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How to Promote Your Shopify Store on Pinterest

Promote Shopify Store

There are 11 billion reasons Shopify store owners should make Pinterest a priority in their marketing strategy. That’s how much Pinterest is valued, in part due to the 150 million active users saving 2 million shopping pins on boards every day.

Pinterest isn’t a place where people go to socialize. It’s a site where consumers go to shop. Eighty-seven percent of Pinterest users have already made a purchase, thanks in part to Pinterest, while the rest have plans to make a future purchase.

Promoted Pins are one way to generate interest in your store. However, buyable Pins make it easier than ever to use Pinterest as a personal shopping platform. The entire purchasing process has been simplified thanks to buyable pins and Pinterest mobile app. Users input their credit card information just once, and whenever they see a Pin with a blue price, they can make a purchase right within the app.

Currently, Buyable Pins are only available on Pinterest’s mobile app but expect to see them soon on both their desktop and mobile websites.

Buyable Pins are presently restricted to large brands. However, if you have a Shopify store, you’re in luck! Through Shopify’s integration with Pinterest, store owners can apply to use Buyable Pins too.

The integration between Pinterest and Shopify is seamless for both consumers and online store owners. All Shopify capabilities remain, and Pinterest passes the sales and analytical data back to Shopify.

Are you ready to make Pinterest part of your online marketing strategy? Here’s what you need to know to effectively integrate Pinterest with your Shopify store.

Sign Up for Pinterest

If you haven’t done so already, sign up for a free business account on Pinterest. It needs to be a business account and not a personal one. If you wish, you can convert a personal Pinterest account into a business one.

Pinterest For Business

Sign Up for Shopify

If you’re on a trial plan, you’ll need to upgrade to an active Shopify plan to be eligible for the Pinterest sales channel. Shopify’s free trial allows you to try out a lot of different product features. Unfortunately, the Pinterest and Shopify integration isn’t one of them.

Add the Pinterest Channel to Your Shopify Store

You may need to make a few changes to your online store settings. First, you need to confirm that your store meets the eligibility requirements for the Pinterest sales channel. 

  • Ship products to the U.S. (add U.S. as a shipping destination if you currently do not ship there)
  • Charge in U.S. dollars (you will need to change your store’s currency to USD)
  • Using an active Shopify plan (upgrade from a free trial if necessary)
  • Use Shopify Payments or another Pinterest/Shopify compatible payment system.
  • Have at least one online store and one product.

To ensure you Pinterest account connects with Shopify, make sure:

  • You disable your storefront password.
  • “Company Name” and “Address Line 2” are optional fields on your store’s checkout form
  • The primary domain listed on your Shopify Domains page matches the Website field on your Pinterest business account.

In addition to meeting these technical requirements, your online store needs to meet Pinterest’s Advertising Requirements to be eligible for the Pinterest sales channel. These conditions are created to ensure consumers have a great experience using Buyable Pins.

Basically, it means your online store needs to have a proven customer service history with few chargeback and your product descriptions fit within Pinterest’s advertising guidelines. But don’t worry, you can always hide ineligible products from Pinterest’s view, if required.

If your store is not approved by Pinterest, they will provide you with valuable feedback. Make the required changes and contact Pinterest for reapplication.

Before you can actually apply to Pinterest, you’ll need to add the Pinterest sales channel from within your Shopify Admin Setting page. You can then connect your Pinterest business account by opening the Pinterest sales channel, connecting to Pinterest and authorizing the app.

After that Pinterest will review your store. Once approved, pins of eligible products from your online store will appear as Buyable Pins whether it’s you that pins them or someone else.

Approval of your online store doesn’t guarantee your products will be published as Buyable Pins. Each product individually must meet Pinterest Advertising Rules.

It’s a good idea to check your product’s publishing status from time to time to ensure there aren’t any issues. Go to the Account page of the Pinterest sales channel on your Shopify admin dashboard. There you can review and fix any errors that prevent a product from being published as a Buyable Pin on Pinterest.

One important thing to note. Buyable Pins aren’t the same as Rich Pins and, therefore, cannot be advertised on Pinterest using Promoted Pins. To promote a product from your store using Promoted Pins, hide the item from the Pinterest sales channel by changing its visibility setting in your Shopify admin panel. Now the product will display as a Rich Pin, which can be advertised via Promoted Pins.

Pinterest Shopify Best Practices

There’s more you can do to get additional exposure on Pinterest. Keywords play a major role in getting discovered, so make sure to use them in product titles, descriptions, tags and even image fields. Take advantage of the words that your customers would use in searching for your product. Reference properties like material, color, pattern, and brand.

Pinterest product description

Product titles are the most important as Pinterest filters products based on this field. Avoid promotional phrases like “free shipping” or risk getting blocked. Also, because Pinterest prohibits alcohol, drugs and firearm sales, avoid any reference to these topics. Their algorithms are not that sophisticated and phrases like “champagned-colored” may also cause a product to be blocked.

