Pinterest Tips

Great Pinterest Tips for Small Business

Pinterest-Tips-For-Small-BusinessIf you are new to Internet marketing, then Pinterest could be the best platform for you to begin with. Below are some essential points that you can ponder on and incorporate in your Pinterest marketing strategy.

Technically Free Publicity

If you have been using Pinterest for your small business, then a great way to let your buyers/shoppers know about your products is by including the price in the written description. Pinterest would recognize that and it would even include your product in a gift guide email, resulting in free publicity for your shop.

Offer Coupon Code

By adding a coupon code to your pin, you can cajole latent customers to make a purchase, and it will also enable you to track your marketing progress. It is possible that shoppers might search for “coupon code” to find better deals, so keep your code simple and easy to remember. Since Pinterest pins do not expire, your coupon codes should not either. It will also mean that even if your product has passed its primary sale’s date, it is still in the game.

Put up a Testimonial Board

It will be a validation for your business and brand. As satisfied customers can leave back some leads for tentative first-time buyers. Another effective way is to pin (or link) to other sources where your work has been featured. Uploading photos that offer a look into your production process can also boost your understanding and rating.

Put Items on Sale

If you reduce the tag on products from what you pinned before, Pinterest would send an email to people who pinned it. This would notify them about the drop in cost. This is such an easy way to connect with someone who liked your product to get it in future or passed it to others. The notification could be the needed push a buyer was waiting for, and a second shot for you to seal the deal.

Pinterest Search Yourself

Following members who have pinned your merchandise can lead to a mutually beneficial relationship, and it will also remind them of your work. Developing relationships with pinners can boost the number of your followers into the millions.

If you’re just getting started, take a look at our post “What is Pinterest” and get going on the right foot.