5 Essential Social Media Productivity Tools

essential tools for social media productivity
Essential Tools For Social Media Productivity

Monitor Analytics in One Dashboard

To make sure your social marketing efforts are paying off, you need to measure their impact. These tasks are much easier to do using a tool like Cyfe, which is one of the best social media dashboards for managing a campaign. Cyfe gives you details about the likes, views and clicks received by your Facebook content and provides in-depth Twitter and LinkedIn analytics. It also helps you to evaluate the routine of your social campaign.

Identify Influencers

Social networks have a great influence when it comes to a consumer’s decisions. Constant and evocative engagement can drive traffic to your site and increase sales.

There are two great tools that can help you with that: Brandwatch and BuzzSumo.

Brandwatch uses social media monitoring to track influencers who are creating and participating in conversations in your field.

BuzzSumo permits you to search for the most popular content by topic, discover content ideas and search for key niche influencers. It can help you search for influencers based on their topical expertise, number of followers, location, follower interaction and authority.

Upload a Video to Multiple Sites at Once

Videos are an important lead generation opportunity. To take advantage, you need to create videos and upload them not only to YouTube but also to other video sites. Handling all of these video tasks may need a lot of time and effort.

TubeMogul can help you upload your video to dozens of video sites at once, by simplifying and optimizing the process. It also gives you an overview of analytics for each site, enabling you to track the performance of your video across each platform. You know which sites are attracting the most viewers and whether your video has helped bring in your target audience.

Automate Scheduling

The time spent in scheduling and sending content to numerous social profiles can be cumbersome. You would never want to end up in a situation where you forget to send a post or simply don’t have enough time.

Buffer is a social media tool that streamlines scheduling and posting. All you need to do is create a content lineup and use Buffer to choose which social profile you want that content to be sent to and when.