It’s best to modify that product’s visibility if you can’t change the product title. This way it doesn’t appear on the Pinterest sales channel.

Pay Attention to Pinterest Analytics

Once customers can purchase your online store’s products on Pinterest, you will receive a notification. From this point forwards, Pinterest will send analytic data back to Shopify concerning sales and engagement.

You can get an overview of recent sales and traffic data for the Pinterest channel. You can see impression, pins, repins as well as top products, sales, and orders.

Pay attention to this data as it will help refine your Pinterest strategy and understand what products interest your audience.  Don’t guess what your customers want; use the data to guide you.

Building an Audience on Pinterest

Building an engaged audience on Pinterest isn’t difficult, but will take some time and consistent effort on your part. Here are a few things you can do to make the process more efficient.

Use ShopWoot to boost your product’s visibility among the more than 65,000 users on our Pinterest promotion platform. Enter your Shopify Store name on the ShopWoot website and we will fetch all your products including images, links, and description within seconds. Click on the products you want us to promote on Pinterest for the next 30 days and within minutes your promotions will start. Over the next 30 days, you will get a minimum 25-40 quality visitors to your store per product promotion. Plus you can promote your first product for free!


You can create multiple boards that reflect your store’s organized materials. Avoid having just a couple of boards with hundreds of pins. It’s better to go wide than deep as a well-structured collection of boards makes it easier for people to find your pins.

Sell the sizzle and not the steak. Don’t just pin your own products. Create a story around your brand by the careful curation of pins. Inspire and build your audience by repinning things that you find motivating.

Tap into trends. Find popular pin types and search terms that are relevant to your audience and find a way to connect that with your brand.

Pinterest Categories Women

Take advantage of group boards. Get instant exposure through valuable contributions to popular boards. Find Pinterest influencers with a complementary audience and contribute to their account. The Shopify Merchant Community Board is a great place to start. PinGroupie is another resource where you can quickly find thousands of boards across every imaginable niche.

Don’t pin all at once or you risk overwhelming your audience. Certain times of the day are better than others, and some Pinterest categories are more popular depending on the day of the week. Viralwoot makes it convenient to schedule pins in advance so that people see your pins at the optimal time.

Viralwoot Pinterest scheduler

Pinterest offers the ability to tap into an audience that has proven themselves ready to buy moreover Shopify store owners benefit from access to Pinterest features typically reserved for big brands.

Have you started marketing your online store on Pinterest? Is there advice can you share?

Pinterest Tips

50 Pinterest Style WordPress Themes

50 Pinterest Style WordPress Themes

If you’re looking to get more sales from Pinterest traffic, consider updating your WordPress theme to improve your visitors’ experience. Over 100 million enjoy the Pinterest experience. Your marketing strategy should include extending that experience to your site when visitors move off Pinterest.

Familiarity breeds trust and people are more likely to buy from those they trust. If your site looks a little dated and out of place, consider one of the following 50 WordPress themes. All of these themes have a modern style grid layout your visitors will enjoy, and some look almost exactly like Pinterest.

  1. 1 Page


    1Page is an entirely responsive WordPress theme built using the latest HTML5 and CSS3 techniques, so it looks and works fantastic. It features unlimited and sticky sidebars, infinite scroll, live search, mobile device search, and more. Custom logo and favicon options, plus unlimited colors let you put your own stamp on this theme.

  2. Bayside

    baysideBayside looks stunning on Mac Devices because it’s optimized for high-resolution devices. Unlimited color schemes allow you to customize the look and feel to match your existing brand. Infinite scroll bars plus a Flickr Widget to pull in your Flickr images and a Twitter Widget that pulls in your latest Tweets are a bonus.

  3. Blogojoy

    blogojoyOut of the box, this responsive WordPress theme looks impressive. If you feel the need to customize, don’t worry. There’s a lot you can accomplish without being a WordPress wunderkind. Built-in shortcodes let you quickly create special offers, buttons, pricing tables, tabs and more. Display your content the way you want with a wide variety post type from which to choose. There are full-width posts, posts with images or videos, posts with sliders and more.

  4. Brick + Mason

    brickmasonBrick + Mason is perfect for photographers and design studios. Infinite scrolling means visitors never have to leave the page. Unlimited color options and simple logo customization give you endless possibilities to match this theme to your brand.

  5. Clipboard

    clipboardDesigned with simplicity in mind, Clipboard is Retina-ready and looks great on any size device. Tons of typography options plus 500+ Google Fonts built into the theme. Mobile sideboard with sidebar widgets looks gorgeous on both tablets and smartphones. Supports all core WordPress post formats.

