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How to 10x Your Pinterest Marketing Efforts Using Viralwoot

How to 10x Your Pinterest Marketing Efforts Using Viralwoot

Viralwoot boosts your Pinterest marketing efforts by promoting your profile, boards, and Pins to its 70,000+ users. Promotions are created and incentivized using a credit system. Viralwoot users receive credits for participating in promotions. Basically, the more credits you have, the more promotions you can execute and the bigger they can be.

Accelerating Pinterest Promotions With Viralwoot

You have a few choices if you want to get most out of your promotions and get more followers and repins quicker. You can subscribe to any of our monthly plans to unlock the option of offering more credits per follow and/or repin. Promotions that offer higher credits for these type of actions get more engagement than similar promotions offering few credits. If you’re not sure how much to offer, take a look at other promotions to get a better idea.

Offering additional credits is just a first step. You need to have enough credits in your account to ensure your promotion runs its course, because once your credit balance reaches zero, your promotions get suspended.

The best way to be sure your promotion runs for the time you have planned is to buy promotion credits in bulk. You can buy anywhere from 450 to 10,000 credits in bulk to use whenever you want; there is no expiry date. The advantage of purchasing credits is that you can execute your Pinterest marketing campaign immediately, without waiting to earn credits.

Earning Promotion Credits Is Easier Than Ever

You can earn credits you can use to promote your Pinterest profile boards and Pins by following other boards, pinners, and Pins. You can either do it automatically or manually. Let’s start by hand first.

Click on Earn Credits and then Discover Boards and you’ll see a list of boards suggested by Viralwoot. Each entry shows the number of Pins and followers, plus the number of credits they offer if you follow them. Click on the image to go to their Pinterest board or click on the Follow button to follow this Pinterest account and claim your reward. Click on one of the other categories to see other boards in that particular group.

Earn Promotion Credits

You can also earn promotional credits by following pinners. Click on Earn Credits and then Discover Pinners to see this list. Each entry has an image, their Pinterest name, their top 3 boards, and the number of credits you can earn for following. Click on the picture to go to that pinner’s Pinterest profile. Hit the Follow button to receive the designated number of credits. Click on one of the category buttons anywhere on the page to filter the list by that category. Note that Viralwoot analyzes the boards of each pinner to determine its category and popularity. Viralwoot displays the top boards of each pinner, up to a maximum of three.

Follow Pinners

The third way to earn promotional credits is by liking pins or repinning. Click on Earn Credits and then Discover Pins to see this list. You can filter this list to show only a particular category by selecting it from the drop-down menu above the list. Each item in the list has an image on which you can click to see it on the original site. There’s also a description, and the board to which you want to repin (select from the drop-down menu to change it), and Repin and Like buttons that show the number of promotional credits earned for performing the action.

Discover Pins

You can earn a significant number of promotional credits through manually discovering boards, pinners and Pins. All it takes is a little bit effort and consistent application on your part. However, there is a better way.

How to Earn Promotional Credits Automatically

You can configure Viralwoot to automatically discover new boards, Pins, and pinners every day. Earn promotional credits (up to 150 daily) that you can use to promote your own Pinterest profile, boards, and Pins. Viralwoot finds new content based on your settings, and auto follows and repins for you automatically at the right time. This enables you to automate your content curation efforts and earn promotional credits at the same time.

Click on Earn Credits in the side panel and then Automate Earn Credits. The Automate Boards Discovery tab is open, so we’ll configure that first. Select what categories the boards should belong to and the maximum number of boards you want to follow daily. Set the switch to ON and the green light means you’re good to go!

Auto Earn Promotion Credits

Click on the Automate Pinners Discovery tab and follow the same setup procedure as Automate Boards Discovery. Once you’ve finished, let’s move on to the Automate Pins Discovery.

Clicking on the Automate Pins Discovery tab, you’ll notice the information on this screen is slightly different from the previous two screens. You can only select one of your boards where you want Viralwoot to place the repins. Also, you can only choose one category in which Viralwoot will search for quality content to repin. Lastly, you need to specify the number of repins you want to execute each day.

Auto Pins Discovery

Buying vs. Earning Promotional Credits

Viralwoot gives you two choices when it comes to acquiring promotional credits. You can buy them, and you can earn them. You might mull over the feasibility of the credit earning process ie, which way is the better one?

Buying credits provides the ultimate in flexibility. You buy the credits you need and set your promotional plan in action. Simple and straightforward. This also enables a more direct co-relation between your activities and your expenditure in the form of credits.

Earning credits is ideal for the budget conscious. You discover great pinners, boards, pins and great content to curate. Plus you get rewarded with credits you can use for your own promotions. All you need to do is invest a little time on a regular basis to carry out these actions.

There! Using a simple credit system, you’d be able to curate and manage your Pinterest activities and marketing efforts. Get started with Viralwoot and improve your Pinterest marketing performance.