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Six Effective Social Media Marketing Tips

Effective social media marketing tools
Effective social media marketing tools

Effective social media marketing pays back in terms of successful businesses. A recent study suggests that social media recommendations lead to almost 30 percent of all websites’ overall traffic. So, if your business website is not benefiting from social media, then you may need to re-consider your social media strategy.

Here are some effective ways to boost social media marketing, which can positively impact your business, and increase your sales too.

Create custom-formatted tweets

Most tweets can get lost in the abyss of live feeds, especially the ones that seem to stream on with no end. Custom formatting can make sure that you are catching the reader’s attention. By applying line breaks and/or a unique font, you can break the monotony of short-form messaging.  Also, include some fun symbols to refresh the look of your tweets. You can copy and paste fun symbols from or other similar services.

Go for longer posts

While Twitter is adamant in not removing its 140-character limit, Google Plus is a better alternative platform, as it enables you to start a conversation that with a longer post. As a result, longer posts bring in more comments and +1s.

Opt for Facebook Groups

As organic reach for Facebook pages of companies continues to go down, entrepreneurs, marketers and publishers would be better of by creating and managing Facebook Groups. The maximum benefit seems to be for members, as they can choose to receive direct notifications about updates, but by giving such controls to users/members you actually prompt more participation from them.

Market Across all Social Platforms

Convert Facebook fans into Twitter followers and LinkedIn connections into contacts. This will make all users circle your profile on Google Plus. Afterwards, regularly sharing on a social network will bring you constant attention from followers.

Facilitate Meaningful Connections

Bring in and connect with people who share similar ideas and encourage them to interact with each other too. This will make sure you are always discussing a common interest.

Stand behind your actions

A successful entrepreneur knows when to get rid of a non-progressive customer. When a business set up keeps an honest and reasonable, such actions can actually bounce back in terms of massive support from social-media users and can actually bring in many new paying clients.

Pinterest Tips

7 Key Pinterest Strategies

7 Key Pinterest Strategies
7 Key Pinterest Strategies

Pinterest is one of the best platforms to market a small business, company, blog, or even to promote a book or product. Keeping that in mind, today we are going to show you some key strategies to use Pinterest.

Create Boards Keywords

Pinterest has amazing search competencies. You can further exploit it by using keywords in board titles by making sure that you select a category for each board. This will help people find it, and will also prompt Pinterest to promote your board.

Properly Describe your Ideas

When describing your ideas, keep in mind that people can tweet your pins. Specifically, the text you use to describe your idea should be more like a tweet. Keep it short, stimulating, and significant.

Build Links Back to the Website

You are given 2 places with every pin to add your link: one in the description and the other in the source for the pin. So use both appropriately!

Embed Pins on the Website

Embedding pins on your website are not difficult, and it is also an excellent way to get more repins. An embedded code on the Pinterest site can always bring more traffic for you.

‘Pinterest for business’ for Analytics

It is smart to see which of your pins are becoming popular. Re-share those on other Pinterest boards or on social networks. When a particular pin receives more interaction, social channels swarm it with conversations.

Rich pins

Right now, there are six types of Rich Pins: app, movie, recipe, article, product and place. Initially, adore your website with Meta tags, test out your rich pins and apply to get them on Pinterest. Non-technical people might need to consult with their developers or site owners to help them get started.

Smart Pin-able Images

Most successful pinners may not have an excellent image every time, but they do have an image that pins with each post. A bigger image of 735 x 1102 has more chance to get re-pins as Pinterest likes tall, vertical images. Make a big image, pin it and then share the pin with the blog link.

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Pinterest Tips

Popular Image Styles for Pinterest

image style

Pinterest is an excellent place to show off your products. But there’s a way to be even more successful in product promotion. Pinterest is about showing the product ‘in use’.

Creating separate images for a product increases sharing options for followers. As some people like to pin images that depict the use of the product, while others prefer to pin the image with a plain background. To display your product on Pinterest, show each product ‘in use’ to motivate Pinterest users.

Non-Visual & Visual Content

It’s not surprising that the most popular topics on Pinterest are DIY, Beauty and Food. Obviously, these are quite easy to represent visually. If your business lies outside of these areas, then you would have to get creative with your images. The best way is to use text and bright colors to make non-visual content more visually pleasing.

First and foremost, the bright-blue color stands out from the light background color on Pinterest. Also, lists and text overlays can attract people, by letting them know what that particular pin links to.

For business (non-visual) article pins use text in a fun way and use bright colors or images for the background. This would give readers multiple choices of images to pin.

Use Quotes to Reflect Your Ideas

The key is to pair quotes and images that depict the reason and tone of your brand. Quote images should link back to your website, more appropriately to the ‘About page’, so people can learn more about you and your company.

The quote message style has to be artistic, fun and attractive. Find effective ways to present a longer quote, treat it like an art. Brand and link your quotes, then put together a board of quotes, this could be a collection of different topics or, on a theme topic that reflects your image and relates to your business.

Share Good Close-Ups

Properly lit close-ups make for interesting pictures. It is always a trend on Pinterest. You can use close-ups of any type of product. Multiple images in a tall infographic style are also popular among pinners.

Pinterest Tips

Great Pinterest Tips for Small Business

Pinterest-Tips-For-Small-BusinessIf you are new to Internet marketing, then Pinterest could be the best platform for you to begin with. Below are some essential points that you can ponder on and incorporate in your Pinterest marketing strategy.

