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Guerrilla Marketing Tips for Pinterest

Guerrilla marketing tips
Guerrilla Marketing Tips For Pinterest

So without going into lengthy and useless words and phrases, we are going to draft out essential marketing tips which can ACTUALLY do wonders for your business.

Pinning & Integrate

Make sure that your account is set up properly and that it is branded with your logo, also remember to create boards that would interest your target customers, especially the ones in your industry. It is extremely important to integrate Pinterest with other social media platforms.

There are a few perks to cross linking your different social networks. First off, linking your you social networks will keep your customers abreast of your progress and your brand identity. Moreover, you can (and must) pique your customer’s interests. Share a cool little montage featuring your products on YouTube or a use-based post on Facebook.

Simple. Effective. And minimal (do not overdo it!). 

Participation is Key

Make it a rule to comment, and interact. That would mean, liking other pins and tagging other pinners by mentioning their names. A simple ‘Thank you’ can take you a long way in terms of customer goodwill.

Customer engagement could be increased by running contests, extracting user-generated content or jumping into customer forums and groups. All of these 3 options have their own pros and can significantly improve your Pinterest views and results.

Beware the Copyright!

It is vital that you are not pinning images that have copyright. If you do, then make sure you have permission and always remember to mention your source. Pinning copyrighted images without mentioning the source can get you into legal troubles.

Generate Interesting Pins

Being an entirely visual medium, Pinterest requires a constant input of high-quality images. Add images of your products, related to your products, images highlighting your products. Then add some images of your product’s habitat ie How the product would look in a real (customer-oriented) setting. Create an assortment of appealing images.

This would help you create an organized, enticing collective of your boards and pins, which in turn would pull your audience to your boards, hopefully amounting to a purchase.

As for Interesting, you need to post images that connect with your audience, reflects their interests and map the current trends. Posting images that are aesthetically pleasing and relate to your customer’s wants (research, fellas!) will pull your audience to you boards ans eventually your website.

Create and Curate

It is better to curate other users’ quality images rather than just re-churning your images. Collaborative sharing of their quality images and photos can be mutually beneficial. This is where you can leverage Pinterest’s repin feature to collect pins related to your product.

Curate separate boards that outline your brand identity and motif. Avail a possible opportunity to co-brand your product with other services. The possibilities are endless. Just remember to use quality images for your pins.

Optimize Search Engines

Google keeps a track of fresh content and monitors social signals. By optimizing your pins with hashtags, links, categories and keywords, you can get yourself into Google’s good books, that is, on top of a search result. It is imperative to pin images and content directly from your website. Pinterest can bring back a lot of hits to your website- if you connect it properly.

Apart from a regular search, you need to optimize Pinterest SEO to feature in Pinterest search results. Here a few quick tips to ace Pinterest SEO –

  • Optimize your profile – Pick a right username, the one that reflects your product or activity.
  • Optimize your boards – Curate your boards. Pick images to reflect the content present in your Pinterest boards. Choose a succinct title as well.
  • Use Keywords  – Perform some extended research for keywords associated with your brand. You can try Viralwoot’s Pinterest analytics to select niche keywords to potentially feature in several thousands of search results.

Evaluate Your Traffic

This is the best and most basic way to find out what works, and what doesn’t work for your website. It is also wise to monitor what your competitors and other brands are doing. You can learn a lot from your competition.

For updated on information on using this platform, take a look at our updated guide to Pinterest.

Pinterest Tips

7 Steps to Improve Your Pinterest Visibility

7 Steps to Improve Your Pinterest Visibility

We have outlined seven Pinterest tactics gathered from successful social media practitioners guaranteed to raise your Pinterest visibility.

#1: Price Tags

godiva earrings pin

Ensure that your products are labeled with their price information. More often than not, product cost occupies top priority for mental note-taking amongst the customers. Since pins are more easily and conveniently shared by users, driving traffic to your site might as well bring you customers ready to purchase.

Apart from that, Pinterest offers a thematic product display in a very convenient and organized manner. Therefore, this catalog with a price tag on each product can help you direct sales from Pinterest.

Of course, provide a holistic mix of creativity, inspiration and product details so your brand does not get labeled instantly to be purely sales oriented.

