Pinterest Tips

Generating Affiliate Sales From Pinterest Correctly


Many Viralwoot users write to us to get some tips on how to increase their sales from Pinterest – sales of either their own products or as affiliate marketers. Given the fact that Pinterest is an excellent traffic referrer and visitors referred by Pinterest do make purchases, Pinterest can be an excellent mode of passive income to support your normal day job or business’s income. Here are a few things that we’ll suggest to them :

1. Follower count is not an important metric when you are estimating your Pinterest earning potential. Your pins’ engagement i.e. repins & comments are more important. More repins definitely means more traffic & sales. Even, stats suggest that comment count is directly related to traffic a pin sends to a website.

2. NEVER EVER use any URL redirects. This will block both url & may also restrict your account. Link shortening services like bitly and buffly will surely get your account suspended on Pinterest.

3. Use Google keyword suggestions tool to optimize your Pins description. The people who search on Google and Pinterest have similar habits, similar questions and similar ideas, so search trends and terms generally remain the same.

4. To improve search rankings in Pinterest, a) Use right size images (minimum width 600px and Height 1.25 x Width), b) Get pins repinned preferably into boards with names containing keywords that you are targeting.

In short, crowdsourcing your Pinterest marketing i.e. involving other Pinterest users to spread your content and not stuffing your boards with pins containing affiliate links is the right way to create a system that will generate a passive income source for you.

If you haven’t used Viralwoot yet, then you should get yourself a free Viralwoot account and start promoting your Pinterest account and pins for free. Our users have witnessed upto 100% increase in traffic and 15% increase in sales with in a week or two of using Viralwoot.