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Top Content Curation Tools for Social Media Managers

Content curation tools for social media managers

If social media managers were considered as the superheroes of social media, then content curation tools would be the most used and abused weapons in their arsenal. Good content can increase your audience and help you become more active on social media.For a social media manager, content is a vital ingredient of their social media marketing strategy and it is also something that gives them sleepless nights.

Let’s face it; coming up with fresh content is not an easy feat.  In such circumstances, content curation tools can offer some relief and gather relevant content from around the web – all in a single place for you. Here’s a look at some of the coolest content curation tools out there.


Creating or finding new content can be quite overwhelming especially if you are trying to find content for multiple social media accounts at the same time. DrumUp gives you the flexibility to add multiple accounts and discover relevant content for each of your accounts using keywords. For a narrower and precise search, you can input negative keywords as well. With DrumUp, you can also schedule tweets and even Facebook and LinkedIn posts giving you ample time to work on other tasks as well. It is a content discovery tool and a social media manager packed into one nifty tool. DrumUp also offers a handy plugin for Chrome that helps find and share content relevant to the article you may be browsing. scours through various social media pages, blogs and newsletters to get you the best content. Like DrumUp, it looks for content based on keywords that you choose. It also suggests related topics along with an array of other users that you can follow, if you want to follow someone whose content you like. allows you to share articles on your social media accounts and also via your email with a simple click. If you opt for the free version, you can easily monitor one topic for posting on two of your social media pages.


Pocket is a bookmarking service that lets you save content from anywhere on the web including applications like Twitter, Facebook and more. All of this content is saved directly to Pocket’s easy-to-use dashboard. If you like things to be organized, Pocket also allows you to sift through the content and categorize it into lists that you can browse through later. It also makes finding content that much simpler. You can share your content via email, Buffer, Twitter and Facebook right from the dashboard. There is a separate section called Recommendations, which displays trending content, which you can add to your dashboard as well. All this, and the ability to synchronize content across all of your devices is what Pocket offers.


With the Feedly tool, you can add and read various RSS feeds from basically anywhere. Yes, that means you can browse through content from big publications, blogs and also YouTube channels. Your favorite RSS feeds can be easily organized into collections for easy discovery later, and Feedly also offers safe access to your company’s internal portals and CMS. You can use Feedly in conjunction with applications like Evernote, Trello and OneNote 365.


Need to know the latest in current affairs or events? Storify is the application to turn to. The application helps you connect to a wide array of social media websites where it gathers information about live events, brand campaigns, chats, memes and more. You can use Storify if you need to quickly create or edit stories, embed tweets, videos or images. Storify offers an amazing user experience making it fun to gather content. The stories you create can be published anywhere – be it your social media pages or on any other websites. The best part, once a story is shared, everyone mentioned in the story is notified, making sharing a piece of cake.

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Apurva Jog is a Content Writer at DrumUp, a social media management tool. She has penned down several articles related to social media management and content marketing. When she is not writing, she is usually catching up with anything that is trending in the social media sphere.