(Tip from Ekaterina Walter, co-founder and CMO of Branderati and bestselling author of the Power of Visual Storytelling)

#2: Pin It for Later

one red lipstick

You can help your readers bookmark your articles quickly and easily through your “Pin it for later” link for later reading.

All you have to do is include not just a link to the blog post but also your “Pin it for later” link on your Google+ post. This works best if added at the end of the write-up or the bottom of the Google+ post.

(Tip from Brian Honigman who is a social media enthusiast, a freelance writer, and a marketing consultant.)

#3: Mixing Pinterest with Emails

michaels on pinterest

What better way to keep your readers posted but to include a screenshot or link of your Pinterest account in their email inbox? This is definitely an easy and direct way to connect your reader to all your Pinterest boards and products. Adding “Pin this” to your post will open more positive responses now that your pins are more within reach.

(Tip is from Jason Miles who is Liberty Jane Clothing co-founder and CEO and author of no less than the #1 bestselling book about Pinterest marketing– Pinterest Power.)

#4: Most Popular Group Boards


Entering group boards is another fool-proof way of guaranteeing repins, followers and traffic and this can be done with PinGroupie which is a hassle-free tool in finding boards that would best help you.

On PinGroupie’s home page, fill out the search fields then choose a specific category that is aligned with your Pinterest categories. Then sort according to which parameter you wish to filter. What is highly recommended is to sort according to the number of repins because this helps in ascertaining the traffic to the board. Once all of the above are done, click “Filter” and the group boards will be sorted accordingly.

(Tip is from the author of White Paper Marketing and founder of Social Marketing Writing, Mitt Ray.)

#5: Promote

gap on pinterest

Cross-promoting your account profile can be done via other social media platforms. Try to be up to date and capitalize on a newly created board or pin, the latest trend or a holiday.

You can keep your followers and subscribers posted by tweeting about Pinterest at least two times a week and posting on Facebook at least once every two weeks. Or you may also just add a free Pinterest app on your Facebook account. Profile widgets and “pin it” buttons embedded on your images also do the trick.

(Tip is from HelloSociety’s Social Media Manager, Zoe Waldron.)

#6: Blog Boards

grandimage pinboard

Blog boards allow your followers to be informed every time you post a new blog on your board. Using relevant keywords can help you get featured in the search results.

Once you’ve created a post, pin it to your board and include some brief information. Add a link to the post itself and a high-quality image to attract more audience.

(Tip is from Anna Francis is the Content Manager at My Social Agency.)

#7: Pin Alerts to track Pinners


Tracking people who pin items from your competitor’s website can actually be an opportunity for you to find new leads. Pinalerts helps you find the pinners by setting alarms when a certain items are pinned from a specific domain.

From here, you can do your reviewing of a pinner’s followers, boards and number of pins. Remember, the higher the number, the more active the pinner. And that’s the lead you want to follow. By the way, we created a guide on using Pinterest, for those who are getting started.

(Tip is from the founder of RazorSocial, Ian Cleary.)

Pinterest Tips

The Easiest Way to Get Free Followers on Pinterest

Free Followers on Pinterest

Do you want to have good content on your website and want thousands of people to view it? There is an effective way to do so. You can get ViralWoot! (Previously known as Pinwoot).

Pinners on Pinterest love when other people repin their posts, because it helps them in getting recognition. You can get a large number of followers by pinning frequently, following more people, having attractive boards and by using strategic SEO related keywords. However, if you are looking for a kickstart then ViralWoot is the way to go.

Learn About ViralWoot

By signing up for this tool, you get in touch with many active users on Pinterest. ViralWoot works with the help of ‘credits’. Initially, you will have to earn credits by following boards/pinners and liking Pins. Once you have around 35 credits, you can use these to gain around 20 to 25 new followers, repins and likes. You can set the number of credits you are offering it will cost you those many credits when a person follows your board/profile or repins/likes your Pins. You can get 100 more credits by inviting other people to Viralwoot. The good thing about the tool is that you can earn credits whenever you wish by liking and following other Pins, Pinners, and boards. This ensures that you will never run out of them.

