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A Complete Guide Book for Pinterest Analytics

Launched in 2010, with over 100 million active users and $11 billion reported value, Pinterest is thrusting its way to being one of the top social networking platforms. Big brands, small businesses, bloggers, individuals and allied kinds are using Pinterest as their major stage for customer engagement and promotion purpose.

Guide Book for Pinterest Analytics

You might be promoting on Pinterest but do you want an easy way to track the pins, boards, repins and likes? Are you covering your target customer base or you are just focusing on one-of-a-kind audience? Is your way of marketing requires some improvisation so that your brand visibility would increase? You might have noticed the necessity of assessing the qualitative & quantitative value for your Pinterest performance.

For all these sorts of performance related issues, Pinterest Analytics provides some effective solutions. This tool enables to reach varied data that shows the overview of your Pinterest account. You can know why your profile is low on visibility or on interaction. You can also find the ways to interact with customers in a much more effective manner by learning their behaviors. What kind of users are repining your stuff and how many just like it? How many users of the same interest (as your brand offerings) are active on Pinterest? These are some of the questions a smart marketing manager always keeps in head.

Let’s go through a detailed process of understanding this tool and how will it help the marketers:


Pinterest Analytics is a one-stop-solution for businesses, who are promoting their products/services on Pinterest. Brands like to measure the performance of their Pinterest profiles because it aids in identifying what sort of content resonates preferably in accordance with targeted audience. How many followers certainly gives you a bit idea about your Pinterest account, but is it enough?

Pinterest Analytics ensures to cover all the possible parameters on which you can run a performance assessment of the activities on Pinterest.

In order to attain access to your Pinterest Account’s analytics, just verify your website. After verification, go to ‘Analytics’ drop-down tab on the top left side of the page.

analytics overview

You can get an insight of your Pinterest account by clicking on ‘Overview’ button.

analytics dashboard

This beautiful screenshot which shows the overview of your Pinterest board also provides the information on your profile, your audience, and activity from your account. Additionally, overview also provides you the list of top pin impressions from last 30 days.

analytics overview

Next to the title of charts in overview page, clicking on more will direct you to a different page having more stats.

analytics chart

Your Pinterest Profile

This ‘Your Pinterest Profile’ section is segmented into few parts subsequently; Impressions, Repins, Clicks, and All-time.


It shows the views of your pins on Pinterest. You might notice that time frame is overtime in a column above. You can customize the days of this time-frame by yourself or can automatically choose the given 7, 14 or 30 days options. Along with this, you can also check specific device whose data you want to look at by clicking on the select box in the header of all three sections.

analytics graph

Charts showed on the first page of ‘Overview’ exhibits daily impressions with respect to daily viewers and the relative trend.  In case, your profile loses its impression for a couple of weeks, Pinterest provides an option to increase impression and reach more audience. In my opinion, this option is a big win for marketers are frustrated by the limitations of social media marketing.

Pinterest Analytics showcases top pin impressions and best performing boards, to tell you which win perform best in last 30 days. It also allows you to see the number of impressions, clicks, likes & repins and type of pin (if applicable) Per Pin.

Repins and Clicks

The basic layout of this page is quite similar to the previous one. This page provides you the number of daily repinners and daily repins. You should make a note to install cool pictures and write a relevant description. Also, adding ‘Rich Pins’ to these images will enable you to save them for later.

This section also incorporates a list of most repinned pins from last 30 days. Same listed overview is provided for boards.

analytics table

In addition to this, ‘Click’ section gives away how many users visited your website from Pinterest. Daily visitors & clicks are shown by the chart. Further information tells you the boards with most clicked links along with most clicked pins. The Repin & Click section renders almost similar information per data type.

analytics graph comparison

All Time

This section provides relevant information about 3 kinds:

  1. Most Repinned: Pins that got most repins
  2. Best in search: Pin that ranks top. Parameters for ranking are quality, descriptions, and usage
  3. Power Pins: Pins that generate the highest user engagement

analytics tables

You have to understand that using All Time section you can easily identify the best of pins & boards. In short, marketers can find out what pins & boards are trending amongst your targeted audience; hence, they know what to pin.

