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How to Set up Rich Pins in 5 Minutes?

You can be highly active on social media sites for a variety of purposes. Either you have been surfing through these sites for personal purposes such as making friends or making a point.

Or, you might be on a social network for a more professional purpose such as for promoting your brand, product, and service.

Now, using Pinterest for personal uses doesn’t warrant a guide or plan to follow. Though the people who are using social media sites for businesses and promotional purposes do need tools and ideas to switch up their social presence.

And for that particular purpose, Pinterest offers Rich Pins.

Rich pins are the Pinterest pins that display your website name and icon under the pinned image. Think of them as an equivalent of Rich tags on web pages. More information, more directed results.

In this post we’ll show you how to setup Rich Pins in just 5 minutes. So let us unerstand Rich Pins and how they can benefit you?

Rich Pins

Rich pins are rightly defined as the pins that include extra information right on the pin itself.

Currently, there are 6 different kinds of rich pins:

  1. Recipe – This pin incorporates information such as ingredient lists, cooking time, serving, and similar.
  2. Article – These sorts exhibit the headline, title, description and author of your article & blog post.
  3. Product – These display the price, stock level/status and a description of the product on pins directly from your website.
  4. Place – These pins enable you to add location info to Pins, so that when a user pins from your website to a Place Board
  5. Movie –  It incorporates information about movies such as ratings, director, actors, release date and so on.
  6. App– It includes an install button, in order to make sure that no user has to leave the Pinterest to download your app. Users can do so on Pinterest itself.

How to setup Rich pins

How to set up Rich Pins?

Setting up the rich pins is much easier and quicker than explained by Pinterest.

These are 3 simple steps to set the rich pins if you have a WordPress blog.

Yoast SEO

You’d want to install Yoast SEO tool to manage your pins and content.

One can say Yoast is like an SEO knight in shining armor for people who do not know about SEO. It provides certain features that can help you manage your SEO. This way you can ensure that your Pins and your content is seen by people searching about any related topic.

You can easily get Yoast SEO here.

Apart from aiding you in making every post on WordPress optimized for making your content more visible, Yoast also enables you to set up rich pins conveniently.

You just have to follow the simple steps:

  1. Activate the Yoast Plugin.
  2. In the settings, and click on the social tab.
  3. Open the Facebook tab and enable the “Add Open Graph Meta Data”. You are good to go!

Rich Pin Validator

In this step, you just have to do one thing; Click.

  1. You will click on this link and ensure to open the Rich Pin Validator.
  2. Make sure to add a link to any post on your website, where it asks for “Enter a valid URL”.

Just Click Now

You just have to apply to Pinterest to get your Pins validated. Click on Apply now!

Post this, wait but do not wait for a longer period of time. Soon, you will receive confirmation like this from Pinterest itself.

confirmation rich pins

Source: Sociallysorted

You will notice immediate results from your pins as soon as you get the approval for Rich pins.

Why is it necessary?

Most Pinterest users might wonder over the utility of Rich pins. They’d mull over the results, the idea and hesitate to use Rich pins. But even the most stubborn reluctance cannot argue with results.

To start with, you might be not an active pinner on Pinterest, but your audience would be. Considering that your audience gets their material from Pinterest, it might be fruitful for you to remain in their sight. Rich pins let you do exactly that!

Hence, it is all about setting things up so as to carve out most of the information on the pins. This will optimize your pins and make them more discoverable and repinnable.

Bloggers and Publishers who are not so active on Pinterest can set up the article pins. This way they delve their article as the focal point. Ultimately, intrigued users would check your article out.

Pinterest Tips

Great Pinterest Tips for Small Business

Pinterest-Tips-For-Small-BusinessIf you are new to Internet marketing, then Pinterest could be the best platform for you to begin with. Below are some essential points that you can ponder on and incorporate in your Pinterest marketing strategy.

Technically Free Publicity

If you have been using Pinterest for your small business, then a great way to let your buyers/shoppers know about your products is by including the price in the written description. Pinterest would recognize that and it would even include your product in a gift guide email, resulting in free publicity for your shop.

Offer Coupon Code

By adding a coupon code to your pin, you can cajole latent customers to make a purchase, and it will also enable you to track your marketing progress. It is possible that shoppers might search for “coupon code” to find better deals, so keep your code simple and easy to remember. Since Pinterest pins do not expire, your coupon codes should not either. It will also mean that even if your product has passed its primary sale’s date, it is still in the game.

Put up a Testimonial Board

It will be a validation for your business and brand. As satisfied customers can leave back some leads for tentative first-time buyers. Another effective way is to pin (or link) to other sources where your work has been featured. Uploading photos that offer a look into your production process can also boost your understanding and rating.

Put Items on Sale

If you reduce the tag on products from what you pinned before, Pinterest would send an email to people who pinned it. This would notify them about the drop in cost. This is such an easy way to connect with someone who liked your product to get it in future or passed it to others. The notification could be the needed push a buyer was waiting for, and a second shot for you to seal the deal.

Pinterest Search Yourself

Following members who have pinned your merchandise can lead to a mutually beneficial relationship, and it will also remind them of your work. Developing relationships with pinners can boost the number of your followers into the millions.

If you’re just getting started, take a look at our post “What is Pinterest” and get going on the right foot.