  6. Clippy

    clippyAnother theme designed with ease in mind, setting up Clippy is a relatively straight forward process. Custom menus, logos, and favicons are supported as are custom post formats like audio and video. That’s great if you plan on hosting podcasts or video. Dozens of options let you customize this theme to your heart’s content.

  7. Colorface

    colorfaceColorface is a good choice for anyone needing a creative portfolio website. It’s clean, and responsive grid-based layout looks gorgeous because it’s Retina-ready. Animated transitions are eye-catching, and it’s super fast. Excellent font support and lots of customization options.

  8. Division

    divisionDivision is a powerful WordPress theme that is responsive and Retina-ready, meaning it looks gorgeous on any size device. Unlimited colors and backgrounds plus a drag and drop page builder provide you with endless creative possibilities.

  9. Exhibit

    exhibitExhibit looks great no matter the size of your display. From smartphones to tablets and televisions, the layout reflows beautifully to any screen size. Built-in Google Maps lets you add your location to a contact page in just a couple of steps. Custom widgets let you display dynamic content like ads, tweets, and your Facebook page. The shortcode generator makes quick work of editing tables, buttons and drop caps without any coding knowledge.

  10. Expressivo

    expressivoExpressivo looks beautiful on any device, from mobile to desktop thanks to its responsive and Retina-ready design. The grid-style masonry layout flows nicely, and infinite scroll makes for a pleasant user experience. SEO optimized with numerous customization possibilities make this a versatile theme.

  11. Fabulous

    fabulousFabulous looks marvelous and is a perfect WordPress theme for travel blogs, designers, and other creative entrepreneurs. Whether you’re using it as a blog or as a portfolio, opportunities abound to customize the theme and truly make it your own. Hundreds of Google fonts, unlimited color options, theme skins and more will have you up and running in no time.

  12. Fashionista

    fashionistaFashionista’s clean layout creates the perfect showcase for your posts. It’s ideal for fashion, photographers or any other type of blog. Custom logo and favicon uploads, plus many other customization features provide for nearly unlimited opportunity to express your individuality. Standard post formats include images, audio, video, quotes and text.

  13. Florence

    florenceThis classically elegant WordPress blog theme is undeniably clean and crisp. Perfect for lifestyle bloggers or any creative entrepreneur, Florence offers numerous customization options. Whether you post audio, video, images or text, this theme will make your content shine. Express your creativity and make your site shine.

  14. FlyingNews

    flying_newsCreate a rich and wonderful SEO optimized blog that looks just like Pinterest. Flying News Magazine is Retina-ready and fully responsive, so you know it will look perfect on any device. Plus, it’s e-commerce ready with rating and post reviews, and many advanced blog options.

  15. Foot

    footStylish and responsive, Foot is a Grid-style theme with six distinct modes including a gorgeous looking Pinterest style. Infinite scroll, unlimited sidebars, and live search keep your website visitors highly engaged. Unlimited colors, custom logo and favicon options plus hundred of fonts let you style this theme the way you want.

  16. Ikebana

    ikebanaAesthetically pleasing with its clean and minimal design, Ikebana looks beautiful on any device thanks to its responsive and Retina-ready design. Unlimited colors, hundreds of Google fonts and a variety of layouts and post formats let you brand your site just the way you want. Dozens of shortcodes make it simple to add features without coding.

  17. InfinityGrid

    infinitygridInfinityGrid is perfect for the personal blogger. Novice WordPress users will appreciate how easy it is to customize this theme using the advance theme options area. Choose from the full library of Google fonts, pick your column layout, select your social sharing options and more. This is a great starter theme.

  18. Ingrid

    ingridIngrid is a responsive theme that you can use on both personal and business websites. Many useful theme options let you quickly personalize your site to suit your image. Shortcodes and widgets allow you to add extra functionality to your blog and increase user engagement.

  19. Inspire

    inspireThis clean and cutting-edge multi-purpose theme is perfect for projects requiring a modern style. Inspire’s good looks do not come at the expense of speed. Posts load quickly and seamlessly for a smooth and continuous experience.

  20. Keen

    keenKeen features a handsome, minimalist design that’s easy and fun to customize. Whether you’re on a big screen or a small mobile device, this WordPress theme looks great. Go wild with numerous theme choices, custom logo and favicon support, color options and more.

  21. Luna

    keenLuna looks lovely on all devices and is fluidly responsive down to the pixel. Get up and running quickly with a focused set of customization options. Plugins allow you to display content like testimonials, service, clients and skills, just the way you want. Let your creativity shine without spending all your time worrying about WordPress.

  22. Luxmag

    luxmagLuxMag is a fully responsive magazine and blog theme for bloggers, magazine, photographers and other creatives. Customize your site quickly with built-in color and theme customizer options. Audio/video post and image gallery support let you create the type of content your readers will adore.

