How to Schedule Pins on Pinterest With Viralwoot 

How to schedule Pin with Viralwoot

So you’ve found some amazing stuff to Pin on Pinterest. You’re pinning like crazy while anxiously waiting for your audience to grow. Yet nothing happens. Even worse is that people are starting to unfollow you, you’re getting blocked, and being flagged as a spammer!

Well, what happened?

Perhaps your enthusiasm got the better of you. You probably didn’t realize the effects of pinning a dozen or so images all at once. Sure it saves you time, but it’s not a pleasant experience for your followers. Why? Because they’re on the receiving end getting swamped by your pins all at once. Even if they like most of them, it’s still not enjoyable having your feed dominated in this manner.

But don’t worry, there’s a solution to your predicament. Viralwoot’s Pin Scheduler saves you time by letting you Pin multiple images and then spreading them out over time when your followers are most likely to see them. It’s a better deal for everyone!

Finding Images to Use In Viralwoot Pin Scheduler

To get started, we’re going to need an image to Pin. If you’re using the Viralwoot Chrome Extension, then you can grab images as you travel the web. Instructions for downloading the extension can be found here.

Alternatively, you can get your content by uploading an image from your computer, scheduling a repin, using images from an RSS feed, or finding an image on Google. For our purpose, we’ll upload a picture by clicking on Pin Scheduler in the left sidebar, clicking on Schedule Pins and then Click to upload images.

Schedule Pins in Viralwoot

Viralwoot can connect you to over 20 different services like Google Drive and Dropbox from which you can select your images. Naturally you’ll need to have an account to connect with the chosen service.


Once you’ve selected an image, the final step is to fill in the rest of the details including the description, URL to link to, and the board to which the Pin gets attached.

Complete Pin Schedule Details

Pro Tip: If you want to submit the same image to multiple boards you can create a duplicate entry during this step and fill in the rest of the information including a different board. Also, if you want the same description for all Pins, click Set this text for all in the Description area. Likewise, if you want the same URL link, you can Set this link for all in the Link area.

Setting the Time

By default, Pins are sent to a queue where they get released at predefined times according to your Auto Schedule settings. You can set your Pin to go out at a particular time and date by choosing Custom Schedule as your Schedule Type, clicking on the Date & Time tab, then clicking on the blank field below.

Viralwoot Custom Schedule

Select a date from the calendar, use the sliders to adjust the hour and minute. Press Done when you’re finished setting the time to transfer that time into the empty field situated above the calendar.

Viralwoot Custom Schedule

Once you’ve finished filling in the details, click Submit to schedule pins and everything is good to go!