Process Of Spending Credits

Someone Follows You 1 to 5 credits
Someone Repins Your Post 1 to 5 Credits Per Repin
Someone Likes Your Post 1 to 5 credits Per like

Process Of Gaining Credits

Following Boards Get 1 to 15 Credits
Invite friends to Viralwoot Get 100 Credits
Following Another User Get 1 to 10 Credits
Repin Posts Get 1 to 10 Credits
Like Pins Get 1 to 10 Credits


People who are looking forward to getting more followers can get to know the number of credits they will get by liking, repinning and following pins and users.

Make Your Pins More Noticeable

In order to make your pins famous, you will have to pin them to Pinterest and provide a link to your website. After this, copy the pin and paste it into the ‘Get repins page’ on ViralWoot. This will cost you 15 credits, but your pins will be more visible to other users, which will surely help you in getting more followers.


The good thing is that your Pinterest account is shared inside the Viralwoot community with many other users, so it will naturally lead to more followers.

Repinning and Automation

Repinning other people’s content can help you get more credits, but ViralWoot has limited the number of pins to 35 per month. If you want to use the automatic repinning feature, select the ‘Automate Pin’ option, type the relevant keywords, choose the boards and then tell the tool to automate it.

Paid Options

If you want to get more followers, just advertise 3X more by subscribing to any of our plans.

Pinning Popularity

ViralWoot will no doubt help you in gaining popularity. Since your Pins/boards will be prominent, you can link them to your Facebook page, as it can help you in getting more exposure.

How to Get Pinterest Followers

Every business wants a large number of followers on their Pinterest account that can be easily directed to the main website. Since, there is so much competition; it is not easy to get thousands of followers without the help of a tool. If you are looking for such a tool, then get ViralWoot as it can help you in getting more followers, manage multiple accounts, schedule and promote pins and create pin alerts. They are offering a free trial, so register right away!

PInterest News

What Pinterest Analytics Is Trying to Tell You

Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest has introduced a new analytics tool for all kinds of businesses, which is very effective since they can use Pinterest to promote pictures of their products. In simpler terms, instead of talking about what you have to offer, Pinterest gives you a chance to show what you already have with the help of Pins. Thanks to the analytics tool, you can figure out what content is loved by your customers. Here is a general overview of the tool:

How to Access Pinterest Analytics

Only people who have a business account on Pinterest can view the analytics tool. It is important that you link your Pinterest account to your website so that there is a free flow of traffic. You can view the data by selecting the ‘analytics’ tab on the main menu.

Site Metrics

The analytics tool allows you to find out the following:

  • Content that is pinned from your website
  • Number of times your Pins appeared on the search engine
  • Number of visitors that visited your website via Pinterest
  • Visitors that pin content from your website
  • Whether there is an upward or downward movement in the statistics
  • Which Pins are repined

Understanding the Data

With the help of the Pinterest tool, you can find out the reach of your Pins. Pinterest gives you a chance to search terms and to see how the customers are engaging with the pins and the main website. Thus, instead of guessing what is happening, businesses can now find out the exact progress and specific statistics related to their Pinterest accounts.

How Can E-Commerce Businesses Take Advantage Of the Tool?

Let’s say that you have a cosmetics shop and you have a business account on Pinterest, where you post pictures of your products. You pin latest makeup techniques, celebrity looks and beauty products, and link it directly to the page of your website. If you see an increase in the sales of the products you post on Pinterest, but don’t know the correlation, then you may ask the following questions:

  • Is Pinterest directing all this traffic to your website?
  • Is there any specific product that your users are pinning that you should also pin?

Pinterest analytics can help you in answering all these questions.

How Can Sales Be Improved With the Help Of Pinterest Data?

You can learn about the most popular content by viewing posts that have been repinned numerous times. You can see the most clicked content tab and learn about what is driving all the traffic to your website. These metrics can help you in determining what people like about your business, so you can design your website accordingly. Furthermore, popular Pins can help you in deciding about custom landing pages, social media updates, display ads, newsletters and what products to feature.

Since Pinterest has a comment section, you can gain a lot of insight about what your followers think about your visual content. You can easily find out what customers like, and which area they think needs improvement.

Want To Learn More About Pinterest Analytics Tools?

There are several tools that can help in enhancing your Pinterest experience. One such tool is ViralWoot, as it can help you in getting more followers, help you schedule and promote your Pins, create Pin alerts, and follow multiple Pinterest accounts. They offer a free trial, so you can register right away and leverage the potential of Pinterest for your business!