Schedule Instagram and Pinterest Posts with Viralwoot iOS App

In recent times, two monsters have emerged from the depths of the vast ocean of Social Media, and they are taking the world by storm. Instagram and Pinterest have totally flipped the landscape of Social Media engagement, connecting with users via the organs they use the most, their eyes and ears.

how to get started with Viralwoot iOS app

Users, these days, display an increasing inclination towards the more interactive Image and video based platforms from the more text-centric platforms.

It’s high time to shift to these modern platforms if you haven’t already, to save yourself from becoming a thing of the past.

To help you on your way, and to simplify your life, Viralwoot has launched the iOS app for all those users who perform and work on-the-go. This app offers features that can potentially save hours of your precious time and does so effectively and unobtrusively.

Schedule Instagram & Pinterest posts, grow community and more.

So let’s get started with exploring the great features the app has to offer. Here are the main actions that can be performed as soon as you start using the app.

  • Set up multiple accounts
  • Pin scheduling for Pinterest- manually and automatically
  • Post scheduling for Instagram
  • Grow community feature for Pinterest
  • Analytics for each account

As you know, Instagram does not allow any third party app to post images directly. Since we believe that some help is better than no help, we thought we could assist in reminding you to post by sending you a notification at the right time. To do this smoothly, a few requirements are necessary

  • The Instagram app should be installed on your device and your account should be set up
  • Notifications for the Viralwoot app should be allowed

Set Up Multiple Accounts

The first step you should take on the app should be to create a Viralwoot account. This can be done through the app itself by clicking the sign-up button at the bottom of the sign in page.

sign up

Just enter your name, email address, and a secure password and you’re ready to start scheduling. If you already have a Viralwoot account, you can directly sign in by entering your email address and password. Your Pinterest account will be connected automatically.

sign in

If you have just signed up, you will need to connect your Pinterest account to start scheduling your Pins.

pinterest account

Just enter the required details and click on ‘Connect’. You can only connect one Pinterest account to each Viralwoot account.

But don’t worry, we’ve thought of all the things you might want. To connect and control Two Pinterest accounts, you will first have to create another Viralwoot account (which is absolutely free and then connect your second Pinterest account to that Viralwoot account.

The advantages of adding multiple accounts are endless. Pinning is now so simple, that even a toddler could do it. The hours of time you save can be used to get to work on that project in your garage gathering dust, or to just enjoy a nice picnic in the park- your call!

select account

Here are 6 accounts connected with one app. Each account has its own Pinterest Profile and pins can be managed directly from the app.

Due to the restrictions of Instagram, you can only manage one Instagram account at a time. To change the Instagram account, you will have to change your account on your Instagram app.

Pinterest Pin Scheduling

The Pin scheduling feature is a really important feature for several users. Posting Pins at multiple times requires you to visit Pinterest again and again which can flummox any person. The Viralwoot scheduler lets you schedule images at whatever time you wish.

With Viralwoot you are allowed to schedule around 200 free pins as soon as you sign up. You can purchase more as a part of any plan in Viralwoot. Just click or upload photos from your phone and select the ones you wish to schedule. Once you’ve selected an image, click on ‘Schedule’ to head to the details page.

enter details

This page will ask you to enter the description and link for the image. You can also select the accounts you wish to post on i.e Pinterest and Instagram. Once you have added the image, you will have to select the boards that you wish to post on. You can select either 1 board or multiple boards.

select boards

Keep in mind, that when you select more than one board you will be asked to specify the interval between each post on each different board.

Your next step will be to select the option for scheduling- manually or automatically.

select method

Manual Scheduling

In the manual scheduling option, you will have to specify a date and time for the post and the interval between the posts on different boards.

enter schedule

You can select a date by clicking on the calendar. The time can be specified using the rollover below the calendar. Make sure that the time you select is the most optimum time.

For example, if my target audience is in the United States, I know that the most active time for Pinterest users is between 8AM-1PM and 6PM-8PM. Using this information, if I reside in London, I can schedule my pins to be posted at 12PM(GMT). By doing so, my activity will increase for sure and so will my engagement.

