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Elements of the Perfect Pinterest Marketing Strategy

Pinterest Marketing Strategy

Pinterest was founded in 2010 and has gathered over 100 million users since then. The statistics are very impressive because the website has at least 250,000,000 monthly visitors and 23% of the users check the website at least once a day. It is slowly becoming a social media giant that has an emphasis on images and content curation. It is important that marketers understand the basic mechanisms of the website which includes

  • Content that is organized into boards.
  • Pins that consist of images and videos.
  • People who can follow your boards and can repin, like and comment.

Here is a brief guide that will take you from how to set up your account to linking it with your potential growth.

Set up the Account

Create Your Pinterest Account

Do you want to make a personal account or a business account? You will have to consider this before moving on to the following steps:

  • Choose a username
  • Write in the ‘About Me’ section
  • Pick a profile picture
  • Update your location if you have a business account.

Optimizing Your Account

You will have to establish a link between your Pinterest account and website. Here are the steps:

  • Verify your website on Pinterest
  • Add the “Save” button
  • Have a Pinterest widget on your site
  • Have a semantic markup for article pins and rich pins.
  • Add the “Follow Me” button

Optimize the Images

You can do this in the following ways:

  • Use clear pictures
  • Use bright pictures
  • Minimize background space
  • Use keywords with images

Creating Boards

The steps for creating boards include:

  • Naming the boards
  • Adding board descriptions
  • Choosing a board category

Start Pinning

Your pinning strategy should include

  • Naming your pins
  • Adding pin descriptions
  • Links to pin sources
  • Repinning

Creating the Perfect Pinterest Marketing Strategy

In order to have a great Pinterest marketing strategy, you need to have clear goals. Try and understand who your audience is and how you will reach them. To accomplish this, you will have to do a little research and understand their interests and priorities. Furthermore, you will also have to know who your competitors are so that you can stay ahead of them. Set measurable goals that include the number of followers, number of repins and sales from Pinterest. You can define the content strategy by learning about the following:

Content Sources

Visit well-known Pinterest accounts, famous boards, media outlets and popular content from other sources.

Posting Strategy

In order to stand out, you will have to be creative by being selective, posting high-quality images and by posting frequently.

Pinterest Analytics

As a business, you need to know about Pinterest analytics for which you will need a third party tool. These tools are very helpful as they will help you in learning about:

  • Visitors and clicks
  • Pinners
  • Repins
  • Your reach
  • Help you in measuring engagement
  • Learn about trending pins
  • Help you learn about competitor tracking

Google Analytics

It is important that you learn what is driving traffic to your website. Google analytics can help you in tracking this down with the help of social reports that will tell you how much traffic your website is getting because of Pinterest and with the help of custom reports that will give you an in-depth analysis about the user’s behavior.

Learn More about Pinterest Marketing Strategy

Use a tool like ViralWoot, to learn more about Pinterest and to keep a track on its marketing strategy. They are offering a free trial, so hurry up and register!