  23. ModernGrid

    moderngridA modern theme that’s easy on the eyes, ModernGrid is a fully responsive WordPress theme that’s perfect for all creative endeavors. Whether you’re an interior designer, a fan of fashion or a tireless traveler, this theme will make you look good. WordPress beginners will appreciate the select number of options allowing for quick site setup.

  24. Notebook

    notebookEasily share a variety of content including blog posts, images, audio and video, with Notebook. This fun WordPress theme features a pleasing design that will keep website visitors engaged. Fonts, colors and much moor can be easily customized without touching a single line of code. Add greater functionality through the use of shortcodes without learning to program.

  25. Pin

    pinPin is a Pinterest-style theme that you are sure to love. Its responsive design means it looks great whether viewed on a desktop or a mobile device. Unlimited colors, the complete set of Google fonts, plus custom logo and favicon options give you the freedom to express your creativity. Lot’s of choices to style your site just right.

  26. Pinable

    pinableThis Pinterest-like theme offers support for a variety of post types including audio/video, gallery, quote, and link. Pinable works well on any size screen and is especially suited for creative entrepreneurs looking to showcase their work. Use shortcakes to provide additional functionality without learning to code.

  27. Pinbin

    pinbinPinbin is a Pinterest-like theme that is beautifully clean and responsive. Its minimalist design lets your content shine. This is an excellent choice for designers, photographers and other creatives who want their work to stand out front and center. A preferred selection of customization possibilities means you’ll get your site online that much quicker.

  28. Pinboard

    pinboardIf you’re a big fan of Pinterest, then you’ll like enjoy Pinboard. If features the same auto stacking and infinite scroll layout found on Pinterest’s desktop site. Its responsive design makes this theme look good on any device. Tons of customization options are available, and all can be accomplished without resorting to coding.

  29. Pinboard

    pinboardDon’t let the name fool you. Pinboard is another Pinterest-style WordPress theme that features a grid layout styled after the popular social bookmarking site. Can’t program? Not a problem. This SEO optimized theme offers a variety of custom options that can be accessed from the control panel.

  30. Pinboard

    pinboardThe last of the Pinboard trio namesake, this theme offers practically unlimited styles and layout options. It’s ideal for creative entrepreneurs who want to showcase their work. Create highly engaging content with its support for multimedia elements such as audio/video, image, and photo galleries.

  31. Pinfinity

    pinfinityAnother Pinterest-like theme that suitable for beauty and fashion bloggers, Pinfinity looks gorgeous thanks to its Retina-ready design. Whether you’re posting audio, video, images or galleries, this theme takes them all and makes them look stunning. Many theme options allow you to customize it to reflect your personal brand.

  32. Pinshop

    pinshopPinshop is a Pinterest-inspired theme focused on providing an outstanding e-commerce experience. The use infinite scrolling lets visitors easily see all your products without jumping around from page to page. This theme works great for all devices and items can be added directly to the cart without visiting the product page.

  33. Pinspro

    pinsproInspired by Pinterest, PinsPro looks great with its auto stacking layout and infinite scroll. Just like the real thing. There are a lot of opportunities to customize this theme, and it features a unique e-commerce styling that matches the rest of the theme.

  34. Pinstagram

    pinstagramPinstragram captures the magic of Pinterest providing an experience with which users are familiar. Unlimited colors choices, Google fonts, tons of widgets and shortcodes let you customize your site as you see fit. Its responsive design means it looks good on all platforms, large or small. Featuring fully-integrated schema, your site will show click-inducing snippets in search results.

  35. Pinstrap

    pinstrapMake your WordPress site look like Pinterest with PinStrap. This responsive theme provides infinite scrolling on the home page and looks good on all manner of devices. Theme options allow for quick customization. You’ll be up and running quickly with this theme.

  36. Pinthis

    pinthisInspired by Pinterest, PinThis is a multi-purpose theme with a clean design and modern look that is great for all creative entrepreneurs. Featuring a responsive slider and custom post formats for audio, video, images, quotes and more, you’ll have your website customized in no time. A smart admin panel lets you make changes without the need to code.

  37. Pintores

    pintoresPintores is a Pinterest-style WordPress theme that offers infinite scrolling and a number of post formats to make your content pop. It’s Retina-ready, so you know it’s going to look pixel perfect. Simple customization options let you get up and running in a flash.

  38. Pluto

    plutoPluto is another Pinterest-styled theme that looks great on any device and is Retina-ready, so you know it will be pixel perfect. This theme offers infinite scrolling, a feature that is very popular these days, plus an array of customization features. Upload your logo, change theme colors to match your brand, easily insert Google Analytics tracking and more.

  39. Pravda

    pravdaWhether you’re a blogger or a business owner who sells online, Pravda is an attractive theme that looks gorgeous on every device. It features WooCommerce integration for selling from your site, custom background and a load of customization options.