Days also matter because it is seen that certain days attract certain interests. Monday shows a greater activity on Pins related to fitness, Tuesday favors technology, and Wednesday favors quotes. Use this information as well, when scheduling Pins.

A pin scheduler has many advantages, which is why it is our most popular feature.

Automatic Scheduling

The auto scheduling feature simplifies your life even more (if possible). It helps you take full advantage of your ability to post pins at any time. The Viralwoot Smart engine calculates and sets the most optimum pinning time for you, based on the views and activity you get. You can even tell the engine to post only on certain days. All these options can be modified on the auto schedule settings page in a jiffy.

pinning schedule

Take the guesswork out of scheduling, know exactly when you should pin your content. Pinning regularly also helps in improving your SEO and profile presence, which means your posts will appear at the top of the feed for more users.

Pin Overview

A pin scheduled on the Viralwoot app can be in 4 phases.

  • Scheduled
  • Failed
  • Posted
  • Missed

SCHEDULED PINS– The Pins in this tab refer to those that have been scheduled to be posted. The Pins below this tab will disappear after their posting time and date have passed. The icons on the right show which sites the image is scheduled on.

scheduled pin

FAILED PINS– The Pins that are in this phase couldn’t be posted due to some reason. A few reasons being

  • Authorization failed– This occurs when you change the password of your Pinterest account without updating your account on Viralwoot.
  • Sorry cannot fetch this image– Internal Pinterest error
  • Invalid Image

POSTED PINS– This tab includes those photos that are posted successfully on your Pinterest or Instagram account

posted pins

MISSED PINS– This section shows you the Instagram posts that you had scheduled but which you could not post. It is exclusively for your Instagram posts. The posts can be rescheduled just by clicking them.

missed pins

Instagram Post Scheduling

As we mentioned earlier, Instagram denies access to posting images directly via any app. We have tried to make your Instagram posting as convenient as we could. To post Instagram photos via the Viralwoot app, you should first have your Instagram account set up on your device and should have notifications for Viralwoot enabled.

Once these requirements are fulfilled, you just have to follow the same steps followed in Pin scheduling, till the part when you have to select boards. Once you have chosen your image, make sure the Instagram toggle is ‘ON’.

insta details

After clicking ‘Next’, you will be directed to the ‘Pinterest boards’ screen (if you are also scheduling on Pinterest) or to the ‘Manual Scheduling’ screen.

Select the time and date and you are done. Now, when the time comes, you will receive a notification from Viralwoot telling you that your scheduled Pin is ready!

Once you click the notification, you will be directed to the Instagram app which will open with your image with the description and link. How cool is that!

Just add the filter you wish and click post! Easy-peasy, lemon squeezy!

Getting followers on Instagram requires you to be active, post interesting photos and use proper descriptions with hashtags and links.

Grow Your Community

As soon as you create an account on Viralwoot, you instantly become part of a community of more than 70000 other users. All these users communicate, help and support the symbiotic growth of each other. Viralwoot’s app also lets you follow Boards and Profiles instantly through the Viralwoot app. You can discover new Pinners and new followers just by scrolling through.

You might be asking why would other users follow my boards and profile?

There are two reasons for this. The first reason is that your board or profile is so fantastic and attractive that the user just can’t help but follow it! The second reason (which is more likely to happen) is because you provide the user with an incentive.

Each Viralwoot user possesses promotional credits. Any user can offer these credits to other users in return for a like, repin or follow. Once you earn these credits, you can offer more to other users for liking and repinning your Pins and for following your profile and boards on the Viralwoot website.

Think of promotional credits like an online currency which are offered to other users to get more likes, follows and repins.

You can discover new pinners on the ‘Follow Pinners’ page under the grow community section

follow pinners

You can even browse through boards of other Viralwoot users and earn credits by following them.

follow boards

A healthy community like Viralwoot will get you organic likes, repins and followers in an instant. Just make your boards interesting and your pictures attractive.

