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The Importance of Proper Pinterest Scheduling

Pinterest SchedulingPinterest is one of the fastest growing social media communities out there today. This steep growth has made Pinterest one of the top ten social media websites in the US,in the midst of other giants such as Facebook and Twitter.

Due to the growing popularity, a lot of businesses are showing interest in Pinterest. According to current statistics, around 60% of all major brands have Pinterest accounts that they use frequently.

Why Do Brands Use Pinterest?

Different brands use Pinterest to pin images of their products on their account. They post attractive pictures and use SEO friendly keywords in the descriptions, which are directly linked to the main website of the brand. When a user searches the keyword, they are directed to the brand’s Pin/board and and then to the main website. Traffic increases and more traffic equals more sales.

Why Schedule Pins?

There are a few basic rules for staying popular on Pinterest, and one of them includes pinning frequently. However, users must be careful of the fact that if they pin too less, people may forget about them and move on to other boards. On the other hand, if they pin too often, it might annoy certain people and may cause them to unfollow you, which can be detrimental to your business.

A good way to deal with this problem is to use a Pin scheduler. There are several Pin scheduling tools available that charge a monthly fee and will schedule your Pins anytime.

Importance Of Pin Scheduling Tools

As a business, you should be well aware of the importance of pinning on time. With a Pin scheduling tool you can decide to post pins during prime time so that you get a large number of repins, likes and comments that will lead to more traffic to your website. The tool is extremely useful for businesses that are catering to international audiences, as it can post all day long and the time difference won’t be such a huge concern for potential clients that live overseas.

If you are managing your business account then you will have to spend several hours a day looking for pictures to upload Pins, which can be quite tiring. A Pin scheduler makes life easy, as one only has to find pictures, write descriptions and let the tool do the job.

Learn More about Analytics and the Pin Scheduler Tool

ViralWoot is a great tool that has launched its single click mode that can switch to a clean pin scheduler instantly. With the help of this tool, one can schedule up to 3,000 Pins per year, for only $10 per month. Other than this, ViralWoot helps you in managing different accounts, promoting boards/Pins and getting more followers. They are offering a free trial, so hurry up and register right away!


How to Find the Best Times to Pin With Viralwoot

Best times to pin

To be effective on Pinterest, you need to post your Pins at times when they are most likely to be noticed by your audience. However, to be efficient on Pinterest you can’t always be concerned about the proper timing for each and every Pin. Otherwise, the process takes far too long.

Fortunately, Viralwoot makes it easy to figure out the best times to post. Plus, it takes care of all the details so you can concentrate on finding and creating the best content to Pin. It accomplishes this through Auto Scheduling and the Viralwoot Smart Engine.

How Viralwoot Smart Engine Saves You Time

Viralwoot Smart Engine works behind the scenes every day, analyzing data to ensure your pins get sent out at the optimal time. Viralwoot Smart Engine even works with brand new Pinterest accounts and those with little activity. We analyzed over 17 million pins in total for the 35 major categories on Pinterest to come up with a good starting point for posting times. As you pin more, Viralwoot Smart Engine will adjust those time slots based on new data from your pinning activities.

How to Setup Autoscheduling

Click on Pin Scheduler in the sidebar and then click on Autoscheduling from the menu below it.

Viralwoot AutoSchedule Settings

You’re going to need to make two decisions; the days on which you want to Pin, and the number of posts per day. If your Viralwoot plan provides access to the Pinterest Analytics app, you can use the Best Pinning Time to figure out which days to Pin. Alternatively, you can choose days that you know from prior experience work well for your situation.

As we’ll see in a minute, the best days for pinning to this account are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, so we’ll select those. Let’s go with four posts a day because it seems like a good balance. We’ll let Viralwoot Smart Engine figure out the best time slots in which to post.

Viralwoot AutoS chedule Settings

If you prefer to have more control, you can customize the posting time slots. Viralwoot will offer you some suggestions, but you can edit these using data from the Pinterest Analytics App, or however you wish.

Viralwoot Auto Schedule Settings

Discover The Best Pinning Times With Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest Analytics helps you understand the best days and times to Pin to your account, based on data Viralwoot analyzes on a daily basis. That comes in handy for setting up Auto Scheduling and for cases where you want to set a custom time for a post.

For example, if you have a Pin that you want to schedule for a specific day, knowing the best time to pin helps maximize its exposure. Perhaps there’s a Pin that you want to schedule for a particular week.

Viralwoot analyses your Pinterest account to determine both the best day(s) to Pin and the best time(s) to Pin. You can find this by clicking on Analytics in the sidebar, then clicking on Pinterest Analytics that appears below it, then clicking Best Pinning Time tab in the main screen area.

Pinterest Analytics Viralwoot

This data can be used to set up Autoscheduling where you set the days and the times to post. You can also use the best time to pin data for setting custom time slots within Auto Scheduling.



Qualities to look for in Pinterest Analytics & Scheduling Tools

Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social media platforms in the world. The website founded in March 2010 has gathered millions of active users in just 7 years. It is so famous that now it is competing with Twitter and Facebook as one of the leading social media websites of the world. With the Pinterest app thousands of businesses and brands have targeted millions of users.

Even though Pinterest is developing and bringing new changes every other month, it still does not provide collation, analysis and reporting of statistics which can be quite helpful for businesses and marketers in learning which strategy is working for them. Luckily, there are many third party tools that are helping users to figure all this out. When choosing an analytic and pin scheduler tool you should look for the following qualities:

Engagement with the Pinterest Content

You should have a tool that can at least let you capture likes, comments and repins in a systematic manner. Use the tool to manage the number followers and to see which pin is at the top. This will help you in determining what type of content is liked by your followers and you can easily follow the same format for other pins and boards.

Other than this your tool should let you download data. The data downloads are important because it can help you in sorting the data even when you are offline. Clicks are also important for pins that come from your blog or website, which is why you should find a tool that helps you in capturing the clicks. Some of the top tools are Curalate, Pinerly and Pintics.

Your Influence on Pinterest

Certain tools allow you to have a numerical grade that will be based on your influence and popularity on the platform. These services will grade you on a scale of 1-100.

Pinterest app scheduler and analytics

Traffic to Your Website

If you are a business and are promoting your brand then it is a given that you are using the Pinterest app to get more traffic on your website. Your main goal should be to turn that traffic into sales and profit. Certain tools like Pintics and Curalate are very efficient in telling you about the Google analytics data which can help you learn about the traffic patterns to your website from your pins.

Which Pinterest Tool Should I Opt For?

It is important to know that currently there are no tools that are available for free that can cover all the above mentioned functions. If you are on a budget then you can use a combination for all three tools. If this doesn’t work for you then you will have to settle for manually gathering the data from the website.

Pinterest should open it API to developers and should include the following:

  • Hashtag/Keyword analysis
  • Location of the users
  • Monthly growth rate
  • Number of most engaged pinners

Learn More about Analytics and Pin Scheduler Tool

If you are looking for a basic tool that can help you in getting more followers, promoting and scheduling pins and in managing several accounts then you should opt for ViralWoot. They are offering a free trial, so register as soon as you can and see the results for yourself.