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What You Need to Know About Hashtags on Pinterest

Pinterest hashtags

Hashtags can be found everywhere on both Instagram and Twitter, and occasionally on Pinterest. As an avid Twitter geek, I’ve often wondered how come they’re not as prevalent on Pinterest. Perhaps there’s a marketing opportunity to exploit. But would it be worth the effort?

Initially my research into the topic yielded conflicting advice with people falling either into one camp or the other. In the end, I realized that hashtags can be useful in particular circumstances. Here’s what I discovered.

Hashtags Offer a Different Experience on Pinterest

Hashtags may be a great way of finding content on Twitter, but it’s a different case when it comes to Pinterest. Hashtags are supported on this platform, and they kind of work the same way.

But on Pinterest, hashtags in account descriptions, board titles, board descriptions or profile names aren’t clickable. The only place you can click and search hashtags are in a Pin’s description.

On the bright side, hashtag search results can be filtered to show just boards. But notice how the search for #growthhacking returned some boards that didn’t have the hashtag. Some just had the right word in the title or description. So putting hashtags in your board or account descriptions may not help much in the end at all, especially if they’re general terms.

Pinterest growthhacking board search

Pinterest doesn’t offer much in the way of guidelines regarding hashtag use. However according to this Pinterest for Business post, “having too many of them in your descriptions may negatively impact your ranking.” That’s definitely something to keep in mind. Another restriction is that Promoted Pins are limited to a maximum of one hashtag in the description.

Hashtag Searches Return Poor Results

Using a hashtag to search on Pinterest currently leaves much to be desired. Yes, you can do it, but you never know what you’re going to get.

It’s not uncommon for hashtag searches to return irrelevant results, making the entire exercise pointless and frustrating. Marketers on Instagram and Twitter use hashtags as a method of increasing their visibility because search algorithms on those platforms are more elegant and more inclusive of hashtags. But in the case of Pinterest, the unpredictability of hashtag searches means using them can hurt more than help. Here’s what I mean.

growth hacking Pinterest search

This search for #growthhacking returned additional entries including a couple of Pins on social media. That’s not good because it may end up leading visitors away from your content.

Using Hashtags for Pinterest Contests

Unique hashtags work best on Pinterest. Ideally, the hashtag should have nothing in common with frequently used search terms. You want a one-of-a-kind hashtag that can lead Pinners back to your content.

BloomsByTheBox had such great results the first time around that they created another contest using the hashtag #MyFavoriteBlooms2. Participants create a new Pinterest board with the hashtag, pin images from the site to their board and enter their name for the draw.


The contest provides both brand recognition and discovery at the same time. Although the original contest finished some time ago, there are still numerous Pinterest boards with the hashtag #MyFavoriteBlooms.


Using Hashtags for Social Media Campaigns

Even if you’re not running a contest, you can still use hashtags for promotional efforts across your social media campaigns. For branding purposes, you want to make sure the hashtag is unique and memorable. It’s an effective way of keeping tabs on your marketing effort because when you click on the hashtag in Pinterest, all the pins from that campaign show up in the search.

Hashtags have their place on Pinterest when used correctly. How do you use hashtags? Have you seen any good examples? Let us know in the comments below.

Pinterest Tips

41 Inspiring Pinterest Boards

41 Inspiring Pinterest Boards

Inspiring people is much more efficient than hard selling. That’s a Pinterest marketing tip I came across during my research for a previous post, which in turn set me off in search of some good examples to illustrate.

Here’s a selection of inspiring Pinterest boards from popular ViralWoot users that cover all manner of niches. Take a look to see what these people have done to make their boards so attractive. Use this curated selection as the impetus for creating your own board that motivates, encourages and attracts more Pinterest followers.



If you’re looking to put a little bit of magic and wonder back into your life, look no further than Camille Juco’s inspirational Pinterest board that she calls Dreamspiration. It’s a well-curated selection of stunningly beautiful images that are both whimsical and natural. It’s no wonder she has one million followers.

Fashion & Lifestyle – 1ONE

fashion & lifestyle 1one

Pilar Blasco finds inspiration in outfits of all seasons, and it shows on her popular fashion board that has over 1.5 million followers. Pilar is an artist and interior designer who has a passion for fashion. She has pinned nearly 45 thousand pins to this one board alone.

Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad

durango and silverton narrow gauge railroad

Ask any man and he’ll tell you all about the fond childhood memories of his model train set. Perhaps that explains why Visit Durango has over 750 thousand followers. This particular board is full of beautiful images that were taken along the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad. One of the few remaining railroads of its type, the Durango & Silverton offers a sweet trip down the memory lane and presents an amazing natural backdrop to the more mechanical and powerful trains.