People you Reach

Clicking on ‘People you Reach’ tab will provide you an insight into your targeted audience. This section is segmented into two parts:


In this part, one graph exhibiting number of monthly viewers with respect to the number of engagements has been provided. Make sure to understand that trends are the trump cards here. To be ahead of the line in future, you should know what is at top presently.

analytics chart & graphs

Along with this information, you can also find the stats about the country, metro, and language. To get more insight, you can also see the gender of your targeted audience.


One of the most important and astonishing attributes of Pinterest is that it is constantly utilized for ‘emotional’ things such as pets, recipes, and home decorations. This fits your direct connection with your pins. Saying this, I would like to tell my readers in advance that they might find the ‘Interest’ section a bit foggy. So you might find your audience having a high-interest score in Art, Home Décor, Recipes or Furniture and you are selling an SEO related products. The key here is to not get confused and to optimize the Pinterest boards effectively.

analytics interest

Below you can find the pinner boards with many of your pins and brands your audience communicates with. Knowing the businesses that your targeted audience is getting engaged with is pretty interesting as you can now set your marketing goals.

analytics interest table

Activity from your account

Different subsections for impressions, repins, click all-time, original pins and pin it button has been given under this segment. This section generates data for things that are lead to Pinterest from your website.

analytics graph

You can notice a table below the chart; it shows the top pin impressions from last 30 days.

analytics clicks

Additionally, the second table tells you that Anime board by Tushar is a large source of pins on that image also. It leads to 14 repins and number of pins are 186.

Original Pins

It exhibits the original pins that are generated from your website.

analytics original pins

Clicking on these boards will render your additional information such as what was pinned and who pinned.

Pin It/Save Button

Last but not the least, ‘Pin-it’ button page can be seen. It simply tells about the usage of ‘Pin-it’ button on the source website. The Graph shows how many time the pin-it button is showed on your website and number of clicks it took.

Additionally, the graph also shows after how many clicks a pin was made.

The second graph shows the activity of Pin-it button on Pinterest. This chart also shows the number of impressions that were made by pins generated from your websites. Some additional information such as how many repins those repins got or the number of times these repin made clicks redirected to your website.

Please make note that the above told graphs are only for last 7 days (unlike rest) and it only shows data when you are using official save button.

Stating all these important factors, I can simply suggest all my marketing friendly professionals to utilize this amazing tool right now! Not only it will help your marketing goal, but also will lower your cost, save your time and thus increase the revenue. The key is to optimize all alternatives in a manner that you may maximize the profitability of both; Analytics and Pinterest itself.

In technical language, marketers can monitor their ROI and apt resources for their marketing campaign. Since Pinterest is still in its growing age, hence you can easily be profited from one of the most active pinners in your field and be ahead of the competition. Period!

Remarketing Social Media Tips

What Is Remarketing and How to Generate Sales from It?

Customer engagement is so important today that companies are taking every trick in the book and out of it to tap their target audience. But is it that tactical? Or is it just a state of mind?

As a marketer, you should always be thinking of different ways to grab a larger market share, by reaching more customers every second.


Experts state that brands are burning out their resources, in order to earn a larger piece of customer pool. Some are using social media platforms to ensure that millions of users come on the same platform with their brands, some are using discounts & deals to attract more consumers and some are making an innovation to increase their brand’s visibility.

But is there any major mantra, using which you can ensure a higher ROI. Well, to be honest, there is no hard & fast rule which can assure customer engagement or profit maximization.

Out of some of the most innovative strategies opted by the marketers, Remarketing or Retargeting is considered as a next-to-sure method of reaching more customers in the market.

What is Remarketing?

You might have been exposed to same company’s ad quite quite frequently. As coincidental you might think it be, these ads are a carefully targeted measure meant to elicit a reaction out of you.  Due to their continuous display, you might block them or you might open them up.

The point is that these ads do get your attention. You might even get impressed by these ads and think that company must have invested a lot to place these ads everywhere.

