Pinterest Tips

Popular Image Styles for Pinterest

image style

Pinterest is an excellent place to show off your products. But there’s a way to be even more successful in product promotion. Pinterest is about showing the product ‘in use’.

Creating separate images for a product increases sharing options for followers. As some people like to pin images that depict the use of the product, while others prefer to pin the image with a plain background. To display your product on Pinterest, show each product ‘in use’ to motivate Pinterest users.

Non-Visual & Visual Content

It’s not surprising that the most popular topics on Pinterest are DIY, Beauty and Food. Obviously, these are quite easy to represent visually. If your business lies outside of these areas, then you would have to get creative with your images. The best way is to use text and bright colors to make non-visual content more visually pleasing.

First and foremost, the bright-blue color stands out from the light background color on Pinterest. Also, lists and text overlays can attract people, by letting them know what that particular pin links to.

For business (non-visual) article pins use text in a fun way and use bright colors or images for the background. This would give readers multiple choices of images to pin.

Use Quotes to Reflect Your Ideas

The key is to pair quotes and images that depict the reason and tone of your brand. Quote images should link back to your website, more appropriately to the ‘About page’, so people can learn more about you and your company.

The quote message style has to be artistic, fun and attractive. Find effective ways to present a longer quote, treat it like an art. Brand and link your quotes, then put together a board of quotes, this could be a collection of different topics or, on a theme topic that reflects your image and relates to your business.

Share Good Close-Ups

Properly lit close-ups make for interesting pictures. It is always a trend on Pinterest. You can use close-ups of any type of product. Multiple images in a tall infographic style are also popular among pinners.