Pinterest Tips

How Pinterest Scheduler helps to manage your account

Why Pinterest Scheduler is important?

Ignoring Pinterest is no longer an option for you if you want your business to thrive online. The number of users that use Pinterest in a month has reached about 100 million this year. This presents an immense oppurtunity for online business users to build their brand image, extend their online presence, and promote their goods and services.

Scheduling posts can allow you to become more consistent in promoting products and services to online visitors. By automating posts using a Pinterest scheduler, you can ensure that the posts are made at the right time to have a maximum impact on the online visitors. Instead of spending time and money having to post every day, you can greatly ease the task by scheduling posts for future dates.

Benefits of Scheduling Pinterest Posts

If you are already using Pinterest to promote your brand and/or products, you may already know that posting on Pinterest or any other social media site is a full-time job. You have to create engaging posts that resonate with online audiences.

Scheduling posts greatly eases your task of posting them regularly. You can use it to spread your posts over future dates so that you don’t overwhelm your audience. By scheduling posts in the future, you can review them to ensure that they comply with ethical social media guidelines and the general trends. Other value added benefits of scheduling Pinterest posts include:

  • Scheduling posts allow you to post more consistently. You can set up a stable schedule that allows you to post all at once or spread them over a week.
  • Scheduling posts makes it more likely that you won’t miss a post during the time that matters the most. It ensures that the posts are able to capitalize on important occasions and gain maximum benefits.
  • You can take some time off when you schedule tasks using a Pinterest scheduler. Think about it; who wants to be busy posting pins during vacations or public holidays? Using a scheduling tool allows you to create posts in advance so that you can take time out during the holidays without worrying about not making the most of the opportunity to reach clients.
  • Using a Pinterest scheduler, you can create posts during off hours. For instance, you can post updates anytime between 5:00 pm to 9:00 am without being present at the office. Moreover, you can also post updates during the weekends, when your audience is more likely to be online. This maximizes the effectiveness of Pinterest posts in promoting your products and services.

But the question is how exactly do you go about scheduling posts on Pinterest?

The good news is that you can find various Pinterest scheduler tools online to automate your Pinterest posts. However, some may not be good enough for the task. One of the best Pinterest scheduler tools is ViralWoot. The online tool allows you to schedule posts for future dates. You don’t need to glue yourself to the PC to post pins on your board on that specific date. The online tool automatically creates pins without any user intervention.

You can select images and create captions that would go with each pin. You can select the board where you want the images to go as well as create a hyperlink for each image. This greatly helps in maximizing the reach and effectiveness of individual posts. You can register for a free trial to get an overview of the Pinterest scheduler and see how it helps automate your Pinterest marketing strategy.