This process is basic Remarketing and it illustrates the very effect that consistent display has on us.

Remarketing is an online marketing technique using which advertisers reach the user, who have already visited their websites but is yet to be converted into a customer.”

“Retargeting is a technique is a marketing technique where advertisers reach the user, who have already visited their websites and made a purchase in past”.

How does Remarketing Work?

For brand owners who want to implement remarketing, absolutely customer focused technique on their website, just incorporate a small piece of code in your site. This small JavaScript code does not affect the performance of websites, so no need to doubt.

Each time your website will be exposed to a new visitor, the JavaScript included will drop an anonymous browser cookie. Every time this ‘cookied’ new visitor will visit another web page, your remarketing ad service will find the correct time to deliver advertisements from your own website.

Brands often get confused between the traditional ad banner and Remarketing. Not to worry! Both are completely different.

Main differentiating aspect is that in remarketing technique leverage of personalizing your ads is available; whereas, in traditional ad banners, the ads are presented on the basis of your web page history.

Why Remarketing?

Like all other businesses, your primary focus while investing on any marketing technique or strategy must be to increase the sales revenue.

There you go! It is the motivation to increase the customer base, which ultimately leads to higher ROI, which draws brand owners, marketing professionals, and other personnel to opt for Remarketing.

You are currently having a website and are facing issue with brand reach. Your customers are fading away and very few users recognize your brand, even though the number of users visiting your web page is average. What would you do?

As a smart marketing enthusiast, you will opt for Remarketing technique and make sure to increase the exposure of your brand to the visitors by making the ads appear frequently. This is why Remarketing is essential for online businesses.

A brand requires exposure and awareness among customers so as to increase their sales revenue ultimately.

As of today, where the attention of a user on the internet is diverted into millions of directions, it is quite a technique to stay in the constant face of the user; Hence the need of Remarketing.

Kinds of Remarketing

There are mainly 4 kinds of Remarketing techniques opted by smart marketing managers:

  1. Search Remarketing: Search remarketing focuses on users who are making inquiries by typing keywords or phrases that are related to your industry. Since the users are looking for a solution or similar information, you can simply reach out to them displaying your brand’s advertisement.
  2. Site Remarketing: This showcase an ad after an individual leaves your site.
  3. Social Media Remarketing: Either you can implement Remarketing using Google Ad Network to tap the users. But if the user leaves your site and goes to Facebook, you use Social Media Remarketing to make your brand’s advertisement display in front of the user on Facebook.
  4. Email Remarketing: You might have noticed contextual advertisements on Gmail that are typically based on your content. For giving a personal touch, you can always remarket the advertisements within a user’s email client.

How to do Segmentation?

As a brand owner, you may choose several kinds of parameters depending on which you can decide how and when to implement the Remarketing on the user.

It is quite important for the businesses to categorize their prospects on different aspects, in order to avoid the mess up in customer base. Some of the parameters that can help you assess Remarketing are:

  • General visitors
  • Specific product visitors
  • Abandoned shopping cart visitors
  • Previous customers

How to measure Remarketing?

If you are spending money on any marketing strategy, you should know how to monitor its progress or performance. How to find whether Remarketing done by you is actually giving you expected sales hike?

There are a number of parameters, which clearly depicts the success of your Remarketing campaign:

  • CTR: Click Through Rate; Number of times an advertisement is clicked divided by the number of impressions
  • CPC: Cost Per Click; Total budget spent divided by total number of clicks
  • eCPM: effective Cost Per Thousand; total earning divided by the total number of impressions. The number is then multiplied by one thousand.
  • eCPA: effective Cost Per Acquisition; campaign served is divided by the total number of impressions and multiplied by CTR & the conversion rate.
  • ROI: Return on Investment; Gain from the investment minus your cost of investment.

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Where to Campaign?

Many brands know about the concept of Remarketing, yet are not able to utilize its full potential. There exist various firms that help the brands to make and handle a remarketing campaign effectively and easily.


