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How Pinterest Analytics can help your business grow?

Pinterest Analytics for Businesses

The last time we talked about the concept of Pinterest analytics we considered its general benefits for businesses and its importance. We learned how Pinterest analytics lets you gather insights from your Pinterest marketing efforts and helps you get a better grip over what works and what does not. We discussed the What? and the Why? and pretty much described the need of analytics in a Pinterest marketing campaign.

But how should you proceed with it? What’s the catch? How can you create actionable instances from the data you gather?

In this post we will address these questions and more. Here are a few things that you can expect to learn from this post:

  • How to form an Industry oriented approach to Pinterest analytics?
  • Enhancing your performance on Pinterest through data.
  • How to improve Online sales using Pinterest analytics?
  • Incorporating Pinterest analytics into your Marketing strategy.

Before we talk about all these points, let’s have a quick recap of Pinterest analytics:

Pinterest Analytics: A Quick walk through

Analytics is primarily divided into 3 major sections:

  1. Pinterest profile analytics: Profile analytics show you the pins people like most from your profile. Profile metrics are divided into Impressions, Repins, Clicks and All time stats. All of these metrics provided a comprehensive view over the performance of your content on Pinterest. It also helps your ascertain the things customers want the most (or want to learn or purchase).
  2. Pinterest audience analytics: Audience analytics tells you about the people who follow your boards or interacted with your pins in some way. With audience analytics you get an overview of audience demographics, location, gender etc.
    You are also able to see their other interests. This provides with an opportunity to coalesce different interests and present a unique product/service to your customers.
  3. Pinterest Website analytics: Website analytics are similar to profile analytics, except they give you information related to your website. If you use the ‘Pin it‘ button you can even track the people who are using it and driving clicks back to your site.

These 3 sections encompass all the activities related to your Pinterest business account. Using these 3 sections, you can gather all sorts of information about your customers and plan your Pinterest marketing strategy accordingly.

Using Pinterest to build a brand

Pinterest provides an incredibly social platform to connect with customers. Unlike most other social networking platforms, content and products on Pinterest aren’t just liked or shared, they are collected. A collection makes it easier for a brand to adjudge their marketing efforts according to the customer preferences. In fact they are more personal and intimate than a ‘Like’ or a ‘share’.

For brands, assessing a collection gives them an opportunity to understand the customer’s desires and needs. A collection gives a more closer view into what the customer CAN buy, which essentially is the entire idea off social media marketing. Also, collections are not necessarily passive as ‘Likes‘ and ‘Shares‘ often are.

Come to think of it: You collect what you covet, what you desire and what you need.Collections aren’t just made because other people liked it (though it does play a small role). Collections are highly personal and amazingly relevant to the customer.

Thus, Pinterest gives you a better handle over customer engagement. Use content and products that actually captivate, or at least hold the customer’s attention.

Pivoting Pinterest engagement

Here are a few things you can do to grow your Pinterest engagement through focusing on Analytics:

  • Gather and study the data related to the Audience (Audience Analytics). This data can help you gauge the customer demographics. See where your customers are, what their age, gender is, and what are their other interests. This data can give some basic perception of the customer’s perspective.
  • Tinker with your content. Assess the most clicked and most saved content from your site. Rehash your content strategy. Pitch any two strong or weak sections of your content. See if they work in a pair.
  • Reassess your target strategy and make plans more suited to the your Pinterest analysis.

Now, where exactly does Pinterest analytics fit in? As it stands, Pinterest analytics provides you with the data associated with your customers. This data provides you with insights into your customer’s activities on Pinterest. You can easily gauge the customer’s requirements and assess all sorts of metrics that can help you plan your marketing strategy in a better way.

Let’s look at some possible marketing enhancement through Pinterest analytics.

[Tweet “Customer collections are much more personal than Likes and Shares.”]

Performance enhancement through Analytics

After you’ve acquainted yourself with Pinterest analytics, you will have a ton of data to work with. This data often provides actionable directions to gauge and create a Pinterest marketing strategy. With this data you’ll be able to create a framework around your marketing efforts. Consider this: You know what your customers like and they want to buy.  This spares you of the difficult problems. You only need to provide them with the products/information that they require.