  40. Remal

    remalRemal is a charming theme that looks delightful on any device, thanks to its responsive design. Making changes is easy with this theme, and you don’t even know how to program. Easily upload your own logo, favicon or Gravatar, add Google Analytics or enhance functionality using any one of the 30+ shortcodes.

  41. Semantic

    semanticSemantic is a minimal WordPress theme for bloggers, writers, and creators where the focus is on the content. Elegant typography, three alluring skins, and 20 background patterns let you quickly create the site of your dreams. Shortcodes make it easy to provide additional functionality as does support for popular third-party plugins.

  42. Serenity

    serenitySerenity is a WordPress responsive theme well suited for creative freelancers and entrepreneurs. Eighteen predefined skins and unlimited colors make it simple to match the theme to your brand. Upload your logo and favicon, make your content more engaging with any of the 29 shortcakes, and perform various customizations without coding.

  43. Smoothie

    smoothieSmoothie is a deliciously-looking WordPress theme on any device, thanks to its Retina-ready and responsive design. Powerful theme options with unlimited colors and backgrounds, Google fonts and custom logo and favicon uploading make it simple to customize your website fast.

  44. Supergrid

    supergridPut your content front and center with SuperGrid, a fully responsive and minimalist WordPress theme. Infinite scrolling makes it easy for visitors to see what you have to offer. Easily change theme colors, upload your logo or add social media icons to the menu. The choice is yours.

  45. Tesoru

    tesoruTesoru is a fully responsive theme that looks lovely on any device. Multiple color options, hundreds of Google fonts and custom widgets allow you to style this theme to suit your taste. A built-in theme customizer lets you make changes effortlessly without writing any code.

  46. TheStyle

    thestyleTheStyle is a natural looking theme that displays its best, no matter the size of your screen. Sporting a crisp, modern design available in five unique colors, this WordPress theme is a breeze to use. Create stunning layouts that make your content shine, without the expense of a web developer.

  47. TheWall

    thewallTheWall is a grid-style WordPress theme that comes equipped with a wide variety of theme options. Change the style without messing around with CSS. Control grid and font sizes, backgrounds and anything else to put your stamp on this theme. Shortcodes make it simple to provide eye-catching layouts that bring attention to your content.

  48. Twenties

    twentiesTwenties is an attractive theme that looks stunning on tablets and smartphones. Features like sticky posts, galleries, and video support enhance your visitor’s experience. Live Customizer lets you see the changes you make immediately, saving you time and aggravation.

  49. Wp Pinup

    wp pinupWP-Pinup is a Pinterest-inspired theme that automatically adjusts to the size of the device. Lots of opportunities to customize this theme to your liking with flexible page layouts, sliders, widgets, landing pages and easy logo integration. A theme settings page make it easy to change things without messing around with any code.

  50. Xplorer

    xplorerCreative professionals will appreciate the refined nature of Xplorer, a WordPress Genesis theme. Mobile ready, your site will look stunning on any device. SEO optimized to improve your ranking on Google and easily customized with a click of the mouse.

You’ve worked hard to get more followers on Pinterest. Increase your momentum by turning website visitors into paying customers.

Pinterest Tips

24 Pinterest Marketing Blogs You Should Follow

Pinterest Marketing blogs you should follow

Lately, I’ve become a sponge for Pinterest marketing ideas. I’ve scoured the web for the best blogs and read more posts than I care to remember. There’s a lot to learn and a great deal of information out there.

But don’t get overwhelmed by all the noise, because I’ve narrowed down the list to these 24 top Pinterest marketing blogs. Some of the blogs on this curated list are focused solely on using Pinterest for business while others cover a wider range of topics.

Each blog has their own unique personality, so you are sure to find something you like. Some of these have incredible images and are truly a source of inspiration.

1. The Official Pinterest Blog

Pinterest Blog

This blog from Pinterest is oriented towards consumers and features news, tips, profiles and favorite pins. It’s a great place to keep updated on what’s going on with the company and gain insight into what is trending on this social media platform.

Typically three to four posts get published monthly. But one word of caution, the tips category is a little outdated, with the last post written in 2014. However The Pinterest 100: Fresh ideas for 2016 is a great post for anyone interested in what’s trending this year.

2. Pinterest For Business Blog

Pinterest Business

The other official blog of Pinterest is focused strictly on business. It covers everything that their consumer blog doesn’t, including getting started, tools and success stories.

Posts get published on a regular basis, usually two to three each month. They are quick and well-written reads but don’t expect anything in depth. For that, you may want to refer to one of their guides.

If you’re interested in the latest trends on Pinterest, you don’t want to miss What Pinners want in 2016.

3. Kim Vij  

Kim Vij

Co-host of #pinchat on Twitter, Pinterest consultant Kim Vij has her own blog which she updates on a periodic basis. As you can imagine, the content is solely focused on using Pinterest to promote your business.

