How to Bring New Life to Old Pins With Viralwoot

How to Bring New Life to Old Pins With Viralwoot

The benefits of drip pinning are two-fold. First, it exposes your pins to new followers who, until now, may not have seen them. New members of your audience aren’t going to necessarily check out every Pin that you have done in the past. Second, Pinterest users don’t necessarily log into their account every day. Older followers who may not have seen your content have another opportunity when you repin. The result is increased website traffic and greater engagement.

So essentially you have the opportunity to create a market for your older pins without having to generate new content/pins every other week. The basic idea behind this is simple: Your audience might not have seen your older content. Also, your new audience might like your old content but they have no way to check them out because your pins are so far behind in your feed.

Let’s see how this process works.

Click on Content Manager in the left sidebar and then click Drip Pinning. You’ll see a list of boards for your account similar to that shown below.

Viralwoot Drip Pins

If you have a lot of boards, you can page through them or set the display to show 10, 25, 50 or 100 entries per page. You can also search for a particular by typing its name in the search field. Plus you can sort the display either by board name or Action. For example, you may want to see all boards with Drip Pins listed first.

In this example, there are two boards with active campaigns. We can edit or stop their execution directly from this screen if we wish. Right now we’re going to create a new drip, so we’ll click on the Create Drip button for the board that we want to create a campaign. We can choose to build drips for old Pins or new ones. Let’s do Drip Old Pins first.

Drip Old Pins

First, we select the number of old Pins that we want to pin on a daily basis. Next, we can add some hashtags that may help our Pins become more discoverable. Viralwoot looks at your board and suggests some appropriate hashtags, based on your board’s content, but you can always add you own, or none at all if you wish. Finally, click on the checkbox if you want Viralwoot to delete the old Pin after it has been republished. Select this option if you’re concerned about having the same Pin appear too many times on your board.

Drip Old Pins

Drip New Pins

Drip New Pins is a feature specially create for users who don’t have many Pins or are starting up with Pinterest and don’t have much content either. The reality is that not all companies are great at generating content for Pinterest on a regular basis. With Drip New Pins, you can keep your board looking fresh. Just select the category and number of daily pins, and our system finds and pins active Pins that are getting good engagement on the Viralwoot platform.

Drip New Pins

Note that you can only have one Drip type with each board. You can only have Drip Old Pins or Drip New Pins, but you can’t do both on the same board. So now you’ve created a constant drip of your older pins coupled with your new content. This way you can utilize your old pins and channel them to your new audience.

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What is Pinterest Analytics and why is it important?

Pinterest analytics and its importance for a business

As a marketer or a business owner on Pinterest, you might wonder of the results your marketing efforts on Pinterest bring. What kind of people are looking at your pins? What is the average response rate? Are your pins shared and repinned often? Is your profile popular? Or are your boards pulling the traffic?

These questions, as simple as they might be, can govern the entirety of a marketing campaign of a brand. So, what can you do measure your business’s activities on Pinterest? Well a simple idea is to analyze your efforts and relate them directly with the results. This is what we could term as Pinterest analytics.

Now, most users would mull over the word ‘Analytics’, thinking that it is something complex. In this post, we’d quell any questions or problems you have with understanding analytics. Also, we’d look at the ways analytics is important for your business.

What is Pinterest Analytics?

Analytics can be defined as a practice of measuring, managing and analyzing data from your feed to collect valuable insights. As for Pinterest analytics, it can be described as a measure of certain metrics of your Pinterest profile. An analytical approach to a platform such as Pinterest can get you insights into user trends, preferences and habits.

In an essence, by analytics you get an overview of all the the numbers associated with your profile or your boards. You can assess the numbers and derive any ideas from it. Moreover by these numbers you’d get a perspective over the market functionality and the required inputs to your content.

Pinterest analytics gives you an opportunity to study and assess your targets and your content on Pinterest. The various factors and aspects you would want to know:

  • The level of engagement (are people engaging with your content?)
  • Your account’s growth (where was your account a month ago?)
  • Most popular pins/content (what actually works for your audience?)