And voila! The customers would know of you, your brand and will be more willing to purchase your services. Pinterest for business also provides you with useful information about your current performance. Using this information you can assess your marketing efforts and understand customer requirements.

Discover how Pinterest works for your business

With Pinterest analytics you can get a hang of what your customers like. You can change your marketing strategy, your content and your product presentation as per your customer’s requirements. These metrics also point out any gaps in your marketing campaigns. Your particular business sect might be able to carve out its own niche if the audience you target is inclined enough to follow you.

Learn more about your Audience

This goes without saying and cannot be stressed enough. You know where your audience’s preferences stands, now pitch them a relevant product. Once you do that, you’ll conform to the customer requirements.

Knowing what your audience enjoys also provides you the opportunity to take action based on the analytical recommendations on offer.

Act on Pin insights

Now that you’ve gathered the necessary data related to your audience and your content on Pinterest, you’d need to formulate some strategy that can help you implement these insights.

How can you improve Online sales using Pinterest Analytics?

  • Identify your competition

Once you’ve identified the various facets that resonate with your audience, you’d be able to know what they like and what their brand preferences are, in short: Know your competition.


While many brands that you’d come across on Pinterest would be related to a general outlook or a lifestyle category, you could peruse the categories to study any patterns or trends in customer perceptions and purchase mentality. Here’s what to do:

  1. Sift through the brands and identify and co-relating factors between the brand content and purchases.
  2. Assess a popular brand’s content and reflect on your own approach. 
  3. Gauge any content you can mimic, any trend you can leverage and add your own unique blend to the content matter.
  • Discover the device your followers prefer

Discovering the devices your followers use will give you a better traction over the type of content you need to pitch to them. This is important because Pins look different on a desktop computer and a smartphone.

Device Pinterest analytics

Also the user experience and interaction is vastly different. So knowing the type of device used will help you answer a few questions like:

  1. How are users looking at your content?
  2. Is your content perceivable on the prominent device?
  3. Should you change your content strategy to favor a specific device?
  • Assess the comments

Assessing the comments posted on your content will help you assess the possible changes in your product lines. This will also help you gauge the customer sentiment related to your product. This way you can accommodate any changes required into your product as per  the comments on your Pinterest content.

  • Work on the Most Clicked and Most Repinned content

Your ‘Most Clicked’ and ‘Most Repinned’ content can help you ascertain the engaging content of your profile. This is pivotal to your Pinterest strategy as the most engaging content often drives the most traffic and the most sales for a brand on Pinterest.

For example: Most repinned metric lets you know the content which resonates most with your audience. Although, sometimes you might find certain categories to pull consistent traffic (Hi-res images, Food, Quotes and the like). With this information you can organize and rehash your content to better suit your customer’s desires.

Visitors and Clicks Pinterest analytics

On the other hand, Most clicked metric lets you access the pins that are driving traffic to your website. Similar to Most repinned metric, the Most clicked metric lets you assess the content that has the highest appeal to your customers.

Apart from that, the most clicked content has the highest Purchasing quotient amongst your regular content material. This information gives you the most direct insights into the sales-oriented potential of your Pinterest content.

Using this metric you can:

  1. Assess if your pins are engaging
  2. Identify any pattern, color, type, theme etc.
  3. Gauge the dates your content ‘works‘. This can help you identfify any seasonal spurts and maintain consistency.
  • Website assessment

Few major questions define this section:

  1. Is it easy to Pin from your website?
  2. Can people Pin from your mobile site?
  3. Have I told people that I’m on Pinterest?

These 3 questions combined with the Pinterest friendly quotient of your site can get you a pretty straight handle over your site performance. Website analytics shows data for all Pins that link back to your website, not just the Pins you’ve added to your own profile. Therefore it gets pretty easy for you to map your site’s traction.

Apart from that the Pinterest Pin it button analytics lets you get a snapshot view of how the button drives traffic back to you. So overall, Website assessment lets you track your performance in contrast to the keyhole information from your profile.

There! We’ve discussed the entirety of Pinterest analytics and the related factors that can help you gauge some profit from the data that you get from Pinterest analytics.

You can try these methods or get onto our home-grown Pinterest analytics tool to let the data do the heavy lifting.

Etsy Marketing Small Business

How to Price your Items on Etsy?

