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Automate Etsy Marketing – Grow Etsy Sales while you are sleeping

Today, we are excited to launch an Etsy marketing automation tool for one of our favorite communities i.e. Etsy Sellers. Out of 125K users on Viralwoot, close to 3% users are running a shop on Etsy.

So, we worked with over 500 Etsy sellers to understand the challenges they face in growing their Etsy sales. A majority of Etsy sellers rely on manual work (be it creating ads, posting on social networks, finding useful tags etc) instead of using tools/softwares or services  because of two main reasons:

  1. These automation tools or services are expensive
  2. They are not much techsavy so using any new tool or software takes time & efforts to learn

But, they must realize that to beat their competition & increase their share in $3 billion annual sales on Etsy, they will have to use technology to get more done in less time. Speed & efficient resource utilization are two most important factors that separate successful Etsy seller from just another average Etsy seller. Hence, we strongly believe that each & every Etsy seller should have access to a powerful, easy to use yet economical (if not free) Etsy marketing tool to not only boost his/her sales or brand but also, grow Etsy buyer base as a whole.

Why should I automate Etsy marketing?

We are good at social media marketing and analytics, so started researching about how Etsy sellers are currently handling social media marketing. About 89% Etsy sellers are currently managing their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest pages themselves or they hire an intern/freelancer to do the same. Only 11% Etsy sellers use one or more softwares to accelerate their sales growth or optimize their listings.

Hence, we built Growth Bot For Etsy Sellers to help Etsy sellers with automating social media posting for his/her products on 4 social media networks – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

How Etsy Growth Bot works?

Once you create your free account, we fetch your Etsy products. Then, you connect your social media networks where you want to promote your products (Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram).

Now, you can set the rules for bot like how many posts per day for different social networks, which Pinterest board to post on and so on. And, that’s it. The growth bot will start working for you day & night.

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PInterest News

How Pinterest Can Help You Make More Money

How can Pinterest help you make more money

Here are some of the ways in which you can earn money through Pinterest:

Build an Audience and Sell to Them

You need to gain Pinterest followers in order to build an audience. The first thing you need to know is ‘what’ you are passionate about.  For example, are you a woman who loves makeup? If you do, then you can choose a target audience that consists of women who also love makeup. Create a Pinterest board to cater to this audience.  After you create the board, you will have to create a mailing list. Once you have a few hundred followers, marketers will contact you with offers to promote their products.

Choose A Company and Ask For Sponsorship

After you have built an audience you need to select companies that have products that will attract your followers. For makeup, you can contact companies that sell cosmetics. Share your Pinterest stats with them and see if they offer a sponsorship.

Promote Affiliate Products

Several companies want affiliates that promote their goods on a promotional basis. Use your boards to promote their products using the affiliate links. Just make sure that you don’t spam because Pinterest takes action against spammers.

Use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategies

You need to use SEO strategies so that people can find your boards easily with the help of major search engines like Google. Write a good description in your ‘About’ section and use keywords and hashtags that you think the searchers will use. You can use the same strategies on your pins too as you can add a 100 word description to them.

Create Contests

If you want to increase the number of followers, then you can create contests because eventually it will help you in making money. By creating contests, you are encouraging people to think and talk about your products.

Re-pin Others’ Pins

Since Pinterest is a social network, you can make your presence known by getting people to repin your pins. You should pin the pins of your target audience as this will help in grabbing their attention and they might even start following you back.

Teach Pinterest Strategies to Others

People have developed tools to help users learn about the platform. If you think you understand the platform well then you can use your skills to teach other people about it and earn money.

Social Media Integration

You can easily link Pinterest with other social media networks like Facebook and Twitter to reach out to more people so that they can view your products.

Want To Explore Pinterest More?

In order to make money from Pinterest you need to learn about it by knowing who your target audience is and the kind of tools that you will use to attract them. These points will surely help you in making money via Pinterest. However, if you are looking for a good marketing tool then you should consider ViralWoot, which is a pin scheduler tool that gives you the facility of gaining Pinterest followers, promoting Pinterest pins, managing multiple accounts, scheduling pins and creating pin alerts. Register for its free trial version right away!