These aspects and more are comprehensively covered in Pinterest analytics. With all these questions, you’d get a better hang of the things you’ve got working for you. Ultimately assessing the data and statistics would streamline your content and limit any random efforts. Thus, you save time and money. Neat, isn’t it?

Why Pinterest Analytics?

Why Pinterest analytics? You could crunch the numbers for yourself and come up with specific ideas. But, you’d want to consider the magnitude of the task, There could be thousands of people looking at your pins and going to your website. You would be unable to monitor the different sorts of data associated with your pins.

Now, measuring your activity on Pinterest can provide you with interesting ideas and options to target your content to the right audiences. Apart from that, using analytics can tell you if your content is actually working. And while the number of followers are important to note, it isn’t the deciding metric when it comes to Pinterest success.

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Using Pinterest analytics to understand performance

Your performance on Pinterest is related to several noteworthy points. Some of these parameters are crucial to measure the aesthetic quality of your Pinterest content. For example, there are 3 distinct types of Pinterest analytics. Each of these types have their own metrics that help track any relevant data

Pinterest Profile analytics

This type deals with the metrics associated with your profile:

  1. Impressions: Number of times your Pin showed up in the Home feed and Search results
  2. Clicks: Number of times someone clicked through your website
  3. Repins: The number of times your pins got saved

Pinterest audience analytics

This particular type is associated with the audience metrics. Through this data you can assess information about the people who are follow, engage and connect with you on Pinterest. The data is:

  1. Country (The country your audience is in)
  2. Gender
  3. Language (preferred/native language)

Pinterest website analytics

This is the most actionable data that is extremely important to a marketer. Dealing with content related aspects, this data provides insights into:

  1. Impressions
  2. Saves
  3. Clicks and
  4. Best days and times to post (times your pins performed well)

With this data you can direct your entire Pinterest strategy and know its results. Using these insights you no longer have to wonder about your audiences preferences. Pick something your audience likes and play with it! You can make your content even more attractive and personified.

Who should monitor Pinterest Analytics?

Well anyone! Anyone who wants to get more out of their Pinterest marketing efforts would benefit from Pinterest analytics. That is the entire premise of Pinterest analytics. Once you know what works and what does not, it becomes fairly easy for your to manage your Pinterest activities. You can do several things with your content to come to that one golden opportunity that might bring you a ton of money. You can:

  1. Experiment with your content
  2. Chart out a separate content strategy
  3. Explore several Pinterest marketing avenues
  4. Improve your business management and
  5. Align your content with your business goals

There is no limit to what you can do once you get hold of that data. Now specifically, Pinterest analytics would interest Marketers, Business owners and brands on Pinterest. This is because they operate on a large scale where quick insights into public behavior can determine their success or failure.

The entire premise of Pinterest analytics is to let you mould your business strategies and improve your content. Please your customers and your profits will take care of themselves.

In this post we’ve covered the basics associated with Pinterest analytics: What it is and How it can actually help you. With a directed approach coupled with data, you can leverage your Pinterest presence to greater profits for your business. Also using Pinterest analytics eliminates the need for any haphazard action that might not give you positive results.

Have a go at Pinterest Analytics and see what it does for you. We’d love to hear your experiences with it.

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How Pinterest Scheduler helps to manage your account

Why Pinterest Scheduler is important?

Ignoring Pinterest is no longer an option for you if you want your business to thrive online. The number of users that use Pinterest in a month has reached about 100 million this year. This presents an immense oppurtunity for online business users to build their brand image, extend their online presence, and promote their goods and services.

Scheduling posts can allow you to become more consistent in promoting products and services to online visitors. By automating posts using a Pinterest scheduler, you can ensure that the posts are made at the right time to have a maximum impact on the online visitors. Instead of spending time and money having to post every day, you can greatly ease the task by scheduling posts for future dates.

Benefits of Scheduling Pinterest Posts

If you are already using Pinterest to promote your brand and/or products, you may already know that posting on Pinterest or any other social media site is a full-time job. You have to create engaging posts that resonate with online audiences.