Talking of advertisements and not referring to Google is like talking about soccer and leaving Lionel Messi out of it. Google possesses a vast showcase ad network along with various products such as Gmail and allied. Just log in to your Google Adwords account and start creating your remarketing campaign without any hassle.


With more than one advertising partners, AdRoll is a famous alternative for marketing professionals. Using this platform, you can market ads using Google, Yahoo, Facebook Exchange and Microsoft ad stage. You can almost reach every site on the internet using this tool.

Perfect Audience

For small businesses, Perfect audience is an apt alternative to work with. Owing to their low budget acceptance, compatibility with e-commerce solutions such as WordPress, 3dcart, Shopify and Magento, Perfect Audience is ideal for you to implement Remarketing and increase your sales revenue.

How to generate sales from Remarketing?

So you have known all about Remarketing techniques; now what?

As it is important to have knowledge about something, it is equally important to know how to utilize that concept to increase the profit of your business.

I will now guide you to some important tips that will help you to generate sales from Remarketing.

Tracking Configuration

Before even you think of increasing your website traffic, make sure to monitor the existing traffic users. You can simply do it by using Google Tag Manager. The best thing about GTM or Google Tag Manager is that it allows users to add monitoring information into your website without any effort to go in and change the codes.

Using this tool, you can keep a close watch on visitors on your websites and customers, in order to segment them and apply the Remarketing technique accordingly.

Learn from Past

Any wise marketing manager who wishes to create the target audience from the scratch can simply learn from the previously converted visitors.

Taking into consideration the different demographics such as age, profession, income, gender, location and allied, you can craft Remarketing campaigns to meet the exact requirements of your audience and target them specifically.

Many professionals always keep the past data to influence their content strategy along with advertising. Suppose you had tweeted something in the holiday season that got most of your target audience’s attention. You can use the same idea or content style to pull more customers to your brand subsequently.

Pinterest is an image catalog where different brands showcase their products. So, using a Pinterest marketing tool, you can find out what pins and at what time provides your brand most visibility. You can direct the pins at the same time to draw the attention of maximum customers.


After you make a purchase on an e-commerce website you might often come across a recommendation section.

This section automated by the websites based on your previous purchase. Bottom-line is, a company, whether it’s big or small have to be crystal clear about their strategy they are going to implement.

The page displaying your product line or the product page of your website is the best place to cross or upsell. So, as a marketer and a brand owner, you should always incorporate the ‘recommended for you’ section in your product page depending upon the customer behavior.

The same strategy here fits for the Remarketing concept. By knowing tracking a customer’s behavior, you can provide him high/low targeted ads to ensure upselling or cross-selling.

Another important aspect can be by targeting those users who have left the cart abandoned. Common! All of us have done this one time or another. We fill the cart and leave them untouched after that.

Conversion rate optimization or CRO tells you why the user has left the cart abandoned; is the form too lengthy to fill, or is it the shipping cost or any other reason. Knowing this will empower you with essential knowledge and time to improve the users journey altogether.

You should always keep in mind that whatever you do, just do not make the user feel irritated by the way you are implementing Remarketing on him/her. Most of the brands do the mistake of setting up only one remarketed or retargeted advertisements.

As I mentioned earlier, segmenting your target audience and catering them specifically gives you an advantageous chance to increase your brand’s visibility.

Having multiple ads on board will provide more appeal to your target audience. Some daring and gutsy marketing brands display reasons why users should choose their brands over competitors.

It is very much possible that your prospect is shopping and navigating around multiple websites, so selling your brand value or your unique customer proposition will increase the chance of converting that prospect into a customer.


So, if you want your business to increase swiftly by using some magic; here it is; Remarketing or Retargeting techniques that ensure a hike in your brand visibility and assured brand exposure to the audience.

You can use Remarketing even when the sales figures are impressive enough. Make sure to utilize this technique right from the start of your marketing efforts to ensure consistent returns.

With this, I would like to end this article and would like to bid ‘All the Best’ to all the sellers out there who are going to modify their marketing strategy and include Remarketing & Retargeting. Happy Marketing and Remarketing All!

