How to Rapidly Locate Pinworthy Images Using Viralwoot 

How to Rapidly Locate Pinworthy Images Using Viralwoot 

Pinning can be fun and highly addictive. For a profitable Pinterest presence you need to be organized and productive. That’s where Viralwoot’s efficient workflow helps, eliminating the extra steps and time usually required in visiting each site to Pin. Here’s how to do it.

Click on Pin Scheduler in the left sidebar, then click Schedule Pins below it, and then click on the Search Images tab in the main screen area.

Viralwoot search images

Type in a keyword, hit enter and feast your eyes on the results! Viralwoot collects and displays all the pins related to the search term for you t choose from.

Viralwoot image search results

Click on the schedule checkbox for each image you wish to Pin or click on Select all if you want to use all the photos. Clicking on an image will open a new browser tab and load the page on which the image is present. When you’re ready, press Schedule Images.

Viralwoot Complete Pin Schedule Details

There are some details that you have to enter for each Pin. Viralwoot pulls in text associated with the image for the Description, but you will most likely want to edit this. It also grabs the Link of the original image. You can edit that too if you want. The last piece of information you need to add is the Board to which you want to post the Pin. You can choose one of your existing boards from the drop down menu.

Pro Tip: You can quickly set all listed Pins to the same board by selecting the board for the first entry and then clicking on Set these boards for all.

Auto Schedule is selected by default and in most cases that will be perfect. However, you can always set a custom time if you wish. Read “How to Schedule Pins on Pinterest With Viralwoot” for more information.