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How to Get Started with Pinterest Save Button

With its launch in 2015, Pinterest’s ‘Pin it’ button has revolutionized the way users approach Pinterest.

How does the Save button help you?  What difference does it make to your Pinterest marketing efforts?

Pinterest Save button typically reduces the clicks it takes to save something from the web. Now the use is simple, the save button lets the users save images, clips or infographics to their Pinterest account by just clicking on the Save button.

Pinterest Save Button

You might have noticed that before April 2015, it used to take around 4 clicks to save some stuff from the web. After the launch of this feature, it just takes 2 clicks.

In June 2016, Pinterest re-launched the same button naming it as ‘Save Button’. The red button integrates the mobile devices and similar other with Pinterest in a magical way. The change from Pin it to Save button was due to increasing Pinterest members outside U.S.

Users who are not having English as their major language might get confused or might not relate with the ‘Pin it’ tab. So, in the context of this reason, Pinterest thought of changing it to Save button. And it helped! More people previously not understanding the concept of Pin it, now saves their ideas on Pinterest.

Getting Started!

You might be sitting in your living room on the weekend and thinking of going through some interesting images on your Pinterest account. Seeing some appalling images, you might be thinking of saving it. Right?

This is where Pinterest Save Button comes in picture.

How to install Pinterest Save Button

To install this amazing Save it button, you can go directly to the Pinterest Goodies page in the browser. You can add the Save button to multiple browsers such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari.

How to Install the Pinterest Pin-It Button Step-1

Going to the page, you will find an ‘Install Now’ button. Clicking on it will give you basic prompts that you have to follow. Allow the software to get installed or click on ‘Add Button’. Do not panic if it’s getting delayed or stopped as it depends on your browser & security settings.

Install the Save button

For internet explorer users, Save button is installed in the command bar, which may be hidden. To see the command bar, right click on the Internet Explorer’s title bar and select the ‘Command Bar’ option.

Pinterest save button command bar

You can see the Pin it button on the top right side, clicking on which you can save any sort of inspirational ideas. You can select any image displayed on the website to pin. Additionally, you can also save the images by clicking on the Save button appearing over them.

Pinterest save button pic

Next step is to log into your Pinterest account and start using this amazing app. Suppose you want to add this Save button on your website, then redirect to the Pinterest developer’s page. This page has several options to fill up. I will take you one by one for each step.

Pin it button image

You’ll see different alternatives such as save button, follow, pin, board, and profile. Clicking on save button will open up several options.

pin save button options

You can fill the blanks on the left side. ‘Button type’ tab gives you an option of where do you want to see the save button. If you want to save button on one image, any image or want the button to appear on the image while hovering, you can select any of the given options. ‘Custom Image’ option is there for you providing you the liberty of customizing the setting as per your requirement. In addition, language and pin count boxes are there.

You will see a code-set on the right hand side of the screen immediately after you’ve filled the required information. You can also see the preview of the button as per your filled up preferences. Copy this code and paste it on the page to install your Save button. You only require JavaScript  for the first time for this button to work.

pinterest save button

You can also use the save button on mobile pages by using AMP (accelerated mobile pages) scripts.

Following this simple guide you’ll be able to install the Save button on your content and improve your Pinterest presence by several times.