NOTE: You can only earn credits on the iOS app, to set your pins and boards for promotion, use the Viralwoot website. You can even change the number of credits you offer for a like, follow or repin on the website.

Viralwoot Analytics

Ever wanted to know where you exactly stand in the Pinterest world? We now provide you the tool meant exactly for that. It provides you with a quantitative measure of your activity, engagement, reach and influence to help you get more traffic and to spot your downfalls.

All these scores work using complex algorithms which take into account many factors such as the follower count, following count, comments, group boards and many more such metrics.

There are 2 sections of metrics for your account.

Basic Metrics

These metrics provide you with the basic details of your profile. The number of Pins, boards, group boards, followers, and likes. Use these to determine what aspects of your account you need to work on. The Pinfluence score is an average value that tells you how many people you influence currently. Try to keep it as high as possible. All these metrics are provided free of cost.

basic metrics

Important Metrics

These statistics serve as your report card for your progress on Pinterest. Additional scores like the reach, engagement, and activity score provide an exact depiction of your growth. If your scores are above 80, it means you are doing a great job! But remember, as soon as you stop your hard work, these scores will fall alerting you that you need to pull your socks up again. These metrics are a part of the plans in Viralwoot and can help you gauge and assess your performance on the different platforms.

important metrics


Viralwoot offers its users 3 plans (starting from as low as $11.99) that are extremely affordable and versatile. We can also customize packages based on your requirements, just inform us here. Each of these plans has combined the best features of Viralwoot to use. You can also purchase credits at a reasonable rate to promote your Pins, profile, and boards.


If you were looking for a way to optimize your Pinterest and Instagram life, look no further than the Viralwoot app. You can download the Viralwoot app from the Apple app store  The powerful feature offered will solve all your problems and will help you grow exponentially.

Make sure you remain active and post regularly. I wish you the best on your quest for Pinterest success. Enjoy the app and make full use of its features. Remember, on some trips, the journey is more important than the destination!

Start Scheduling Instagram Posts Now – For Free!


A Complete Guide to Instagram Marketing

“A picture is worth a thousand words”

The essence of Instagram summed up in one line. In today’s day and age, customers and viewers are more demanding and impatient than ever. Attention spans are decreasing and competition for visibility has skyrocketed. So what do you do to ensure your products are seen and that they attract new customers? Well, since you can’t beat them, join them!

Instagram Marketing

Change your way of serving content and cater to audiences who fly through their feed, totally ignoring long paragraphs or breezing through them at the most. Images are the perfect alternative for this kind of viewer and Instagram is the perfect platform to make that happen.

This guide will provide you with all the answers you need to know about marketing strategies and focal points for marketing on Instagram. So, let’s get right to it!

Why Instagram?

Instagram is perfect for engaging with followers on a regular basis and giving your pictures unparalleled visibility. The Stats do not lie!

Stat Attack alert!

  • Instagram now has more than 500 million users, with more than 300 users who use it every day!
  • 95M+ videos photos/videos are shared every day
  • Brands engage with more than 4 percent of their followers on Instagram, compared to less than 0.1 percent for Facebook and Twitter
  • 70% of Instagram users have searched and looked up brands
  • 62% of Instagram users follow a brand on Instagram
  • Only 36% of marketers use Instagram, compared to 93% of marketers who use Facebook

Apart from the usual engagement, you can even use Sponsored Posts to almost double your audience. These posts will be shown on multiple users’ feeds and have been known to perform extremely well.

Setting Up to Succeed!

Step 1: Picture Perfect

A good profile is just as important as the pictures you put up! Instagram allows you to add a profile image with which users can relate to. As soon as they see the picture, their mind automatically knows what he is in store for. It becomes your definition and your pitch. Make your visuals iconic, attractive and to the point.

profile picture

The Starbucks profile has done a great job of creating a profile picture that is iconic and unmistakably Starbucks!