If you sell your products on Etsy, you would know what a significant problem it is to price your items in the right bracket. There are a lot of amazing people on Etsy selling their products at ridiculously cheap prices. This clearly entails that people are selling themselves short or they are completely unaware of the value they’re offering.

In any case, Etsy price valuation is something which troubles a lot of sellers.

How should a seller settle on a price? Too expensive and your customers would pass up your products. Too cheap and you’d underpay yourself and undervalue your work.

So how can a seller decide on their product prices?

Figuring it out

As it turns out, Etsy released an extensive guide on price reevaluation and assessment for Etsy sellers. Turns out that the entire scope of marketing and pricing products on Etsy revolves around your competition and the quality you’re offering.

Here’s the simplified formula by Etsy:

Cost Price (Labor + Materials Cost) x 2 = Your Wholesale Price

Wholesale Price x 2 = Retail Price

This formula presents you an idea of the pricing you can offer based on your inputs, your expenditure and your efforts. First, you need to map your products and the effort that you put into them.

Start with your Materials

The materials you use to make each item in your product range will dictate your total cost and determine the price of your item. Map your prices by accounting each material input into a product.

You can also eliminate or substitute materials to vary your costs. See how your customers respond to the material changes. You’ll be able to get a better handle on individual costs.

Make a Pricing Goal

Ascertain your pricing structure and scope of your products in the market. Most people under value their items as they are not aware of the requirements and trends in the market. Learn about your business field and find out your niche on Etsy.

Making a pricing goal also helps you understand your yearly targets. It also helps you plan your activities and scale your Etsy range in the future. You can also choose to map, invest and re-invest in your Etsy store.

Find the sweet spot

After you’ve reevaluated and re-structured your pricing, you’d want to decide on the sweet spot suitable for your niche and for your customers. You can make a lot of sales by varying your prices by a small difference.

Lower Prices do not mean more sales

Lower prices do not always guarantee you higher sales. You have to price your products in an exclusive yet affordable way. Often people consider poorly priced products to be of lower quality. This is a basic tenet of behavioral economics and can result in hefty losses for any brand or seller.

Your Etsy products should be priced in an appropriate range so as to target the right customers. Channel exclusivity through your products and map the changes that gather a higher response rate from your customers.

Analyze your Competition

As with any field, you competition can determine your products fate in the market. Many sellers underestimate the impact a competitor makes on the niche. This can affect your pricing scheme and the perspective of your customers for your products.

Carefully judge your competition and price your products in a delectable range. You can always one-up your competitor by offering more value on the cent. But be careful of the implications of the competition so that you can usher in a healthy and profitable rivalry.

Test and Gauge response

Once you’ve decided on a pricing bracket for your products, seek response and feedback from your customers and fellow business owners.Ask questions from your consumer base. Their preferences, their concerns and their ideas should be addressed and analyzed. Apart from being an effective customer experience strategy, this can also provide you with useful nuggets of information.

This way you can understand the pricing and the consumer sentiment in the market.

Reevaluating Etsy Prices using Pricewoot

Now that you’ve understood the various facets around pricing changes on Etsy, you would know that pricing any product requires some amount of research, analysis and time. Many sellers would be skeptical of putting in the required amount of time and effort for the price restructuring required.

In this situation, the seller would require an alternative method to know the average prices of similar products in an organized manner.

Pricewoot offers an amazing service to Etsy sellers by showing them a detailed sketch of average prices of products. With Pricewoot, a seller can discover the right prices for their Etsy listings.

How does it work?

Pricewoot uses a predictive analysis engine to suggest the correct price ranges for a product. With an analysis of over a  million sales for tens of thousands of Etsy stores, Pricewoot provides a number of powerful Etsy data analysis systems to predict correct prices for different products.


What can it do for you?

With Pricewoot, you can:

  1. Discover correct prices for your products: Compare your products with the market average and see where you fare amongst the competition.
  2. Track your top tags and materials: Pricewoot keeps you updated with the important metrics related to Etsy businesses and guides you to improve your sales and profits.
  3. Track shop data and get suggestions: With suggestive methods, Pricewoot will help you understand the products and tags performing better on Etsy. With this information, you can focus on the right areas of product development.
  4. Track your top customers: Pricewoot lets you manage and re-engage your customers to generate more sales and profits.

