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Interesting Pinterest Stats You Should Know About


Pinterest is the third most popular website in the USA, right after Facebook and Twitter. With that knowledge, you might want to consider your marketing efforts on Pinterest as well. Here are a number of interesting statistics that you should know that will help you in marketing your product or service better.

One Third of All Sign-Ups Are Men

Pinterest is notorious for only attracting female users. According to estimates, around 71% (7.25 million users) are women. This is slowly changing as the number of male users has nearly doubled in size since the last year. In countries like Japan, Korea, and India 50% of the users are male. Since Pinterest has grown so much, it has pins to hold everyone’s intererest. The change in demographics should be noticed by marketers and they should include pins that are more gender-neutral.

75% of Pinterest Usage Takes Place from Mobile Phones

People spend a lot of time on their mobile phones. The company announced that 75% of users are online from their phones and tablets, especially in the evenings and on weekends. If you are creating pins, then make sure that they look good on cell phones and tablets.

93% of Users Shopped Online in the Past Six Months

According to a study, men tend to use Pinterest as a shopping cart whereas women use it to create wish lists and learn about new ideas. According to Pinterest almost 93% of users shopped online during the past six months. Marketers must make sure that they provide relevant links for online buyers so that they can convert their audience into loyal customers.

The Number of People Who View Your Posts Is Higher Than You Think

Not everyone will follow your posts but they will view it. Number of likes and followers determines the success rate for businesses today. Marketers can spread their content by using the ‘Save’ button on their images and websites. It is recommended that you pin around 25 posts per board for best results.

Images Without Faces Receive 23% More Repins

Around 50,000 images were examined and it was found that images without human faces get pinned more often. It was seen that images with bright colors, medium light, moderate saturation and those that are vertically positioned got more repins.

Type Of Image Number Of Repins
Images With Dominant Colors Repinned 3.25 times more than images with monochromatic colors
Images With Medium Light Repinned 20 times more than dark pictures/images
Images With 50% Saturation Repinned 10 times more than unsaturated ones
Vertical Images Repinned  60% more than horizontal images
Smooth Textured Images Repinned 17 Times more than rough images

Some Words Are More Famous

It is seen that words like ‘Cup’, ‘Recipe’ and ‘DIY’ are more frequently searched on Pinterest. Make sure you optimize your post and add descriptions to pins to get more followers.

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