IPO, Pinterest cofounder Ben Silbermann insists the company is focused on improving the user experience for those outside the US and building a sustainable revenue model.

Pinterest Founder Dismisses Speculation Firm Will Go Public | DailyMail

According to Pinterest chief reactive officer Evan Sharp, the company has no plans at this time of going public. Apparently, the company sees greater benefit in remaining private with more control, flexibility, and the ability to focus on the longer term.

Pinterest Acquires ‘Curator,’ Snags New Design Lead | Forbes

Pinterest announced the acquisition of ‘Curator’, the design app, and simultaneous hiring of its founder as lead product designer. This is Pinterest 10th acquisition and second international deal. Nordh will work on broadening the company’s appeal to an increasingly international audience.

Pinterest Crosses Key Milestone In Quest To Be a Truly Global Business | Fortune

It’s official. Pinterest is no longer an American phenomenon. More than half of its 100 million monthly active users are from outside the country. Since the beginning of 2016, two-thirds all new users have been from overseas. During this time period, users in Germany have nearly tripled while places like France, Brazil and Japan have experienced a two-fold increase.

Pinterest Wins Fans In Academia, Helping Users Analyze Tough Novels | Forbes

Forget the DIY crafts and wedding part favours. Pinterest is becoming popular with academia, where the site is being used to analyze novels and other literary works. Pins that represent specific passages or chapters in a book are collected on a dedicated board. These Pins help students draw connections between different pieces of information and gain a better understanding of the topic.

Why Pinterest Forces You off Its Mobile Site and Into Its App | VentureBeat

Ever wonder why Pinterest forces you off its mobile site and onto its app? If you’ve ever had this happen, you’ll now how incredibly frustrating this can be. Casey Winters, the guy at Pinterest who makes this happen says “you get more engaged users and more revenue over time.” Can’t argue with the logic, especially since they’ve tested it, nevertheless, it’s still annoying.

5 Things Marketers Want to See in Pinterest’s Data-Heavy Advertising Business | AdWeek

There’s a finite amount of money available for advertising. For Pinterest to shift money allocated to big players like Google and Facebook, the company needs to work even more closely with brands. Currently brands are looking for comparable stats, more sophisticated Pins, finding a balance between commerce and content, beefing up ads and moving beyond fashion. Pinterest may be in this for the long haul, but they sure have their work cut out for them.

Pinterest Rolls out Its Version of Trending Topics, Called Featured Collections | VentureBeat

Featured Collections are available to users in Brazil, France, Germany, Japan and the U.K., and are available on both Android and the Web. These are hand-curated pins, users, boards and searches that emphasize local and trending ideas. According to Pinterest, easily tests show that Featured Collections help users find and follow relevant boards, increasing their level of engagement.

PInterest News

Pinterest Marketing This Month – April

Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest has been making lots of news over the past month, rolling out its ad manager to all U.S. businesses, releasing data on the success of its Cinematic Pins and reportedly testing out video ads. Here’s a look at some of the headlines from the past month.

9 Eye-Opening Digital Marketing Stats From the Past Week | AdWeek

According to a Pinterest study on Cinematic versus Static Pins, “Cinematic Pins increased purchase intent by 37 percent and boosted brand awareness by nearly 31 percent.” This was six points higher than Static Pins, for purchase intent, and 10 points higher when it came to brand awareness.

Data Shows Pinterest Cinematic Pins’ Brand-Boosting Effect | Media Post

A Reeses campaign using Cinematic Pins experienced a lift, similar to that of L’Oreal. Consumers who saw the video-based pins were 25% more likely to buy than those who did not.

Why Pinterest Is the Visual Search Engine for Discovery, E-Commerce, and Inspiration | Social Media Week

Pinterest is being touted as a visual search engine that delivers a vastly different experience. As such, brands need a unique approach to succeed on the platform.

2016 Social Media Inflation Index | Marketing Land

A TrackMaven study concludes that Pinterest exhibits seasonal growth during the peak summer months of July and August and during the December holidays. Brands on Pinterest average around 2% monthly follower growth.

Pinterest’s New Ad-Targeting Tools Attract, Retail Brands | Luxury Daily

Pinterest is a new tactic for marketers to target future-planning consumers. Pinterest users are known to save pins to boards as part of a larger plan. Forget quick returns and focus on creating native content that will be acted upon at some time in the future.

Pinterest Starts Testing Video Ads | Digiday

Pinterest is reported to be trying out video ads with a small set of users in an evaluation trial. This feature could fit in nicely with their Cinematic Pins.

Do-It-Yourself Promoted Pins Now Open to All SMBs | Pinterest Business

Pinterest Ads Manager is now available to all small and medium-sized businesses in the U.S. This tool includes a bulk editor for multiple campaign management, advanced measuring tools, expanded targeting options, and enhanced conversion tracking.

Pinterest’s Buyable Pins Perform |

Pinterest aims to make the shopping experience immensely enjoyable. Buyable pins, which debuted on Pinterest mobile app, are coming soon to their mobile and desktop websites.

How Pinterest Knows Who’s Down to Shop and Who Isn’t | AdAge

In this interview, Pinterest’s head of commerce talk about Buy It buttons and the notion that “Pinterest is this boundless catalog of ideas.”

Email Powers Pinterest’s New Ad-Targeting Service | MediaPost

Email marketers take note. Pinterest’s self-serve advertising platform offers CRM matching to companies with a minimum of 100 email addresses. While currently restricted to members of Pinterest’s Developer Partners program, it pairs emails with matching Pinterest user accounts.

Every day I find something interesting to read about Pinterest. Did I miss any important news this month? Let me know in the comments below.

PInterest News

Pinterest Has the Numbers!

Pinterest Has Numbers
Pinterest Has Numbers

All said and done, Pinterest still has a major share of users (currently at over 20 million users) but certainly a business (or a user) still needs to keep developing itself to reap benefits. We will show you how:

Create Gift Idea Boards

Title your boards explicitly so they are readily found in searches. “Stocking Stuffers for Teens” or “Gifts for the Foodie” such ideas would tell viewers exactly what to expect. Adding keywords or #hashtags will optimize search results for more hits. A good trick is to collect images you want to pin on a “secret” board and then put them out to your public boards gradually. This way, you don’t have to spend time whenever you want to add something new to your followers’ feeds.

Create vertical images

Pinterest images should be long and narrow to take up the maximum amount of visual space and get noticed. Compare with your favorite pins to check which ones are popular and which images are re-pinned and shared.

Build interest with a tips board

Always make a board as beautiful and rich boards as you can. One way is to create a series of coordinating pins with the same branding and share them regularly. Think of ways of engaging idle visitors as well as competitors. It is never a bad idea to share tips about your own business with other members of your industry!

Pinterest to find new customers

Pinterest has astonishing search capabilities. While keeping your search engine privacy turned on may be a good idea for your personal Pinterest account, turning this setting off is recommended for brands. This allows search engines such as Google and Bing to show your Pinterest profile and boards within their search results. Don’t forget to use your business keywords in your board title and descriptions to help even more people find your business!