Step 2: Write a Bio

Each profile has a Bio that is helpful when you’re not as popular as Starbucks (just one line!). Ideally, your bio should be around 150 words which is less than the 200-word limit and can convey your information and ideals sufficiently. Use this space to tell your viewers

  • Why they should you follow
  • What are you selling and how does it help them

You can even attempt to involve viewers by asking them to share some of your pictures or tag you in some of theirs, using a hashtag.

good bio

Step 3: Connect a Website

It’s extremely simple and effective to add a link of a website to your profile bio. If a user likes your pictures or your product, you should give him the option to explore more instantly! Lead them down the path you wish them to take and improve your conversion and interaction just by taking this simple step. Just make sure that the URL you provide works exactly like you want it to. Try to direct users to a mobile friendly site since most Instagram traffic is through a mobile device.

good link

The GoPro Instagram Page provides a link for its viewers to directly submit their pictures on their website.

Identify Your Goals

Before you can start posting pictures on Instagram you have to figure out what your goal or your aim is. To categorize roughly, there are about 5 reasons that brands use Instagram.

  1. Showcase your products or services
  2. Build your community
  3. Increase awareness of your brand
  4. Showcase your company culture and values
  5. Advertise to potential customers

Each goal needs to be approached with a different strategy that can help you achieve your goal more efficiently and quickly. You should choose at least 2 goals for Instagram Marketing and keep those goals in your sight. Do not diverge from these goals and post each photo with these goals in your mind. You can even decide your own goals if they are not mentioned here. To help you out, try asking these questions to yourself

What do I want from my Instagram account?

How can I use Instagram to solve the problems I’m facing?

How much time and effort do you wish to invest in Instagram?

Why have you chosen Instagram over other Social Media platforms?

Once you answer these questions, you can easily create a strategy to execute, saving a lot of wasted time and energy from wavering left and right.

The Viralwoot Instagram page has been created for two clear purposes

  • Motivate our audiences to perform better
  • Educate and inform our audience about how Viralwoot can help them in their Pinterest and Instagram marketing pursuits

Stick with your goals and formulate your strategy efficiently.

Identify Your Audience

Unfortunately, just posting attractive pictures is not enough to ensure that you do well on Instagram. You need to cater to your audience and follow trends and their interests. But before you can do that, you will need to identify your audience, whether they are young, old, official or playful etc.

Here is a useful list to show you the demographics of Instagram users.


As you can see, the percentage of female users slightly edge the percentage of male users and so it is extremely important to post pictures that service both audiences equally.

A few more important points that I thought I should highlight are

  • A staggering 53% of users are in the age group of 18 to 29 (young adults)
  • Most users are college educated (31%)
  • Since young adults are the most popular users, incomes of users are mostly below $30,000

Use these facts to design to improve your strategy further and increase the effect on your audience.

Concentrate on Content

Good content is the bare minimum that you need to do to ensure you reach your goals and market effectively. If your images are attractive, alluring and descriptive, you are sure to get many more followers, visitors and ultimately conversions.

A few basic tips include not stuffing your pictures with too many things. Determine what you want to portray and center things around it, without diverting the attention of the viewer away from it.

Also, experiment with faces in your pictures, maybe showing the people who work in your organization?


Hubspot has done a great job of using familiar faces to increase their engagement.

A few extra tips for creating effective content are given here. Try following them as often as you can.

Determine your Style

The essence of your pictures should remain the same. Determine one that looks appropriate for your brand and stick to it! A style is determined by

  • Composition
  • Color palette
  • Fonts
  • Filters
  • Captions
  • Hashtags

Again, depending on your target audience and feel of your brand, you should choose a style that suits you. Two starkly different examples are those of Frooti (India’s largest selling fruit drink brand)


and Everlane, which has a much more niche and sophisticated audience and hence uses somber and minimalistic colors.


Old Navy has a much more product-centric approach. Their target audience is widespread and hence they need to employ a very neutral style.

good content

Use Hashtags

The description for your image has tons of potential to improve the engagement and activity of your images. The hashtags you use should be related to the images you post and should also be related to your brand. Studies have shown that pictures with Hashtags perform much better than those without.

hashtag stats

An interesting trend on Instagram is the idea of #ThrowbackThursday. On Thursdays, many brands share old photos and use this hashtag. As a brand, you can take advantage of this trend to get your pictures more visibility. Share pictures of your office, employees, products or maybe even your followers.