With this simple tool, you can completely eliminate the need for thorough research and analysis for your product prices. Get on Pricewoot and put more time into creating your products while ensuring amazing returns and profits from Etsy.

You can try Pricewoot for free and see the results of Etsy price re-evaluation yourself. You can see upto 8 products in your free account and manage your Etsy prices.

Try Pricewoot Price Suggestions for free

For more information about Etsy marketing and Pricewoot, reach us at our helpdesk . We’d be happy to help you!

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Elements of the Perfect Pinterest Marketing Strategy

Pinterest Marketing Strategy

Pinterest was founded in 2010 and has gathered over 100 million users since then. The statistics are very impressive because the website has at least 250,000,000 monthly visitors and 23% of the users check the website at least once a day. It is slowly becoming a social media giant that has an emphasis on images and content curation. It is important that marketers understand the basic mechanisms of the website which includes

  • Content that is organized into boards.
  • Pins that consist of images and videos.
  • People who can follow your boards and can repin, like and comment.

Here is a brief guide that will take you from how to set up your account to linking it with your potential growth.

Set up the Account

Create Your Pinterest Account

Do you want to make a personal account or a business account? You will have to consider this before moving on to the following steps:

  • Choose a username
  • Write in the ‘About Me’ section
  • Pick a profile picture
  • Update your location if you have a business account.

Optimizing Your Account

You will have to establish a link between your Pinterest account and website. Here are the steps:

  • Verify your website on Pinterest
  • Add the “Save” button
  • Have a Pinterest widget on your site
  • Have a semantic markup for article pins and rich pins.
  • Add the “Follow Me” button

Optimize the Images

You can do this in the following ways:

  • Use clear pictures
  • Use bright pictures
  • Minimize background space
  • Use keywords with images

Creating Boards

The steps for creating boards include:

  • Naming the boards
  • Adding board descriptions
  • Choosing a board category

Start Pinning

Your pinning strategy should include

  • Naming your pins
  • Adding pin descriptions
  • Links to pin sources
  • Repinning

Creating the Perfect Pinterest Marketing Strategy

In order to have a great Pinterest marketing strategy, you need to have clear goals. Try and understand who your audience is and how you will reach them. To accomplish this, you will have to do a little research and understand their interests and priorities. Furthermore, you will also have to know who your competitors are so that you can stay ahead of them. Set measurable goals that include the number of followers, number of repins and sales from Pinterest. You can define the content strategy by learning about the following:

Content Sources

Visit well-known Pinterest accounts, famous boards, media outlets and popular content from other sources.

Posting Strategy

In order to stand out, you will have to be creative by being selective, posting high-quality images and by posting frequently.

Pinterest Analytics

As a business, you need to know about Pinterest analytics for which you will need a third party tool. These tools are very helpful as they will help you in learning about:

  • Visitors and clicks
  • Pinners
  • Repins
  • Your reach
  • Help you in measuring engagement
  • Learn about trending pins
  • Help you learn about competitor tracking

Google Analytics

It is important that you learn what is driving traffic to your website. Google analytics can help you in tracking this down with the help of social reports that will tell you how much traffic your website is getting because of Pinterest and with the help of custom reports that will give you an in-depth analysis about the user’s behavior.

Learn More about Pinterest Marketing Strategy

Use a tool like ViralWoot, to learn more about Pinterest and to keep a track on its marketing strategy. They are offering a free trial, so hurry up and register!

Small Business Success Stories

How we increased our revenue by 11.7% by using JustCall

Guest post from JustCall
I am Andrea from JustCall. Viralwoot is one our early users. We have been working closely with Viralwoot team to understand some of the best practices related to outbound sales and customer success. Please read below our case study on how Viralwoot used cloud-based phone system to grow their revenue by 11.7% within 2 months of using JustCall. This post originally posted on our blog here.

Social media is a global phenomenon so social media tools can get customers from any part of the world. As building an internet product is getting easier and easier, one can build a business just by sitting beach-side with his/her laptop and good internet. You can hire remote teams by using different hiring sites like Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr etc.

But this all works well till you are small and working with small & medium scale businesses only. As your business starts growing, communication problems start knocking your door. And because of this, you start losing a lot of business, customer service levels take a nose dive and most importantly, you start leaving a lot of money on the table.