Scheduling posts greatly eases your task of posting them regularly. You can use it to spread your posts over future dates so that you don’t overwhelm your audience. By scheduling posts in the future, you can review them to ensure that they comply with ethical social media guidelines and the general trends. Other value added benefits of scheduling Pinterest posts include:

  • Scheduling posts allow you to post more consistently. You can set up a stable schedule that allows you to post all at once or spread them over a week.
  • Scheduling posts makes it more likely that you won’t miss a post during the time that matters the most. It ensures that the posts are able to capitalize on important occasions and gain maximum benefits.
  • You can take some time off when you schedule tasks using a Pinterest scheduler. Think about it; who wants to be busy posting pins during vacations or public holidays? Using a scheduling tool allows you to create posts in advance so that you can take time out during the holidays without worrying about not making the most of the opportunity to reach clients.
  • Using a Pinterest scheduler, you can create posts during off hours. For instance, you can post updates anytime between 5:00 pm to 9:00 am without being present at the office. Moreover, you can also post updates during the weekends, when your audience is more likely to be online. This maximizes the effectiveness of Pinterest posts in promoting your products and services.

But the question is how exactly do you go about scheduling posts on Pinterest?

The good news is that you can find various Pinterest scheduler tools online to automate your Pinterest posts. However, some may not be good enough for the task. One of the best Pinterest scheduler tools is ViralWoot. The online tool allows you to schedule posts for future dates. You don’t need to glue yourself to the PC to post pins on your board on that specific date. The online tool automatically creates pins without any user intervention.

You can select images and create captions that would go with each pin. You can select the board where you want the images to go as well as create a hyperlink for each image. This greatly helps in maximizing the reach and effectiveness of individual posts. You can register for a free trial to get an overview of the Pinterest scheduler and see how it helps automate your Pinterest marketing strategy.


How to Schedule Pins on Pinterest With Viralwoot 

How to schedule Pin with Viralwoot

So you’ve found some amazing stuff to Pin on Pinterest. You’re pinning like crazy while anxiously waiting for your audience to grow. Yet nothing happens. Even worse is that people are starting to unfollow you, you’re getting blocked, and being flagged as a spammer!

Well, what happened?

Perhaps your enthusiasm got the better of you. You probably didn’t realize the effects of pinning a dozen or so images all at once. Sure it saves you time, but it’s not a pleasant experience for your followers. Why? Because they’re on the receiving end getting swamped by your pins all at once. Even if they like most of them, it’s still not enjoyable having your feed dominated in this manner.

But don’t worry, there’s a solution to your predicament. Viralwoot’s Pin Scheduler saves you time by letting you Pin multiple images and then spreading them out over time when your followers are most likely to see them. It’s a better deal for everyone!

Finding Images to Use In Viralwoot Pin Scheduler

To get started, we’re going to need an image to Pin. If you’re using the Viralwoot Chrome Extension, then you can grab images as you travel the web. Instructions for downloading the extension can be found here.

Alternatively, you can get your content by uploading an image from your computer, scheduling a repin, using images from an RSS feed, or finding an image on Google. For our purpose, we’ll upload a picture by clicking on Pin Scheduler in the left sidebar, clicking on Schedule Pins and then Click to upload images.

Schedule Pins in Viralwoot

Viralwoot can connect you to over 20 different services like Google Drive and Dropbox from which you can select your images. Naturally you’ll need to have an account to connect with the chosen service.


Once you’ve selected an image, the final step is to fill in the rest of the details including the description, URL to link to, and the board to which the Pin gets attached.

Complete Pin Schedule Details

Pro Tip: If you want to submit the same image to multiple boards you can create a duplicate entry during this step and fill in the rest of the information including a different board. Also, if you want the same description for all Pins, click Set this text for all in the Description area. Likewise, if you want the same URL link, you can Set this link for all in the Link area.

Setting the Time

By default, Pins are sent to a queue where they get released at predefined times according to your Auto Schedule settings. You can set your Pin to go out at a particular time and date by choosing Custom Schedule as your Schedule Type, clicking on the Date & Time tab, then clicking on the blank field below.

Viralwoot Custom Schedule

Select a date from the calendar, use the sliders to adjust the hour and minute. Press Done when you’re finished setting the time to transfer that time into the empty field situated above the calendar.

Viralwoot Custom Schedule

Once you’ve finished filling in the details, click Submit to schedule pins and everything is good to go!