You should try to use hashtags that are popular and trending. You can search for popular hashtags using the popular tool hashtagify.


On Hashtagify you can enter any keyword and search for hashtags whose popularity is the highest. Use these hashtags to increase the visibility of your pictures. Maybe even get your hashtag trending!

Hold Contests

Try to get your audience more involved by holding contests. In these contests, urge viewers to share their pictures and use hashtags to connect those pictures to your brand. Ask them to take pictures while using your products.

For the winners, you can offer coupons, special discounts, and exposure. For example, you can offer to share the winning picture on your Instagram page. The main objective you’re trying to achieve is to engage more users and increase your effect in their lives.

A great example of a contest held on Instagram is shown below.


You can organize a weekly contest without any effort at all. Just create a unique hashtag and add one sample picture on your Instagram page.

Call to Actions on Images

An exciting, new trend has started gathering steam. You can ask your viewers you to like or comment on your images simply by asking them to double-tap if you like ‘this’ and comment if you prefer ‘that’. The double-tap feature on Instagram has been very useful for this.

You can use this feature by displaying 2 products in one image and asking the user to double tap on the one which is better looking.

double tap

Time is of the Essence

Different groups of users log onto their Instagram accounts at different times. You can make a big difference by just posting your images at optimum times. Study the engagement your images get by experimenting with posting times.


The table above shows a sample experiment where the best results have been achieved by posting between 1-2PM.

Another point you should take care of is what time zone your target customers reside in. It is seen that Instagram users tend to view their feeds in the morning and after work. Due to this, you have to check when it will be daytime for your target audience and post your images then.

Instagram Direct

Instagram has recently launched a great feature allowing you to send pictures/videos to followers individually or in a group as big as 15 users. This feature is extremely useful in improving your outreach and marketing and can also help you get many more followers.


Instagram still has some way to go to match the traffic and number of users of Facebook, but it has already changed the game of Social Media marketing and advertising. Instagram influencer marketing has become a standard tactic for many marketers. Visuals are affecting audiences in a big way and it is high time for you and your brand to switch to this mode of distribution. Use the guidelines I have provided above to create a sustainable strategy and execute it to the best of your abilities.

Remember, each brand has its own set of customers and your primary objective should be to please these customers. Analyse and study your followers to constantly keep improving and progressing.

Do tell me how you fared and continue this discussion in the comments section below. I’d love to hear from you.


Others PInterest News

Viralwoot acquires Piktoria

Viralwoot acquires Piktoria

We are glad to announce that we have acquired a Pinterest and Instagram marketing suite called Piktoria. Piktoria is Pinterest and Instagram tool that provides interesting discovery tools like location and hashtag monitoring for Instagram, one-of-its-kind Pinterest keywords toolkit and in-built Instagram engagement features.

In short, Piktoria will provide our users powerful discovery and research tools for their own business or their clients. You can track which user is posting what at any of your stores and engage with her – right from your Piktoria account. You can discover igers who are hanging out and posting on Instagram near to your store and invite them to come over to your store.

We believe that this acquisition will help us broaden our offering for our existing 80,000+ users, especially for businesses with offline stores. This acquisition will also help us improve our Account management offering and going forward, all our customers using our Account Management services will get additional useful insights and data like trending keywords, hashtags & location-based information related to their Pinterest and Instagram presence.

Piktoria is currently serving over 5,000 businesses from fashion and hospitality domain.

As far as integration is considered, Piktoria will continue to operate independently & will get every possible support from Viralwoot.

We are really excited to continue our journey to build world’s best visual marketing platform with Team Piktoria.

Interested in checking out Piktoria? Go give it a try here. We have a limited number of 70% discount coupons for Piktoria – just write to us at for your 70% off Piktoria coupon.