Creative Inspiration

creative inspiration

Are you in need of a little creative inspiration? So are the hundreds of thousand of others who follow Petra Veikkola and her many other boards. Petra is a photographer who goes by Cici (Styling + Photography) on Pinterest. This board, in particular, is refreshingly dainty and delicate.

BodyRock Inspiration

bodyrock inspiration

One of BodyRock’s 83 boards, this one aims to inspire women and men to join the home workout movement and get in shape. This board features consistently great photos all coupled with text overlay consisting of inspiring quotes, presentations and images of fit women to coax the viewers into the program.



Anna pins birds, butterflies, flowers and anything else she finds attractive to her Pinterest boards. She definitely has an eye for beauty as over 270 thousand followers would agree. There is a lot of variety to be found on this board, but he one thing all pins have in common is that they are extremely impressive and detailed.

Breathtaking Photography


This Pinterest board from Huffington Post promises to take your breath away. Hundreds of pins on subjects of all matter capture some exquisite moments.

Noshing With The Nolands Recipes and More

noshing with the nolands recipes and more

If these recipes taste a fraction of how they look, you’ll be absolutely delighted. Every picture is magnificently photographed and presented along with tastefully designed text overlays describing the dish. Over 130 thousand followers eagerly await Tara Nowland’s pins.

Board of Ideas – for Balcony, Garden and Home

board of ideas for balcony garden and home

Are you an urban dweller in need of a little garden inspiration? Look not further than this Pinterest board from Balkonliebe. That’s German for balcony love. And lovely it is, with lots of great ideas for those who want to garden in a minimal amount of space.

Crochet Inspiration


Kathryn Vercillo, the author of Crochet Saved My Life, finds inspiration in what other people are crocheting and shares it here on her board. Nearly 40,000 people think her finds are inspiring too.

Of Polka Dots


Have you ever wondered what a world full of polka dots would look like? Look no further than this Pinterest board from The Polk Dot Bride. I never realized how many objects sported a polka-dot pattern. An Austin Mini painted in polka dots? Now that takes the cake!

Sewing inspiration – I want to make these


If you’re first thought upon seeing a new piece of clothing is “I want to make that,” then you’re in luck. So Sew Easy has the board of your dreams. In fact, almost 60 thousand people follow this board looking for some sewing inspiration. You’re in good company.

Party Time!


Are you looking for a little party inspiration? Do you need a few crowd-pleasing recipes for your next get-together? Then join the crowd with 38,000 other Pinterest followers! Key Ingredient Recipes serves up some taste-inspiring morsels right from their blog.

For the Home- Inspiration


Gina @ Kleinworth & Co. serves up some good old home-fashioned inspiration for the 44,000 people who follow this board. Whatever you can think of doing to your home, it’s all here.

Inspired by the Sea Wedding Inspiration

inspired by the sea wedding inspiration

Who’s up for a romantic wedding by the sea? Over 45,000 Pinterest followers visit this board to dream of spending that memorable by the ocean. The images are absolutely dreamy!

Paleo Party Ideas

paleo party ideas

Yes, it’s a Paleo party on Pinterest! Hang out with the other 47,000 followers of this board and salivate over mouthwatering pictures of honey chipotle meatballs, BLT Scallops with Herbed Mayo, no bake watermelon cake and more. Who new Paleo could look this good?

Handmade on Etsy

handmade on etsy

Alari Design has a shop on Etsy and also administers this community board. It’s a great way to showcase your handmade Etsy items on what may be the largest Etsy board on Pinterest, with over 35,000 followers.

Fall Food Inspiration

fall food inspiration

As the warmth of summer wains and the icy breath of winter draws near, those with heavy hearts seek comfort on this board. Apparently there are a lot who seek inspiration, 27,000 of them to be exact. My oh my, does the food look delicious!

Style Inspiration

style inspiration

This board is the spot where nearly 50,000 Pinterest followers find their style inspiration, from beauty to fashion and hair. It’s all here. You look marvelous!

Interiors + Furniture

interiors furniture

The name says it all. Nearly 45,000 followers agree that it’s the board to visit when you’re in need of a little pick-me-up in the interior and furniture department. A visit to this board is like going to the Hotel California. You can check in any time you like, but you can never leave.

Our Best Herbal Remedies for Health, Beauty & Cleaning

our best herbal remedies for health beauty cleaning

This board’s title may be a mouthful, but that does not concern its 35,000 plus followers. Whoever thought that herbal remedies could look so beautiful?