Every Wednesday at 9:00 pm Kim and co-host Kelly Lieberman chat with one guest about Pinterest marketing. It undoubtedly provides for some interesting material on her blog.

Perhaps the most unique way I’ve seen of using Pinterest is as a promotional tool for videos and broadcasts. You can read more about it on Kim’s blog here.

4. Manly Pinterest Tips

Manly Pinterest Tips

If you thought Pinterest was just for women, you’re about 80% right. For the other 20%, there’s Jeff Sieh’s Manly Pinterest Tips. Forget the wedding dresses, the hair braids and chocolate mint croissants. Jeff’s blog focuses on helping you get your content to the right audience on Pinterest.

Usually, he posts just one or two pieces of content a month that compliment his very successful podcast, 55 episodes and running. What’s nice is that he posts podcast notes with timestamps showing how the podcast is structured. Plus, you can zero in on particular segments of the show saving you time. I wish all podcasts were like this!

5. HelloSociety Blog

Hello Society

HelloSociety is a network of very talented social media content creators, including chefs, DIY connoisseur’s, photographers, stylists, and more. Every week they publish a post usually related to Pinterest, whether it’s a tip, some news, an event or an example.

The Top 5 Pinterest Pins Of The Week gives real insight into what it visually takes to make a good pin. Perhaps that’s the greatest benefit you can derive from following this blog. They know how to create good content. So watch and learn.

6. Born To Be Social

Born To Be Social

Mary Lumley runs what may well be the world’s only bilingual English-French blog about Pinterest. Each month she posts one article packed with actionable tips and advice on how to make this social media platform work for your business.

February’s post, 9 Tips & Tricks that Pinterest Pros Will Love! has some excellent tips. As a big fan of Feedly, I was happy to discover that Pinterest boards have their own RSS feeds, making it much easier to follow my favorites.

7. Simple Pin Media

Simple Pin Media

Each and every week Kate Ahl publishes a post on getting the most out of Pinterest. Whether you’re just starting out and have followers in the single digits, or you’re a pro with an audience of thousands, you’ll always find something useful to read.

I particularly enjoy reading her Q & A Friday’s. This is where Kate answers one question from her readers in detail, based on her real-world experience. If you’re tired of reading all the theory and want some practical advice, read this blog.

8. White Glove Social Media

whiet glove social media

There is no shortage of Pinterest tips on Anna C. Bennett’s site, of that you can be sure. Her posts are always full of detail, visually appealing and easy to read.

She can take a complex topic like search engine optimization and break down into simple terms the average reader can understand. Because let’s face it, you’re on Pinterest to get more customers, not discuss the nuances of SEO.

9. Pinterest Pro Solutions

Pinterest pro

About every week, Anna Vanlandingham publishes a post of tips oriented mostly towards business just starting to get involved in Pinterest. Topics covered include how to start using this social media platform, how to set up an account, in addition to current Pinterest news.

10. PinTalk

Pin Talk

Michell Held’s blog, PinTalk covers a broad range of Pinterest related topics for both beginners and more experienced users. Here posts are short and focused so you can spend more time pinning and less time reading about the subject.

11. Made From Pinterest

made from pinterest

Join three sisters as they, and their team of contributors, make and create all kinds of stuff they find on Pinterest. Their blog focuses on crafts, cleaning and home organization, DIY, and recipes.

Other than a short guide on how to start a blog, there aren’t any tips on using Pinterest for marketing. These women are not social media consultants, nor do they offer services or courses.

However, I’ve included it here as a good example of a way in which you can monetize your interest in Pinterest. Their site is a Pinterest related blog that appears to generate revenue primarily via advertising. You can get some fantastic ideas by following their blog.

12. The Pinning Mama

pinning mama

Don’t let your predilection to pinning go to waste! Here’s another example of how you can turn your passion into profit. Kimber Matherne has been featured in a number of high-profile publications and her site gets nearly 1 million visits a month! Another good example of what you can do with your hobby.

Other Blogs

Websites in this category are not exclusively focused on Pinterest. However when they do write about this social media platform, rest assured that it’s worth reading. Because all these blogs have a marketing focus, you’ll find benefit in the other content they produce as well.

13. Crafter Coach

crafter coach

Kat Jarman is the Crafter Coach. Occasionally she publishes articles focused on Pinterest, but she’s always focused on helping people grow their craft business.

This blog is especially useful if you’re looking for tips on how to promote your Etsy shop. I think you’ll enjoy her Q and A podcast which you can also read on her blog if you prefer.

14. Social Media Examiner

social media examiner

This is one of the premiere social media blogs that regularly features Pinterest. Although it doesn’t seem to get as much coverage as other social media platforms, the content is always high in quality.