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How to Make Pinterest Work for Your Business

Are you trying to use Pinterest to market your small business? Then this article is for you; it explains how to get the most web traffic, customers, and/or sales out of your Pinterest efforts.

In this article you’ll learn:

  • How to make the best use of the captions on your Pinterest pins
  • Why it’s important to create pinboards showing personal interests and three ways your business can do that
  • How best to integrate Pinterest with Facebook
  • What tools can help you use Pinterest most effectively

Where possible, I’ve included examples so you can see exactly what you should be doing.

7 Tricks on How to Use Pinterest for Your Business

1) Be pinnable.

Seed your website with pictures – photos, infographics, diagrams – anything visual is good. Besides giving visitors things to pin, having photos on your website makes it easier to make your posts to other social media, such as Google+ and Facebook, more engaging, as they will automatically pull in a photo that’s associated with the URL you’re posting. A photo may or may not be worth a thousand sales, but it will at least give your social media post a better chance of cutting through the noise and being seen.

Use Pinterest buttons and Pin It buttons on your website to invite others to pin the visual elements of your website.

2) Be active.

Like any other social network channel, Pinterest is not a “set it and forget it” experience.

Just creating a few pinboards and leaving them there is not going to do much if anything to generate interest in your products or services. You need to be pinning, repinning, following and commenting regularly. If you don’t have the time to do it yourself, you will need to assign a staff person to do it or hire someone.

3) Use descriptions.

While you see a lot of images pinned to Pinterest that just have a few words as a caption, that doesn’t mean you have to do that. Make use of the caption/description space available on your pins to entice your viewer. For instance, look at this pinboard by The Cascade Team Real Estate; they’re using their caption space to give as many details about each property as they can to try and entice the buyer.

Personally, I find that much detail a tad overwhelming. This Cherry Vanilla Scentsy Bar pin is a better example of the kind of caption you should use to entice your viewer to possibly buy your product; it gives all the vital information and a reason to buy to boot (10% off).

Pinterest for Business

4) Think related.

Very few of us have businesses with a huge variety of amazing products. So for most businesses, pinboards that are only filled with their products makes for a boring set of boards that generates little interest.

Creating pinboards and pinning photos of things that are related to your products, though, gives you the scope to be much more interesting and even more relevant to your customers.

Suppose, for instance, that I sell blinds. Boards with photos of different types of blinds on different windows is an obvious choice. But I would also create pinboards that show different rooms in a house and the different things that can be done with them, because people who are interested in buying blinds are probably also interested in home décor. I might have a board called Baby’s Room and another called Guest Bedroom filled with to-drool-over shots of beautifully decorated rooms.

Some other examples – a hair stylist would presumably have pinboards showing the hairstyles he or she can create but might also have boards on hair accessories, nail art, shampoo products and celebrity hairstyles. A bike shop would have boards on bikes of course but perhaps also boards on great places to bike.

Think not “What products or services do I have to sell?” but “What related interests do my clients or customers have?” and create boards accordingly.

5) Get personal.

Remember that Pinterest is social media. In other words, people expect to see and learn more about the people behind the scenes in your business and perhaps even connect with them in some fashion. So you want to work a personal element into your Pinterest activities.

One way to do this is to create boards relating to the personal interests of the people who work at your business. Suppose that at your company, one partner loves sailing while another loves golf. Your business could have boards on both of these as well as your products.

Another is to create pinboards centered on your customers. Boards filled with photos of satisfied customers or photos of customers using your products can really increase customer engagement.

And a third is to create boards relating to a cause that your business espouses. One financial services company I know of heavily supports the local symphony; they could have Pinterest boards depicting people and scenes from the annual events they sponsor.

6) Integrate Pinterest with the other social media you use for your business.

You can take advantage of Pinterest’s integration with other social media. When you pin something, you’ll see that you have to option of tweeting about your pin if you like. You can also add Pinterest to your Facebook timeline which will automatically post your pins to Facebook.