Viralwoot Case Study - Falling revenue + Distributed Team

When Viralwoot, a popular Pinterest marketing company, approached us – their churn rates were running at 5% and their sales folks were not able to meet the sales quotas. For many years, Viralwoot was pretty much inside sales based but they reached a limit where they had to jump into outbound sales to grab those bigger accounts. Having a remote team across 6 countries made it difficult for Alex (CEO of Viralwoot) to set up a proper outbound sales process for his sales team.

So, when we approached Viralwoot with a solution, they quickly agreed to give JustCall a try.

How Viralwoot used JustCall?

Viralwoot took 7 phone numbers for its outbound sales reps for making cold calls and 3 phone numbers for its customer support team – 8 US phone numbers, 1 UK number and 1 South African phone number. [FYI, on JustCall, you can get phone numbers in 58 countries]

Each sales person had one dedicated phone number and one phone number was used to make a Contact Sales call center. When a lead called this contact sales number, 5 sales people used to get calls on their mobile devices simultaneously. Similarly, a customer success/support call center was set up. It took Alex less than 30 minutes to get all the numbers & create above mentioned call centers.

As sales reps were distributed across 4 countries, they used “Opening Hours” feature to make sure incoming phone calls get routed to only those sales reps who were working/available at that time. Distributed team helped Viralwoot to remain available around the clock.

Set Opening Hours on your phone number using Justcall
Set Opening Hours on your phone number

Alex started monitoring all the call logs and recordings to fine tune their pitches and also, evaluate the performance of his sales and customer success reps.

How sales team used JustCall

Every morning, sales reps used to start their day by logging into their respective JustCall accounts to schedule calls, listen to voicemails and then make calls directly from their web browser. Marketing team used to send these sales reps 20-25 leads every day as CSV files which these sales reps used to import using CSV importer.

Viralwoot started noticing an increase in response rate & conversion rates of their US leads as sales reps were making these calls from a local US number (from their respective locations in Europe and Asia). Sales reps also started using text messages to better engage with their prospective clients. Within 4 weeks of starting with JustCall, sales reps were making 15-20 calls and scheduling 3-5 demos – every day.


Send text messages from JustCall
Send text messages from JustCall

“Earlier I used to nag or request my sales reps to punch in all the calling activity details in an excel sheet but after switching to JustCall, all the activity logs & recordings get saved automatically. This has resulted in tremendous improvement in productivity of my team members.”  – Alex Cruz, Viralwoot

How customer success team used JustCall

On the customer success side, response time and proactive reaching out became easier for all the customer success reps. Success calls followed by an upselling email started generating higher revenue per customer. Readily available call logs made it easier for the customer success team to uniformly cover most of the userbase. Earlier, as the user base has grown up pretty quickly, it became difficult for the team to give attention to each & every customer. New customers were getting all the attention & old customers were getting neglected.

“With JustCall app in my mobile phone, I feel more confident and raring to go & talk to my international clients by using a local number from their location. My clients also sound more friendly & open. We are really happy with our JustCall experience so far.” – Aditya, Customer Success Manager, Viralwoot


Viralwoot is using JustCall for last two months. All Viralwoot team members are now on JustCall. Within 2 months of using JustCall, Viralwoot’s revenue jumped by 11.7%, average revenue per new customer is up by 5%, customer success team has noticed a significant improvement in their response rate and upselling conversion rates. We will be updating these numbers after Viralwoot’s 6 months completion on JustCall.

About JustCall

Justcall is a cloud-based phone system that helps your sales and customer service teams cater international clients & prospects better. A sales or support team member can generate phone numbers in any of the 58 countries that we support (including US, UK, Japan, Australia, South Africa + European countries) & start making calls to his/her international contacts from a local number. He/she can receive all the calls on his own phone number (without any internet requirement) or on his internet browser.

Getting started is super simple: Signup with Justcall, generate a phone number (local or toll-free) and start making/receiving calls and SMS. In-built CRM system allows contact management, call recording (for sales managers), call rating and so on. We also provide integrations with Zoho, Freshdesk, Pipedrive, Zapier, Google contacts (& many more in making).