It’s a great place to keep updated on the world of social media, with numerous high profile guest bloggers contributing on a regular basis.

15. Social Times

social times

Social Times is part of Adweek’s blog network and posts news about all the major social media platforms as it happens. In the case of Pinterest, there’s usually a post every week or two about some newsworthy event.

Due to the nature of the site, posts revolve around news events with very few “how to” type articles. However they have talented journalists on staff, so this is a good blog to follow if you want to keep current with what’s happening on Pinterest or any other social media platform for that matter.

16. Strong Social

strong social

Strong Social’s blog is full of curated content focused on social media in general. They source their material from high-quality publications such as Entrepreneur, Inc, and Mashable.

You’ll find the material to be of high caliber, well written and easy to read. Although there are not a lot of posts on Pinterest specifically, there are many valuable articles on social media.

17. Peg Fitzpatrick

peg fitzpatrick

Peg is the co-author of “The Art of Social Media: Power Tips for Power Users”. Her blog was chosen as a Top 10 Social Media Blog by Social Media Examiner. Inside her site, you’ll find a lot of practical and useful advice about social media in general, with the occasional post oriented towards Pinterest.

18. Rebekah Radice

Rebekah Radice

Another Top 10 Social Blog, according to Social Media Examiner, Rebekah is committed to helping business owner and entrepreneurs make profound shifts in their approach to digital marketing and social media. Every week she publishes a post filled with tips to help you improve your social media results.

Although the topic of Pinterest comes up only occasionally throughout the year, there is much to be gained from reading her blog.

19. Neil Patel

Neil Patel

Neil publishes an in-depth post once every couple of days. He covers virtually every aspect of online marketing, leaving no stone unturned. Usually, there’s a post at least once a month that relates to Pinterest. However, you’ll benefit from reading any of his material.

Posts are typically quite comprehensive and detailed, usually 2,000 words or more. So you’ll find it easy to spend a lot of time reading on his site. The articles make good use of images to help reinforce important points and make comprehension that much easier.

20. Buffer Social


Buffer’s blog is well-known in social media circles for providing useful and actionable information. Many of the posts reveal first-hand knowledge that the Buffer team has acquired from their own experience. The 4 Biggest Pinterest Marketing Mistakes We Made (And How You Can Learn From Them) is typical of what you can expect to find on the blog.

Posts have a friendly and conversational style to them, which makes for entertaining reading. But don’t be fooled, the information is reliable and often backed up by real-world data.

21. Constant Contact

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is an email marketing software company that has a wonderful blog about, you guessed it, email marketing. However, they also cover other online marketing topics such as social media and Pinterest. Hence their inclusion in this list.

There’s a lot of content on this blog. In fact, when I did a search for posts tagged with Pinterest, it returned a list of 287 items. That’s a lot of reading! Especially since these posts are quite long and full of detail.

22. Vertical Response

Vertical Response

Vertical Response is another email marketing software vendor with a comprehensive blog covering all aspects of online marketing. It’s a little lighter on Pinterest Coverage than other blogs, but there’s still a wealth of content to be found on this site.

23. Curalate


Curalate’s blog has everything you want to know about visual marketing. Their content is naturally visually appealing, focused and quickly consumed, just like this one on the many lives of a single image.

Although there are few posts focused solely on Pinterest, these articles will help you incorporate this platform into your social media strategy.

24. Anna Zubarev


There isn’t a month that goes by without Anna posting at least one article on marketing with Pinterest. No matter what your level of experience, you’ll find something worthwhile in this blog. Read and learn how to scale your social media traffic using our favorite social media platform.

Did I miss your favorite blog? Which one’s do you enjoy reading? There are so many! Let me know in the comments below.


Pinterest Tips

The Easiest Way to Get Free Followers on Pinterest

Free Followers on Pinterest

Do you want to have good content on your website and want thousands of people to view it? There is an effective way to do so. You can get ViralWoot! (Previously known as Pinwoot).

Pinners on Pinterest love when other people repin their posts, because it helps them in getting recognition. You can get a large number of followers by pinning frequently, following more people, having attractive boards and by using strategic SEO related keywords. However, if you are looking for a kickstart then ViralWoot is the way to go.

Learn About ViralWoot

By signing up for this tool, you get in touch with many active users on Pinterest. ViralWoot works with the help of ‘credits’. Initially, you will have to earn credits by following boards/pinners and liking Pins. Once you have around 35 credits, you can use these to gain around 20 to 25 new followers, repins and likes. You can set the number of credits you are offering it will cost you those many credits when a person follows your board/profile or repins/likes your Pins. You can get 100 more credits by inviting other people to Viralwoot. The good thing about the tool is that you can earn credits whenever you wish by liking and following other Pins, Pinners, and boards. This ensures that you will never run out of them.