Thug Life Shirts

thug life shirts

It’s a thug life, but nobody ever said it would be easy. This board features products from, you guessed it, It’s a pretty popular board too, with over 56,000 Pinterest followers. You can’t argue with that!



As you can tell, this board is full of inspiring and beautifully presented quotes that over 25,000 Pinterest followers enjoy. Tout Mon Amour, offering couture children’s clothing and gifts, has pinned over 2,000 quotes to their board already.



Faced with a week’s worth of mess, it’s hard getting motivated to clean and organize. Thank goodness for mumsmakelists group board, where organization becomes inspiring. The images look so gorgeous you can’t help but be encouraged to clear the clutter.

A Beautiful World


This group board, administered by Trisha Hoque, has nearly 100,000 pins that celebrate the natural beauty of the planet we call Earth. This well-curated selection of pins is absolutely breathtaking.

Restaurant Inspiration

restaurant inspiration

The restaurants on Jacquelyn Clark’s board look so charming, I can only imagine how good the food must taste. Her experience as an interior designer shows in the selection of her pins.



Craftgawker has pinned some of the favorites from their website to this board on Pinterest. They already run a tightly curated site, so you can think of this as the best of the best. Over 66,000 of their followers, I believe would agree.

Quotes: by Chalene Johnson

quotes by chalene johnson

A good selection of quotes is always welcomed by the Pinterest community. That seems to be the opinion of the over 28,000 pinners that follow this board. Not only are they inspiring, but they also look good too!



If you always thought mason jars were just for canning, think again. This board puts a whole new spin on their use. These pins show some crafty things you can do with canning jars, not to mention that they look stunning.

Carlsbad Cravings Recipes

carlsbad cravings recipes

Words can’t do this board justice. However, I warn you not to look at this board if you’re dieting or otherwise famished. Everything looks so good; you can almost taste it!

Keep Calm and Giggle at Cheese

keep calm and giggle at cheese

One look at this board, and you’ll agree with Cheeserank’s assertion that “The world of cheese is wonderful, weird, and totally worth pinning.” For cheese lovers, it truly is “le grand fromage.”

Best of Creative Savings

best of creative savings

Although the subject of finance wouldn’t top the list of best things to pin, this board proves that notion is wrong. Extraordinary pictures coupled with concise descriptions that make you just want to click.

fabnfree // Our Free Stuff

fabnfree our free stuff

Who doesn’t like free stuff, especially when it’s presented in such an attractive manner? This board has lot free printables, clipart, graphics and other printables that are found on the fabnfree site.

Personality Quizzes

personality quizzes

Here’s another topic most people wouldn’t expect to be popular on Pinterest. Yet more than 120,000 followers would beg to differ. Apparently people like personality quizzes and the fabulous accompanying images.

Birthday Cakes

birthday cakes

If you’re ever in a bind and need to come up with an eye-popping birthday cake, visit Jessica Williams’ board. There are over 170 pins, so you’re sure to find something. Do they look delicious!

Amazing Kitchens

amazing kitchens

Kitchen Design Ideas has curated an incredible collection of amazing kitchens found on Pinterest. The images truly are jaw-dropping. It makes you wonder if anybody actually cooks in them.

Dog Quotes

dog quotes

A regular pinboard full of quote won’t do, if you’re a dog owner. For that, you’re going to need dog quotes. I’m not kidding. Over 13,000 people follow this board, so it must mean something.

Inspirational Quotes

inspirational quotes

Golfers must be a positive bunch, and I’m sure Lori’s Golf Shoppe would agree. They run this pinboard that is full of inspirational quotes, some of which are even golf-related.

Blush Pink {Wedding}

blush pink wedding

If you’re into pink weddings, like the nearly 18,000 Pinterest followers are, then you’ll want to check out this pinboard run by Better off Wed. Note to guys. This board will help put you in touch with your feminine side!

Mothers’ Day Gift Inspiration

mothers day gift inspiration

Visit weeSpring’s board and you’ll never be at a loss of what to get your mom on Mother’s Day. Pick one pin each year as your gift and you’re good for decades.

Get Inspired

get inspired

Sometimes it can be tough to be a business owner. For those days, you need Shopify’s board filled with inspiration for success in business and life. There are many words of wisdom to be found in these pins.

Everyone needs a little inspiration now and then. What boards do you find to be most inspiring? Why?
Pinterest Tips

10 Surefire ways to get 500 Pinterest followers in 1 week

Pinterest caters to over 150 million people and 500,000 businesses. If you are looking forward to getting more Pinterest followers then do the following things:

Use Keywords and Hashtags

Use keywords in your description and images so that when people look up for a specific keyword your board shows up. The use of hashtags is also very important as that will help you in reaching out to a bigger audience.