You can set up a small call center of your own wherein if someone dials in a number, 4-5 team members will get a phone call simultaneously and anyone can pick the phone. Learn how you can create a call center in minutes.

Never miss a call when traveling – you can setup voicemail, you can add alternate numbers (team member phone numbers) to get the call when you are not picking up or away, you can set up office timings.

Moreover, you can add call buttons on your website and a visitor on your store can call you right from his internet browser.

Interested in generating similar results for your business?

If your business is also growing and doing or planning to do outbound sales, you must get your sales team on JustCall today. Create your JustCall account now or request a free demo by writing to us at

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Five Best Etsy Seller Tools to make your Business Flourish in 2017



As one of the world’s largest marketplaces of handmade items, Etsy is a great place to buy and sell high-quality, hand-crafted products. There are 24 million buyers on Etsy, so you got to have some tools at your disposal to tap the market and expand your business. Using the following six tools will help you greatly in this quest.

1. Mad Mimi


The Mad Mimi Etsy integration allows you to sync your Etsy shop listings with your Mad Mimi composer, so you can easily add products to your email newsletters.

Mad Mimi is an easy to use platform to create, send, share and track email newsletters online. It makes e-mail marketing really simple and user friendly.

Etsy is integrated in such a way, that you can venture your stores into new routes likes email marketing and various social channels. After you have synced your Etsy store with Mad Mimi, you can send your email newsletters to your customers and subscribers. You also get to share it on Facebook and Twitter or pin it to Pinterest.

Also, the drag and drop feature saves a great deal of time. You just need to drag any product into an image/text, or image-only module to display it in your newsletter, and you are good to go.

2. ReferralCandy


This is a total game changer. There’s no end to the success stories associated with ReferralCandy. The process to get started is pretty simple as well.

Your customers get a personal referral link, and they get to share it with their friends. Also, your progress gets tracked every second. So, whenever a friend of your costumer buy through his referral link, your costumer gets some amount of money. And that’s how it the snowball grows and gets bigger and bigger.

It’s a win-win scenario. You shouldn’t delay further, just get on the ReferralCandy bandwagon.

3. ViralWoot


Viralwoot, as the name suggests has gone viral with the Pinterest community. And is popular among many Etsy sellers. Viralwoot is basically a wholesome Pinterest package which includes scheduling, promotion, managing, and analytics.

Through the scheduler, you can automate your Pinterest presence by scheduling pins in bulk and save time. You can also promote your pins. Just paste your pin’s link in and Viralwoot gets to work. This way you get to increase your reach in a more organic way.

Viralwoot also offers you analytic tools. By this you can track your presence and progress. You can get to know your top performers and take your next step accordingly. They provide you valuable guidance on how you can improve your numbers. You can also register for a free trial of ViralWoot and see it weave magic in boosting your online presence.

So Viralwoot should be your go-to tool for Pinterest. It’s totally worth the hype.

4. Shopseen


Have you got your products listed on other web stores as well and are having a hard time managing them? Don’t worry, I have got you covered. Shopseen provides one central spot to add and update your product listings. It also offers social media updates, shipping and email marketing.

Shopseen makes it easy to list everywhere from one simple interface. And if you already have a store, Shopseen downloads all your products when you first connect so they are ready to go.

One of the best things about Shopseen is after your products are listed, it pushes them to all your social channels seamlessly. All the product details, image, and the link to buy are sent in one click. So, whenever a buyer clicks, he gets directed to the page to buy straightaway.

5. MartNinja


MartNinja helps sellers promote their products to the buyers of fellow sellers on social media. It is a network of sellers helping to promote your products to their buyers on social media. It’s basically word of mouth marketing simplified.

It’s easy to get started with. You just need to connect your Etsy store with MartNinja, and all your imports will be automatically imported. Then, you select the products which you want to promote, along with the target category and number of shares on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Go ahead with the payment see the magic.

Soon, other sellers in the network will see your promoted products and, they will start publicizing them to their network of buyers on social media, and get paid for that. You can do the same, and get paid for sharing other seller’s products with your network of buyers. So cool, right?

The aforementioned tools are some of the most effective ways Etsy Sellers can use to create a strong online presence, boost sales, and elevate their business to new heights.

If have any advice or tips to expand your Etsy business, you are most welcome to share your ideas by commenting in the box below.