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How to Create a Vibrant and Active Pinterest Presence

Pinterest Presence

Pinterest is a great social media platform that has attracted millions of users over the past few years. A lot of people use the platform to collect ideas for their birthdays, weddings, and vacations. Here are some tips that will help you in creating an active presence on Pinterest:

Get a “Follow” Button

In order to get more followers, you will have to get the Pinterest Follow button. The basic idea is to let people know that you exist on Pinterest so that they can visit your account to repin from your boards.

You can direct traffic from different social networking websites and increase your following on Pinterest. Also, this gives you an opportunity to gauge whether your audience on different platforms is keen on following you on Pinterest and get more related content.

Add Photos and “Pin it” Buttons

You need high-quality pictures to attract people on Pinterest. People are more likely to pin pictures that are interesting and clear. These statistics might help you out in putting up good pictures:

  • Images with varied colors get repinned 3.25 times more than images with a single dominant color.
  • Bright images are 20 times more likely to get pinned than dark images.
  • Saturated images get 10 times more repins compared to non-saturated ones.
  • Vertical images with 2:3 or 4:5 ratios get 60% more repins than square or horizontal images.
  • Images that have a smooth texture are 17 times more repinned than images that don’t have a smooth texture.

Check Out Famous Accounts

Look for people who have a lot of followers on Pinterest and see what they do. Go through their boards and get inspired from there. You would see that the  people with a lot of followers usually make their followers feel comfortable and welcomed and have a conversation with them in the comments section.

These sorts of observations can help you gauge your own approach towards your audience. Apart from that, observing the behaviors of influencers on Pinterest, you’d be able to know the things liked by a prospective audience. Mix your own content with it and see what suits your audiences.

Pin Frequently

This one is a more direct way to create a vibrant presence on Pinterest. You should pin often so that people can view your boards and pictures. Make sure your descriptions are SEO friendly because people who aren’t following you can view your pins and boards by simply typing the keyword.

Your Pins Should Be Interesting

It is recommended that you set a theme per board so that people can easily browse through it and get new ideas. Now the idea behind an interesting pin is to entice the user into liking, repinning or following the pin to its home page. That’s the entire concept of ‘Being interesting’.

To inspire interest, you’d need to ascertain the interests of your audience – what they like and what they covet. After you’ve done that, design your pins to align with those interests. Cross-mate different topics and create a unique conjunction of pins which your audience won’t find any place else.

Find Balance

While working on your business try and strike a balance between promoting your business and entertaining your guests. Always remember that moderation is key when posting pins. You don’t want to pin so less that people forget about you and you don’t want to pin so much that people get annoyed and unfollow you.

How to Get Popular on Pinterest

These tips will surely help you out to become popular on Pinterest. Just remember that frequent pinning and comments will mark your presence on this social media platform. If you want to opt for an easier way then try out ViralWoot, which is an excellent marketing tool that can get you followers, promote your pins, schedule pins, create pin alerts and manage multiple accounts.

They are offering a free trial, so hurry up and register!

Pinterest Tips

7 Key Pinterest Strategies

7 Key Pinterest Strategies
7 Key Pinterest Strategies

Pinterest is one of the best platforms to market a small business, company, blog, or even to promote a book or product. Keeping that in mind, today we are going to show you some key strategies to use Pinterest.

Create Boards Keywords

Pinterest has amazing search competencies. You can further exploit it by using keywords in board titles by making sure that you select a category for each board. This will help people find it, and will also prompt Pinterest to promote your board.

Properly Describe your Ideas

When describing your ideas, keep in mind that people can tweet your pins. Specifically, the text you use to describe your idea should be more like a tweet. Keep it short, stimulating, and significant.

Build Links Back to the Website

You are given 2 places with every pin to add your link: one in the description and the other in the source for the pin. So use both appropriately!

Embed Pins on the Website

Embedding pins on your website are not difficult, and it is also an excellent way to get more repins. An embedded code on the Pinterest site can always bring more traffic for you.

