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What Pinterest Analytics Is Trying to Tell You

Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest has introduced a new analytics tool for all kinds of businesses, which is very effective since they can use Pinterest to promote pictures of their products. In simpler terms, instead of talking about what you have to offer, Pinterest gives you a chance to show what you already have with the help of Pins. Thanks to the analytics tool, you can figure out what content is loved by your customers. Here is a general overview of the tool:

How to Access Pinterest Analytics

Only people who have a business account on Pinterest can view the analytics tool. It is important that you link your Pinterest account to your website so that there is a free flow of traffic. You can view the data by selecting the ‘analytics’ tab on the main menu.

Site Metrics

The analytics tool allows you to find out the following:

  • Content that is pinned from your website
  • Number of times your Pins appeared on the search engine
  • Number of visitors that visited your website via Pinterest
  • Visitors that pin content from your website
  • Whether there is an upward or downward movement in the statistics
  • Which Pins are repined

Understanding the Data

With the help of the Pinterest tool, you can find out the reach of your Pins. Pinterest gives you a chance to search terms and to see how the customers are engaging with the pins and the main website. Thus, instead of guessing what is happening, businesses can now find out the exact progress and specific statistics related to their Pinterest accounts.

How Can E-Commerce Businesses Take Advantage Of the Tool?

Let’s say that you have a cosmetics shop and you have a business account on Pinterest, where you post pictures of your products. You pin latest makeup techniques, celebrity looks and beauty products, and link it directly to the page of your website. If you see an increase in the sales of the products you post on Pinterest, but don’t know the correlation, then you may ask the following questions:

  • Is Pinterest directing all this traffic to your website?
  • Is there any specific product that your users are pinning that you should also pin?

Pinterest analytics can help you in answering all these questions.

How Can Sales Be Improved With the Help Of Pinterest Data?

You can learn about the most popular content by viewing posts that have been repinned numerous times. You can see the most clicked content tab and learn about what is driving all the traffic to your website. These metrics can help you in determining what people like about your business, so you can design your website accordingly. Furthermore, popular Pins can help you in deciding about custom landing pages, social media updates, display ads, newsletters and what products to feature.

Since Pinterest has a comment section, you can gain a lot of insight about what your followers think about your visual content. You can easily find out what customers like, and which area they think needs improvement.

Want To Learn More About Pinterest Analytics Tools?

There are several tools that can help in enhancing your Pinterest experience. One such tool is ViralWoot, as it can help you in getting more followers, help you schedule and promote your Pins, create Pin alerts, and follow multiple Pinterest accounts. They offer a free trial, so you can register right away and leverage the potential of Pinterest for your business!