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Datalogix Changes Pinterest Advertising Forever


Pinterest’s Partnership with Datalogix

Pinterest has started a partnership with Datalogix with the goal of helping brands to understand how their advertisement directly affects their sales. According to some sources, the relationship will be in effect in 2016, and it is rumored that Pinterest is getting involved with other third parties too to help advertisers gain information about how Pinterest ads lead to sales. It is said that Pinterest is moving quickly to integrate all these parties into the platform.

What Does Datalogix Do

Datalogix will help brands in understanding whether a consumer views an advertisement before making a purchase online, which will help brands in comprehending how they are spending their money. According to experts, Datalogix will enable brands to see in-store sales, which was not possible earlier. It is said that Pinterest will be taking Datalogix’s help for other benefits too, but will be using it more for measurement than targeting.

Salesforce is the platform through which consumers plan their Pinterest promotions. Datalogix has more information on users such as the history of loyalty card purchases. A common question is- what do people do after seeing a post? Datalogix helps in finding this out by comparing the engagement data with in-store purchases. It is famous in the world of social media as it gives websites an insight about what consumers click on before making a purchase. It also has partnerships with social media giants like Twitter and Facebook. Datalogix’s expertise will help Pinterest since it is relatively new to the advertising field.

Pinterest’s Marketing Platform

Pinterest has gained immense popularity over the past few years as it has established its position as Google’s rival. Users spend time pinning images that lead to future purchases. According to Pinterest, people like to use their website for planning things like vacations, weddings, DIY projects and their wardrobes.

The marketing platform of Pinterest allows other brands to post on the website and to see how their pins are performing. Furthermore, it has built up its advertising business in such a way that it allows other brands to use tools that will help them in planning their campaigns. It also gives them the ability to purchase promoted pins through third-party ad platforms. The company has introduced new GIF like formats such as Buyable and Cinematic Pins.

Pinterest says that they are looking for the perfect measurement solutions to help their partners understand the value the company is driving for them. It launched its Marketing Developer Partner program earlier this year to help businesses get more out of their Pinterest effort since they bring forward third party tools. The partners for the ads are:

  • 4C
  • Adaptly
  • Amobee
  • AmpushBrand Networks
  • HYFN
  • Kinetic Social
  • Manifest
  • SocialCode
  • SocialFlow
  • Unified

Want To Learn More About Pinterest Advertising?

You can learn more about Pinterest Advertising by finding out about the people you are targeting. There are many tools that help you with managing your account, scheduling your pins, promote pins and gain followers. One such tool is ViralWoot. Visit their website and register for a free trial!