Pinterest Tips

10 Surefire ways to get 500 Pinterest followers in 1 week

Pinterest caters to over 150 million people and 500,000 businesses. If you are looking forward to getting more Pinterest followers then do the following things:

Use Keywords and Hashtags

Use keywords in your description and images so that when people look up for a specific keyword your board shows up. The use of hashtags is also very important as that will help you in reaching out to a bigger audience.

Get 500 Pinterest followers in 1 week

Join Collaborative Boards

In order to gain more followers you can collaborate with popular group boards that have a large number of followers, because this way they will be able to view your pins too. Look for popular boards and try to build rapport with the owners before asking them to send you an invite to the board.

Post Original Images

More than 75% of the images are repins on Pinterest which means that there are very few pictures that are original. You should try and post original pictures and info graphs so that more people can be attracted to your profile. Other than this, try and repin posts that reflect your brand so that you can connect with other pinners and get more followers.

Follow Other Pinners

Try and follow a significant amount of people every day so that they can follow you back. You can always unfollow the people who don’t follow you back. This is a great way to have a steady growth.

Comment, Repin, & Tagging

Comment on popular pins so that people can learn about you and can follow your page. Just make sure that your comments are not spammish in nature as Pinterest takes action against spammers.

Make Use of Special Occasions

People like to make wish lists on Pinterest. So make boards for special festivals like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Eid and Hanukah so that it attracts people from all over the world.

Doing this will help you relate your products to an event. You can even use a cultural/traditional sentiment to direct customers to your website year round.

Add the Pinterest Follow Button

You should have a follow button on the website that can send some traffic to your Pinterest account. Install the button at prominent places like the header or footer and get a widget builder so that you can have a custom button that can fulfill your needs.

Promote Individual Boards

Since people don’t have the time to browse through the your entire profile, it is a good idea to promote individual posts because it will grab the attention of people and you will get more followers by promoting generically famous boards.

Run Contests

In order to get the attention of users you can have a contest. You can clearly mention that only people who follow you on Pinterest are eligible. This will surely get you a lot of followers as it will promote a feeling of exclusivity and victory. Entice your users to generate engagement through your Pinterest account.

Link with Other Social Media Accounts

You should link your Pinterest account with all the other social media accounts so that your friends and followers from other social media platforms can follow you on Pinterest.

How to Increase Pinterest Followers

ViralWoot is a tool that you should get if you want to manage multiple accounts, get more followers, promote pins, schedule pins and have pin alerts. Viralwoot provides a free trial so that you can check out there services and see the results for yourself.