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How to Promote Your Shopify Store on Pinterest

Promote Shopify Store

There are 11 billion reasons Shopify store owners should make Pinterest a priority in their marketing strategy. That’s how much Pinterest is valued, in part due to the 150 million active users saving 2 million shopping pins on boards every day.

Pinterest isn’t a place where people go to socialize. It’s a site where consumers go to shop. Eighty-seven percent of Pinterest users have already made a purchase, thanks in part to Pinterest, while the rest have plans to make a future purchase.

Promoted Pins are one way to generate interest in your store. However, buyable Pins make it easier than ever to use Pinterest as a personal shopping platform. The entire purchasing process has been simplified thanks to buyable pins and Pinterest mobile app. Users input their credit card information just once, and whenever they see a Pin with a blue price, they can make a purchase right within the app.

Currently, Buyable Pins are only available on Pinterest’s mobile app but expect to see them soon on both their desktop and mobile websites.

Buyable Pins are presently restricted to large brands. However, if you have a Shopify store, you’re in luck! Through Shopify’s integration with Pinterest, store owners can apply to use Buyable Pins too.

The integration between Pinterest and Shopify is seamless for both consumers and online store owners. All Shopify capabilities remain, and Pinterest passes the sales and analytical data back to Shopify.

Are you ready to make Pinterest part of your online marketing strategy? Here’s what you need to know to effectively integrate Pinterest with your Shopify store.

Sign Up for Pinterest

If you haven’t done so already, sign up for a free business account on Pinterest. It needs to be a business account and not a personal one. If you wish, you can convert a personal Pinterest account into a business one.

Pinterest For Business

Sign Up for Shopify

If you’re on a trial plan, you’ll need to upgrade to an active Shopify plan to be eligible for the Pinterest sales channel. Shopify’s free trial allows you to try out a lot of different product features. Unfortunately, the Pinterest and Shopify integration isn’t one of them.

Add the Pinterest Channel to Your Shopify Store

You may need to make a few changes to your online store settings. First, you need to confirm that your store meets the eligibility requirements for the Pinterest sales channel. 

  • Ship products to the U.S. (add U.S. as a shipping destination if you currently do not ship there)
  • Charge in U.S. dollars (you will need to change your store’s currency to USD)
  • Using an active Shopify plan (upgrade from a free trial if necessary)
  • Use Shopify Payments or another Pinterest/Shopify compatible payment system.
  • Have at least one online store and one product.

To ensure you Pinterest account connects with Shopify, make sure:

  • You disable your storefront password.
  • “Company Name” and “Address Line 2” are optional fields on your store’s checkout form
  • The primary domain listed on your Shopify Domains page matches the Website field on your Pinterest business account.

In addition to meeting these technical requirements, your online store needs to meet Pinterest’s Advertising Requirements to be eligible for the Pinterest sales channel. These conditions are created to ensure consumers have a great experience using Buyable Pins.

Basically, it means your online store needs to have a proven customer service history with few chargeback and your product descriptions fit within Pinterest’s advertising guidelines. But don’t worry, you can always hide ineligible products from Pinterest’s view, if required.

If your store is not approved by Pinterest, they will provide you with valuable feedback. Make the required changes and contact Pinterest for reapplication.

Before you can actually apply to Pinterest, you’ll need to add the Pinterest sales channel from within your Shopify Admin Setting page. You can then connect your Pinterest business account by opening the Pinterest sales channel, connecting to Pinterest and authorizing the app.

After that Pinterest will review your store. Once approved, pins of eligible products from your online store will appear as Buyable Pins whether it’s you that pins them or someone else.

Approval of your online store doesn’t guarantee your products will be published as Buyable Pins. Each product individually must meet Pinterest Advertising Rules.

It’s a good idea to check your product’s publishing status from time to time to ensure there aren’t any issues. Go to the Account page of the Pinterest sales channel on your Shopify admin dashboard. There you can review and fix any errors that prevent a product from being published as a Buyable Pin on Pinterest.

One important thing to note. Buyable Pins aren’t the same as Rich Pins and, therefore, cannot be advertised on Pinterest using Promoted Pins. To promote a product from your store using Promoted Pins, hide the item from the Pinterest sales channel by changing its visibility setting in your Shopify admin panel. Now the product will display as a Rich Pin, which can be advertised via Promoted Pins.

Pinterest Shopify Best Practices

There’s more you can do to get additional exposure on Pinterest. Keywords play a major role in getting discovered, so make sure to use them in product titles, descriptions, tags and even image fields. Take advantage of the words that your customers would use in searching for your product. Reference properties like material, color, pattern, and brand.

