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Amazing Social Media Facts and Stats 2016

The business world has expanded its reach beyond conventional methods. Marketers are now trying to go further and further to acquire a maximum number of customers for their brand.

On this road to capture new prospects and achieving profit maximization, there is a highly potential platform, which is known for its high rate of customer engagement and client interaction.

social media stats

This dais is termed as social media platforms. Be it Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or any similar sites, businesses are leaving no such stages to showcase their product line and ultimately generate more revenue.

Owing to the immense fill of prospects on social media sites, brands have ensured to create an impression in an effective manner.

But, what is it exactly that makes a brand go for the social media sites more than ever? Why does social media marketing become a term & a trend in online business industry? And why do you need to opt for social media marketing for your business?

All these questions will be answered in a much quantifiable way. I am going to provide you with in-depth stats on the social media sites that will give you more than enough reason to choose these platforms before anything else.

Stats and Numbers

Below mentioned are the numbers that affect most to the business. It depicts how many potential prospects are available for you that you can still convert it your consumer.

Sm stats

As you can see, that there are approximately 2.3 billion users overall. That means Social media platforms are having a potential user base of 2.3 billion that can be converted successfully in your customer.

Also, note that majority of retail brands across the globe are still using the social media channel for marketing their products.

Did you know that Facebook and WHATSAPP together maintain around 60 billion messages each day?

This shows the true power of social media. Infusion of millions of members on these platforms in almost such a short span of time itself exhibits why your business require social media marketing now.

User StatsHere, we are depicting how many users exist on these social media platforms. Facebook as expected, leads the way by capturing around 1.71 billion users across the globe.

That’s like capturing 23.4% of existing population on Earth!

Snapchat is just behind with 1.12 billion of users on its base.

These numbers simply show that why so many big brands are opting for social media channels nowadays.

Let’s take a look at some other stats too.

Social network and advertising

Many of you might not even know but around 96% of the users actually hold a discussion regarding brands on the web.

It is due to these aspects only that around 40% companies in 2016 are planning to increase their social media budget out of total advertising amount.

One more interesting facts about social media is that different platforms and varied purposes. Like Facebook is known for its social networking and news feed. It is less of professional and more of personal ‘touch’ social media site.

Twitter, on the other hand, is purely focused on the business promotion part. Users come on twitter to get the trending news regarding any industry.

Hence, businesses also utilize these platforms quite wisely. Out of the big cats in Fortune 500 list, only 20 companies exist on Facebook platform, while 83% of total are highly active on Twitter.

I will now guide my users one by one through the stats of some major social networking sites.

Facebook Stats

Facebook is ‘the thing’ of all existing social media networks. Its simplicity to use, its ability to look cool and a number of efforts Facebook is putting to create a hassle-free and uninterrupted place, where users can meet their friends, place this astonishing platform at the top place.

FB Stats

Facebook is the ‘only’ social media site, which is recording one new profile every 6 seconds. With around 60% of logins contributed by publishers and brands, Facebook has made an amazingly strong place for itself in the market.

If you still doubt the potential of these stupendous stages, let me tell you that across the globe, there are around 2 million businesses that are paying for Facebook advertising.

For businesses doubting on the prospect base Facebook possesses, each day this dais records around 500k new users on its base. That means 500k more users each day to target for you!

Twitter Stats

With a humongous customer base of 320 million users, Twitter is businesses first choice, when it comes to creating a buzz.

Twitter, unlike Facebook, is not generally utilized for chatting with friends, meet new people or any similar social activities.

It rather works as a search engine with relevant hashtags. People tweet about anything that is currently in the news, fashion and trending.

Twitter’s search engine makes the tweet reach a wide base of the audience with the help of hashtags. So, brands who wants to create a buzz but does not have followers on its base, opt for Twitter instantly.

twiiter sm

One of the interesting facts about Twitter is that there are around 1.3 billion accounts created but only 320 million are active on it.

That shows that how many users who have created an account on Twitter for other purpose left this platform when they came to know about its usability.

For the business part, approximately 68% of companies in the United States opt for Twitter for marketing their brand.

Twitter is still able to notch up around 500 million users each month, which shows how attractive and interactive this particular social media platform is.

Instagram Stats

Instagram is yet another social media site with totally different purpose and layout. This platform is specifically focused towards the visual marketing concept.

Encouraging users to post images on this alluring stage, Instagram has emerged as a booster for different brands on the web for specific promotional purposes.

Instagram stats

Adding to business’s amaze, Instagram accounts for over 80 million images that are uploaded each day.

To see the reach of Instagram, approximately 40 billion images are shared on Instagram every day.

Businesses that are targeting young audience should consider the fact that 90% of Instagram users comprises of people under the age of 35.

Instagram also increases its reach using relevant hashtags. The time when Instagram decided to introduce the videos, 5 million videos were shared in first 24 hours.

Brands such as National Geographic, Nike and Victoria’s Secret are dominating the platform with a maximum number of followers respectively.

Pinterest Stats

Pinterest has emerged as one of the influential platforms when it comes to users’ decision to buy online.

Users post images on this interest-based platform. These images are termed as pins.

Pins can be incorporated with the backlinks of your website, in order to direct users towards your brand accordingly.

Pinterest stats

With around 176 million Pinterest accounts and approximately 100 million MAU (monthly active users), Pinterest is ‘the next big thing’ of visual marketing.

If you consider knowing how to use Pinterest for your business, read my other blogs.

According to a study, most of the users (80%) come on Pinterest with a purchase in mind. Mainly because of the appealing interface and easy user-ability makes Pinterest as the main source of reference site for shoppers.

Businesses utilize this amazing platform by posting creative images, by creating campaigns and by engaging more customers.

LinkedIn Stats

As told earlier, different social networking stats have variegated purposes. So, LinkedIn comes in when your business wants a totally professional audience of any industry and genre.

LinkedIn, a professional networking account, which is known for making a network of like-minded and same job profile personnel has been able to create an outstanding impact on business.

Linkedin stats

With MAU touching a 100 million mark, LinkedIn is been able to inspire 3 million companies across the globe to create a professional account on it.

Covering about all sorts of profiles, companies, and industries across the globe, LinkedIn is one place where all the CEO’s have 930 connections on an average.

 YouTube Stats

You must have wondered why I have not mentioned one of the most impressive social media sites; YouTube.

Many social media experts debate about the credibility of YouTube being called as a social media site, but IMHO I will surely count it as one.

youtube stats

With more businesses using YouTube for the promotional purposes and with approximately 1 billion views from mobile devices each day, you won’t find any excuse to not take this stage seriously.

Even in the United States, 9% of small businesses rely on YouTube marketing more. Not only this, if you think users are not spending enough time to watch a video, consider this; 3.25 billion hours of videos are watched each month on YouTube.

That is a big-big number and you as a marketer should certainly consider opting for a medium which is inspiring more users to spend more time on video than usual.

Content Stats

If we are talking about any form of online marketing and not mentioning the importance of content, then we are not doing justice with you.

Considered as the King in the online business industry, Content is one of the easiest yet the trickiest ways that can help you increase you brand’s visibility across the different platforms accordingly.

Content Stats

Top three content marketing stats that are accounted are blogging, social media and then case studies respectively.

Ending Statement

When it comes to business, numbers are the only performance assessment parameter eventually.

That is why I have presented the stats of most talked about social media sites here. Hopefully, you as a brand owner will surely understand the purpose and potential of this platform and create an amazing business world for yourself.

Good Luck and Have an amazing Tuesday!