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Free Pinterest tools you should start using today

Pinterest is a fast growing social media website that has bagged 70 million users in just five years. Due to the growing popularity of the forum, several third party Pinterest tools have emerged that can assist you in improving your pins by helping you in tracking your results, interacting with followers and creating high quality content. Some of those tools are:

Pinterest Tools to Create Images

Here are some tools that can help you in creating images:


Pinterest is loved by people due to the rich images that it offers its users. These images can help businesses in maximizing their impact on the users because they prefer visual imagery more than content and that is what makes Pinterest special. There are so many creative ways to turn your customer’s reviews, testimonies and feedback into images.

PicMonkey is a great online image editor that is great for editing and creating images without the help of a professional Photoshop designer. PicMonkey may not be specially built for Pinterest, but it can help you in creating high quality images, do touch ups on the photos, resize them and overlay them with texts. The good thing is that the basic version is free. If you want to upgrade it to the premium package to have access to more features then you will have to pay $4.99 per month.

Free Pinterest tools


ShareAsImage is a useful extension that lets you create images with quotes from any webpage. Image quotes have been viral lately across social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Adding such images to your Pinterest account will help you with your marketing strategy.

The basic version is free and you can update to the Pro version for $6.99 to have use more features. All you have to do is make an account and then drag the bookmarklet to the browser. Then highlight the text you want to use as text and click the bookmarklet again. You can save the images directly on your computer or to your social media profile which includes Pinterest.

Pinterest Tools For Group Boards Invites


A few years back if people followed you on Pinterest then they could send you invites to join group boards. This was rectified by Pinterest and now you have to follow the other person to send invite to a group board. This has been hard for marketers as now it is hard for them to find group boards.

PinGroupie is the solution to all these problems as it lets you find over 32,000 group boards. You can search by either category, description or the number of followers.

Learn More about Pinterest Analytics Tools

As a Pinterest user you will require and additional tool that will help you in creating alerts, manage different accounts, get followers, promote and schedule pins. For all these functions ViralWoot is the best choice and one of the top marketing tools available today. The good thing is that they offer a free trial. Hurry up and register now!