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Pinterest is a killer platform to spread your content. If you are an artist or a business or a social media influencer, you need engagement on your pins else your pins are waste. Engagement includes repins, likes and comment.

We launched Viralwoot (a free tool) for us all Pinterest users to get discovered by other 1000s of Pinterest users and grow your following on Pinterest. Its my pleasure to announce the launch of our new feature which will help you push your Pins to 1000s of Pinterest users and get free likes.

How to get free hundreds of likes for your Pinterest pins using Viralwoot

1. Login to your free Viralwoot account (Create one in 10 seconds, if you don’t have one)

2. Go to Get Pinterest Likes page


3. You will see Pins submitted by different users. If you like any of these pins, you will earn seeds (credit points)

4. Use your seeds to add any of your Pin in the field visible in the Get Likes page.

For example, this is the link I will add in the form available on Get Likes page : for following pin and click on Add Pin


5. Once you have added the pin, we will fetch the Pin and start showing to other users and you will start getting likes


6. Everytime, someone likes this Pin from Viralwoot, 3 seeds(credit points) will be deducted from your account. You can follow others or like other pins to earn seeds and keep getting free likes and followers. If you want likes or followers without liking or following others, you may also buy seeds. See what happened after 3 hours, pin got 9 likes and some repins.


This is very simple and quick. The more likes you get, the better and more authentic/credible your Pins and Boards will look and you will get more repins, likes and comments. So, start getting 100s of likes today for free from Viralwoot.

For any queries or ideas, write directly to us at our helpdesk


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