Technically Free Publicity

If you have been using Pinterest for your small business, then a great way to let your buyers/shoppers know about your products is by including the price in the written description. Pinterest would recognize that and it would even include your product in a gift guide email, resulting in free publicity for your shop.

Offer Coupon Code

By adding a coupon code to your pin, you can cajole latent customers to make a purchase, and it will also enable you to track your marketing progress. It is possible that shoppers might search for “coupon code” to find better deals, so keep your code simple and easy to remember. Since Pinterest pins do not expire, your coupon codes should not either. It will also mean that even if your product has passed its primary sale’s date, it is still in the game.

Put up a Testimonial Board

It will be a validation for your business and brand. As satisfied customers can leave back some leads for tentative first-time buyers. Another effective way is to pin (or link) to other sources where your work has been featured. Uploading photos that offer a look into your production process can also boost your understanding and rating.

Put Items on Sale

If you reduce the tag on products from what you pinned before, Pinterest would send an email to people who pinned it. This would notify them about the drop in cost. This is such an easy way to connect with someone who liked your product to get it in future or passed it to others. The notification could be the needed push a buyer was waiting for, and a second shot for you to seal the deal.

Pinterest Search Yourself

Following members who have pinned your merchandise can lead to a mutually beneficial relationship, and it will also remind them of your work. Developing relationships with pinners can boost the number of your followers into the millions.

If you’re just getting started, take a look at our post “What is Pinterest” and get going on the right foot.

Pinterest Tips

Don’t Know What to Pin? Try These Pinterest Ideas

We have divided some ideas under broad categories for your ease.


  • Cute animals
  • My favorite pets
  • cute dogs
  • Funny dogs
  • Cute cats
  • adorable cats
  • funny cats
  • German shepherd
  • adorable animal pics
  • animals on training
  • Wild animals
  • Rare species animals
  • Aqua life
  • Dangerous animals
  • Horrible animals
  • Biggest animals on planet


  • My dream home
  • Architecture marvels
  • Mega structures
  • Skyscrapers
  • Tallest buildings
  • Wonders of world
  • Amazing bridges
  • Underground architecture marvels
  • Architecture engineering


  • Classical art
  • Paintings
  • rare art
  • Most expensive paintings
  • Portraits
  • Sculpture
  • Color art
  • Street art
  • Wall Decals
  • Wall chalking

Cars and Motorcycles

  • Super cars
  • Dream cars
  • Vintage cars
  • Rare cars
  • Limited edition cars
  • Most expensive cars
  • Cheapest cars
  • Fastest cars
  • Heavy bikes
  • American bikes
  • Vintage bikes
  • Fastest bikes
  • Most expensive bikes
  • Limited edition bikes


  • Michael Jackson
  • Michael Jackson best pics collection
  • Michael Jackson rare pics
  • Michael Jackson unseen pics
  • Justin Bieber

DIY and Hobbies

  • DIY and craft
  • coin collection
  • Currency collections
  • vintage stuff
  • Postcards

Books and movies

  • All time best seller
  • Books of the Year
  • Movie of the year
  • Fiction books
  • Horror books collection
  • Horror movies
  • Science fiction books collection
  • Funny movies
  • Not to watch movies collection
  • Not recommended books collection
  • Comic books collection

Food and drink ideas on Pinterest

  • Appetizer
  • Healthy breakfast
  • Health foods
  • Breakfast idea
  • Lunch ideas
  • Dinner
  • BBQ
  • Sweets
  • bakery stuff
  • Cakes
  • Chocolate
  • Coffee
  • Chicken recipes
  • Healthy drinks
  • Energy drinks
  • Party food
  • Drinks for party


  • Most beautiful garden pics collection
  • backyard gardening
  • Flowers in garden
  • Best flowers collection
  • Most beautiful flowers
  • Flowers for wedding
  • Flowers for party
  • Flowers for home
  • Indoor gardening
  • Evergreen gardens

Home decor

  • Interior designing
  • Bedroom ideas
  • Dining ideas
  • Sitting room ideas
  • Book reading room ideas
  • Home decor
  • Kitchen ideas
  • My dream home


  • Hilarious pics
  • All things that make me lol
  • ROFL
  • Funny animals
  • Funny posters
  • Funny signs
  • Funny cats
  • Memes
  • Funny ecards


  • Landscaping
  • swimming pools
  • Forests
  • Walkways


  • My shopping list
  • My wishlist
  • Things to buy for Christmas
  • Halloween Shopping
  • Thanksgiving shopping
  • Kids shopping
  • Must buy
  • Things to buy next year
  • Geek stuff to be bought
  • Must buy tech stuff


  • Famous quotes
  • Inspirational quotes
  • Famous sayings
  • Famous people quotes
  • Funny quotes
  • Sad quotes
  • Love quotes
  • Quotes


  • Manchester United fan board
  • Liverpool fan board
  • Football
  • Football rare pics
  • Baseball pics collection
  • Sports goods
  • Indoor sports


  • Dream vacation spot
  • Must travel here before death
  • Must see places on earth
  • Best tourist spots
  • Tourism
  • Best islands for tourism
  • Best vacation spots
  • Most amazing places to visit
  • Most thrilling places
  • Most dangerous places to visit
  • Most incredible places
  • I have been here

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