‘Pinterest for business’ for Analytics

It is smart to see which of your pins are becoming popular. Re-share those on other Pinterest boards or on social networks. When a particular pin receives more interaction, social channels swarm it with conversations.

Rich pins

Right now, there are six types of Rich Pins: app, movie, recipe, article, product and place. Initially, adore your website with Meta tags, test out your rich pins and apply to get them on Pinterest. Non-technical people might need to consult with their developers or site owners to help them get started.

Smart Pin-able Images

Most successful pinners may not have an excellent image every time, but they do have an image that pins with each post. A bigger image of 735 x 1102 has more chance to get re-pins as Pinterest likes tall, vertical images. Make a big image, pin it and then share the pin with the blog link.

Just starting out and wondering how to use Pinterest? Check out more posts on this blog!


Pinterest Tips

Popular Image Styles for Pinterest

image style

Pinterest is an excellent place to show off your products. But there’s a way to be even more successful in product promotion. Pinterest is about showing the product ‘in use’.

Creating separate images for a product increases sharing options for followers. As some people like to pin images that depict the use of the product, while others prefer to pin the image with a plain background. To display your product on Pinterest, show each product ‘in use’ to motivate Pinterest users.

Non-Visual & Visual Content

It’s not surprising that the most popular topics on Pinterest are DIY, Beauty and Food. Obviously, these are quite easy to represent visually. If your business lies outside of these areas, then you would have to get creative with your images. The best way is to use text and bright colors to make non-visual content more visually pleasing.

First and foremost, the bright-blue color stands out from the light background color on Pinterest. Also, lists and text overlays can attract people, by letting them know what that particular pin links to.

For business (non-visual) article pins use text in a fun way and use bright colors or images for the background. This would give readers multiple choices of images to pin.

Use Quotes to Reflect Your Ideas

The key is to pair quotes and images that depict the reason and tone of your brand. Quote images should link back to your website, more appropriately to the ‘About page’, so people can learn more about you and your company.

The quote message style has to be artistic, fun and attractive. Find effective ways to present a longer quote, treat it like an art. Brand and link your quotes, then put together a board of quotes, this could be a collection of different topics or, on a theme topic that reflects your image and relates to your business.

Share Good Close-Ups

Properly lit close-ups make for interesting pictures. It is always a trend on Pinterest. You can use close-ups of any type of product. Multiple images in a tall infographic style are also popular among pinners.

PInterest News

Pinterest Has the Numbers!

Pinterest Has Numbers
Pinterest Has Numbers

All said and done, Pinterest still has a major share of users (currently at over 20 million users) but certainly a business (or a user) still needs to keep developing itself to reap benefits. We will show you how:

Create Gift Idea Boards

Title your boards explicitly so they are readily found in searches. “Stocking Stuffers for Teens” or “Gifts for the Foodie” such ideas would tell viewers exactly what to expect. Adding keywords or #hashtags will optimize search results for more hits. A good trick is to collect images you want to pin on a “secret” board and then put them out to your public boards gradually. This way, you don’t have to spend time whenever you want to add something new to your followers’ feeds.

Create vertical images

Pinterest images should be long and narrow to take up the maximum amount of visual space and get noticed. Compare with your favorite pins to check which ones are popular and which images are re-pinned and shared.

Build interest with a tips board

Always make a board as beautiful and rich boards as you can. One way is to create a series of coordinating pins with the same branding and share them regularly. Think of ways of engaging idle visitors as well as competitors. It is never a bad idea to share tips about your own business with other members of your industry!

Pinterest to find new customers

Pinterest has astonishing search capabilities. While keeping your search engine privacy turned on may be a good idea for your personal Pinterest account, turning this setting off is recommended for brands. This allows search engines such as Google and Bing to show your Pinterest profile and boards within their search results. Don’t forget to use your business keywords in your board title and descriptions to help even more people find your business!