Process Of Spending Credits

Someone Follows You 1 to 5 credits
Someone Repins Your Post 1 to 5 Credits Per Repin
Someone Likes Your Post 1 to 5 credits Per like

Process Of Gaining Credits

Following Boards Get 1 to 15 Credits
Invite friends to Viralwoot Get 100 Credits
Following Another User Get 1 to 10 Credits
Repin Posts Get 1 to 10 Credits
Like Pins Get 1 to 10 Credits


People who are looking forward to getting more followers can get to know the number of credits they will get by liking, repinning and following pins and users.

Make Your Pins More Noticeable

In order to make your pins famous, you will have to pin them to Pinterest and provide a link to your website. After this, copy the pin and paste it into the ‘Get repins page’ on ViralWoot. This will cost you 15 credits, but your pins will be more visible to other users, which will surely help you in getting more followers.


The good thing is that your Pinterest account is shared inside the Viralwoot community with many other users, so it will naturally lead to more followers.

Repinning and Automation

Repinning other people’s content can help you get more credits, but ViralWoot has limited the number of pins to 35 per month. If you want to use the automatic repinning feature, select the ‘Automate Pin’ option, type the relevant keywords, choose the boards and then tell the tool to automate it.

Paid Options

If you want to get more followers, just advertise 3X more by subscribing to any of our plans.

Pinning Popularity

ViralWoot will no doubt help you in gaining popularity. Since your Pins/boards will be prominent, you can link them to your Facebook page, as it can help you in getting more exposure.

How to Get Pinterest Followers

Every business wants a large number of followers on their Pinterest account that can be easily directed to the main website. Since, there is so much competition; it is not easy to get thousands of followers without the help of a tool. If you are looking for such a tool, then get ViralWoot as it can help you in getting more followers, manage multiple accounts, schedule and promote pins and create pin alerts. They are offering a free trial, so register right away!

Pinterest Tips

How to Create a Vibrant and Active Pinterest Presence

Pinterest Presence

Pinterest is a great social media platform that has attracted millions of users over the past few years. A lot of people use the platform to collect ideas for their birthdays, weddings, and vacations. Here are some tips that will help you in creating an active presence on Pinterest:

Get a “Follow” Button

In order to get more followers, you will have to get the Pinterest Follow button. The basic idea is to let people know that you exist on Pinterest so that they can visit your account to repin from your boards.

You can direct traffic from different social networking websites and increase your following on Pinterest. Also, this gives you an opportunity to gauge whether your audience on different platforms is keen on following you on Pinterest and get more related content.

Add Photos and “Pin it” Buttons

You need high-quality pictures to attract people on Pinterest. People are more likely to pin pictures that are interesting and clear. These statistics might help you out in putting up good pictures:

  • Images with varied colors get repinned 3.25 times more than images with a single dominant color.
  • Bright images are 20 times more likely to get pinned than dark images.
  • Saturated images get 10 times more repins compared to non-saturated ones.
  • Vertical images with 2:3 or 4:5 ratios get 60% more repins than square or horizontal images.
  • Images that have a smooth texture are 17 times more repinned than images that don’t have a smooth texture.

Check Out Famous Accounts

Look for people who have a lot of followers on Pinterest and see what they do. Go through their boards and get inspired from there. You would see that the  people with a lot of followers usually make their followers feel comfortable and welcomed and have a conversation with them in the comments section.

These sorts of observations can help you gauge your own approach towards your audience. Apart from that, observing the behaviors of influencers on Pinterest, you’d be able to know the things liked by a prospective audience. Mix your own content with it and see what suits your audiences.

Pin Frequently

This one is a more direct way to create a vibrant presence on Pinterest. You should pin often so that people can view your boards and pictures. Make sure your descriptions are SEO friendly because people who aren’t following you can view your pins and boards by simply typing the keyword.

Your Pins Should Be Interesting

It is recommended that you set a theme per board so that people can easily browse through it and get new ideas. Now the idea behind an interesting pin is to entice the user into liking, repinning or following the pin to its home page. That’s the entire concept of ‘Being interesting’.

To inspire interest, you’d need to ascertain the interests of your audience – what they like and what they covet. After you’ve done that, design your pins to align with those interests. Cross-mate different topics and create a unique conjunction of pins which your audience won’t find any place else.

Find Balance

While working on your business try and strike a balance between promoting your business and entertaining your guests. Always remember that moderation is key when posting pins. You don’t want to pin so less that people forget about you and you don’t want to pin so much that people get annoyed and unfollow you.

How to Get Popular on Pinterest

These tips will surely help you out to become popular on Pinterest. Just remember that frequent pinning and comments will mark your presence on this social media platform. If you want to opt for an easier way then try out ViralWoot, which is an excellent marketing tool that can get you followers, promote your pins, schedule pins, create pin alerts and manage multiple accounts.

They are offering a free trial, so hurry up and register!