Get 500 Pinterest followers in 1 week

Join Collaborative Boards

In order to gain more followers you can collaborate with popular group boards that have a large number of followers, because this way they will be able to view your pins too. Look for popular boards and try to build rapport with the owners before asking them to send you an invite to the board.

Post Original Images

More than 75% of the images are repins on Pinterest which means that there are very few pictures that are original. You should try and post original pictures and info graphs so that more people can be attracted to your profile. Other than this, try and repin posts that reflect your brand so that you can connect with other pinners and get more followers.

Follow Other Pinners

Try and follow a significant amount of people every day so that they can follow you back. You can always unfollow the people who don’t follow you back. This is a great way to have a steady growth.

Comment, Repin, & Tagging

Comment on popular pins so that people can learn about you and can follow your page. Just make sure that your comments are not spammish in nature as Pinterest takes action against spammers.

Make Use of Special Occasions

People like to make wish lists on Pinterest. So make boards for special festivals like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Eid and Hanukah so that it attracts people from all over the world.

Doing this will help you relate your products to an event. You can even use a cultural/traditional sentiment to direct customers to your website year round.

Add the Pinterest Follow Button

You should have a follow button on the website that can send some traffic to your Pinterest account. Install the button at prominent places like the header or footer and get a widget builder so that you can have a custom button that can fulfill your needs.

Promote Individual Boards

Since people don’t have the time to browse through the your entire profile, it is a good idea to promote individual posts because it will grab the attention of people and you will get more followers by promoting generically famous boards.

Run Contests

In order to get the attention of users you can have a contest. You can clearly mention that only people who follow you on Pinterest are eligible. This will surely get you a lot of followers as it will promote a feeling of exclusivity and victory. Entice your users to generate engagement through your Pinterest account.

Link with Other Social Media Accounts

You should link your Pinterest account with all the other social media accounts so that your friends and followers from other social media platforms can follow you on Pinterest.

How to Increase Pinterest Followers

ViralWoot is a tool that you should get if you want to manage multiple accounts, get more followers, promote pins, schedule pins and have pin alerts. Viralwoot provides a free trial so that you can check out there services and see the results for yourself.


Pinterest Tips

How to Use The Pinterest Analytics Tool to Your Advantage


Pinterest is a great online advertising tool that allows businesses to improve their online presence. Pinterest offers the perfect platform to promote goods and services to online audiences. The massive popularity of the image sharing site represents opportunities for both business-to-business and consumer-focused businesses.

Pinterest can be described as a visual pinboard site that allows you to collect and post images from a website or upload your own images. You can categorize these images and add descriptions to it. The images can also be hyperlinked which would allow users to visit the site by clicking on the image.

The best thing about using Pinterest is that you can use it to market your products and services. You can also measure the effectiveness of Pinterest posts using the Analytics tool. The Analytics tool helps you find out whether your Pinterest promotion activity has been able to benefit your online business which is the essential quotient for any sort of marketing.

How Can You Take Advantage of the Pinterest Analytics Tool?

The Pinterest Analytics tool offers insightful information about how the users engage with the Pin It button on your website. This tool allows you to see what people like or dislike about your profile so that you can find out what your customers really want. You can gain quite a bit of data and stats that provide information about the engagement of your pinned images.

Using the Analytics tool, you can monitor actions that are taken on your Pinterest profile page and custom boards. This gives you the big picture of your user activity so that you know where to spend your efforts to maximize the effectiveness of your Pinterest posts.

In order to gain access to the Pinterest Analytics feature, you should have a Pinterest business account. When you have signed up for the business account, you should head over to the Analytics dashboard to find out insightful information about your Pinterest posts.

The Analytics tool gives you an overview of the three main categories on the dashboard: your Pinterest Profile, your audience and your activity from your website name. You can click to see additional categories to get a better idea of how the posts are performing online. At the bottom of the page, you can find the top Five Pin impressions in the last month. You can get an overview of the number of repins, likes and clicks that have been made on the site.

The Pinterest profile page contains four sections that provide details about the popularity of your posts. You can view the top 50 most re-pinned items and the top 20 boards with the most clicks. The all-time section shows you the 50 most repinned pins, the pins with the highest search rank and power pins.

Note that you can repin your top performing pins to different boards. This is a good way to make the most repinned content visible to new pinners. You can also use the information gained from Analytics to post images that have the most impact on online audiences.

On a final note, if you want to gain insightful information without having to sign up for the Pinterest business account, you should consider using Viralwoot. ViralWoot is a great Pinterest promotion tool that allows you to gather additional followers and promotes your products and services.

