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The Easiest Way to Get Free Followers on Pinterest

Free Followers on Pinterest

Do you want to have good content on your website and want thousands of people to view it? There is an effective way to do so. You can get ViralWoot! (Previously known as Pinwoot).

Pinners on Pinterest love when other people repin their posts, because it helps them in getting recognition. You can get a large number of followers by pinning frequently, following more people, having attractive boards and by using strategic SEO related keywords. However, if you are looking for a kickstart then ViralWoot is the way to go.

Learn About ViralWoot

By signing up for this tool, you get in touch with many active users on Pinterest. ViralWoot works with the help of ‘credits’. Initially, you will have to earn credits by following boards/pinners and liking Pins. Once you have around 35 credits, you can use these to gain around 20 to 25 new followers, repins and likes. You can set the number of credits you are offering it will cost you those many credits when a person follows your board/profile or repins/likes your Pins. You can get 100 more credits by inviting other people to Viralwoot. The good thing about the tool is that you can earn credits whenever you wish by liking and following other Pins, Pinners, and boards. This ensures that you will never run out of them.

Process Of Spending Credits

Someone Follows You 1 to 5 credits
Someone Repins Your Post 1 to 5 Credits Per Repin
Someone Likes Your Post 1 to 5 credits Per like

Process Of Gaining Credits

Following Boards Get 1 to 15 Credits
Invite friends to Viralwoot Get 100 Credits
Following Another User Get 1 to 10 Credits
Repin Posts Get 1 to 10 Credits
Like Pins Get 1 to 10 Credits


People who are looking forward to getting more followers can get to know the number of credits they will get by liking, repinning and following pins and users.

Make Your Pins More Noticeable

In order to make your pins famous, you will have to pin them to Pinterest and provide a link to your website. After this, copy the pin and paste it into the ‘Get repins page’ on ViralWoot. This will cost you 15 credits, but your pins will be more visible to other users, which will surely help you in getting more followers.


The good thing is that your Pinterest account is shared inside the Viralwoot community with many other users, so it will naturally lead to more followers.

Repinning and Automation

Repinning other people’s content can help you get more credits, but ViralWoot has limited the number of pins to 35 per month. If you want to use the automatic repinning feature, select the ‘Automate Pin’ option, type the relevant keywords, choose the boards and then tell the tool to automate it.

Paid Options

If you want to get more followers, just advertise 3X more by subscribing to any of our plans.

Pinning Popularity

ViralWoot will no doubt help you in gaining popularity. Since your Pins/boards will be prominent, you can link them to your Facebook page, as it can help you in getting more exposure.

How to Get Pinterest Followers

Every business wants a large number of followers on their Pinterest account that can be easily directed to the main website. Since, there is so much competition; it is not easy to get thousands of followers without the help of a tool. If you are looking for such a tool, then get ViralWoot as it can help you in getting more followers, manage multiple accounts, schedule and promote pins and create pin alerts. They are offering a free trial, so register right away!