Pinterest product description

Product titles are the most important as Pinterest filters products based on this field. Avoid promotional phrases like “free shipping” or risk getting blocked. Also, because Pinterest prohibits alcohol, drugs and firearm sales, avoid any reference to these topics. Their algorithms are not that sophisticated and phrases like “champagned-colored” may also cause a product to be blocked.

It’s best to modify that product’s visibility if you can’t change the product title. This way it doesn’t appear on the Pinterest sales channel.

Pay Attention to Pinterest Analytics

Once customers can purchase your online store’s products on Pinterest, you will receive a notification. From this point forwards, Pinterest will send analytic data back to Shopify concerning sales and engagement.

You can get an overview of recent sales and traffic data for the Pinterest channel. You can see impression, pins, repins as well as top products, sales, and orders.

Pay attention to this data as it will help refine your Pinterest strategy and understand what products interest your audience.  Don’t guess what your customers want; use the data to guide you.

Building an Audience on Pinterest

Building an engaged audience on Pinterest isn’t difficult, but will take some time and consistent effort on your part. Here are a few things you can do to make the process more efficient.

Use ShopWoot to boost your product’s visibility among the more than 65,000 users on our Pinterest promotion platform. Enter your Shopify Store name on the ShopWoot website and we will fetch all your products including images, links, and description within seconds. Click on the products you want us to promote on Pinterest for the next 30 days and within minutes your promotions will start. Over the next 30 days, you will get a minimum 25-40 quality visitors to your store per product promotion. Plus you can promote your first product for free!


You can create multiple boards that reflect your store’s organized materials. Avoid having just a couple of boards with hundreds of pins. It’s better to go wide than deep as a well-structured collection of boards makes it easier for people to find your pins.

Sell the sizzle and not the steak. Don’t just pin your own products. Create a story around your brand by the careful curation of pins. Inspire and build your audience by repinning things that you find motivating.

Tap into trends. Find popular pin types and search terms that are relevant to your audience and find a way to connect that with your brand.

Pinterest Categories Women

Take advantage of group boards. Get instant exposure through valuable contributions to popular boards. Find Pinterest influencers with a complementary audience and contribute to their account. The Shopify Merchant Community Board is a great place to start. PinGroupie is another resource where you can quickly find thousands of boards across every imaginable niche.

Don’t pin all at once or you risk overwhelming your audience. Certain times of the day are better than others, and some Pinterest categories are more popular depending on the day of the week. Viralwoot makes it convenient to schedule pins in advance so that people see your pins at the optimal time.

Viralwoot Pinterest scheduler

Pinterest offers the ability to tap into an audience that has proven themselves ready to buy moreover Shopify store owners benefit from access to Pinterest features typically reserved for big brands.

Have you started marketing your online store on Pinterest? Is there advice can you share?

PInterest News

What Pinterest Analytics Is Trying to Tell You

Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest has introduced a new analytics tool for all kinds of businesses, which is very effective since they can use Pinterest to promote pictures of their products. In simpler terms, instead of talking about what you have to offer, Pinterest gives you a chance to show what you already have with the help of Pins. Thanks to the analytics tool, you can figure out what content is loved by your customers. Here is a general overview of the tool:

How to Access Pinterest Analytics

Only people who have a business account on Pinterest can view the analytics tool. It is important that you link your Pinterest account to your website so that there is a free flow of traffic. You can view the data by selecting the ‘analytics’ tab on the main menu.

Site Metrics

The analytics tool allows you to find out the following:

  • Content that is pinned from your website
  • Number of times your Pins appeared on the search engine
  • Number of visitors that visited your website via Pinterest
  • Visitors that pin content from your website
  • Whether there is an upward or downward movement in the statistics
  • Which Pins are repined

Understanding the Data

With the help of the Pinterest tool, you can find out the reach of your Pins. Pinterest gives you a chance to search terms and to see how the customers are engaging with the pins and the main website. Thus, instead of guessing what is happening, businesses can now find out the exact progress and specific statistics related to their Pinterest accounts.

How Can E-Commerce Businesses Take Advantage Of the Tool?

Let’s say that you have a cosmetics shop and you have a business account on Pinterest, where you post pictures of your products. You pin latest makeup techniques, celebrity looks and beauty products, and link it directly to the page of your website. If you see an increase in the sales of the products you post on Pinterest, but don’t know the correlation, then you may ask the following questions:

  • Is Pinterest directing all this traffic to your website?
  • Is there any specific product that your users are pinning that you should also pin?

Pinterest analytics can help you in answering all these questions.

How Can Sales Be Improved With the Help Of Pinterest Data?

You can learn about the most popular content by viewing posts that have been repinned numerous times. You can see the most clicked content tab and learn about what is driving all the traffic to your website. These metrics can help you in determining what people like about your business, so you can design your website accordingly. Furthermore, popular Pins can help you in deciding about custom landing pages, social media updates, display ads, newsletters and what products to feature.