You can register for a free trial to get in-depth information about your pins and boards and improve your Pinterest presence.

Pinterest Tips

How to Create The Perfect Pinterest Business Profile

 perfect pinterest business profile

Pinterest is a powerful source of business for enterprises of all size. Whether you’re a large brand with many employees or a solo creative entrepreneur, there are sales to be made on Pinterest, without the need for a large marketing budget.

Your first chance to make an impression with Pinterest users comes with a properly packaged profile for your business. If you haven’t done so, you’ll need to create a business account with Pinterest.

Even sole proprietors need to set up a Pinterest business account according to their terms of service. Plus, you’ll have access to certain features that are otherwise unavailable to personal accounts.

If you want to keep your personal and business accounts separate, that’s fine. Otherwise, you can convert your personal account to a business one. Here’s how.

Convert to Business Account

Log in to Pinterest and go to their business conversion page. Unlike a personal account which has separate fields for first and last name, business accounts have one name field that’s 37 characters long.

Enter your business name or keep your personal name if you so choose. You have a chance to use some keywords here, so make the most of the opportunity.

Choose the category of your business, enter your website URL and you’re done!

Pinterest convert personal to business

Edit Your Pinterest Profile

Now it’s time to edit the information in your profile to maximize its effectiveness.

Edit Pinterest Profile

Business Name

If you’re a company, use the name with which your prospects and customers will be familiar.

But what if you’re a creative entrepreneur who’s the CEO of everything? If you currently use your personal name, you can use that for your business name too. Just remember that you’ve got 37 characters to work with, so take advantage of the remaining space.

Try to fit in a keyword that works for SEO purposes. Pinterest is a search engine, so do everything you can to make it easier to be found. Think of how you want people to see you. In my case, I use “Stephen Jeske Growth Marketer” because that’s something for which I wish to be known.

Pinterest growth marketer

Notice what happens when someone searches Pinterest for “growth marketer”? My name pops up because it’s part of my business name.

If you’re a kitchen garden designer, put that after your name. If DIY projects best describe you, then maybe “DIY Maven” would be more appropriate.


Whether you’re a company with a logo or an individual using a photo, the image needs to be of high quality. That means no selfless or logos that look like they were created using MS Paint.

jeff sieh

Whatever you choose to upload, it should match your other social media profiles. Consistency is the easiest way of improving your corporate or personal brand. Uniformity implies stability, dependability, and reliability; attributes that ultimately lead to sales.


Your username does not appear visible on your profile. But it does form part of the URL that people may use to find you on the Internet. Your brand name is the most important so use it here. Bonus points if you can incorporate a keyword.

About You

There are only 160 characters available in this field, so make sure they count! Think keywords for SEO but write for humans. For my profile, I included a call-to-action (CTA) to encourage people to sign up for my weekly newsletter. Where possible work in a CTA without sounding spammy. Depending on your situation, a CTA may not be appropriate.

stephen jeske

Don’t worry if you can’t naturally include a CTA. In the case of ViralWoot, one sentence says it all. It’s like an elevator pitch where sometimes less is actually more.

viralwoot for pinterest

Mike Allton has done an excellent job combining both professional and personal aspects into one bio. The first sentence states his professional experience while the second sentence a personal and heart-warming touch. This profile was definitely written for humans, but with an SEO touch.

mike allton


Adding your location in the form of city and state brings a personal touch without revealing too much detail. If you’re a distributed company, like ViralWoot, that’s located everywhere, then say so. If prefer your location to remain more private, consider using just your state and country. It’s enough to create a personal bond while still providing some measure of privacy.

the app times


Enter in the URL of your site and hit the confirm button. You’ll be provided with a tag that you can copy and paste into you website’s index.html file. This code needs to go into the <head> section. Some WordPress themes let you do this by pasting the code into an “analytics tracking field” in the dashboard. The theme then inserts it into the appropriate spot in the header.

An alternate way of verifying your site is to download a particular HTML file and upload it to your site. Either way, you will need access to your site to provide confirmation to Pinterest.

Pinterest confirm website

Once you’ve confirmed your site, you’ll be able to see what people pin from your site and adds your logo to any pin originating from your site.

Social Network

The settings dashboard controls what social links appear on your profile. You can link to Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. Facebook and Google+ connect only with personal accounts. Since you’re using Pinterest for business purposes, you may not want to connect your personal social media accounts to your professional Pinterest profile.

Creating the perfect Pinterest profile doesn’t take a lot of work and will pay dividends for years to come. Take the time to get it right, and you’re sure to get more traffic back to your site. That’s always a good thing.

Is there a good Pinterest profile we should know about? Tell us in the comments below.