A Complete Guide to Pins on Pinterest

Users are active on Pinterest to find and save ideas for things they want to do, be it personal or professional. Perhaps that’s why Pinterest tags itself as an idea catalog. Keeping that in mind, we’ve tinkered with and crafted some strategies for Pinterest users.

You can optimize your pins by making them more beautiful, aiding, and action-oriented to inspire pinners by your idea.

We will be focusing on showing how to craft the pins for precise advertising requirements.

It might be possible that you won’t be required to use each tip provided by us, but that just depends on your requirements and your target audience.

First and foremost, a marketer should define a specific objective before designing an image. Certain things like the audience persona, their habits and their relation to the content/image can help you target and gather more users.

There has to be a purpose for every image that is created to be pinned on your Pinterest business account. What is it used for? Why is it great? Why should a user see it? The utility. That’s what you should look for in every single image.

Pins are exclusively utilized for four sorts of goals:

  • Creating Awareness
  • Enhancing engagement
  • Incrementing clicks
  • Pulling more conversations

Let us analyze to these goals one by one.

Creating Awareness

As a brand owner or a marketer, the best way to create brand awareness is to narrate a story that your target audience can connect with.

Using compelling images might be a good idea, as pinners do not invest time to read your description on Pinterest. (Since Pinterest is, well, a wholly visual platform)

Marketers should ensure to use high-resolution images that grab the attention of users.

Writing detailed description is another way to make sure that users are aware about the details about the brand. That’s when the user does actually find your product intriguing.

Suitable descriptions aid in making your ideas compelling and superior.

Descriptions should be utilized by you should make people understand the message respective pins are trying to convey.

On Pinterest, celebrating novelty is highly appreciable.

Users just love to identify and find new ideas on this image-based social media network.

As a marketer, you should ensure to depict any elements of novelty or newness to ensure excitement among the users about your ideas.

An ideal image’s aspect ratio should be 2:3 (600px wide x 900px high).

As a brand, you stand for something; always consider this to include into your pins.

If your branding is tasteful and impactful, it will provide your brand a sense of credibility and makes users closer to you (and your brand).

We also strongly recommend the marketers to utilize text overlays in case their images are rendering enough contexts.

Enhancing engagement

First step of enhancing customer engaged should be to inspire people to click for a close-up or save an idea.

How to engage effectively on Pinterest?

Pins that are specifically focused on one product leads to more saves and close-ups. And that’s is precisely what you want. By saving an image, the user catalogs your idea for further use. He/she may share it or just give it a second look. 

Your primary motive here is to post an image that the user covets, that he can collect.

Attributing the product in a real environment also works. For instance, displaying a lamp in a living room is a good idea instead of posting a lamp’s image. You are giving a perspective to the product so that the user is spared of the difficult task of choosing.

Pinterest rich pins ensure an effective Pinterest business marketing for numerous brands globally.

It does not take much time to actually set up rich pins on Pinterest.

Users on Pinterest love it when brands aid them in acting on any specific idea. This is the reason, why ‘how to’ images and short videos are so popular.

Text overlays are basically utilized for rendering a clear vision of what a brand wants to convey with a specific pin.

Incrementing clicks

This is nothing but boosting traffic on your website.

There is a good chance that the pins that are representing more than one product drives traffic because they do speak to varied tastes and stimulate curiosity.

For instance, a pin the showcase numerous colors of the same shirt can make your audience more curious as multiple alternatives are available to choose from.

We recommend limiting your pins to 4 products at maximum so that the pins don’t get too busy in the process.

Making compelling images can also lead you to increase the traffic more to your website as the probability of clicking a link will be high in this case.

Experts also recommend using vertically aligned images.

It is also advisable to incorporate lists, tips, or advice.

Smart marketers make sure to inspire an action by user by including lists and tips effectively.

You can utilize these lists in the text overlays or in the pin description itself.

Lists can also be displayed visually by incorporating a number of products in the pin image.

A bit of tips or advice in your pin is also recommendable.

Best Performing Pins on Pinterest

Let us take a look at the most popular pins that are creating a remarkable impact on the users:

First is the pin from Your Party. You can see all the necessary aspects strategically placed on this pin.

Although, Logo Concepts have not yet gained much follower, still there below mentioned pin is been quite successful.

Next image is another perfect example of how to utilize text overlays and still create curiosity among the users.

The following image shows the importance of ‘how to’ related images on Pinterest. Also note the vertical alignment of the image, which is highly appreciated and adored by Pinterest.

There are many such examples.

Marketers should ensure to keep an open mind and should bring together their act by following the tips mentioned in this article.