How to Quickly Find Top Pins to Repin on Pinterest Using Viralwoot

Finding top Pins on Pinterest

Repining relevant and engaging content helps establish your reputation as a useful resource in your niche. Plus, you build awareness with every repin notifying the person from which you repinned. This can bring about additional exposure should that person return the favor.

For this to be effective, you must repin only top-quality material while remaining focused and on-topic. To be productive, you’ll need to accomplish this in as little time as possible. Fortunately, Viralwoot enables you to achieve both these objectives.

So let’s get started.

Click on Pin Scheduler in the left sidebar, click Schedule Pins from the menu below and then click on the Schedule Repin tab in the main screen area.

Repin Top Pinterest Pins

For this example, we’ll enter Pinterest tips as our keyword; Viralwoot will search Pinterest for the top Pins on this topic and return a list.

Repins Search Result

Each Pin in the list has an image, description, pinner’s name, where it was pinned, the number of repins, and the number of likes. Knowing the metrics for things such as the number of repins and number of likes helps in determining which Pins may be best for your repinning strategy.

Clicking on the image brings opens a new browser tab and brings you to the source of that picture. Clicking on “here” opens a new browser tab and shows you the Pin as it appears on Pinterest. Clicking on the pinner’s name opens up a new browser tab with the pinner’s Pinterest profile.

You can select individual Pins to repin by clicking the Schedule check box on each Pin, or you can select all Pins. You’ll notice that as you select pins, the number updates on the Schedule Images button. When you’ve finished selecting, press that button.

Select Repins To Schedule

The last step is to fill in the details and submit the Pin. You can see that the description field is already filled in. Many people don’t change this when repinning, but your repin may stand out if you provide some additional commentary and context. Adding your voice to the conversation gets you more attention than just repinning like everyone else. The Link field is also pre-populated with the URL from the original Pin, but can be edited if you wish. There’s only one piece of information that’s missing; a board for each Pin. You can select that from the drop-down menu.

Complete Pin Schedule Details

Pro Tip: If you have multiple Pins that you want to post to the same board you can save time by clicking Set these boards for all. Auto Schedule is set by default, but you can select custom times if you wish. Read How to Schedule Pins on Pinterest With Viralwoot for more information.

When you’re ready, press Submit to schedule pins and you’re done!