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Ways to Get Pinterest Followers and Repins

Get Pinterest followers and likes
Get Pinterest followers and likes


Here are some ways in which you can get Pinterest followers and repins:

Have a Profile Picture

People generally don’t follow users who don’t have a profile picture because they feel insecure, so make sure you put up a great profile picture.

Add Keywords to your Profile Name

Add your business name to your profile name, else, if you are an individual then you should make your profession a part of your name. For example, Ann Kate | Beauty Blogger.  You have 37 characters to do this, so make sure you use them wisely.

Verify Your Website URL

Your social media accounts should point towards your website or blog so that people click over to your website. Your aim should be to get verified as it makes you look official and credible. It also helps you to monitor the analytics about pins from your website.

Have a Great Profile Description

Make the most out of the 160 characters that are available for your profile description. It should be so interesting that people should feel compelled to click the ‘follow’ button.

 Your Board Should Have a Theme

Make sure that your boards have a set theme so that it is easier for people to browse through and repin things.

 Use SEO Friendly Keywords

Use SEO friendly words so that people can easily look you up when they enter the specific keyword.

Your Most Important Boards Should Be On Top

Your account should impress people, which is why your best boards should be on top. These boards should have content that is helpful, relevant, well designed and which promotes your brand.

Interact With People Who Comment

Add a little personal touch in the comment section. Thank people when they repin things from your website. This will help them remember you, follow you and repin your things.

Go For Promoted Pins

Promoted pins show up when people look for specific keywords. This eventually leads to them repinning your posts which can help you get a large number of followers.

Have a Link of your Pinterest profile On your Blog

This is a great tip because this way people can find your account even if they aren’t on Pinterest. Mention the link in the header or footer of the posts where it is clearly visible.

 Your Pins Should Be Consistent

Make sure that your pins aren’t random and look consistent with the brand because that will give your viewers a good impression about your business.

 Go for Rich Pins

Rich pins have extra details at the bottom along with your website name. This is great because every time you update the page, your pin gets updated, it makes your pins more noticeable, and makes it client-friendly.

How to Get Pinterest Followers and Repins

You can get Pinterest followers and repins with the help of ViralWoot which will help you get hundreds of followers in a few days and will allow you to promote and schedule pins. They are offering a free trial, so hurry up and register!