But I’m not including the instructions for doing this here because I don’t think it’s a good idea. Frankly, I find strings of automated meaningless posts really irritating and I think it’s a safe bet that most of my potential customers do too. So I recommend turning these off in your Pinterest profile and instead, making occasional thoughtful sharing posts that give your social media visitors a reason to follow the link (just as you do with any other social media).

You can use your Pinterest post to drive customer interaction. Choose your pins carefully and map them to related topics of interest.

7) Use available Pinterest tools to keep your pins sharp and on target.

There are lots of Pinterest-related apps around that will help you see assess trends, manage your Pinterest activities and identify successful factors. Use Viralwoot to promote all your Pinterest content, pins and boards.

  • Viralwoot – Viralwoot provides Pinterest analytics. Viralwoot shows you a history of your repins, most popular pins and advanced analytics on your followers in an easy to use dashboard.

(You can also track what’s being pinned on your own site by using this URL: )

  • Pretty Pinterest Pins is a WordPress plugin that shows the latest pins in your sidebar. It’s customizable so you can do anything from pulling the latest pins from any user through showing or hiding the image captions.
Social Media Tips

Top Content Curation Tools for Social Media Managers

Content curation tools for social media managers

If social media managers were considered as the superheroes of social media, then content curation tools would be the most used and abused weapons in their arsenal. Good content can increase your audience and help you become more active on social media.For a social media manager, content is a vital ingredient of their social media marketing strategy and it is also something that gives them sleepless nights.

Let’s face it; coming up with fresh content is not an easy feat.  In such circumstances, content curation tools can offer some relief and gather relevant content from around the web – all in a single place for you. Here’s a look at some of the coolest content curation tools out there.


Creating or finding new content can be quite overwhelming especially if you are trying to find content for multiple social media accounts at the same time. DrumUp gives you the flexibility to add multiple accounts and discover relevant content for each of your accounts using keywords. For a narrower and precise search, you can input negative keywords as well. With DrumUp, you can also schedule tweets and even Facebook and LinkedIn posts giving you ample time to work on other tasks as well. It is a content discovery tool and a social media manager packed into one nifty tool. DrumUp also offers a handy plugin for Chrome that helps find and share content relevant to the article you may be browsing. scours through various social media pages, blogs and newsletters to get you the best content. Like DrumUp, it looks for content based on keywords that you choose. It also suggests related topics along with an array of other users that you can follow, if you want to follow someone whose content you like. allows you to share articles on your social media accounts and also via your email with a simple click. If you opt for the free version, you can easily monitor one topic for posting on two of your social media pages.


Pocket is a bookmarking service that lets you save content from anywhere on the web including applications like Twitter, Facebook and more. All of this content is saved directly to Pocket’s easy-to-use dashboard. If you like things to be organized, Pocket also allows you to sift through the content and categorize it into lists that you can browse through later. It also makes finding content that much simpler. You can share your content via email, Buffer, Twitter and Facebook right from the dashboard. There is a separate section called Recommendations, which displays trending content, which you can add to your dashboard as well. All this, and the ability to synchronize content across all of your devices is what Pocket offers.


With the Feedly tool, you can add and read various RSS feeds from basically anywhere. Yes, that means you can browse through content from big publications, blogs and also YouTube channels. Your favorite RSS feeds can be easily organized into collections for easy discovery later, and Feedly also offers safe access to your company’s internal portals and CMS. You can use Feedly in conjunction with applications like Evernote, Trello and OneNote 365.


Need to know the latest in current affairs or events? Storify is the application to turn to. The application helps you connect to a wide array of social media websites where it gathers information about live events, brand campaigns, chats, memes and more. You can use Storify if you need to quickly create or edit stories, embed tweets, videos or images. Storify offers an amazing user experience making it fun to gather content. The stories you create can be published anywhere – be it your social media pages or on any other websites. The best part, once a story is shared, everyone mentioned in the story is notified, making sharing a piece of cake.

Author Bio:

Apurva Jog is a Content Writer at DrumUp, a social media management tool. She has penned down several articles related to social media management and content marketing. When she is not writing, she is usually catching up with anything that is trending in the social media sphere.