Since Pinterest has a comment section, you can gain a lot of insight about what your followers think about your visual content. You can easily find out what customers like, and which area they think needs improvement.

Want To Learn More About Pinterest Analytics Tools?

There are several tools that can help in enhancing your Pinterest experience. One such tool is ViralWoot, as it can help you in getting more followers, help you schedule and promote your Pins, create Pin alerts, and follow multiple Pinterest accounts. They offer a free trial, so you can register right away and leverage the potential of Pinterest for your business!

Pinterest Tips

7 Key Pinterest Strategies

7 Key Pinterest Strategies
7 Key Pinterest Strategies

Pinterest is one of the best platforms to market a small business, company, blog, or even to promote a book or product. Keeping that in mind, today we are going to show you some key strategies to use Pinterest.

Create Boards Keywords

Pinterest has amazing search competencies. You can further exploit it by using keywords in board titles by making sure that you select a category for each board. This will help people find it, and will also prompt Pinterest to promote your board.

Properly Describe your Ideas

When describing your ideas, keep in mind that people can tweet your pins. Specifically, the text you use to describe your idea should be more like a tweet. Keep it short, stimulating, and significant.

Build Links Back to the Website

You are given 2 places with every pin to add your link: one in the description and the other in the source for the pin. So use both appropriately!

Embed Pins on the Website

Embedding pins on your website are not difficult, and it is also an excellent way to get more repins. An embedded code on the Pinterest site can always bring more traffic for you.

‘Pinterest for business’ for Analytics

It is smart to see which of your pins are becoming popular. Re-share those on other Pinterest boards or on social networks. When a particular pin receives more interaction, social channels swarm it with conversations.

Rich pins

Right now, there are six types of Rich Pins: app, movie, recipe, article, product and place. Initially, adore your website with Meta tags, test out your rich pins and apply to get them on Pinterest. Non-technical people might need to consult with their developers or site owners to help them get started.

Smart Pin-able Images

Most successful pinners may not have an excellent image every time, but they do have an image that pins with each post. A bigger image of 735 x 1102 has more chance to get re-pins as Pinterest likes tall, vertical images. Make a big image, pin it and then share the pin with the blog link.

Just starting out and wondering how to use Pinterest? Check out more posts on this blog!


PInterest News

How to Get More Traffic Using Pinterest Analytics

How to get more traffic using pinterest analytics

Pinterest has started rolling out Pinterest Web Analytics, a tool that will allow businesses to see how many visitors the content-sharing service is referring to their sites. The first feature, which shows data on how many people have pinned from a site, the number of views each pin has, and how many users have visited a site from Pinterest, is available for free today for companies with a verified Web site.

These new features make good on Pinterest’s promise to businesses late last year that it will introduce data analytic tools for companies to track Pinterest traffic. Pinterest, which began offering official accounts for companies in November, is focusing this year on “building foundations to monetize,” founder Ben Silbermann told the Wall Street Journal last month. The Web site does not currently have paid ads, but it’s looking at a potential advertising system, as well as working with businesses to learn how Pinterest can result in sales of merchandise, a potential revenue source for the site. Pinterest recently updated its site for business owners, which includes case studies from companies including Etsy and Allrecipes.

Other features Pinterest may unveil later this year include “suggestions” for users based on what they have already added to their boards. The company also plans to launch international sites this year.

The Web site has already shown that it is a potent marketing tool for businesses. Last July, data from online sharing service Shareaholic showed that Pinterest beat Twitter, StumbleUpon, Bing, and Google in referral traffic. Furthermore, Pinterest users don’t just click over to e-commerce sites to ogle merchandise–they are 10 percent more likely to make a purchase than people who come over from other networks, according to data from e-commerce platform Shopify. So, to capitalize on this brilliant characteristic of Pinterest to send referral traffic, you must have:

1. Good Pins and well researched keywords as Pin description & board names

2. Lot of Pinterest followers 

3. Good pinning frequency

4. Use other channels (blog, twitter and facebook) to spread your pins

Talking about getting new pinterest followers, you can do that by following ways :

1. Using Follow Us on Pinterest button on your blog/website

2. Using Follow Us on Pinterest button/link in your email signature

3. Participate in Follow Exchange or Incentivize Pinterest users to follow you

If you’re just getting started on this platform, check out our post “What Is Pinterest” for a good overview.

To grow your Pinterest following while maintaining quality of your Pinterest account, you should try our free tool ViralwootIt grows your Pinterest community for free and at a quick pace.

Source: Pinterest Launches New Data Analytic Tool For Businesses As It Prepares To Monetize